Official Arsenal team to face Crystal Palace – Arteta being attack minded

Official Arsenal team – Mikel Arteta is going for the jugular today against Crystal Palace.

Arsenal is looking to make it three wins on the bounce this afternoon at Selhurst Park and Mikel Arteta has certainly put out a very attack-minded team.

The last thing the Spaniard will want to see is the momentum that is building to be derailed.

Palace will be tough opponents and the defence will have to be at their very best, there is no room for errors today.

There is just one place and one point separating the teams and a win for either team will see them close the gap on the top-four spots.

Anyway, this is the Official Arsenal team line-up. Let us know what you think of it in the comments below.

Links to streams will be put in the comments where to watch the game live and free so keep checking in.

Also, if you go to you will be able to get live commentary text and Arsenal radio.

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  1. I’m very suprised that arteta keeps starting lacca. I mean he is good but auba is clearly alot better. I thought and was hoping it would be a similar situation to aguero and jesus. No one can deny jesus has ability but simply put until maybe this season aguero has been the better striker. Thus starts most premier games and jesus has to knock at the door to get a start.

    That left wing should be for martineli and saka to battle it out for as auba is just not as effective as a winger. It’s almost criminal.

    Let lacca have the cup games and prove his value

    1. Oh here we go again. You pple need to let arteta do his job. Noone spends more time with these players than him. There is so much to lacas game than scoring. We first have to stop their defenders then cut out their mid. You just dont understand how MA sets up his team!

    2. I think Arteta wants someone who does hold-up play and counter-pressing upfront, throughout the game

      Since Aubameyang and Ozil can’t do those for 90 minutes, Lacazette is the best choice currently

      Martinelli can do those too, but he cannot start as a striker as long as Aubameyang and Lacazette are available as senior strikers

  2. I had lost interest in looking forward to games and well Arteta has brought that back😀 can’t wait for kick off tuned from 2pm waiting for the game!

  3. Would have preferred Guendouzi over Xhaka, Holding over Sokratis and maybe Martinelli over Lacazette with Auba up front

    Anyway we can still win


    1. Xhaka is required to play as left DM/ left CB and unleash through balls to Kolasinac/ Aubameyang. Guendouzi has good vision too, but he is better as right DM

      Holding was awful at the Leeds game. Sokratis is error-prone too as a CB, but he must be rewarded because of his excellent performances against Man United and Leeds

  4. I can’t believe we’re just over the halfway point, and we’re battling with Palace over mid-table obscurity!

  5. Finally excited to watch us play again
    Not expecting complete turn around just yet but its good to know the boys are gunna go out there and give it a good f””king go
    And play some good football

  6. I like that we don’t tinker too much changing our starting 11 too often. We also have our best attackers (on paper) on the pitch. He is giving Laca a chance to shake off his little dry spell and if anything we get a lot of effort from Laca which is crucial with our high pressing game.

    I am excited to watch this game. A new era. Let’s hope we can start being more consistent and beating teams we should beat and become a force on the road as well as at home.

    I dig Arteta.

  7. Am I the only one rooting for Spurs today? Granted it is a win-win game for us. If Spurs lose that’s great for our own ambitions of moving up the table but if Liverpool loses it’s great for our invincibles and it is always great when Liverpool lose.

    Hope we get to lean back having beaten Palace and watch everyone else struggle afterwards during the rest of the afternoon.

  8. Continuity the right approach … But won’t get away with a first half performance like Monday night … Still a weak spine … Would prefer to see Ceballos as a link up player in the midfield and someone who can move ball around quickly but not even on bench … puts pressure on ozil who has responded so far but need to change that dynamic ..

    1. Admin because of your pathetic attempt of a joke I feel pressured to inform you about something:
      Forwards =/= strikers.. strikers are a subcategory of Forwards.. so please don’t mail Arsenal because they are right that Pepe and nelson are forwards 😉 but they are NOT strikers, so you obviously wrong..
      I thought a guy managing a football platform should at least know the difference between a forward and a striker

  9. In order to bring this “small” teams down it is important to constantly switch play as it forces the defending team to move their block and this they eventually tire. Good to see arteta doing it which is the reason he chooses xhaka and Luiz for their long passing.

  10. Stop moaning some of you this is 100% better than it has been even before the goal
    We actually look like a team
    Even Xhaka is doing ok
    Cmon arsenal

  11. Play more like a team which speaks volumes for arteta … but the lack of quality in the middle remains obvious … xhaka adds nothing to this team … and the slow witted defenders are a permanent opening for opponents

    1. Those players, especially Maitland-Niles, were the reason why we could win the ball possession in the first half

      Can’t see Bellerin take over from Maitland-Niles. He has been playing really well as an RB in Arteta’s system

      1. Yeah, Maitland NIles greatly improved imo keeping Zaha quiet.
        They didn’t have any answer for us until they became too physical.

      2. He is a less than average full back and slow witted … if we are serious about progressing we will find a quality fb asap … we had zero crosses from right side first half …

  12. ozil pressing realy hard full of running LOL,the wrestler thinks hes franco baresi danger danger….coyg

  13. Almost all Gunners played really well in the first half, except Pepe

    Pepe still can’t click with his teammates and his dribbles were unsuccessful

    I think Pepe would get replaced by Nelson in the second half

      1. I think it’s because of training and communication issues

        His tricks would be great if successful, but most of them failed. That boy needs to improve his decision making

  14. Sub Pepe and bring on Martinelli.We need another goal.We should also think of dropping Lacca in the number 10,remove Ozil ,move Auba to the centre and bring on Nelson or Saka.
    We need Energy and pace to kill off this match.

      1. I just watch and see where changes are needed.
        If it were not for the forced sub due to Torreiras injury &the red card,this changes would have won us the match.

  15. It is obvious most of our problems was in the midfield. Arteta has found a way to get more bodies in midfield with AMN getting into midfield instead of overlapping. Xhaka and Torriera are instructed to remain permanently in midfield and not to push forward too much, which make them always available to receive passes from our CB. Xhaka is even playing well because he does not have to mark 3 players alone which results in frequent reckless tackles. He does not also have to hold onto the ball for so long because there is always someone available for him to release the ball to. Ozil and Guendozi are two of our best midfielders with the ball but without the ball they are very poor. They contribute little or nothing to help their teammates. Arteta has proven to be an intelligent coach but he needs better players because most of our players will never learn to work hard with or without the ball especially without the ball.

  16. Any team that applies pressure is going to cause problems to this team and we lack the skill at back and middle to retain the ball like top teams .. so let me repeat until xhaka Luiz amn sokratis are out we will not progress .. the lack Of quality is actually pretty shocking .., credit to arteta for getting more out of them than last guy

  17. Arteta is not changing anything in game…
    No substitutions….
    No change in tactics…
    Time is ticking up…
    And Possible Red Card also..

  18. No coach can take this squad to the next level … unless there is investment it’s the Milan situation for us am sorry to say …

  19. well before the blamers on here start blaming VAR and the referee.. it indeed was a serious foul and if it would have happened to against one of our players we would be Shouting for a red.. so a fair red card

  20. If football were one for one then an injury committed by another player = suspension for as long as the injured player remains out. Which means goodbye aubameyang

  21. You can tell how slow witted players are in throw in situations … we have too many slow witted footballers

  22. Unbelievable! We been kicked around for the entire game without any reaction, and the ref and VAR takes every opportunity to punish us

  23. The previous arsenal player to score and be sent off in the same match… Our manager. At the same ground. Déjà vu.

  24. The problem with this when they have possession and purple patch in game, they never kill the game off…
    And slowly opponent grow into game..

    1. yeah well said.. and then we tire and the other team takes the initiative and momentum and turn it around.. this defeat is entirely our fault no blaming the red card or bad luck for their goal

        1. that’s true I hope so too but I will consider a draw also as a defeat.. cause we have far too many draws and every draw is 2 points lost

  25. Can it get any worse? What a rubbish goal to concede. Losing Torreira and now Auba… was a nasty challenge, mis-timed though.. we all know Auba ain’t no dirty sod.
    And Jordan bloody Ayew 🙄🙄🙄

  26. You can’t create a decent football team with a third rate defense and a fourth rate midfield … ain’t going to happen

  27. oh laca what the hell was that.. why shoot low if the keeper is on the ground?? just shoot it strongly and high or lob it.. lacas finishing is really lacking this season.. how many chances does he want?

    1. yes yes always blame VAR and the ref what a childish snob mentality..
      you know what? maybe its the fault of Auba for making such a dangerous foul and not the ref’s?? he is just following the rules so calm down

      1. Not blaming VAR for that specific situation. It’s the inconsistency of the ref i have a problem with. Don’t know how that is childish

  28. LACA is Arteta’s enemy. He needs to be benched.
    Laca has cost us 5 point in the last 4 premier league matches.

    2 point against Bournemouth
    1 point at least against Chelsea
    2 point against Crystal Palace

  29. Not a classic that’s for sure
    Scrappy but even down to 10 men Arsenal didn’t capitulate
    We needed a win but we didn’t lose which must help morale

  30. We were just unlucky, big deflected goal, hit the post, got a red for stupid challenge and torreria went off injured. I thought we played well down to 10 men. Even before crystal palace never threatened our goal. Biggest lose we will miss Auba for next 3 matches. Lot of positives for a team in building phase AMN had a fantastic game, Kola had a good game as well. Both CBs played well. Auba played well n scored. Laca did great upfront his work rate n link up play is amazing just need to top it up with scoring goals again. …weak performance by Ozil n Pepe the only two disappointments. MA had his tactics spot on.

  31. I will give him credit when he start scoring goals. All this chances he has missed in our last for games, even Giroud will score them. Because he created a goal doesn’t stop him from scoring one either. We lost today because of him. I take this as 3 point dropped.

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