Official Arsenal team to face Man City – Partey on the bench

Football is back after the international break and just like it was after project restart, Arsenal kick off with an away game at Man City.

Hopefully, we will see a different result today, just as we did in the FA Cup semi-final when Arsenal beat the Citizens against all the odds.

City will be without Kevin de Bruyne and that is a major miss for them and they are hardly in the best of form right now.

Anyway, this is the Arsenal team that Mikel Arteta has gone with today.

Will Mikel Arteta get a result at the Etihad this evening with this team?

Leave us your comments below and maybe predict the score at the same time.

Links to streams will be put in the comments where to watch the game live and free so keep checking in.

Also, if you go to the official Arsenal website here you will be able to get live commentary text and radio.

JustArsenal predicted line up (for comparison) here
JustArsenal match preview here

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  1. I think Aubameyang is not going to be effective upfront. Because his hold-up play sucks, especially when playing in 3-4-3 formation

    But Arteta could have some unusual strategy today

    1. 5 seasons from now we will look up the lineups from this fixture and think to ourselves how garbage our team was. Too many part time players.

      Keeps changing centre backs.
      £45m player sitting on bench.
      Top scorer on bench.
      We will only create few chances as usual.

      However I can still see us getting something only because man city have been poor this season.

  2. Hah Tierney starts. Good old optimism pays off.

    Looks like it’s 3-4-3. Hope we press well and be more adventurous in attack. COYG!

  3. Partey starting from the bench… gonna ease him gradually knowing fully well that he just started training with the team but wish to see him play in the game later.

    So Aguero is fit to start. Hope we keep Him and Sterling silent.

  4. Great line up, that’s definitely a 4-3-3.
    Arteta is very strict regarding balancing his team.
    Luiz sitting it means there’s no way Gabriel & Tierney place CB.
    I love this selection, Pepe/Saka/Willian interchanging on the pitch will be so sweeeeet!!
    Auba as 9, Arteta only needed like 35 minutes in the last game to see how dangerous a trio of Pepe-Auba-Willian could be.
    Let’s hope the boys take it to them.
    Man City named a strong squad, but I’m confident since it’s not a back 3 and we’re not looking to sit back.
    Let’s get this W

    1. 3-4-3 while defending and 4-3-3 with ball..
      Again 3-4-3…
      And no Partey in Starting line up…
      Such a depressing thing…

      1. You can’t start Partey, he was in international duty and only started to train with the team three days ago.

  5. What kind of line up is this for God’s sake?!
    Both Lacazeth and nketia benched?

    Maybe MA want to use Auba in the middle this time around.

    I am glad to see partey on the bench. I wish the gunners the best of luck.

  6. Its no brainer leaving probably our best midfield on the bench while torreira started for atm. Gudluck its partey time

  7. attacking line ups on both sides … their defence looks weak but it could be goals all round .. why partey isnt startng is a mystery to me … he played for madrid in their last game and for ghana in mid week so there is no fitness issue … anyway hoping for a strong performance

  8. And all the people on here saying chelsea are miles ahead of us lol there defence is beyond shambolic!!

  9. This garbage line is not good enough you heard it first final whistle 3 0 I got this feeling this man arteta is not good enough am afraid

  10. Our rivals are dropping pts everywhere. Our realistic target this season must be getting in that top 4 spot and normally the teams that loses the least amount of pts vs non-big 6 teams finish in the top 4. Right now we are the only one who haven’t slipped vs small teams, need to keep this up.

  11. I think this a 433 formation, that william-auba-Pepe front line will be very massive, coyg… This one’s a win.

  12. Quite happy that Arteta is beginning to choose a lineup closest to what is best for us.

    Only Partey for Xhaka and Luiz for Holding and it would have been the perfect starting 11.

    We’ll survive. 2-2 draw.

  13. We are the only club that takes a long time in integrating our new players. However,I hope to see Partey play a part at some point in the game. Hoping for an unprecedentedly massive three point,but a draw will not be a bad result.

    1. We a big club mate, so for me, a draw’s a bad result… We winning this cos my hope is too high… Coyg.

    1. Of course aguero had to return right in time to play us. He will target the 2 cb who have no experience of playing together in a back 4

  14. Is Saka the LM or LCM? Will he interchange with Wilian sometime? So many questions about MA’s unique setup, but I am not complaining.
    I predicted City will win this fixture, but I hope that I am dead wrong!

        1. Yes.. MA is very predictable…
          With ball 4-3-3 and without ball 3-4-3
          Everyone knows this before start of the game brother..

          1. Yup, thats true. I think he will alternate with Willian to show us that fluidity against Sheffield 💪💪.

  15. I see people asking if 3-4-3 or 4-3-3 but we already play both of them in game already. 3-4-3 without the ball and 4-3-3 when attacking. Just look at bellerin and tierney/saka positioning.

      1. I don’t know what game you are seeing or you’re just high on crack but we’ve been playing 4-3-3 in this game.
        Luiz on the right side of CB and Gabriel the LCB.
        Tierney has been a LB here and Saka has been the Left sided half winger.
        You guys just love your agendas no matter what.
        You’ve been seeing this game and you’re saying it’s not a 4-3-3 we’ve been playing even when not defending?

  16. Come on guys this City was completely dominated by Leeds last tile out…
    We are playing with so slow pace

  17. No strategy …. Playing out from back is ok if you can move ball quickly … We can’t and there is always an accident in the waiting

  18. Good team selection apart from Willian, Willian can not hold a ball even if you give him in a sack. We needed Laca for this game, this game required someone to be physical upfront and hold the ball.

  19. Bellerin can’t defend … he really is clueless … have to attack this team like Leeds but don’t know how to move the ball forward … get the Ghanaian on … xhaka is a luxury we can’t afford in these games

  20. Arsenal are turning into most boring team to watch, if MA continues like that then soon we will hear the same chants again boring boring Arsenal. Thank you Bellerin so called the best right back in world…I am baffled by some players which are preferred by MA what does Bellerin and Willian bring to the team…wait till he throws Nkeitiah, Willock and Nelson.

  21. Oof great play by Mahrez! Maybe Leno would have done a bit better? Though that was a difficult one to stop…
    We still have time. Saka looking good.

  22. I don’t care about result but if this sh*t football is what we are going to play under MA then he is no better then UE. He should be sacked. It’s like watching Morinhio’s team even Morinhio is much more offensive now then this. We can not string two passes in opposition half but are obsessed with playing passes within our 18 yard box.

    1. Exactly… So boring and so defensive…
      MA just want to save his job with this kind of football….
      So negative tactics..

    2. Who cares if we win though(not likely at the moment lol)? I mean Mourinho is a damn successful coach with all he has achieved. So what’s wrong with his style?

      1. Another one who just looks at the scoreline at the end and don’t bother watching the whole match. Great

        1. If we win though what is the matter with the play style? Correctly executed defensive football is a treat as well.

  23. Arteta respects these big teams too much. I hope that won’t be his undoing.
    Bellerin was at fault for the first goal with his highschool positioning opening Foden

    1. Eddie the plays at the end of the half have been good. Let’s hope we see more of that in the second half.

  24. Very very boring by arsenal again. This playing out at the back will cost us again because we are too slow but I didn’t expect us to get anything from this game but just hoped for a more professional performance
    We seem to get bullied off the ball far too easily

  25. More I see this more I miss Wenger…. unthankful Arsenal fans who abused Wenger and wanted him out now have fun with this dreadful football.

  26. Arteta Inexperience will always set us back, am not sure Arsenal will win any big matches this seasons under him with this setup

  27. What has gone wrong after lockdown. I think COVID has done something to MA’s brain. He has started thinking like Borris.

    1. You could see arsenal playing the whole night and still not score. Too many 6 figure salary passengers in the team.

  28. I don’t know why Saka signed the contract to be honest if I were him I would do Chambo and bail at first chance. We are a mess and it’s not changing anytime soon.

    1. Jesus man, take a break from your
      ad naseum doom and gloom BS.

      Your making this thread almost

      1. Agreed, theres justified criticism, and theres unnecessary complaining, not like arteta or the players can take this stuff into consideration lol there not reading this stuff, so over the top complaining does no good on here.

    2. So why don’t you bail and give us all a break from your constant bitching! Every comment you make is negative.

      1. @Declan, I don’t bitch I call a donkey a donkey not delusional like you to call it a stallion. So you guys can create negative environment and allowed to project doom n gloom when UE was incharge but if some one else feels the same in MA governance you blame him as being negative and moaning? You mind explaing or pointing out some positives since our first match of season now don’t come out with we won the match argument ?

    3. Bro you’re always complaining on every thread.. Either attacking the coach or spreading doom and gloom while dragging Arsene Wenger into it.
      It’s tiring to be honest.
      Give us a break

  29. Even dull football can be successful, if executed correctly. At the moment we are playing better, but I think Elneny may have been a safer option in this game?🤔🤔
    And yeah, Saka is a beast💪💪

      1. Xhaka surprised me with those through balls, Sue! I cant wait for a Xhaka-Partey-Ceballos or Elneny midfield! And I think Willian is better coming off the bench.

  30. Even if we get draw here then it will good weekend as Liverpool, Everton and Chelsea all have dropped points…

  31. I think Arteta’s inexperience as a Manager is finally showing. I hope he can turn things around with a sub or 2

    Doesn’t look good so far

    1. I thought we looked good and had as many good chances. Npot to mentiopm citys goal came from great pressing but the ball bounced right and our team had moved heavily forward even then the save went directly too sterling

  32. Saka so far with our two best chances… He’s the only attacker playing like he wants this.
    Aubameyang too been pissful poor.
    The whole team are playing like they’re the only one who went on Intl break.
    Everybody’s too cold.
    We should be disturbing this City.
    I don’t know what Arteta’s doing playing William as a 9 and Auba as wing again

    1. This playing Pierre in the wing I don’t understand either. Even his goal tally has gone down. It work sometimes but not often enough.

  33. How is that not a penalty???? What is worng with refs in England. They need to run some sort of sting operations on these refs I won’t be surprised if we find out a lot of them are corrupt and taking money under the tabel. The VAR refs are like Sunday league refs.

  34. I don’t care if we go on to win (unlikely), this is so frustrating to watch. Sports is supposed to bring entertainment to our lives else whats the point in watching it. We aren’t even trying to play football.

    1. Exactly! If it’s not going to be entertaining, then one could just wait to check the scoreline at FT. This kind of football is so painful and boring to watch.

  35. Mahrez and Saka are highly talented wingers. Ceballos could read Man City’s flow in the first twenty minutes, but Xhaka and him were simply outnumbered

    I don’t think Willian could be a false nine like Firmino. Nketiah’s energy could change the game in the second half

  36. After watching Everton vs Liverpool and first half of our game. I can assure, there is hugh difference to be a epl champion.

    Hope, there is some fight in second half.

  37. So aguero has the balls to put his hand s around the assistant ref neck without consequence. Not even talking-to.

    1. I was surprised too! How is that not a talking to atleast? Add to that the ref was a lady!🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

        1. Well the way he touched her looked intimidating. And yeah even if the ref was a man that looked a little intimidating..

      1. Sid. We did for a little bit but it is hard to score when you don’t have the ball. Truth be told, this formation is not working out and a change is in order.

        1. Could be true I guess. We lost, due to profligacy in front of the goal. Even if that Gabriel shot had gone in it would have been a good match…

  38. Another 3 – 0 again? i dont see us draw or win this game, the setup/tactics too boring. Arteta and Emery tactics almost the same, i dont see any different

          1. you are the bigest ignorant here, am using my brain/eyes to know/see that there is no different unlike you, whatever you’re smoking pass it around…lolzzz

                1. You made various typically lazy assertions as top the fact i was provided zero actual reality in yopur response. Ignaramus.

  39. I thought we played well and were extremely unlucky not to be level. Dont know what game anyone else was watching. If were city same moaners would point out that wed be lucky to see it out 2nd half. Before we get into citys well documented 2nd half collapses recently.

  40. What are all these negative comments regarding. We are down 1 nil at half time, up against one of the best sides in world football at there home ground and we have had our chances. Give it rest, we are still in it.

    1. This is what we say every match, we are playing against one of the best teams in world. Same best team who lescester thrashed, are without their best play maker De Bryn and their lethal striker is retiring after 4 months out.

  41. Our intensity has decreased a lot this season especially at the start of the games which makes our game look sluggish and boring. Also makes aubameyang kinda useless without much chances created.

  42. Luiz and xhaka ate slow and slow witted until we replace them permanently we will continue to play ponderous football …

  43. Wow looks like 22 drunk grandpa trying to play football. Poor from both sides, no intensity either sides. Arteta and pep chess game killing the game.

  44. you are the bigest ignorant here, am using my brain/eyes to know/see that there is no different unlike you, whatever you’re smoking pass it around…lolzzz

    1. There is a big difference btw arteta and unai.the difference is one was a player and an horrible coach while the other is just an horrible coach

  45. Cowardly performance from arsenal.. Why to we even bother…
    Leeds can put up a fight against city.. Leicester can give them a good lashing…
    But we always bend over like a couple of tavern prostitutes..

  46. This is awful. We buy a player for loads of money then dont play him wtf is going on. We are not a bad team but we are not going to win the big games with this team it needs sorting out.

  47. I dont know what happened to lacazatte he dont look energetic anymore, his finishing has gone down.I like him but its time to sell him and buy a gud striker.Plus we also need a creative midfielder

    1. Ssshhh..we don’t say such stuff here. It’s considered a crime to say anything against Willian and Arteta now even the team performance is a pain to watch.

      1. Well it is difficult top slate a guy whop was 3rd in the entire league for shots created last year compared to ozils production that same period. Especially as ozils record against city is not great.

  48. Xhaka is killing midfield. Willian is old and clueless. Pepe? I dont even wanna talk about him. This midfield needs Elneny. When he is playing, we are more fluid and daring.

  49. Some positives from the game Saka is turning out to be heir to Santi’s thrown, what a gem. Gabi settled in well and looks like a very solid player. I am afriad that was all. Last of course Partey little camio, looks beast and very mobile as well.

    1. Ceballos was decent as was tiernay but that was it … if arteta wants to play out from the back he needs to replace bellerin Luiz and xhaka none are comfortable ball players opponents know it and it’s easy to press

  50. Arteta now shows that he sets up to play like his team is inferior …City crumbled against an adventurous Leicester… And we played like we have no belief in our ability. If Willian and Pepe are better options than Laca and Ozil then I am a unicorn . Pepe offers very little if nothing . can’t wait for Martinelli to return.

    1. Clearly didnt watch the leicester game did you? Not even going to bother to fill in the blanks because you didnt

  51. Thought:
    Defense > Mid > Attack

    Arteta has managed to shift our weakness up the pitch. I have mixed feelings about it tbh. Just 5 games into the season. Clearly he needs time with the team.

  52. Bad game. Profligacy in front of goal cost us. Saka was the only one wanting it. Auba had a below-average game. Willian was shocking! A better combo would be to try Saka Auba Pepe or PAL -as the forward line. Willian is looking like Ceballos after Burnley. Xhaka had some good through balls in the first half but the whole team became less adventurous and more wasteful in the second half. We had better possession in the second half but we looked more dangerous in the first. I think it is an opportunity missed against Citeh.
    Anyway, onwards and upwards.
    P.S.- Auba please end your drought against Leicester!!

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