Official Arsenal team to face Leeds United – Willian starts

It is probably too soon to claim that this match is a must-win for Mikel Arteta otherwise he will be fired but with some of the fan base already turning against him, he simply cannot afford to drop points at Elland Road this afternoon.

The 3-0 loss at home to Aston Villa just before the international break was appalling, anything like that today and you just know the atmosphere will begin to turn toxic and that no one wants.

The fans have been demanding that Arteta makes changes, well, this is the team he has gone with today, make your own minds up whether Arteta has got it right or wrong.

Do you like the team that Arteta has gone with to face off against Leeds United this afternoon?

Leave us your comments below and maybe predict the score at the same time.

Also, if you go to the official Arsenal website here you will be able to get live commentary text and radio.

JustArsenal predicted line up (for comparison) here

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  1. Sue says:

    Nice to see Willock!!

    1. Kstix says:

      Yes Sue. Seems Arteta really listens to the fans

      1. Sue says:

        Let’s hope he has a good ‘un, Kstix! Boy, we could do with his energy right now!! 😉

        1. Kstix says:

          He’s been a shadow of his Europa league self so far unfortunately. Leeds are not giving him or any of our players breathing space right now

          1. Sue says:

            Talk about bleedin’ frustrating, Kstix 😩

    2. Tom k says:

      Were’s party to

  2. Declan says:

    Looks like a back four. Good to see Willock play and Aubamayang at centre forward.

    1. Sue says:

      Back 4 👍 You got in there early, Declan 😄

  3. Phil says:

    Nice to see a 433

  4. Highbury Hero says:

    All the best Pepe and Willock. Hoping they have a good game.

  5. Sean M says:

    This is Joe’s well deserved chance to make a real statement!

    Either Auba through the middle or Willian false 9 again (please no). Very surprised Willian is ahead of Saka but may just be a rest for the lad as he’s played a lot of minutes in the last week or so.

    4-4-3??? 🤞

    1. gotanidea says:

      If Willian starts as a false nine again, it’d likely be a disaster. Because he’s too weak to hold the opponents off

      We need a taller false nine in the mold of Firmino, Giroud or Harry Kane

    2. ToyeWalex says:

      Back 4 👍 good.
      But Lius should have come in for HOLDIMG.
      A nd WILLIEM is he isn’t function today? I think he shouldn’t be a starter for our Dealing TEAM.

  6. Mrcool says:

    I prefer Luiz to holding. Don’t know why Luiz could not even make the bench.
    I wish arsenal the best of luck

    1. Sue says:

      He’s just become a dad…

      1. Jax says:

        …and he’s best in a back three, whereas Holding is better in a four.

  7. gotanidea says:

    Willock finally starts! I hope he can make a lot of crosses and dribbles from the right side, as what he did in EL games.

    I think it would be 4-3-3 when we have the ball:
    ……………………… Leno
    Bellerin . Holding . Magalhaes . Tierney
    …………………….. Xhaka
    ………… Willock …………. Ceballos
    Pepe ………………………………….. Willian
    ……………………… Aubameyang

    And 3-4-3 when we’re defending:
    ………………………. Leno
    ……….. Holding . Magalhaes . Xhaka
    Bellerin . Willock . Ceballos . Tierney
    …. Pepe … Aubameyang … Willian

    1. Kedar says:

      Or Xhaka may drop as LWB and Tierney to take as CB

      1. Sid says:

        Yup both scenarios possible…

      2. gotanidea says:

        Xhaka doesn’t have the pace to be an LWB

  8. Twig says:

    If Aubameyang bangs a hattrick today it might be the beginning of the end of Laca’s Arsenal career

  9. Indeed says:

    Now we can only wait and hope… Arteta seems to have bulged to pressure… I hope these Arsenal fans can give him a break now…

    1. Highbury Hero says:


  10. Phenom says:

    It’s a 4231 with Willock behind Auba. Let’s see how this goes. Leeds are playing 3331. They are setup to press. I see a win for us.

    1. Lenohappy says:

      Phenom this leeds formation is weird, 3331? This man is obsessed with pressing. There will surely be lots of corners in this match.

      1. Phenom says:

        Lenohappy, it’s the same formation he used against Liverpool to press the defence to make mistakes.

  11. Lenohappy says:

    Is auba playing center forward or Willian as a false 9, I’m sorry but can someone please explain to me.

    1. Phenom says:

      Auba is playing CF.

    2. Chuxzzy1 says:

      We just have to wait and see

  12. Mrcool says:

    I just hope xhaka will not pile more pressures on our already fragile defence with his side way and negative passes.

    Sheffield United are playing the same rubbish side way pattern against west harm United. They are getting punished for it already.
    You can’t escape being punished even by weakest team if you insist on boring negative side ways passes instead playing attacking football.

    I hope arteta realises this…

    1. Indeed says:

      Hey, Arteta has changed the formation… He has placed Auba down the centre… He has no other option than to play Xhaka and Cebalos… He has played Willock and Pepe… So now we back to sideways passing… Already too negative before the game even begins…

  13. Grandad says:

    Whatever the result, our Manager has made the right move to change from the back three set up.I hope his decision bears fruit, and I think it will.Ever optimistic.

    1. Sid says:

      Grandad I think we may see the 3-4-3 in some way in the match. Like Xhaka dropping to CB or LWB to defend against Leeds press and facilitate counters.

  14. Silentstan says:

    Willian!!!!! No logic for it whatsoever, his performance has been dire. Arteta credibility hangs by a thread

    1. Phenom says:

      Let’s give Arteta the benefit of the doubt. What if Willian shines and bags a hat trick?

      Let’s wait and see.

      1. RW1 says:

        If pigs could fly!!!

  15. Declan says:

    Win today and we move up to 8th, lose and we drop to 14th.
    This really is a pivotal game.

    1. Jimmy Bauer says:

      And now you’ve jinxed it…You know these boys never step up when you need them to..

  16. Emmaobi says:

    Xhaka will be playing wing back. Watch out.

  17. Roachie says:

    Stupid blue kit

    1. Sue says:

      Don’t like the shirt they’re warming up in!!!

  18. Gily says:

    I’m absent today.

    1. Sue says:

      AWOL, Gily? 😄

      1. Gily says:

        Seems like it’s Leeds against Leno alone.
        Please tell me the score at the end, but only if we won.

        1. Sue says:

          You’re right, it does! ☹
          Ok, sure thing 🙏

  19. Top Gunner says:

    Xhaka and Willian are the only weak links in the team

  20. David says:

    Team selection looks decent. Now let’s hope its a straight foward formation and not some over complicated arteta ball.

  21. Winston says:

    Leeds will be out to press and harass. A bit worried for Xhaka. He tends to slip up when being pressed.

    Hope we won’t loose too many balls in our half and capitalise on their shaky defence. COYG!

  22. Labass says:

    I hope we win. Tho I’m not too optimistic about it

  23. SueP says:

    Good effort

  24. Jimmy Bauer says:

    I’m really beginning to dislike Ceballos and Pepe..

    1. Kedar says:

      I can understand about Pépé
      But why Ceballos??

      1. Sid says:

        Inconsistent. Slow. Loses possesion.

    2. sekman says:

      Pepe’s been the best player 1st half

      winning all aerial battles, got shots off

  25. Kedar says:

    Pépé is poor…
    He can’t do job as attacker and he is not even tracking back Alioski

    1. Dan kit says:

      Thought I just saw him but the bar

    2. sekman says:

      Pepe’s been the best player 1st half

      winning all aerial battles, got shots off

      1. Sid says:

        Wait. He did not win all aerial battles. He was a threat down left. Wonder why they changed up? He has one shot I think which went wide but was our closest chance after Aubameyang’s wayward shot and Pepe cross shot that hit the bar.

        1. sekman says:

          and what exactly did auba, willian, willock, ceballos and xhaka do?

  26. Jimmy Bauer says:

    Kedar..Man does next to nothing.. Recurrently loses the ball..And keeps attempting defence splitting passes that Never seem to happen..

    1. Kedar says:

      If Ceballos is Poor then Pépé is waste..

      1. GunneRay says:

        How many shots on target for us yet?

        1. GunneRay says:

          Oops, sorry. Wrong place..

  27. Dan kit says:

    What a save

  28. Dan kit says:

    What a save

    1. SueP says:

      It was a cracker

      1. Perry ames says:

        Pepe is a waste of money not his fault but just not good enough but then he is in good company at 5he moment

        1. sekman says:

          i think pepe is too good for arsenal… nothing provided to him

  29. Jimmy Bauer says:

    Anything other than a win here and arteta would have lost the faith of a sizeable number of Arsenal fans..

    1. Kedar says:

      Look like Leeds gonna score soon

  30. Sid says:

    Pepe has a hot and cold game. Willock too.

  31. Vlajko says:

    Anyone remembers when Fernando Alonso yelled “GP2 engine, GP2 engine”? I’m about to start yelling “Championship level, Championship level!”

  32. Perry ames says:

    Bellerin pepe and holding the list can go on are given the ball away so cheaply and is aubameyang playing. We are playing like strangers

  33. GunneRay says:

    How many shots on target for us yet?

    1. Sid says:

      I think the pepe bar shot doesnt count does it?

    2. Sue says:

      How many minutes (or hours 🤪) since we last had one??!!

      1. ahmad73 says:

        We have not scored from open play in over 400 minutes. We are shite.

        1. Sue says:

          Jeez!!! 😖

      2. GunneRay says:

        Hahahahahaha.. might set my alarm for a wake up call in 2021!🤣

        1. Sue says:

          2021? Make it 2022, GunneRay 🤣🤣

    3. Jimmy Bauer says:

      Big Ol’ Zero

  34. Jimmy Bauer says:

    Shout out to Bellerin…Really getting back to his best…Deserves a clean sheet which he’ll definitely not get today..

    1. RW1 says:

      You have to be kidding me

      1. Sid says:

        Watch the game man. He has done well in that right flank. Too bad Pepe is not helping him out.

        1. RW1 says:

          He has done jack shit … and most of their attacks have come down that flank coz he backs off and is easy to attack …

  35. Kedar says:

    Starting to miss professor

  36. RW1 says:

    My god … no shape no quality no effort no threat . it’s shameful … no comment on xhaka willock is laughable willian is another yesterday’s man Pepe is a lost lamb and aube not much better … Leeds dependence on bamford so far our saving grace but we haven’t had a shock on target

    1. SueP says:

      You’re right on the shots but they were solid enough chances

  37. Sid says:

    Leeds are wasteful. I sniff a smash and grab win for us. Vut Pepe needs to support Bellerin or he might be subbed at half time. Except the cross that hit the bar he hasnt done anything worthwhile today.

    1. sekman says:

      winning all aerial duels?

      2 decent shot attempts?

      1. Sid says:

        Wasting forward plays by getting the ball stuck? Has pace but doesnt use it? Couldn’t recieve that great ball from Xhaka to initiate the counters? Willian has an equally lukewarm game so far and Auba has been awful.

  38. Kedar says:

    Ohh God

  39. Sue says:

    How many more chances will Leeds have?! Sheesh…..

    1. Sid says:

      Looks like they will miss all of them😂😂
      I wonder if their fans slate them for those…

      1. Sue says:

        I’m hoping they rue all of those missed chances, Sid… I’m all for a smash ‘n grab right now – it’s desperate measures time!!
        At least they’re playing well and creating, Sid. As for us, well, I’m not exactly sure what we’re doing!!
        Relieved it’s still 0-0 😅

        1. Sid says:

          We dis have 2 good chances Sue. Aubameyang’s wayward shot and Pepe’s cross. Also some half chances wasted by our players due to indecisiveness. That last shot from Pepe was good though

  40. Harry says:

    This is a shameful performance. A totally ineffective, uninspiring and frustrating display

  41. David says:

    Are xhaka and caballos playing as center backs? I really don’t want to be negative but there is nothing else to say about this negative football. Willock is trying but just doesn’t have the quality for this level.

  42. Declan says:

    Aubamayang, is he even on the pitch?

  43. Kedar says:

    MA can’t perform with 3-4-3
    He can’t perform with 4-3-3
    Can’t with 4-2-3-1
    What are his managerial skills??

  44. GunneRay says:

    Great! A 15 minute break to digest all the crap. Oh, and grab a bite to eat!🤣🤣

    1. Kieron Blandford says:

      Well I was delighted to see Wilock in but again we just look so bereft of ideas and confidence, everything is forced.
      Watching Ieobi today and pondering the loss of Ox it makes me wonder how we got to here, oh for a powerful attacking dribbler in our squad, (and dont get ne started on Gnabry!)
      Leeds and others look like a well drilled team but we look like a mid table bunch of individuals.

      I read before thos game that 7 is the number of.shots on target auba has had so far this season which is the same as Bamfords goals scored!

  45. Sid says:

    Aubameyang through the middle😂😂
    I dont know who our striker is- Willock or Pepe?

    1. Sue says:

      Me either 🤷‍♀️

    2. Perry ames says:

      Aubameyang must come off it will give the other players a lift. He hasn’t been the same since he got his new contract 🤔
      Arteta has to change something or we will get beaten heavily again

  46. RSH says:

    Great first half for me personally. Watched 20 minutes, laughed after the Ceballos FK, then took a nice relaxing shower because i knew i wasnt missing anything. So nice

    1. Sue says:

      Even had time to dry and style your hair?!! 😜

      1. RSH says:

        Yup, did the whole routine, Sue 😂

        1. Sue says:


  47. Jimmy Bauer says:

    Thanks Kedar..I hope more fans begin to ask the right questions…
    Zero shot on target against a newly promoted team..

  48. gotanidea says:

    Arteta tried to keep everything simple by instructing Leno to distribute with long goal kicks and relying on Aubameyang’s/ Willock’s height to receive the long pass. Unfortunately none of them has Giroud’s aerial ability and strength

    I think he had better use his EL tactic or use Ceballos as a CAM, but he played safely. He’d probably use Lacazette, Nelson and Saka as shocking elements in the second half, if we still can’t control the game

    1. Mrcool says:

      Leno is already used to playing from the back. He is no Martinez, he can’t pass a long shot to a targeted player successfully.
      Perhaps MA may instruct him to start playing from the back .

      1. gotanidea says:

        Leno’s long distribution is good, but Aubameyang and Willock aren’t excellent in aerial duels

  49. sekman says:

    i dun understand why everyone is on pepe’s @ss… what abt auba, willian, willock? what have they done?

    pepe’s winning all the aerial duels and got some decent shots off

    1. gotanidea says:

      Because he killed our attacks in previous games by giving the ball away frequently, but he played decently in the first half today. He still can’t perform like the prime Sanchez though

      1. Ackshay says:

        Very few can compare to peak Sanchez though

    2. Sid says:

      Wow an aggressive move by Pepe! Atleast he did something now😂😂
      Jokes aside he had two good moments but equally bad moments…

  50. Hill says:

    Intricate passes and dominance in midfielder which used to characterize Arsenal is long gone🤔

  51. Chuxzzy1 says:

    All I know is we need an urgent creative midfielder cos we don’t have one presently

    1. Kedar says:

      We have one

  52. Mrcool says:

    Leeds were very wasteful. If arsenal were a good team, I would say Leeds may get punished for losing so many chances.

    But the current arsenal team and set -up can only secure a point by miracle in this game.
    There is no quality in this team, just a bunch of over payed average boys.

    1. SueP says:

      I hope Arteta sticks a rocket up their derrières.
      We’re lucky Leeds haven’t been much better

    2. SueP says:

      A feeble head but what a total Wally

  53. vieiralynn says:

    Just remember it wasn’t that long ago that most of you said you didn’t care if it was ugly football just as long as we won…this is exactly what you deserve when you utter those ridiculous words…it’s one thing to win ugly against a “better” team, it’s a totally different thing when you play like everyone is Bayern Munich…we will never be good enough defensively, with this particular squad, so to think we’re going to challenge for anything with this brand of negative football is absolutely ludicrous

  54. Jimmy Bauer says:

    Y’all asking for Auba through the middle ..Hope y’all enjoying the view…And remember it’s only Leeds..

    1. Chuxzzy1 says:

      Don’t you think you replied too soon.. wait till full time

    2. gotanidea says:

      I believe Willock was tasked to hold the ball off for Aubameyang. They haven’t been partners in the front for a long time, so it will take a while to build the understanding

  55. Gmv8 says:

    It’s like watching a horror film – you know what’s going to happen, and it’s not going to be good. So you cannot watch. Any reason why Saka isn’t on?

    1. Vinod says:

      Fatigue, will come at 70th minute replacing Willock and switching to a back 3.

  56. Vinod says:

    Last thing to see Mustafi for Tierney

  57. Quantic Dream says:

  58. David says:

    why are you guys blaming our players for this. Arteta is the only to blame today, our midfield is so deep leaving our attackers isolated and outnumbered.

  59. Sue says:

    Come on Reiss!!

  60. Vinod says:

    Never thought that I will miss Giroud.

  61. jojo franks says:

    This is the worst Arsenal team I have seen in a long time. Keep playing like this and we will be battling relegation.🙄🙄🙄 It will be a miracle if we survive the second half !!

  62. Winston says:

    We were outplayed by them in the 1st half. They demonstrated how chances can be created from good movement and quick interplays. Their quick one-twos and overlapping runs are dangerous

  63. Kieron Blandford says:

    Did anyone else watch pepe in ligue 1? He played like vardy so much pace and power in behind.
    Yes the pl is different but I dont get it, he looks to me a player with a weak/soft temperament. Sometimes you just want to see someone get angry!
    Keep playing like this and the fans wont give the ball back to Bellerin at a throw in, (remember?)
    Oh yes no fans!
    I reckon something is going on behind the scenes at Arsenal atm probably relating to Ozil or a training ground scuffle.

    1. Sid says:

      He just got angry and got red😂😂

  64. SA Gunner says:

    What exactly is is Willock s role he Pepe and Ceballos are waste of time and space

    1. Perry ames says:

      Pepe should be sacked I hope the clown never plays for arsenal again. I hope arteta has the bollocks to kick that dick out of the club

      1. Sue says:

        I can’t believe he did that…. we were up against it anyway, but 10 men against Leeds? Oh come on, we’re screwed….

  65. S says:

    Too funny.
    We’re fielding 10 statues and the only one who isn’t is our keeper

    1. Vlajko says:

      9 you mean? This freakin donkey just got marching orders

  66. Sue says:

    What a donkey

    1. Sid says:

      Atleast he did something😂
      Jokes aside I am not liking this game.

      1. Sue says:

        Another poor showing, Sid. Wth is up with them all??

        1. Sid says:

          Curse of 2020? Brig on the new year!

  67. Vinod says:

    Finally some aggressive move by Pepe.

  68. Kieron Blandford says:

    The messed up season break shows against younger sides we look like a team of old men, weve got to have one of the oldest average ages when the usual side is fielded.

  69. SueP says:

    A feeble head but and a sending off offence

  70. gotanidea says:

    Pepe is so stupid. I hope Arsenal could offload him at the end of this season

    1. Kedar says:

      He is stupid, idiot,
      I have more words for him but I will be banned from this blog

    2. Vinod says:

      I am hoping for a January transfer.

  71. Mark says:

    Why was Pepe even bought?

    1. RSH says:

      to make Gervinho look like a good buy

    2. GunneRay says:

      Because the club are clueless and rudderless..

  72. RSH says:

    At least i only had to watch 5 more minutes, lmao. Thanks Pepe!

  73. GunneRay says:

    That just sums up Pepe and Arsenal..

  74. Sid says:

    Atleast he did something😂😂

    1. GunneRay says:


  75. Marc says:

    Well, I hope I’m wrong, but now looks like another loss. Pepe is just a waste of time.

  76. Adajim says:

    Truth is, this formation isn’t compact enough, players are too far apart no one is helping another, many players seems isolated. We need to play to Pepe strength. Whenever he has the ball let ateast one midfield join him and the striker not all over the pplace

    1. Mrcool says:

      You mean the same pepe that has been sent off?

      We are one man down already.

    2. gotanidea says:

      Shouldn’t start an idiot who keeps giving the ball away and killing our attacks in many matches before this one

  77. Mrcool says:

    Pepe sent off!

  78. Kieron Blandford says:

    Well we may as well all line up on the goal line and try and hold out for a 0.0 now, pepe you twat!!

  79. Kedar says:

    This is going to be the longest season ever

    1. Sue says:

      Amen to that, Kedar

  80. McLovin says:

    Pepe is done

  81. Kedar says:

    When fans will start MA out??

    1. GunneRay says:

      Not this season I hope!

      1. SueP says:


    2. Sid says:

      Why though?

    3. Vinod says:

      Pepe has covered for him this week. But next week . . . Praying Saka is not going to be a long time absentee.

  82. RW1 says:

    Was planning to give arteta til end of year but I don’t see the point … he is clearly clueless and his record is clearly worse than emery at this point … talk of a team spirit is utter bs and he needed to cull over the summer and failed … time to get in the blower to big sam!!!

  83. Dan kit says:

    Think Pepe slipped on the wet grass and the movement took him into the other players head

    1. GunneRay says:


    2. gotanidea says:

      Or maybe he just wanted to kiss that guy

      1. GunneRay says:

        Yeah, with a Glasgow kiss!😜

      1. Dan kit says:

        On a serious note ,there was a lot of falling over for the surface .
        But that was inexcusable what he did ,we need the 3 points and he fcked us over doing sh1t like that

        1. Sue says:

          Yeah it was lashing down…
          Alioski made a meal of it, but what an idiotic thing to do!! And to think I wanted him to play!!! 🙄

  84. Jimmy Bauer says:

    Okay..Now I hope Pepe never plays for arsenal again..
    Oh well..

  85. GunneRay says:

    Auba actually had a shot on target! 😲

    1. Sue says:

      *Bang… passed out*

  86. Kedar says:

    I just can’t imagine what could have happen if we would have losse man against City, Liverpool, Tottenham, Leicester, Aston Villa

  87. AubaKedavra says:

    I have been telling this about Pepe since the beginning. I’ll reiterate. He is our worst transfer business of the decade (and that says a lot).

    And then there were people who actually believe that he should be given a run of games. He is one of the most unintelligent player I have ever seen player in our shirt. Tbh at this point I’ll take Iwobi back. Pepe makes Iwobi look like a chicken with a head!

    And as for the match, it is a new formation. Players don’t understand it yet. The midfield has been a disaster. And i dont think any manager in the world can win with this bunch of losers. Lets just curb our expectations for this season. We need 2 transfer windows to make things right.

    I still trust Arteta to make things right. Just not yet!

  88. AndersS says:

    What the hell.

  89. Kedar says:

    Now what MA will do with Pépé??
    Guendozi reacted same way last season against Brighton and after that Guendozi was frozen out..
    What he will do with Pépé??

    1. Sid says:

      Not play him I guess?

      1. Kedar says:

        He should not
        Otherwise he is biased with players..

        1. Sid says:

          Dont think we have to worry about that with Pepe though. He hardly gets starting minutes in the prem, lol

    2. gotanidea says:

      Arteta needs to start Saka or Nelson on the right wing and just use Pepe for some unimportant games

  90. Sue says:

    Another good save

  91. Kieron Blandford says:

    Also I’ve been thinking for a while we need to play AMN.
    I never forget the game against MU he bossed the middle of the park such that pogba congratulated him at the end. Hes at least got some fight and workmate to him.

    Rosicky, cazorla, ramsey, ozil, (trying hard) those were the days.

    We need a verrati type player.

    1. Sue says:

      👍👍 Yeah I’d like to see AMN again

  92. Sid says:

    What a save! Leno for MOM if we miraculosly win or draw this game.

  93. SueP says:

    For fear of speaking too soon – Leeds can’t finish. If they could it would be a disaster by now

    1. Sid says:

      Smash and grab still on cards🤞🤞

      1. SueP says:

        I hope so too Sid
        Usually with 10 men the tempo gets going but 🤞🤞🤞

  94. Sid says:

    ARRGH! Why are we so static!! Show some damn movement….

  95. GunneRay says:

    This team just looks flat and afraid to to exress themselves. Xhaka is killing any attack. He’s not comitted to tackles!?

  96. Kedar says:

    It seems Pépé hasn’t learn anything from pep or pep is also clueless coach who just wants big signings to win..

    1. Kedar says:

      Sorry wanted to say MA
      Still in this shock

    2. Sid says:

      The bald fraud who cant win without Messi😂😂

  97. Highbury Hero says:

    Still nil nil do not despair. Who knows we might nick it at the very end.

    1. Kedar says:

      But that’s doesn’t write off our poor performance..

      1. Highbury Hero says:

        You are correct!

    2. SueP says:

      Positive thinking on your part HH.

      1. Highbury Hero says:

        Even a draw is still good results considering the situation.

  98. Sue says:

    Rodrigo’s lively 😳

  99. Roachie says:

    This is why I drink so much!!

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