Official Arsenal team to face Everton, last game in charge for Freddie

Official Arsenal team – Freddie looking to go out with a bang.

It did not last long but at least under Freddie, we saw some fight and positivity from the lads. Well, apart from the Man City game that is.

Unfortunately for the Swede, he is having to contend with a weakened back four for the game against the Toffees. However, he has not allowed that to affect his thinking too much and has gone with what looks like a balanced team.

Everton has been reinvigorated since Duncan Ferguson took over on an interim basis and you just know he will send them out fully wound up, in what may well be his last game in charge also.

It is definitely going to be a tough game today for Arsenal, the big question though is this the team to take all three points back to north London this afternoon?

Links to streams will be put in the comments where to watch the game live and free so keep checking in.

Also, if you go to the official Arsenal website you will be able to get live commentary text and Arsenal radio.


  1. Ozil out completely, not even on the bench. Another manager that has lost trust and confidence in the German.

      1. Yeah, his right foot. That must have been a heavy plastic bottle he kicked against City. Anyway, haver to go, there are pigs flying outside my window.

      2. He always seems to be injured? so why are we still paying him £350k per week, as far as I’m concerned he should be sold to the highest bidder.

        1. Because Arsenal have been getting money from Ozil’s jersey sale. I hope Arsenal can get all the money they have been giving to Ozil back from his merchandise sales

          Based on his performances in the last four years, we can tell the man is no longer focused on Arsenal

          1. Ghendouzi omitted even with our injury woes,it shows arteta have bn watching our matches, dude have bn a complete waste of space , very bold statement from arteta,win or lose arteta has shown he’s got balls, am impressed!

        2. From what I see, Arteta is already in full effect. The pressing, solidarity defending, missing creativity Ozil can add but it is good tac tics.

          Pressing high as we used to see under Wenger, seeing with Barca, Real, Reds, City…

          Getting Pepe in at some point may bring something different.

          Young players run non stop, get opponent tired in last 20minutes is what Wenger used as strategy before anyone…

          Everton is very defensive as Ancelotti…

          Our main issue is to not have right formation. It should be a 4-1 with Luiz or Chambers infront of CBs. Allows to free rest of team, midfield can play forward.

          Or we have midfield players all defending, no possible transition play forward then.

          It is a fare draw and best we can get from a defensive game. Counter attack or set piece are only options really.

          Niles – Mav Chambers – Mustafu

          Gives many option in middle and upfront…

    1. Jesus! AdMartin chill your balls. Ozil is injured. I don’t know shy most of you included him In your predicted line ups when the official Arsenal site had him listed out with foot injury yesterday

    2. No, he showed him he didn’t want to be part of this game with a lost sacked coach who is not even a coach!

      Look at formation, not Ozil. He better off not play and be ridiculized amateur coach tac tics…

    3. Ozil need some good players like Carzola to be effective. In the past, I will argue for him because he was good & he won best German players for a number of years. But now his best is over. Let’s move on and hope that he willingly exit in January 2020. Arsenal needs to rebuild and like Man U, uses the young players if on shoestring budget. Another wish is Kroenke out.

    4. Apparently he is going out on loan on January in Turkey,if that’s true the last thing you want is to have him getting injured, don’t you think?

  2. The question for me today is which team has the new manager bounce. Really looking forward to this one just hope arsenal show up from minute one because I know Everton will

        1. True ozil is going on loan in january to Turkey, arsenal don’t care how much they will save up,1,2,3£ they’d be still happy as long as they are not losing money and sadly i am not joking!!

    1. “New Arsenal head coach Mikel Arteta says it’s his responsibility to get the best out of Mesut Ozil, a player he believes can be ‘massive’ for the football club.”

      If Arteta says Ozil is massive for Arsenal, be sure Mesut ain’t going anywhere. Not that he would otherwise – it seems he wants to see out his contract.
      Relax, it’s only 17 months left…

  3. I wanted to post it before the team sheet came but here though

    David Ornstein
    @David Ornstein

    Hearing Freddie Ljungberg signs off as Arsenal interim boss at #EVEARS by going with youth – Martinelli, Smith-Rowe, Nelson, Saka, Maitland-Niles in mix to start. Understand Mikel Arteta wants 6 staff including Ljungberg. As per others, Steve Round & Inaki Cana also incoming #AFC

    Finally Inãki Pavon will be here for real as our goalkeeper coach. Definitely gon see improvements from Leno.
    Arteta’s backroom staff is filled with experienced people.

    I love Freddie’s line up

  4. Don’t like David Luiz at the back, he makes the entire backline vulnerable. Otherwise, they could do well if the youngsters don’t allow themselves to be bullied.

  5. Ljungberg shows his huge balls by keeping Chambers as a CB in 4-2-3-1, despite watching Chambers’ weak man-marking ability at the Emirates several days ago:

    …………… Leno
    Niles . Chambers . Luiz . Saka
    ……. Torreira …. Xhaka
    Nelson ….. Smith-Rowe … Martinelli
    ………… Aubameyang

    Nonetheless, his decision to replace Pepe with Nelson and starting Smith-Rowe is spot-on. I believe Smith-Rowe wouldn’t let Xhaka and Torreira fight the Toffees’ midfielders alone, unlike Prince Ozil

  6. Zero confidence in this line up … 6 players on my count that would not get in to any other top half team … arteta has a lot of work to do … Freddie out with a bang … but not of the good kind

    1. Pepe has been sucking for two matches in a row

      Better use a conventional RW like Nelson first, to show Pepe that he shouldn’t be so predictable with his cutting inside obsession

        1. You’ll see the difference between Pepe and Nelson

          Pepe still needs time to adjust in EPL, but we simply don’t have the luxury of time now

      1. PAL-Your forgetting that you PREACH inverted wingers.You know them.The ones that are left footed that play RW and right footed that play LW.They also like a little dribble down the leg.
        Make your mind up PAL.Your more changeable than the weather.

  7. With injuries and poor form,the lineup is OK.Fredy should introduce Lacazzate earlier in the second half,he can come in for either ESR or R.N who will most likely tire.

  8. I think this match Arsenal should sit back and release Martilleni and Auba behing Evertons backline. Not a big fan of Nelson but the boy deserves a chance. I just don’t want Sakka to be treated like a LB for a long term. Times like these I miss Nacho Monreal, he was not glamours but he sure did his job well even in 30’s

  9. This is our usual europa squad that outperformed the main squad. I need to see this match then. I though we were going in with those usual suspect but this, am impressed. I guess this is what Lujberg truely feel about our team as a whole, he was only playing the ‘big boys’ to atone the fans, now that he has nothing to fear, he showed us his real thought

  10. Saka as LB is very disturbing though, I hope it doesn’t continue because that’s the exact way we wanted to ruin Chamberlain’s career and the same way we’ve ruined Maitland Niles totally.
    Bellerin was also a winger Bould converted him to a RB, but he’s a a fantastic defender now isn’t he?
    I don’t know shy Arsenal’s obsession with changing player roles is always above the roof

    1. Dude, Chamberlain was played as a wingback so he could at least play.

      1. He sucked as a winger, his crosses were too pathetic and dribbling was non-existent; all he had was pace.
      2. Too much competition in box-to-box midfield at the time – namely Ramsey who is still better than him and we never played with more than 1 b2b

      Those were the only alternatives to him playing as a wingback as he never was good enough in marking to be a DM (le Coq was better) and never good enough as a playmaker.

      An almost identical situation is/was with AMN.

    2. Bale was an LB before Redknapp reassigned him as an LW. Reassigning a footballer’s role doesn’t always work, but it will be great if it works

      Nonetheless, Arsenal should have other young LBs at their academy who could have joined the first team today. But I guess Ljungberg wants someone with EPL experience, hence he chose Saka

  11. There is more energy in this side than last week.I would settle for a point against a rejuvenated ,physical Everton.

  12. Keown just said that “Arsenal could be walking into a storm today”.
    Ancelotti has now been confirmed and sitting just behind Arteta in the stand.
    This could be a feisty game.

  13. I wouldn’t pay any of our defenders a tenner to play … it’s shocking how clueless and crap they all are … shocking

  14. James Olley
    Interesting aside from Ljungberg in his BT Sport pre-match interview as he says Ozil is injured but adds: “Mesut wouldn’t have been in the squad anyway given what happened in the last game.”
    Suggests he would have dropped Ozil for show of dissent after being substituted v City.

    So multiple coaches wanting ozil out but unfortunately fanboys will be fanboys.

      1. Nothing but we won’t see his fanboys defending him, inventing excuses and stats that he played well. It’s always someone else fault. spoiled player and fans.

        1. Stupid comment … he’s paid anyway so play your best players and find someone who knows how to get most out of them …. with lscazette and Pepe on bench that’s 150m plus worth of talent … and we have to watch the utterly hapless smith Rowe Nelson and naitland miles who would b lucky to get in to championship teams and add xhaka who should be ploughing his trade in league 2 and we should never happy watching this sh@@ as they don’t have anyone defending them … dumb

          1. Man fanboism really shrink people brain. I am saying we are arsenal fans first, defending your favorite players despite sustained period of bad performance is bad.

    1. Clueless Freddie…he just wants to prove n promote his academy youngsters. He has far to go to be a good manager, lot to learn.

    1. Utterly … unwatchable football … worst I have seen in my decades supporting the club … better teams in the championship …

  15. Thank God Freddie is not given the job permanently, he is no different to UE, same team selections n same tactics. No wonder he was made assistant to UE. All the fans who jump up n down about our Academy players here is another evidence for you, they are not ready n most of them do not have the talent either. Put Laca n Pepe on freddie! Take put on Guendozi in place of smith row as well. Appoint Bergkamp as Academy head..

  16. Why is Nelson playing this way, he can’t even beat a single player, Saka doing okay in that position, it feels like Martinelli is the only one receiving salary.

  17. Fire the head of Academy…this is what we have produced in these years??? We need to follow footprint of Barca n Aijax Academies. Only talent they have is they are British so count as home grown players.

    1. Have always said it that our youngsters are the worst in the premier league, how can we buy a boy from Brazil third division and he will outshine our own academy players, I really don’t know what Nelson is good at can’t dribble can’t defend, I won’t blame saka too much because he’s playing in an unfamiliar position and hea still our best defender in the first half, we need new academy coach.

      1. Yeah, man I have been pointing this out for some time as well. You don’t only need a good manager but also strong Academy structure. Right ppl to be given the job. If you give the job to Bold, Freddie n Mert. What do you expect?? That’s why I backed Wenger’s view about not looking at player’s passport but the talent. English talent is just garbage.

        1. To be fair, Arsenal’s U23 and U18 teams are very successful in their respective competitions. It is just a big step up to the EPL.

    2. Ys dear, i think I’m the only one who disappoint with our youth players, no quality players are emerged through our academy lot of mediocre players

  18. Some of the fans here where saying give the job to Freddie instead of Arteta …he has got more experience n deserves it. …lol!. Freddie is UE version 2. I hope he takes the manager job of some other club. I hope they don’t put him back incharge of Academy.

  19. At the end of the first half Arsenal is a predictable team lets go to make it unpredictable or we will bounding for defeat

  20. When u have absent indifferent owner this is where u end up … doesn’t watch this crap week in week out and just happy with rising asset price and the cash flow generated by the wider game …

    1. He won’t…UE 2.0 , thank GOD it’s his last day. Thank you Freddie, please take the job you have been offered in Sweden. Also take Mert n co with you. All of you have failed to produce even a single decent Academy player.

  21. I am just happy that we haven’t leaked any goals and haven’t really been stretched at the back. Midfield is working there socks off for a change. I understand we are not as constructive going forward,but at least we are not behind. Bring Pepe on with half an hour to go and tell him to just run at tired defenders.

  22. What exactly is the colour of Ljunberg’s problem. He will never become a top coach being this sentimental . Imagine playing all these kids just to prove a point.

  23. OMG this neslon kid is so useless…we need big clearance in summer along with few senior players we need to get rid of some youngsters as well.

    1. I thought it was just me. That guy is probably the most-talentless footballer I’ve seen in quite a while! All this noise about ‘home-grown academy players’ is a load of bs.That guy wont make Barca youth team C (that’s me being nice)

  24. AMN, Nelson and Wilock need to be sold. With xhaka, Ozil, auba, torreria, luiz, sukaritus, Kola, bellerin.

  25. We should use Martenlli n Nkeitha as second choice strikers behind Laca next season. Should play chambers as CDM I think he can do great there. He has good ball control n passing accuracy. He will give us good presence in mid play Guendozi along side him as B2B. Sign Ericsson from spurs n play him inform of them. Buy Zaha n put him on left wing. Buy two proper CBs ..

  26. I don’t prefer ljungberg as assistant coach because he is so clueless, he is legend as a player not as a coach

  27. Our so called young prospects have one decent game( players like willock, maitland niles, nelson, smith rowe) then they will get the contract extension ,

  28. He brings on wilock…hahaha…Freddi has proved in these 5 games he is UE 2.0 n should have left with him.

  29. The biggest challenge for arteta right now will be to rediscover our attacking football. Our link up play is non existant. Fixing our attack will get us over most of bottom half teams due to our sheer attacking power. This will also improve player confidence.

    Fixing our defensive problem will take much longer because finding defensive stability and compatibility is harder to get.

  30. these dropped points will costs dearly , ljungberg is not care about this club any more, now pls get out of our beloved club,

  31. It’s ffing unbelievable how utterly sh@@ this defense is … they don’t have the skills to play the ball out not one of them but continue to try it’s high school stuff .,, that of course is one of emery’s stupid additions

  32. A poor average predictable Arsenal with a predictable result will Arteta change the outcome? see it in the next episode

  33. Clean sheet is a very good start, this is maybe more important right now than the three points. We kept a good shape and the guys deserved the clean sheet, a goal on the break would’ve been nice but it’s the clean sheet that I think this side needed most of all. Some players were out too, ones that have goals in them. There’s something to build on here. Arteta, I wonder if this is what he wanted, for us to go back to the basics and build a solid base, then from there he can start to implement his better passing style.

    I think Arteta will be happy enough with that, the last thing we’d need was more uncoordinated playing styles, then with umpteenth shots on goal, and our forwards running with their own single minded mission.

    Good job lads, we needed to see that. Good old Arsenal.

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