Official Arsenal team to face Liverpool – Laca and Auba start

Massive test for Arsenal this evening as they visit Anfield, home of the Premier League champions.

Liverpool will be rather motivated for this game having lost out to Arsenal the last two times these sides have met. Jurgen Klopp’s men will definitely be looking for revenge.

Arsenal will know what to expect, Mikel Arteta will have minds focussed I am sure and the Spaniard will have a game plan to combat Liverpool’s expected dominance of the ball.

Is this team from Mikel Arteta strong enough to withstand the Liverpool juggernaut and leave Anfield with something?

Leave us your comments below and maybe predict the score at the same time.

Links to streams will be put in the comments where to watch the game live and free so keep checking in.

Also, if you go to the official Arsenal website here you will be able to get live commentary text and radio.

JustArsenal predicted line up (for comparison) here

JustArsenal match preview here

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  1. I am pulling my hair out, why the fck r we hell bent on playing from back and then we give the ball to two players who are the worst passer in our team….. Elneny and holding. Should have sold Leno instead of Martinez.

    1. We lost this game not because of goalkeeper. U guys should forget the goalkeeper thing. Even with Martinez we would have lost. Or was it Leno that made Laca to miss two one one. Please we should cut Leno some slack, we are not in Goalkeeper crisis.

    2. well immediately i saw lacazette through on goal with Alison i wanted him to score but knowing him so well i felt he was always going to flop it and he didn’t disappoint
      I said to my friends qhen he went through on goal that he is most likely to miss it again before i was done with my statement he already delivered.
      This guy have not been able to hit 20+ goals in a season for a reason. It’s not his form it is who he is.
      I can’t see Auba missing both chances missing one is forgivable but twice is a reality check

  2. Back to same tactics from MA bring Nkeitiah in dieing minutes and pray he toe pokes a ball in to the net. We were same toothless in last EPL match as well.

  3. Xhaka is not a type of player to be deployed in a match with Liverpool, too slow feet, no dribbling, poor turning… Ideal opponent for Liverpool forwards..

    1. 2-1 would have been a respectable scoreline..But trust us to the the most Arsenal things and concede 3 goals after going in front…
      Tomorrow’s my birthday and they just ruined it !..

    1. Those two corner kicks were the worst thing I’ve seen in ages. That was extremely awful. I virtually screamed the second time.

  4. Arm to control the 3rd goal, no red for mane, no yellow for Fabinho. It’s just blanant cheating. They don’t even hide it. Shocking. Almost nothing from commentators either. Because it’s Liverpool.

    1. Ceballos should start every game ontill we bring in someone new pepe just shit holding bellerin get dem out the door ASAP

      1. Holding was our best defender today, he’s fine to keep for the squad. Bellerin, this is why I was always happy if we got good money for him. He’s above average on his best days, nothing more than that. Would’ve loved if PSG splashed cash for him. Pepe is looking more and more like a mistake too. I know this is the best team in England but youve got to have the ambition to beat the best, and Arsenal do not and the players are NOT good enough. Arteta needs more resources needs new midfielders definitely. We’ve still got Elneny in this squad, that’s embarrassing for any club. Mikel approached this game incorrectly tho and tried to be too clever with his selections. Hopefully learned from this.

  5. Can’t watch this any more so frustrating. Ceballos is our man of the match. Must be really disappointing for him.

  6. Better second half … simple really xhaka off ceballos on … arteta lost this game with poor line up from beginning … pool defence is weakest part of their game and he chose not to exploit it

    1. MA lost the tactical game. Obviously he is not going to win all the time but I think it is good lesson for him. For our fans a reality check don’t over hype the team and for board to invest this squad is not good enough to even make it to top 4.

        1. Hahaha…yup and as season will go on ppl will realise Willian is not Messi, Luiz is a ticking bomb, holding and Nkeitiah not big team quality. Bellerin is not best right back in world.

        2. He actually played far better than Xhaka and show more effort than Auba who is the player with lowest effort on the field today.

          1. He’s EXTREMELY limited though. Agree he was not the worst on the pitch today but he offers nothing besides a little pressing and 1 yard passes. Not even close to Arsenal quality.

  7. Personally I don’t rate nketiah as a striker he is another average players like akpom, we need a targetman

      1. No but we want to watch exciting football and play in certain style our style…we don’t want to play like mourinhio and Park the buss. Winning is important but the way you win is important as well.

    1. Yup, seems like MA has taken a leaf out of UE book. It looked like UE tactic today. Sit back and absorb pressure and wait for a lucky goal. We did get that goal but you can not survive playing like this.

        1. We still looked awful 1st half but he made the right changes in the 2nd. And yes, Laca has to shoulder a lot of blame. When you are paid this much to score and you dont in big moments, it’s on you.

        2. And what if Liverpool had converted all their chances, the scoreline would be 16-3 (fotmob). We were playing like ‘Waiting for opponent to score’.

        3. Today is Laca yesterday is some body else. We don’t have the right players to be top four. Ma can be a wizard but without quality he is just average.

  8. Sometimes you just get beaten by a better team
    Didn’t enjoy the playing out from the back either. When it works it’s amazing but otherwise I get the eebeejeebies

        1. Same, Sue. I know ppl say we are reactionary for rating Emi over Leno, but we’ve not had someone so solid in goal since probably Lehman, and we’ve just sold him to Villa! Leno makes some good saves, but besides for that he flaps all over the box, has no composure, and does not control the box well. Emi had AMAZING presence in the box and would claim every cross with assurance.

  9. Onwards and upwards. Remember it’s a building project.
    We are far behind winning the league but give Arteta time.
    I know Leeds gave it everything and played much better than us but we’re only 3 games in.

  10. Man I only watched the second half of the game except Tierney and ceballos most of our players were average.We really need party and aouar

  11. Bad first half, better second half. We didn’t take the chances that we got, in a game where we were always gonna lose the midfield battle. But we did fashion good chances. Laca went missing but cant fault him, dude was pressing well. Auba had that one chance but could not take it. Pepe had no impact today. Bellerin had a good one offensively but switched off defensively for the goals in the first half. KT did not get enough support from AMN initially, which allowed Liverpool to use our left. Elneny turned good in the second half with those floaters.
    Well a better performance by Arsenal than our last visit there. Liverpool had to wwork hard for the win. As for us, we lost to the champions, so it shows we are not quite up there, but they were not dominant throughout, which shows progress. Onto the next game. Onwards and upwards.

  12. Well if you wanted perspective, there it is. A million miles away. Weak, passive and second to everything. Liverpool looked determined and chased. We looked like a team that turned up for practice at times. The playing out from the back looked awful with long balls ultimately ending up at the feet of a red shirt. Do we need a new midfield? Damn right we do. The Arsenal do not deal with pressure!!

  13. Xhaka is not a type of player to be deployed in a match against Liverpool. Very slow legs, no dribbling, poor turning and poor ball control… Ideal opponent for Liverpool forwards…
    Jimmy Bauer

  14. I hope that’s the last of Lacazette in the center. Put Aubameyang there as he’s too old for the wings.

    Elneny and Xhaka have no idea how to play the ball forward. Ceballos opened their defense and played through their midfield with so much ease.

    Leno needs to parry shots much better.

  15. Everyone is over reacting. These were the same players who have been getting the results. It is just 3 points lost against the defending champions. The referee favored Liverpool also. Trust the process. we will bounce back.

  16. Deservedly lost but what annoys me nothing ever goes against that lot, that 3rd goal is controlled with his arm and VAR not interested, Mane sticks his elbow in Tierney’s throat, just yellow and again VAR thinks it fine.. fabinho blatantly blocks Auba.. fine good challenge.. Bellerin does it on the side it’s a yellow card! Liverpool supporters can hardly cry if ever they get a bad decision. Anyway better second half Ceballos was good but we definitely need 2 new midfielders and you will see a very different and more controlled arsenal team. 🔴⚪

  17. If you don’t score those easy balls .. surely you’re not going to win Laca!!

    Auba should start as our front and Pepe with Willian take the right and left sides

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