Official Arsenal team to face Burnley – Auba back and Pepe sub

The Arsenal team to face Burnley has been officially announced and it is certainly an interesting one.

Mikel Arteta has selected his Arsenal team to face Burnley today and as expected Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is back in as the main striker and captain.

David Luiz is also back and so is Mustafi. Guendouzi also starts surprisingly instead of Torreira. There is no place in the team for new signing Pablo Mari, which was not unexpected

So, what do you think of the team? Are you confident this is the sort of team that can overcome the Clarets both in terms of tactics and toughness?

Links to streams will be put in the comments where to watch the game live and free so keep checking in.

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  1. Not a bad team..
    Pepe needs to rest..
    Hopefully Laca comes with his scoring boots..
    Guendouzi X Xhaka… Hmmm

    1. Why do you lot keep questioning the Manager’s decisions, whenever it doesn’t agree with what you want? Do you want to micromanage the team for him? Do you think you could do a better job if given the responsibility?

      1. No one questions his about his decision…
        It was not understandable why Guendouzi was picked
        It’s certainly visible that Torreira is better that Guendouzi so picking Guendouzi over Torreira is itself is questionable…
        And by the way when we were battering Emery about his decision, at that time was everyone capable enough to handle this team??
        So to question Emery and why not Arteta..

        1. Yes. I remembered seeing you conducting the training and plotting match tactics throughout the week.

        1. It’s not about who knows better…
          It’s about like and dislike..
          It’s about making an opinions…

  2. Slightly worried we’ll miss Torreira’s combativeness but otherwise good lineup. Laca and Ozil should be hauled off without mercy if they underperform with Nketiah and Ceballos waiting in the wings.

      1. Arsenal need to up the pace and move the ball quicker.
        Far too slow and laboured just now.
        It’s more like the Emery team at the moment.

  3. Salivating over Auba, Laca, Martinelli and Ozil 😉
    Little nervous over Luiz/Mustafi – please prove me wrong!
    I wonder if Torreira isn’t quite right, as thought he’d start.

    1. Why the hell does Ozil make you salivate? It must be a sexual thing because his average playing ability can’t make anyone “salivate”
      His salary probably makes him salivate

  4. No torreria is a mistake as is playing ozil, he will get roughed up early doors and that’ll be the end of his contribution.
    Hope I am wrong but that is not the team to win away at Burnley on a cold wet afternoon.

    1. I believe you’ve kept a “humble pie” to eat at the end of the game.
      That the manager’s team selection does not match your own is not enough to wish the team a defeat if you are a fan.
      Shout “MA out”.

  5. mustafi luiz xhaka guendouzhi combo is never going to allow us to dominate games and will always provide opportunities to opponents even to a as hapless attack as burnleys … defensively frail means attackers have to do more defending and dont do what they do best … a bit worried that arteta constantly resorts to this combo when available he must know it offers no future for the team

  6. off topic, but I am mildly optimistic with our 2 new signings. Having bought 3 expensive forwards we are now nearer relegation than winning. So maybe Arteta will do a Liverpool and strengthen the defence gradually. Once you have a sound defence only then can you all play winning football at the other end.

    1. To be fair chelsea are in 4th place and they are technically closer to 20th place than 1st because of liVARpool…

  7. My selection would be.


    I’m a bit worried about Martinelli’s physical strength. If he can use his skill and pace to avoid any physical bullying then he’ll do alright.
    I reckon Burnley will target Ozil as every man/woman and his/her dog knows he shy’s away from strong tackles. I can see him spending most of game on his backside with his arms in the air looking to the ref. One of the things that annoys me about him is the way he is so easily knocked to the ground and instead of getting back to his feet to chase the ball to win it back. He just sits on the ground shouting to the ref as if he has some sort of entitlement to have the freedom of the park.
    I also think Burnley will press high which is a disaster waiting to happen with Mustafi.
    I hope i’m wrong.

  8. Gendouzi is right pick, he was one of best player on pitch last game.

    Pretty much same formation, I hope Arteta learned from last game’s 2 half’s, a win in first and a lost in 2nd.

    1st half; Saka was playing offensive midfield positioned above Xhaka who was at LB, Martinelli as winger.

    2nd half; Xhaka was played as a DM next to Gendouzi, reducing his space, Saka was LB, not able to go forward as much.

    We almost got a draw in the end, 2 midfield defending shifts our game to defensive, with 6 players doing so. Simple logic, balance!

    That’s key of our game, we lose or draw if Saka is in LB position, win if Xhaka positioned as LB behind Saka who is able to put that wing on fire with Martineli as in last game’s first half; hell to defend!

  9. The only reason I think MA is not playing lil Torreira is because of hight. Burnely will play a lot of high balls and crosses.

  10. If he messee up on that choice, he will be fully responsible! Last game first half was 9 for Arteta, 2nd was a 3! Nearly ruinnin first half efforts! can’t blame players at all!

  11. I don’t understand how arteta who was an accomplished midfielder can put out a team with an absent middle … no connection between defense and attack no mobility no forward thrust … doesn’t make sense

  12. Love all the predictable hand
    wringing about the lineup and
    specifically the walking disaster
    partnership that is Luiz and Mustafi.

    20 minutes in and Arsenal should be
    2 goals to the good. If only WC Auba
    and Laca could hit the broad side of
    the born when it matters.

    Cant wait to see the resident board
    experts criticaly assasinate our back
    line if and when Burnley go ahead.


    1. The problem is no balance in the team … no middle no composure occasional threat (not taken)… but they have one of worst attacks in league so Luiz mustafi under less pressure but still fragile … but the worst so far is lacazette he has become a toothless threat and needs to be benched

  13. Lacazwttw just missed a sitter of a header, what is he doing in the team? We can only hope that subs will be used soon and effectively.

  14. bright start but blimey what’s happened to them?
    I hope Arteta has something to say and some stark choices need making

  15. A return to 45 minutes of hapless football … as bad a 45 as under emery in fact .., arteta is falling in to same trap as previous managers … poor team choice… lacazette auba has never worked xhaka gundiozhi is hopeless combo Luiz mustafi is fragile … with thise combos on at same time the team lacks threats energy and composure rest of team just runs around hoping for something to happen .., it’s pathetic

    1. On the road you have 2 take your
      chances and playing against Burnley
      is very rarely an opportunity to
      play expressive futbol. Arsenal
      should have buried this game but yet
      again our £200M + attacking talent
      cant convert the simplest of chances.


  16. I don’t know what you guys want Arteta to do, his tactics were working but the players are squandering chances, we could have been 2 up in the 1st 15 mins

    1. Wasted breath 89, there are certain
      posters on this board that expect
      Invincible like performances from a
      collection of average players.

      Wenger and Gazidis nearly destroyed
      our beloved club toward the end of
      there tenures and sadly it will
      require years of shrewd player
      recruitment and quality investment to
      bring Arsenal back to respectability.

      AFC are at best an average club atm.

      1. We are average but not this average .., bad team choice doesn’t help .. arteta needs to be much bolder in his team selection the season is over league wise the point is to shift to a different type of football not repeat the shit of last 5 years

        1. By top four standards all of
          the following players are
          IMHO average..


          Laca and Pepe have been
          underwelhming AT BEST this
          season and Auba coasts
          through 2 many games when
          service isnt consistent.

          A club with the history, size
          and supposed ambition of
          Arsenal and yet two teenagers
          have been the best players on
          the pitch all season( HM to
          Leno 😁)

          Im not sure how anyone can
          blame MA for the teams
          struggles when an objective
          assessment of the collective
          talent available is digested

  17. I would be surprised to see saka coming back after half time. He has been on one leg for 20 minutes. Has coindcied with our penetration down that flank.

  18. ozil red card if he stsys on 2 half,2nd yellow 4 crying kicking ball away etc etc,wouldnt get in a pub team ,another draw if were lucky

  19. The worst player on the pitch is. Aubameyang. His inclusion in the team is bringing unbalance. Lacazette is useless. This is another case where our kids need to come bail us out. Martinelli needs to be moved back to the left with saka.

  20. As folks have said, we were horrible for the last 30. Right back to Emery ball. Let’s see if Arteta can turn this around.

  21. Big team talk needed at half time by MA. We are looking at another defeat if this continues. That was a poor last 30 mins of the first half which looked everything like Arsenal under Emery. Xhaka giving the ball away, Ozil looking for spaces and a generally too many toothless moves in attack. We are looking exposed at the back at times. I just feel a goal is coming against us..

  22. Mustafi, Xhaka, and Lacazette should not be playing. Aubayang not sharp. Saka subdued. Doesn’t look good. Arteta is kidding himself playing Mustafi….absurd. Is Xhaka breathing.

  23. I understand MAs dilemma. Saka is injured but no left footed defender on the bench.Just bring in Torreira for Saka and let Xhaka slot in at Lb instead of playing a man less.This tiring the players.

  24. If Mikel doesn’t get the hairdryer out, Sean Dyche will have his first win against us….something has to change, as it wasn’t working… come on fellas, sort it out! There’s a gap that needs closing.

  25. Formation is wrong with 2DM, our game leans there.

    He must switch xhaka to RB and letlt Saka play higher instead of having run so much until injury!

    Gendouzi is enough as DM!

    Osil will be given a 5, Laca 6 as Auba and Martinelli, but a 9 if this coach gets that detail!

    6 players defending makes team unbalanced, no build up and middle transition to attack!

    We will end up logically conceiding, lucky to not be1 or 2 down in first! Half

  26. We’re first to nothing and second to everything again! This is typical Arsenal.. we’re losing this game for sure because it looks like Atsenal have started the winter break already!

  27. If this continues only gonna be one winner and it ain’t Arsenal.
    Change it up before it’s too late.
    The midfield is non existent and up front is awful.

  28. Lacazette is utterly utterly hopeless … infects the whole team and We need a ffing player to control the middle of park … arteta gone down in my estimation with this game

  29. Didn’t get change was Torreira to play DM and Xhaka as LB he should have been and not run sana down like that but play him above Xhaka!!!

    Why would he add anotger DM?!!! All we do is defend, Willock should have come in, to run forward, turn our game from defense to attack!

    1. Hope you realized today that Willock is useless to this team. He should still be learning from Bould and Per in the youth team.

  30. Arteta is such a donkey…
    Why on earth will e sub ozil for wilock…damn wat a bad sub from d manager really…

    1. Idiotic … Pepe needs to be on auba in middle … at least pepe destabilizes defenses … I don’t think there is a team in the league that passes back as much as we do … it’s the sign of a team that lacks skill and confidence …

      1. totally agree with you.. all teams put 2 defenders on pepe and he picks up the attacking tempo a lot quicker than the rest of the team

      2. you are spot on. If you can take somebody one on one then you should not be playing football at that level.This is the case with most of our player. They cant beat nor do they have any sense of urgency.

  31. I have written this season off so what I want to see from arteta is the beginning of a different style of football … what we have in this game is same old same old

    1. Only way to change the style of football is to change the players.. starting with Xhaka, Laca and Mustafi.. and then a few more..

  32. When we have natural wingers like pepe and martinelli, what on earth we are playing a out of form striker like lacazette, and creative midfield player like ceballos on bench we are chosing willock over him,

  33. This is actually painful to watch, Arsenal are playing some of the worst football I have ever seen.
    Disgraceful display by players earning astronomical wages.

    1. Arteta made a mess today. I knew we were not winning as soon as I saw the line up. Still don’t know what willock brings to this team, and guendozi is such a poor player, I play as a midfielder too and the first thing of a box to box midfielder is to release the ball as quick as you can. Guendozi don’t seem to know that even when he is a pro. I am so disappointed today

  34. With 10 mins to go we already look like being content with another scrappy date.. wtf is Arsenal about?

    1. Really mad at arteta right wrong….why benched ceballos, den replaced ozil for wilock?dat clown is clueless as a manager

  35. Must be first time Everton have been above us all season, iwobi made the right call to leave this bunch of shit

  36. Now it’s time for reality check for position of arteta, who have one transfer window to solve the problem, how many games we won under mikel arteta

    1. Did you say Magic?funny enough I can’t even remember a good move from arsenal all season. Forgive me to say but if we continue at this rate then we are finished. Arteta is doing nothing so far.

  37. Very very poor game. 42 pts of liverpool embarrassing shameful and at least 10 years before we can compete for the title again and if you think that was acceptable you are talking out of your backside

  38. Arsenal fans keeping blaming Wenger and keep prasing owner while the records keeps tumbling since Wenger left…hahaha. if we think we can get back into top teams in Europe by buying cheap fixes that too on loan then our fans are as delusional as board n our position is well deserved. Team has been crying for quality buy in defence n central midfield for years but what do we do go n buy cheap players or take unproven talent on loan so that we don’t have to spend money. I don’t care what some of the fans say about loaning player out to test them is good business it’s clearly not. You don’t get quality like that, if players we loan are of such high quality why would the parent club give you an offer of try before u buy. Don’t see such thing with world class players.

  39. It didn’t take long for loads of you to want Arteta’s head on a stick then! To be comparing him to Emery already is pathetic.

    It was an awful game and there is more than enough for Arteta to attend to in the post match dressing down. Saka’s injury didn’t help and the wastefulness in front of goal was horrible.

    Their winter break might just involve a lot more training than I previously thought.

    1. Sue P, Arteta is not the issue here but what can he do with the limited options he has up his disposal. Plus if your strikers waste atleast 4 clear cut chances then what can he do. Why on earth we are not signing a good CM is beyond me. Our chances creativity issue is directly linked to our obsession of playing two DMs even some times three. Ozil is a lost cause n needs replacing by young more energetic AM.

      1. Really mad at arteta right wrong….why benched ceballos, den replaced ozil for wilock?dat clown is clueless as a manager

  40. Arsenal stingy board n owner plus all the delusional Arsenal fans who think owner is running us as charity n not profiting from us deserve this. With crap Acdamey which fails to produce good talent n board unwilling to spend to spend to make more profit for the owner. We are lost…every year we hear same sh*t we are very healthy financially where is that money going then n before some fans go on n start throwing summer spending in the ring…go n check your facts our overall spend for summer was £40-55 million. We did not spend £100 million as some claim.

  41. I don’t understand how a coach will be blind to an obvious truth. Only Martinelli and Saka should have business with our first team. Nketia, Willock and the rest of our youth player should never bear our first team till they’re ready. How can Arteta play Willock ahead of Ceballos? Why should Nketia come in ahead of Pepe? Yes Pepe is struggling but a struggling Pepe is better than Nketia and off-form Lacazette and can still produce moment of magic. He has stabilized the defence, then what? Why can’t our midfielders run at opponents and shoot? Why should we rely on Martinelli and Auba to score everytime?
    For me Arteta’s honeymoon is over. He should be criticised when he messes up and held responsible for the team’s performances.

    1. Stop blaming MA stop calling the board n owner stop blaming the recruitment staff stop blaming the medical team stop blaming the players as that is their ability. I guess we should all now get use to being like Newcastle united fans happy when we beat top six teams once in a blue moon n drawing against mid table teams.

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