Official Arsenal team to face Fulham – Willian and Gabriel start

Here we go, the first day and first game of the 2020/21 Premier League season and providing everything goes to plan Arsenal could get this campaign off to a flyer with a win over the Cottagers this afternoon.

Momentum is everything and the last thing Arsenal need is to start slowly and drop points, a win is absolutely essential if the lads are to be competitive in the league right from the very start.

I am very confident that Arsenal will get all three points and I am of the opinion that the team below that Mikel Arteta has selected is more than good enough to take care of Scott Parker’s men.

What do you think of Arteta’s team selection for the game against Fulham?

Is this the team to record an opening day win? Let us know in the comments below.

Links to streams will be put in the comments where to watch the game live and free so keep checking in.

Also, if you go to the official Arsenal website here you will be able to get live commentary text and radio.

JustArsenal predicted line up (for comparison) here

JustArsenal match preview here

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    1. Yes.. get in there. Good to see them start. I m loving the quality in the bench as well. Players will be rotated base on form and opponents…

      Lets hope the midfield gets strengthen though

      1. Too early for Magalhaes, but Arteta doesn’t seem to trust Kolasinac anymore. I wonder if Kolasinac would leave before the transfer window is closed

        1. Hi Gotanidea. Nice to see you back. We will get the 3 points. I love Willian in that line up. Arsenal will surprise a lot of teams this season. Arteta is the deal

  1. As what I expected, Willian benches Pepe if we use 3-4-3. Unfortunately Saliba is still unfit and Martinez is considering the offers

    I’m worried about Magalhaes though, since he just joined us and didn’t have much time to gel with his new teammates

    1. Players don’t want to leave not because Arsenal is “interesting, but because they can’t earn more money elsewhere. πŸ’°πŸ’·

  2. 3-4-3

    β€œWillian was brought in to be our CAM” they said.
    I already said it, he’ll end up battling the wings with the likes of Pepe, Saka and Nelson.
    There’s a reason Arteta is hell bent on getting Aouar.
    There won’t be a room for CAM.

    I’m buzzing, let’s win this.
    Just a reminder guys, it’s our job to create a positive vibe this new season.
    Please let’s all try to share positive vibes and create a positive atmosphere for the players as we all look to get back into the top four this season

    1. Even whenever we lose, please let’s not beat ourselves down for too long and let’s not keep whining for days.
      Keep the negativity to bare minimum, keep it to zero if it’s possible.

      1. Well said Eddie. Win or lose, Arteta needs our support. We will get to where we want but its gonna take time hence he needs that support. We can see he means business and we are seeing the progress.

        Reminds me of klopp when he first came to Liverpool. The rest is history now

    2. How the hell can he play CAM in a 3-4-3 formation? Or do you think Arteta will play with 4 at the back or 3-5-2 every game just so that Willian can play CAM? LOL

  3. It sadly looks like Martinez is gone. Not even making the bench.

    I am compelled to think that some of these coaches bet on games.

    Whatever the formation we’re playing I can’t tell. Holding for Saliba is a joke.

    Anyway 5-1to Arsenal.

    1. Wait and see the game first before calling any decision a joke. Saliva is probably injured, as he isn’t even on the bench.
      At least we’re both hoping for a big win πŸ˜€. I’d like a clean sheet though, and an Auba hattrick….. COYG!!!

    2. Herbz, also Saliba, like Gabriel, has just arrived at the Club. Arteta has to assess players at training and decide who should play. He has chosen to go with Holding and Gabriel, which is his call to make.

    3. Oh Dear..It’s not even 00.01 Seconds into the game yet and we already moaning about formation and selections.
      This fanbase though.
      Also what do you expect Arteta to do when Martinez keeps saying he wants to leave and he publicly stated he’ll leave if he’s not the guaranteed starter?
      For my own sanity this season, I’ll try to avoid a lot of negative and morale killing posts like these

      1. Good selection Herbz, but maybe some players are still carrying niggling injuries from last season? Arteta may have judged in training and consultation with medical staff, that Ceballos and Pepe needed more time. Did Ceballos need quarantine after returning from Spain?

  4. happy to see willian start but this is about the most uncreative midfield i can remember kicking off a season .. good job its fulham but this isnt the platform for a bounce back season

    1. Worst midfield I’ve ever seen, hopefully ceballos comes on at half time. Elneny is an average player no offense to him but we need a more creative mid.

  5. OT

    Ryan Clayton

    If you can’t support the players who play for Arsenal then don’t support the club. Martinez is leaving because HE wants to, because HE doesn’t want to fight with Leno for #1. That’s HIS problem.

    Wonder how valid this is

    1. Uzi, also Arsenal has probably not offered Martinez in his contract review, what he is being offered elsewhere. His displays have put him in the shop window.

    2. Hasn’t Martinez come out twice to tell the whole world he will leave if he’s not the starter?

      Didn’t Arteta publicly stated the fact that he wants Martinez to stay?

      Isn’t he still the one who asked the board to be considerate and accept even if it’s 10M offer for him??

      All of these while Leno has remained silent about the whole competition stuff.
      Martinez won’t be happy fighting here, I’ll hate to keep him if he’ll be unhappy.
      So I support whatever happens, also we could use the money from his sale

      1. You are perfectly right. If he doesn’t want to stay get the right amount before allowing to go. No right figure, he stays.

  6. Whoever plays, whatever the formation, let’s get behind the team, our team, the glorious red and white army, (even though it looks like we are playing in the new blue third kit).
    Come on you Guuuuunnnnnerrrrrssss.

  7. Looks like a 4-3-3 set up as Arteta unlikely to play two left footed players in a back three?If this is the case midfield will consist of AMN, Elneny and Xhaka. Front three as I forecast two days ago.Pepe is going to have to prove his worth this season.A narrow win would do for me.

  8. Ok let’s just be positive but “just”.

    With this kind of lineup I simply can’t hide my anger and disappointment.

    Every team at the start of season simply puts in its BEST lineup except for us who are always experimenting.

    What’s the problem with putting
    Bellerin… Holding… Gabriel… Tierney
    Pepe…Willian… Aubameyang

    So that you get like 7 goals at the start????

    1. This post went in the wrong place previously!
      Good selection Herbz, but maybe some players are still carrying niggling injuries from last season? Arteta may have judged in training and consultation with medical staff, that Ceballos and Pepe needed more time. Did Ceballos need quarantine after returning from Spain?
      It is good that Arteta has options.

  9. Martinez leaving gives me mixed feelings. When Leno got injured against Brighton I thought we were doomed but martinez stepped in and did an amazing job. Imagine Leno was fit through out last season, we won’t care much if martinez was sold yea but his performance gave us confidence. Well, i wish him well… we will be seeing him in the league but not with arsenal i guess

  10. Pretty Strong Lineup..
    No complaints..
    Interesting to see whether we gonna play 4-3-3 or 3-4-3 because Tierney and Gabriel both are left footed

  11. Looks like MA does not trust UE era signings. He prefers his signing over them so I guess all the money spent on Pepe and co is wasted. Pepe is benched, Nkeitiah is preferred over Martenelli, Saliba has been benched with Gabi preferred, MG benched. If that is going to be the case then we should put all of them up for sale so we can get money and spend on new players. I was really looking forward to Saliba starting, he is more talented then Gabi same as Martenelli is to Nkeitiah but later are always preferred.

    1. Some points there but I doubt that’s the case of him not preferring UE signings. Martinelli is injured, Pepe will play enough games. Its a long season and just the first game

    2. Saliba not benched, not totally fit. Everyone please stop complaining. We haven’t kicked off yet and the moaners are out in force. Support the team!

      1. Not moaning or being negative, I believe manager given the tools which he wants. So if there are players who don’t sit with his plan then they should be sold and money invested in the players he wants. Even though some of the players might be out favourite and we don’t agree but if you want some one to perform their best then you need to provide them with the right tools they want. That’s all.

  12. I hope for Leno’s sake he doesn’t miss a high ball into our goal area and cost us.
    Then the ballon would really go up regarding Emi!

  13. Man more I see of Tierney like Martenelli more I like him. He just gives me the vibe of guy who just wants to play and enjoy football. Not worried about fame, selection or money. Elneny playing good so far, I think MA will keep him this season.

    1. Hi guys. I still can’t get onto a live stream of the match ftom Ireland. didn’t work for me.
      Any others?

  14. I’m really annoyed that Arsenal doesn’t play in the classic red and white strip, against Fulham, where there is no clash (even on black & white TV) with Fulham’s home strip.
    Tradition sold down the drain just to parade a third strip.

  15. Utterly hopeless midfield which will not get us back to 6th place if continues … no drive no link no creativity … even Fulham comfortable throwing players forward against them only requires a slip up and back level

    1. Please bring Ceballos, Pepe move William behind laca. Let’s see how we play with our full attacking guns out. I prefer 4-3 score line then boring 1-0 win. Football is suppose to be entertaining. Come on Arsenal let’s show everyone what we can do.

  16. If you thought that backpassing was associated with small teams, then just watch arsenal.

    Totally annoying performance especially by defenders who cannot seem to give even ONE forward pass.

    1. So your calling your own club a small team ?
      I saw atleast 10 forward balls from Gabriel alone so not sure what game you Are watching.
      It’s not an old rerun from when Emery was in charge is it?

  17. Gabriel oozes class and quality, and he’s pretty quick. Kudos to Arteta for getting this one πŸ‘πŸ½

  18. Apart from that nerve-wracking moment from Magalhaes, everybody played well. Aubameyang ran out of gas after twenty minutes and got frustated a bit due to the lack of chances for him, but I’m sure he’d find a way to cut inside and shoot in the second half

  19. My god the sheer volume of moaning on here and were literally half way through the OPENING GAME, jesus christ why even watch football honestly.

    1. True… Some of the fans cannot see Anything good..
      These types fans Will find something to moan in Liverpool side as well

    2. Well these guys have a degree in whining. We could win all 38 matches and they would still whine their preferred players, formation, tactics are not used.

      1. Exactly shack (I decided your pig latin 😏) It’s like writing a santa clause list, I want this! I want that! Literally sapping all the joy out of coming on this site especially on match day.

    3. So disappointed with some fan.
      I wonder why some people did not apply when the post was vacant.
      Now that we are 3-0 up let them utter thrash again.
      Arteta is the man. Can turn waste material to star.

  20. Must we play 3 at the back? ANN should only play matches against top 6 and teams with tricky right wingers. He contributes nothing to the attack. We should be bold and revert to 4-3-3 or 4-2-3-1.
    Being outplayed by Fulham is abnormal. I thought Arteta have had a preseason to restructure the team.

      1. Godswill, we watched same match but with different view points. I’m happy we with the win and clean sheet. However, we can do better than recycling the ball among the back 5.

  21. That is why I have been saying the issue with our team is creator, A CM which can link defence to attack not a DM. All midfield players we have apart from Ceballos are more defensive minded even the B2B ones then offensive. I think Edu and MA release the same that’s why we are really going after Auora then Partey. I hope we land him as well, this team is just screaming for a player like him.

  22. Elneny lack of attacking quality is killing our attacking play but with ceballos not fully fit he is our only play. We are missing ceballos attacking runs and ability to offer an option to Dedenders when playing from the back. Elneny hides behind attackers which is very annoying.

    1. Sue, HH said Arsenal would win 3-0 if the team played badly! A good solid first up away win, with 3 goals, a clean sheet and excellent debuts by Gabriel and particularly Willian. What’s to complain about?

      1. On Dan’s predictions he (HH) said we’d win 7-0 😁
        No complaints from me excellent afternoon in the capital πŸ‘

  23. Any more “Chelsea Rejects” MA
    and Edu can waster money on?
    πŸ˜πŸ˜‚πŸ€£ One game doesn’t make
    a season but the little Brazilian is
    running the show for Arsenal today.

    1. Sue, I said 3-0 😁😁😁 and predicted that Elneny would be wearing our shirt again πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘still getting good vibes about you know who and MAπŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„and we are top of the league πŸ”πŸ”πŸ”

      Brilliant from everyone, surely even the doom and gloom merchants will enjoy this one??? 😒😒😒

      1. Well done, Ken πŸ˜πŸ‘
        There should be zero complaints today, it was fantastic! Couldn’t have asked for more and will watch it all again on MOTD later πŸ˜‰

  24. Can we have a special honorary shout out to Rob Holding’s ball juggling skills?!?! In the end it was a comfortable win, but looking at some the comments here, you’d be forgiven for thinking we had one of the worst teams in the league.

      1. Haha Sue me neither, it was beautiful to witness our 4th choice defender channeling his inner samba skills.

        Take a bow Rob Holdinho

  25. Done & dusted!
    Just as predicted Fulham 0 – 3 Arsenal.
    MA & his disciples didn’t disappoint one bit.
    Fantastic job from the team, they can only get better.
    Nice to see Laca kick off new season with a goal.
    What a debut for Gabriel… an absolute steal IMHO.
    Lastly there’s no stopping for that man… The Aubamebang!!!
    Exciting times ahead…. COYG!

  26. I am waiting for the Prophets of doom claiming “but its only Fulham”. Its been a while that Arsenal won away in such a convincing manner.

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