Official Arsenal team to face Burnley and live stream update

Arsenal will go top if they beat Burnley in the early afternoon kick-off at the Emirates today, albeit only temporary.

And Unai Emery has certainly put out a strong enough team more than capable of collecting all three points against the Clarets.

As expected, he has brought David Luiz into the defence but still no starting place for Nicolas Pepe.

Another new signing Dani Ceballos starts and Joe Willock keeps his spot in the centre of midfield.

Nelson also keeps his spot and Lacazette is back after a minor injury.

There is no Mesut Ozil, not even on the bench but it is good to see Kolasinac named as one of the subs.

Anyway, here is the official team.

The game is live in the UK on pay-tv channel BT Sport and kicks off at 12.30 UK time.

Links will be put in the comments where to watch the game live and free so keep checking in.

Also, if you go to the official Arsenal website you will be able to get live commentary text.


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  1. Would have been nice to see Pepe ,oh well I guess we will see him start on match day 20.
    Shame chambers got dropped but quite a strong team .
    And what’s going on with the Ozil thing ?

    1. Not even on the bench

      I hope Arsenal can sell him before all transfer windows shut and hopefully Ceballos can play better than him

      1. Would be nice to give him 5 games in a row.That way we could see if he has inverted his dead leg to dribble-at long last.

        1. He has been given more than five games in a row and he has been tried as an inverted winger

          He has tried his best and sadly it is not enough for Arsenal’s level

          1. Oh ok-that’s sorted that out then.
            Makes you wonder why he was given a 3 year contract on £350k a week if he is that bad.Should have sold him to Everton and kept Iwobi imo.

          2. Yea I’m shocked Iwobi was sold TBH ,I would have keep him and sold Auba and Laca and payed him 500k a week ,and played Iwobi as the main striker ,I still can’t work out how the club sold our best player .
            He could have become the best inverted striker in the world

    2. It shows how much you know Pepe was at the AFCON so get back late and needed so he is still not completely fit and needs to train a little bit more with his teammates (tactics,,) the same with OZIL who has been training for nearly a week and not fit again for obvious reasons, Emery said OZIL vill be ready in one week! are you happy by the way arsenal are one nill up!!

  2. Very emotional interview by RVP. We now know why he left. Arsenal as a club messed it up with him.

    Now lets kill this game … feels like a new era for us. Another win and this will be the 1st time in 10 yrs we would have our first 2 opening games! Up the gooners!

    1. From a career point of view it’s good that Van Persie left to win things.
      When I look at some of the things that has been said about Koscielny it sometimes satisfies me that players don’t care what the fans think and seek their personal success.Kos played through lots of injury and wonder the narrative should he have developed a permanent problem from that.I just hope he retires quickly.
      What I can say is if Van Persie,Fabregas,Madrid,Song etc. sho the loyalty Kos showed we may well have won things.Even left Arsenal to do things though many will try to justify his leaving.

    2. You need to read between the lines on rvp interview. While arsenal didn’t offer him a new deal he was also talking about the discussions he had with the club on his views and what he wanted. It’s possible he had unrealistic demands and the club felt no point in offering a deal because they couldn’t match it. He didn’t say he would have stayed had the club met his ambitions did he! I don’t think we should hate on him but there are always two versions of the truth.

    3. He is just one of ex-Gunners that never gave us any major trophy

      The real Arsenal legends are the ones that gave us EPL titles

          1. You were not born when the incomparable Brady played and have no idea of how great he was. You show your extreme youth with your silly post. LEAVE THE JUDGEMENT OF LEGENDS TO THOSE OF US WHO WERE THERE AND WHO SAW HIM REGULARLY AND WHO KNOW WHAT WE ARE TALKING ABOUT. Suggest you change your profile to got NOidea!

  3. Poor Chambers should have been rewarded because of his performance in Newcastle, but Nelson got lucky

    I bet Emery would try Nelson on the right side this time

  4. Luiz for chambers has to be looking to deal with the crosses and high balls. Would have thought chambers would have started given his performance last week. I’m surprised nelson got the nod above Pepe but expect a change early in the second half with Pepe coming on for him. 2-0 win today goal either half

  5. Chambers is overhyped and not good enough for Arsenal.If Sokrais wasn’t so rash I’d say Chambers has nothing on him.Should have been sold.I don’t rate Sokratis that much either.David Luiz is error prone and past his best.
    We may win this match very easily but it will just paper over the cracks that are going to be opened further in the season.

    1. It’s like everyone is waiting for Luiz to make a mistake so they can say, “I said it!” Let’s give him a chance first, age is not the issue, I think he’s for two good years left in him (maybe more).

      1. He is not a youngster bro.He is old and not going to improve.He is in his decline phase.I need not to say “I said it” when he makes a mistake.
        In fact over the season many would be more shocked if David Luiz were to not commit his typical errors than they would if he had a solid season.We needed a stable defence and we go and sign someone who just makes as many mis takes as some of our CB’s.If you watched Chelsea last season then I needn’t say much

        1. Still better than any other CB we have on the books.And let’s see how he does before writing him off shall we?

          1. This is not about writing him off Phil.Im just stating what he’s been doing over the course of his career and at Chelsea.I will give credit where due though.
            Why must we fans always be subjected to heartbreak.Now we always go into the match thinking the defense is what will cost us.

        2. If he’s not as good as you say, how come he’s played a major role in all of Chelsea winning important trophies since he’s at the club? Luis is a ball player and all ball players are bound to make mistake, the onus should be on his teammates to help out when the mistake occurs.

        3. Your statements about Luiz are not fact, though, Kev.

          David Luiz: 161 EPL games – 2 errors leading to goal

          Granit Xhaka: 100 EPL games – 7 errors leading to goal
          Bernd Leno: 34 – 5
          Sokratis: 27 – 0
          Mustafi 84 – 3

          Luiz is, even in the critical mistakes category, pretty okay. It’s just that a few of his mistakes have looked really weird and were publicised more.

          Interestingly, even if stats are not always credible, these stats confirm that Xhaka is even worse for our defense than Mustafi.

          1. Since Xhaka’s arrival at the club Arsenal’s midfield has become laxative, teams run through us with ease. No Mustafi is nowhere near as awful as Xhaka

        4. Kev, don’t you think it’s late to start complaining about Luiz’s signing, seeing that we can’t do anything about it as the window is closed? Support the player and stop moaning.

  6. I rate Chambers and think he should have been allowed to carry on the good work he did against Newcastle and that Luiz should be in Xhaka’s position. Chambers has done well from his stint at Fulham where admittedly he played mainly as a DM but again, looked assured last week.

  7. Very disappointed with this lineup

    Bad points
    No Torreira
    No Pepe
    Not sure about Wilock in CAM
    I think Chambers deserved another start
    Aubameyang on the left
    No Ozil on bench

    Good points
    Ceballos starts
    we get to see Luiz
    Nelson isn’t a bad alternative to Pepe
    Guendouzi is a solid player
    Lacazette is back
    Pepe is on bench at least

    Hopefully we will still get a win
    I’m changing my 3-0 prediction to 2-1 because no defensive midfielder
    and our attack may not be our best

  8. Kev, focus on the facts please.Chambers was excellent against Newcastle after having a very good season with Fulham.His exclusion disappoints me and no doubt many other Arsenal fans.

    1. Grandad, I’m not saying he wasn’t good against Newcastle.Im saying Chambers is not that good defensively and is being overhyped.Im not confident with any of our CB’s tbh so if one is exchanged for the other it’s more or less the same for me

      1. I don’t understand the “overhyped” stuff is stalking about when talking about chambers. it’s not like we are saying he deserve ballon d’Or or that he is the best in the league. he has done well enough last season on loan, Pre-season matches and the first EPL match, so it’s not a bad thing to wish that he performs very well for us this season judging by what he has done so far

  9. @admin, I posted a comment and it was there and now not there, a reason would be nice?
    Perhaps because I’ve been in Portugal for two weeks and back in UK now?

  10. This midfield is too young for my liking, why didn’t he start Torriera? I hope we win with this midfield

  11. I hope dropping Chambers makes Chambers work even harder to prove himself but I think he deserves to start again

    Hopefully Luiz will play well

    Wish Torrieira was on the lineup to protect the defence

  12. many here talking rubbish about who they’d start blah blah blah let’s give UE some respect this season and trust him a lot more. First he’s restored faith beyond most of our wildest dreams in so much as bringing in so many quality signings – none of us expected this window.

    And the idea that Luiz is old is bull**%t he’s a brazil international and winning is in his dna. We have him, sokratis and the tank amongst others – gone are the days we fielded teams with a weak underbelly, it should be patently clear to everyone that the Gunners have come to stamp their authority on this campaign.

    We will score 1 (today) and we will do much better than last season 1-0 to the Arsenal #COYG

  13. Arsenal haven’t won our 1st 2 opening matches in 10 years. Talk about stumbling out the starting blocks.

  14. Nelson .. nothing … amn …too many mistakes … willock can’t remember his name being mentioned … quality counts as ceballos is showing

  15. Just don’t trust emery … sorry I don’t … lpool will crush this team … these youngsters aren’t good enough to start wok games

  16. Looking at the work ethic coming from most of the players you would think they don’t get paid at all.

  17. Emery still unsure of how we’re supposed to play, it seems.

    Leno still unable to catch high balls.

    Nelson again invisible on the wing.

    Ceballos – much improved.

    Guendouzi – good again.

    Now bring Pepe on instead of Nelson and let’s win this.

  18. Good start, and since the goal it’s been a lot of what has always been an issue. Trouble getting the ball up the pitch, being caught out on the counter, especially by balls over the top. And I haven’t seen that change. I think we are having big trouble looking for an out ball once we regain possession. This is where Reiss Nelson should be looking for space. Auba has done okay with this, but better on the left. I don’t know why the two haven’t switched flanks. Positives though, Lacazette goal, Monreal has been solid, Guendouzi seems to be doing better than last season.

    1. Also, I agree with posters above, Ceballos has been good and I like the work ethic from the midfield.

  19. great performance even if it is 1-1 you see the zeal and eagerness to play unlike Ozil who strolls around….

    1. we need ozil in this type of games wilock looks like a iwobi when he gets to the final third he does not know whether to shoot or pass a complete lack of experience

  20. So much for putting youngsters in!!!! This is not a training center…

    What’s Nelson’s role exactly in this team????

    The manager scruing us again.

    1. Willock as clueless … torrireira and Pepe on … they need 45 minutes before facing lpool who would rob this 11 to shreds an sorry to say …

  21. What’s with Arsenal being so nervous even been out played at home by Burnley! Wenger had flaws but we played with more confidence. Our strickers have no service and our wide play is very poor. Look how well Burnley players cross the ball.

    Unai needs to do away with this playing from the back nonsense his players are too nervous, just pass it to Luiz to send it forward.

    Very underwhelming first half.

  22. Half time thoughts: Ceballos, WOW! A NEW ARSENAL STAR IS BORN. Trouble is though, Barca will want a fortune for him next summer. Soktatis, oh dear oh dear! NELSON, a powderpuff and outfought constantly. Our defence overall, HELP! We MUST MUST, MUST, bring on Chambers NOW for the wrestler . AM-N ALSO STRUGGLING BUT CLEARLY OUT OF POSITION, SO I DO NOT BLAME HIM. Auba must play up front and not wide and Pepe MUST come on. NOW! A worrying aspect for the result unless changes are made now. God help us at Liverpool if this defensive shambles goes on.

    1. Sokratis seems a bit lost. I don’t remember him ever playing right side of defense, even for Dortmund, and I’m sure he’s uncomfortable there. I’ll have to rewatch the goal, but it always seems like we are leaving so much space between our two CB’s when we concede a goal, and don’t even remember seeing Sokratis in the picture when we conceded.

    2. Jon … quality players even if out of position don’t make the basic mistakes Niles makes … serious liability

  23. Mike Dean screwing us again
    That thug Barnes can knee people in the back and elbow people without punishment.

  24. Nelson simply doesn’t have enough skills to play as an LW and nobody guarded Barnes

    Better replace Nelson with Martinelli or Aubameyang, because I don’t think they would play worse than Nelson on the left side

    1. Nelson just will not work as lw as he doesn’t have the confidence to take on his Man on the left. You could give him Messi left feet and he would still struggle. He needs confidence.

  25. Ceballos I love him the tenacity, the guile Santi cazorla carbon copy. Just dump 50m in real Madrid pocket already.

  26. Why the fcuk can’t this coach teach these players how to take throw ins and dead balls … it’s weird how many we lose

  27. suffering suffering and frustrating whats wrong with Arsenal forwards last pass……
    starting from the back line every time I dont advise it against Liverpool we won 3 more points
    but more practicing is need it against Liverpool next Saturday or they will run over us

  28. Sooooo the heaving juggernaut that is Arsenal continues to roll on. We have bigger tests but the three points against Burnley (the reincarnation of Stoke) will do nicely.

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