Official Arsenal team to face Fiorentina and live stream updates

Game three of the Arsenal mini-tour of the USA and this one is a bit of a mixture.

The game against the Colorado Rapids was all about the youngsters, the game against Bayern Munich was all about the strongest team possible and this one is a bit of both.

None of the big players is starting in terms of Ozil, Lacazette and Aubameyang but there is a look of the first team in defence with the youngsters mainly in midfield and attack.

This is the official team

It is good to see the youngsters given another big opportunity to impress, especially Olayinka, Nelson, Saka and Nketiah.

I am really looking forward to this one and I like the line-up and yes, even Mustafi in defence as I thought he did ok against Bayern, hopefully, there will no booing.

The forward line, in particular, is exciting and while the fans in the Stadium will be wanting to see the big boys I am pleased that Emery has gone with this team.

The game is live on pay tv channel Premier Sports TV and kicks off at 23.00 UK time.

Links will be put in the comments where to watch the game live and free so keep checking in.

Also, if you go to the official Arsenal website you will be able to get live commentary text


  1. There is a good chance this game will be available on Youtube, will post some links very close to kick off

  2. Wow just wow…defence is a train wreck tonight, mustafi made at least 4 mistakes that could have been goals, monreals passing has been poor, Chambers and Kolasinac keep losing their men and Jenki is just being Jenki I guess.
    Youngsters are doing well but Olayinka and Burton aren’t ready yet…. Good going forward not so much on their defense.
    Front three doing well and causing the defence problems….. Brilliant defensive work from Nketiah with that off the line save…. Top boy

    1. Much better at the back with AMN, Sok, Medley and Thompson…. They may not be league ready but not bad showings at all.

      Willock is going to be a beast in midfield….. Some beautiful barnstorming runs and a goal too.

      The more I see of Martinelli the more I think he could be something special…. Plenty of movement off the ball, intercepts well and that juicy little run which missed by a whisker

      Xhaka was poor, laca was his usual brilliant self and did a good job giving the youngsters some leadership and guidance, and Ozil….. Had another decent outing…. Dare we hope the blonde hair agrees with him? lol

      All in all a good performance but defense is still a ticking time bomb but we knew that

  3. Still awake enjoying the game 2am in Kenya wow that guy Nelson ooh boy what energy in the middle ,nketiah just a golden boy , mustafi just his usual best,Montreal really of pace misplaced a couple of passes their tieny should be a done deal by now,jenkison should stay decent back up for now, oooh Love these youngsters @sue enjoy watching ? play?

      1. Just reading sky sports half time report “Arsenal are ahead, and look good going forward, but it’s oh-so familiar at the other end”..

        This has got to be sorted before the new season starts!

  4. Nketia’s composure is up there. Right place right time, making it easy for himself.

    We look ok going forwards but yes keep getting caught out in defence. To be fair, two youngsters in the holding midfield positions.

  5. Amazing game of football. Xhaka,Kolasinac(defending) mustafi and Monreal were very poor. Good saves made by Martinez (he’d be a great no 2), Willock is a beast, dare I say we may not miss Ramsey that much, mikhi had a decent game, martinelli is pure diamond (oh Lord I wish that ball went in), Ozil was just cute, Lacazette was looking sharper and the main man Eddie nketiah was clinical. He’s pace, dribbles, positioning, hunger, hardwork and ruthlessness were on show today. I absolutely love that guy. Ps. We shouldn’t loan him out. Nelson and saka had a great run out too.

  6. When young players cet a chance, they must fully do do; they sure did. Willock and Nelson and Nketia show again they can be in 11 start. They make it really hard for Emery to remove them trop the team.

    But if Laca or Auba have to be injured for Nkhetia to play, he should be on loan in a good team to play over 30 games next year. Same for all these young lads, Saka, Martineli. They all looked great. Or if is going to be a waist if talent and they must leave as Bennacer, MVP of African, Adelaide if i for name right, left, Lyon and top Europe clubs are on him. WE have a great youth system but must be more careful in their last devellopment stage which is when & where we Loan them; in good teams involving them as done with Nelson; before age of 20. Bring them back to play them 30 games or let him do so in Hoffenheim one more year. He will be worth 80M next year, just as his boy at Dortmund in 18 month. Singer’s window, he’ll be chased by top clubs, same for Willock, worth over 60M if imulates a Nelson Loan. Then if WE still cant bring them info first team; Can at least sell them.

    Who are our young left & RB? i missed it


  7. Future looks bright in attack. As for defense?!

    The youngsters have proven they should be part of the squad to support and to give options for UE.

    We just need to get that defense sorted out ASAP!

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