Official Arsenal team to face Man Utd – Pepe gets a recall

Official Arsenal team – new forward line from Mikel Arteta.

A truly massive game for both sides, especially with Tottenham losing at Southampton and Chelsea drawing at Brighton earlier today.

A win for the Red Devils would see them cement the fifth spot and go within two points of fourth-placed Chelsea. A win for Arsenal would see them go within three points of Tottenham and four points of United.

So, you can see what a win would do and of course, the reverse is also true of a loss, especially for Arsenal who could end the night just four points above the relegation zone.

To some degree the Arsenal team has picked itself, a combination of a long injury list and out of form players has combined to force Arteta’s hand, especially in defence.

What do you think of this team? Is this team good enough to beat Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s men and collect all three points?

Links to streams will be put in the comments where to watch the game live and free so keep checking in.

Also, if you go to you will be able to get live commentary text and Arsenal radio.

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  1. Assuming Sokratis and Sead are truly fit, I think the team looks very solid. I’m quite confident about this one.

    1. Arsenal usually can’t contain the opposition’s runners. Man United’s speedsters, Martial, James and Rashford, are on fire

    2. No, it is same wrong formation , 2 defending midfields makes us defensive with a scary CB pair.

      We will draw or lose, same wrong formation.

      As long as we don’t play 4-1 in the back, Luiz as DM infront of defense, it just can’t be a change! Just logic!

      Arteta is a catastrophy, an assistant coach as Manager of a top club says it all …

      1. You are the catastrophe, a “pull the team down” kinda fan. If as a collective, the team aint doing good, why not be positive for once????

      2. Now that we are 2-0 up, what do you say Mogunna?

        Let’s believe in this team. You need to stop underating Arsenal and overating any and every opposition we play against. You really need to.

      3. wrong formation ya men… so what is right formation mr Mogunna manager. BTW 2 – 0 is good for wrong formation.

      4. A very uninformed opinion. It’s about systems and creating patterns, phases and progression of play. Xhaka Torreira Ozil is our best midfield, provided Ozil drops deep enough to help out and from our last 2 performances I’d say we will be fine

  2. Glad to have Kolasinac back. But I’m worried of Lacazette, Pepe and Sokratis, because they have been ordinary lately

    1. It does seem that as the pressure grows, Arteta, like the previous managers is reverting to the older players. I was going to say experienced but they have only let the side down, it is a worrying sign Arteta cant trust the younger players but can the ones that are letting us down. Still i hope he is right in what he is doing.

      1. I just hope our old players wouldn’t get skinned by Man United’s young attackers

        Martial, Lingard, James and Rashford are energetic and very quick. I don’t think our two central midfielders could keep them away from our defenders, so Maitland-Niles’ help in midfield would be crucial

      2. Those young players have actually been overplayed. How many of Sakas age mates have recorded first team minutes like him in the EPL?
        Its because we have no depth in our squad and as you said yesterday on another thread we have no money to improve it so let’s content with what we have.

    2. I would drop Lacazette and start Nelson at the moment. Try Pepe in a free role while swapping wings with Nelson. Auba through the middle.

  3. I love the lineup, only thing I’d love to change is Lacazette for Martinelli. We really don’t need Lacazette being wasteful in more games. I hope he shows up today, so far he’s been getting his chances but has failed to impress..
    We need to win this, nothing would ruin today other than losing and seeing the British Michael Jackson coming from the bench to score the winning goal.
    It’s a positive line up, I love the fact that Arteta constantly goes for the win.
    Also happy new year everyone.. I’ve had a long day, was away with the family.
    Let’s win this

  4. If Arsenal can’t beat this average Utd side then I believe the panic button should now be pressed. I’ve watched them and they’ve average. They were average against Burnley but still won and Watford offered almost nothing but still beat them. There’s no excuse for anyone today and as we see the hyped OPAL start. Let’s see if they live up to expectations. We really need this win to kickstart something good. Off we go!

      1. City weren’t at their best and quite frankly that match could’ve gone either way. City are scrapping wins at home these days as opposed to the times they used to trash teams. Watford beat Utd while offering nothing and Utd scrapped a win at Burnley. Arsenal couldn’t also beat Bournemouth, which but for a fluke win at Chelsea us on something like six consecutive losses. If Arsenal lose this match the panic button should be pressed

      1. I said it weeks back that Bournemouth was one of our most easiest fixtures because of how dire they’ve been. A shame noone believed me. They’re just a Zahaless Crystal Palace. If we lose this match I for one will be in panic mode. The likes of Brighton,Wolves,Aston Villa and Southampton away haven’t even come yet

        1. Sorry Kev.The panic button was pressed long ago.You must be very brave if that alarm wasn’t so loud to alert you.Unless you are sailing on a different boat.

          1. I hadn’t pressed it already because I believe at home our fortunes might be different. This match will tell me a lot. The away losses are nothing new to me. It is how we perform at home that will determine our season

  5. Pretty much as i would expect Arteta to pick but huge question marks on many players to be answered. Xhaka keeps getting picked and he is dire, can ozil last longer than 35 mins, will lacca get his shooting boots on, how will amn and kola do. We need a big big performance but I still am worried certain players will let us down. COYG

    1. Then who else you want arteta to play. Crying baby guendouzi? So funny everyone think they are a manager. Xhaka only solution for now. He is good player under wenger and for swiss national team but useless under emery. That the manager that shape the player.

  6. Why do we keep playing auba at the wings just to accommodate laca who has been awful all season. Auba is a goal machine and he should be starting through the middle not on the wings.

  7. Strongest team he can pick but will still not win – no fault of Arteta though as he has crap around him!
    I would get rid of Laca for Martinellini and probs would have started Holding for Papa! Apart from that he has no other viable choices to run with!

  8. Man United could not beat Arsenal at Old Trafford.
    And that under the supposed clueless Unai.
    So why should they win at the Emirates?
    Should be a wild and woolly encounter with shots
    flying into goal and into row Z (Rashford).
    Pepe Lacazette are due a goal haul.
    All the other challengers for 4th place lost points today.
    This is a golden opportunity to get back up to the level
    Emery had the team after 8 games when we were a point behind Man City.
    Arsenal 12 Man U 7.

  9. yes its fine but I will advice at one point in fixtures like this which are congested ,needs to give players rest, like Leno could have been given some rest to make him look fresh, meaning if the bench have no confidence in martenez they have to sign another keeper.

  10. That CB pairing is among our worst. Maybe the worst, and it doesn’t even have mustafi. Being realistic I’d take a draw. Lacazette is still upfront as well, so need to prepare my mind to watch 90 minutes of that.

      1. Aguuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
        I want to see your face Aguuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  11. Unless this team actually plays like a team, I see difficulty with this lineup. ANYBODY but Lacazette, backline not inpressive. Really hope they prove me wrong!

  12. I hope we put on good show today with lots of goals!! I don’t want to hear we played well even if we lose

  13. Strongest, most attacking lineup I’ve seen all season with OPAL finally starting in arguably the fixture with the most history for us apart from Spurs and people are moaning before a ball is kicked

  14. Loving this team under Arteta!!
    PEA should’ve scored that!! We need these goals
    Now the commentator just said it’s become very clear what a good coach Arteta is

  15. Against The Run Of Play, say journalists. Don’t trust our defenders to keep it 1-0, or our midfield to create any more chances for us…

  16. Impressive!
    Arsenal has been playing with real swagger this night. They’ve actually lost a number of chances to put this match to bed.

      1. I will say all of them, except Niles who imo has been a little panicky.
        But the coach has drawn closer to help him out.

  17. Arsenal, Arsenal, Arsenal, Arsenal…

    I’m sure the PGMO will give serious warning to that ref to do something more drastic.

  18. Not over yet remember our defending concede the next goal then be panic stations but great start really impressed with Arteta so far got much better team shape and every player putting a shift in!!

    1. Absolutely fantastic, that’s why I always wanted Arteta to have the job. He has brought our football back, playing to each players strength instead of playing them out of position. …that crisp passing my oh my. Best first half of whole year.

        1. Hahaha…just want Kola to calmn down a bit. Don’t want him to get another yellow for silly push n ruin is wonderful night so far.

  19. The PGMOL will give the referee a hammering during half-time :-)) We need to see-off this match by second half and not grow complacent.

  20. All usual suspects have amazingly stepped up, including Lacazette, Sokratis, Luiz, Xhaka and Pepe, thanks to the effect of the prestigious big game at home and their experience at the Chelsea match

    Kolasinac is good in one-on-one as usual, everytime he plays as an attacking LB. He just needs to remember that he is already on yellow card

    1. The board now needs to support Arteta in the transfer window. And we will have an amazing team. we are getting our team back. we need a third goal and it is game over.

      1. I wish we can some how make Varane to buy our project vision n sign for us from Madrid. He needs a new challenge n one thing is for sure our defence is a challenge. Hahaha

  21. UE made this team a shit team. FL brought them back to 10minutes team. Now MA is making us 30 to 45minutes team.
    Let’s hope the round completes soonest – hopefully today.

    1. Yeah, to play with this intensity will take some time for players to get use to so we definitely need subs to come on at right time n keep the balance of the team.

  22. I have been saying this for long but no one believed our squad is not bad as ppl make it out to be, with right manager this squad would have easily finished in top 3. We just need two quality CBs in summer n a good CM …we will be challenging for trophies.

    1. Mohan
      Our squad is not good mate. You have to go down to the bottom of the PL table to find a team with players that you pick ours over theirs. Many changes needed ASAP if we want european football next season.

  23. 7 shots, 3 on target, 90% pass accuracy..
    Everything Emery couldn’t do!! We had matches with zero shots in 45mins☹️☹️☹️

      1. I’m pretty sure the players didn’t understand a thing emery said to them. I sure didn’t understand his interviews.

  24. If kids get into the team as substitute then start panicking….Otherwise we are going to win this game…

    1. Our team isn’t physically prepared to play arteta intense style. We dropped off after 40min.

      I am absolutely loving seeing them hunt the ball down like a raptors pack.

      1. Good, because the best teams all play with this intensity. United’s lack of intensity is exactly why they are losing now. More cramps to come from our players as they finally learn they need to be present for the entire 90 minutes of a match.

    1. Yes, we have to defend not to make mistake. This kind of football is not what I enjoy. Let them defend and make a mistake.

  25. Lol Reiss Nelson playing the drunken man falling every 30 sec. Time to learn to regularly check your equipment rather than checking your social media.

  26. Our stamina is coming into play
    But they have absolutely played for the team
    Proud and pleased for their grit

    1. They are all my men of the match
      I didn’t think they would show THIS much pride but they have
      Awesome response to months of misery
      Arteta deserves a resounding slap on the back

  27. We are gradually moving up the table. Wow. We need to win against Crystal Palace also. Good job done.

      1. Clueless emery that sold iwobi, release ramsey for free. Now you know why PSG not renew emery contract.

  28. If we had maintained our win over chelsea, we would be equal points with them, with only goal difference between us ☹️☹️☹️

  29. So many positives. Aubamayang’s defending, Laca’s hustle, Ozil’s dedication, and vision. A clean sheet and another big game for Torreira. A goal for Pepe from open play.

    They just need to work on their fitness.

  30. Mikel arteta is gradually proving those who think is highly inexperienced to manage a team as arsenal….

  31. Mikel arteta is gradually proving those who think is highly inexperienced to manage a team as arsenal wrong…

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