Official Arsenal team to face Manchester City this evening at the Etihad

Here we go, less than one hour before kick-off and Arsenal have announced the team to take on Manchester City this evening at the Etihad.

A loss would not be disastrous but a win would be huge and really put Mikel Arteta and his men right bang in contention for a champions league qualifying spot, especially if tonight’s opponents fail to get their two-season ban overturned.

Games will come almost every three days and so substitutions will be crucial (five allowed from a bench of nine) and to some extent will be just as important as the actual starting XI.

Anyway, this is the official team that has just been released.

So, are you happy with this team that Arteta has gone with? Let us know in the comments below

Links to streams will be put in the comments where to watch the game live and free so keep checking in.

Also, if you go to the official Arsenal website here you will be able to get live commentary text and radio.

JustArsenal match preview predicted line up (for comparison) here

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  1. …………….. Leno
    Bellerin . Mustafi . Mari . Tierney
    ….. Guendouzi ……. Xhaka
    Aubameyang …. Willock ……. Saka
    …………… Nketiah

    Mari starts, so Arteta would most likely play with long balls to his RW. I wished Ceballos and Maitland-Niles started, but the manager surely knows better than I do

      1. Thanks Sue. How are you doing?

        I avoided football news in the last few months, because it was irrelevant

          1. Yes. Sue. Good point. 5 subs makes sense. Looking forward to the match. We can get three points. COYG

  2. I’m disappointed with the lineup, how can you put willock and nketia in stating lineup and live Pepe and Laccazette on the bench. Anyway let’s see what happens

    1. I guess Arteta chose the ones who are willing to do hard contacts, hardworking and fully committed to their future at the club

  3. Gotanidea is back, thank God for your life. Happy to read your comment. The line up is mobile but their strength will be tested tonight. Hope we pull out a win narrowly

  4. That lineup is bad coz man city men are stronger than our own youngster but aterta knows better than i do.Wish you guys good luck!!!

  5. If u want to know how average Arsenal starting lineup looks, just compare every position between the two teams. If we win I will be surprised.

  6. That midfield is not good enough, cebellos and pepe should have been in the starting line up

  7. Willock and Nketiah were outstanding in recent friendlies, hence their justifiable selection.I assume Ozil is indisposed?.

    1. Grandad
      I’m hoping he got omitted because the team Arteta has chosen have ‘shown‘ the most commitment and ability in training

  8. That’s a mouthwatering front 3 for us 😁 COYG
    Hearing Martin Tyler shout “And it’s live” 👍👍👍

  9. One thing I haven’t missed is that bloody playing out from the back 🙈

    Listen to our away support 😉😆

    1. David Luiz has to be gone after this. He is a complete liability and has cost Arsenal any slender hope they had of a result tonite. I actually text to friends prior to the game saying Luiz would probably cost us the game and even coming off the bench the useless tool delivered!!

  10. We missing ozil. Difficult to bypass city midfield but the creativity you gain from ozil, you loose in solidity. Would have being great bringing him half time with tired legs

    1. True….
      Such a horrible Mistake….
      I don’t believe why he has been valued high over the years…

      1. That is why he wasn’t selected to start… I bet Benfica have decided against a deal for him now 😂
        So bloody frustrating….

    1. lol. That was a schoolboy error from David Luiz. Guendouzi is not a DM. this club should just get Partey and be serious for once. Our midfield need an overhaul. We need Pepe in the number 10 position.

      1. Wow liiz does what he does best sent off again ! Error after errornot Eve worthy being on the bench

  11. Until Luiz cocked up I thought we did pretty well against a superior team who started slowly but put on the pressure as time went by Nearly made it to half time without conceding- Leno did well

  12. – Xhaka: Hard to believe he injured himself easily like that. If he’s made his mind to leave, Arteta would likely search for a new left-footed DM

    – Mari: I think he is not ready for EPL intensity yet. May not be permanent a Gunner if the other CBs stay

    – Luiz: Erratic as usual

    – Leno: Superb in first half, only to be disappointed by the players in front of him

    – The others: Rusty

  13. Only Arsenal player on the pitch with brain is Leno. MC midfield control the game. Our midfield have no idea, what they suppose to do. They cant hold or control the ball. God, miss Santi Cazorla.

  14. Oh come on Arsenal…45 minutes to turn this around…. or at least have a shot on target 🤪

  15. Zero creativity without ozil! Willock ahead of ozil? Saka ahead of pepe?/a different team without xhaka

  16. I’m so done with Luiz, he has to go…. the same people making the same mistakes…. what a joke….

    1. I thought we started well. Injuries haven’t helped
      Luiz has been worse than hopeless. OK. Blame Arteta for bringing him on if you like but he could never have expected those two mistakes
      City are a better team.

      1. City are a better team agreed but I don’t agree we started well,it just took city some time to kick into gear. We did not displayed any gut nor played like a team with an Intel from the opposing team for about three seasons. I am shocked how we are playing against Arteta former team,can’t even show us how to play city.

        1. very good point

          i expected arteta to have some tactical advantage playing his former team..

          injuries is one to blame but poor starting 11 selection

  17. As soon as that clown Luiz was on the pitch the whole game changed.
    If he gets a new contract after this latest debacle I’m away to support Boreham Wood.

  18. 4 penalty conceded and 2 red cards if that ain’t the work of a double agent I don’t know what is. At least arteta had the lucidity of not starting him.

  19. Is okay for Luis to be blamed. Arteta is not the manager if arsenal want to challenge for title. Why such a line up against city and also given our current position on the table. What Is Guendozi doing in the line up. Who is the holding midfielder to absorb some of the intensity before it get to the defender.

    1. I am shocked at what I am seeing from Arteta,truth be told he’s rustier than his players.

  20. Luis never should have been signed in the first place. Why are we addicted to paying for Chelsea trash?
    Willock playing Ozil’s invisible man role it seems. Auba on wing not really working either this game. Drop Edie, play Auba centrally and bring on Martinelli please.

  21. Arteta needs quality players to succeed. We dont have the midfield. Guendouzi and willock are kids. These guys are not ready. We need men. Sign Thomas Partey, Asensio and Nabir Fekil. Quality players who can move with the ball. We need a complete midfield overhaul. Arteta should be bold and say it the way it is. Sign quality players.

    1. At least my daughter will be happy, being a Cityzen….. plus I feel happy for.the Evertonians… at least those scousers will have to wait a bit longer…
      Other than that, besides Leno, no positives from tonight…. gutted….

      1. A learning curve for Arteta i must say. Where is Torrera for goodness sake? Fans have to go all out and demand the board buy players.. We need to sell as many players as possible. Trim down the squad. If Aubameyang is still stalling as per a contract, then sell him. Buy Partey, Nabir Fekil and Asensio. And Dunk.
        Sell Guendouzi. Yes. Sell him.

        Out: Luiz, AMN, Sokratis, Mustafi, Guendouzi, Mkhtaryan, Aubameyang(sell him if he does not want to extend), Ozil and Lacazette
        9 players out.

        In: Arsensio, Ceballos, Partey, Lewis Dunk, Fekil.

        Goal Keeping: Sorted

        Defence: Bellerin,Thierney, Mari, Saliba, Holding, Dunk, Chambers, Kolasinac
        DM: Torrera, Partey
        CM: Xhaka, Ceballos, Saka
        AM: Pepe, Fekir, Asensio, Nelson
        Strikers: Martinelli, Nketiah.

        The present setup of the team is imbalanced. The midfield is the major problem.

        Next season

        Bellerin Dunk Saliba Thierney

        Partey Saka

        Asensio Pepe Fekil


        Yes. We have to sell Aubemeyang if he does not take the offer. We cant have him and Lacazette together next season. Time to trust Martinelli and Nketiah. We need to completely overhaul that midfield. Sell Guendouzi. Loan out Willock.

        I would rather have two strikers in Martinelli and Nketiah and invest heavily on quality and skillful attacking midfieders who move with the ball. Guys who can dribble and shoot. We should go all out for Arsensio, Fekil, Partey and Dunk.

    2. We don’t have Shaikh money mete or Any other oil king…
      Whatever you are saying is possible for clubs having money like ocean…

  22. Arteta can’t even teach this guy’s how to get the ball to the middle of the pitch. Stands there like he knows what he’s doing,I don’t think so. If this players agreed are not the way forward Arteta too isn’t.

  23. So Luiz comes on assists a goal gives a penalty and sent off ? What a hatrick !! terrific player

  24. Luiz mustafi willock nketiah That’s 40 per cent of your outfield who wouldn’t get in to most championship line ups … so what’s the ffing surprise here?

    1. Please let’s give this some volume, our couch is useless in this game,we probably don’t have any.

  25. A familiar scoreline against them… think I’m gonna need another 102 days off to get over this 🤪

  26. leno was our best

    ceballos is actually the best CM we have right now it seems, ahead of ozil, xhaka, torreira, willock, guendouzi

    laca surprisingly well and seems to be a better holding forward than eddie

  27. when a team is out of form a break is supposed to be a good thing. unfortunately Its busuness as usual with this hopeless bunch.

  28. Fancy Juve losing to Napoli… Ramsey scored his penalty, but lost 4-2 😱
    What a night of football….. sigh…..

  29. Surely Holding and Mavro can’t be worse then Luiz. Won’t be surprised to see Mavro sold without getting a run of games. Frustrating to see the same CB’S getting picked and repeating same mistakes.
    Rather see Holding and Mavroporas than the clowns at CB. Hopefully this clears up any confusion regarding Luis contract. Sheesh, cost us 2 goals this game by himself.

    1. Mavro’s on loan in Germany… and you guessed it, he’s injured!!

      What a waste of money Luiz has been!!

  30. This is just a friendly match, if not, why didn’t we get one shot on target. As for Luiz, please cut the tie with the club. Henceforth, start Lacazette, Pepe and Aubamayang, in the middle, start Cebalos, Niles and Ozil (even though he is not up to the standard again). Defense should be Belerin, Tierney, Socrates and Mustafi, Gk – Leno

  31. Well, it’s just the same as usual then..

    All that time during lock down to reflect on things and re-energise the body has simply had no effect.

    3 chances at goal with 0 on target is simply a statistic that sums up this Arsenal squad. This type of stat has been present all season.

    Lucky to finish in the top 10 at this rate..

    1. The problem is we have an imbalanced squad.
      Out: Ozil, Mykhitaryan, Guendouzi, Sokratis, AMN, Lacazette, Aubameyang, Luiz, Mustafi
      In: Fekil, Lewis Dunk, Thomas Partey, Asensio(if madrid do not want to sell, then get Leroy Sane)

      We only need two strikers for next season:Martinelli and Nketiah. And maybe Pepe occasionally playing as a false 9.
      With all of Aubameyang goals, we are in 8th place. The attacking side of midfield is the problem
      .We need more creative midfielders in the squad.

      Bellerin. Saliba Dunk. Thierney

      Partey. Saka


      Fekil. Martinelli Asensio/ Sane

      Winning matches is about attack. Having ball playing attacking midfielders who can shoot and dribble. The more of these players, the lesser the pressure on your defence. That is the key. We could not play thru tbe midfield today because we had no proper shape. Guendouzi should be sold. Not loaned out. Sold. He offers nothing. No pace at all.

      1. What a sorry state we’re in…. if you’d told me back in 2004 how poor we’d be now, I’d have laughed in your face!!
        But here we are…. need to bring in some quality players, that’s for sure.
        The gulf in class is huge and is only getting bigger…. we’re getting left behind… now I know how half of my family feel – being West Ham fans!!

        The Mickey taking is in full force on Twitter… someone even said Brighton are to appeal David Luiz red card… I had to laugh!! 🤪

  32. We all know that we are dodgy defensively, Luis has to go, but you are not going to win any games by having NIL shots on target.

  33. It’s easier to blame the coach but the truth is, the gap between us and big teams are getting wider by day and if the board continue this way we will be behind the likes of westharm soon. There is nothing the coach could do with this poor midfield

    1. Exactly. Every blame should go to the board and owners. Bringing in Arteta without investing big is like setting him to fail. It is very irresponsible of them. We need a heavy investment. This is a reality check. For now, Arteta should make his life better by playing his best players.
      Guendouzi should never start any game again.
      For the remaining 9 games, the midfield should look this way

      Torrera Ceballos
      Martinelli Pepe. Saka

      With or without Champions league football
      Get in Fekil, Dunk, Partey, Asensio, Leroy Sane. Pay them what they want.
      Keep just two strikers in the team(Man City have only 2 strikers). Pepe can play both as a 10 and false 9
      Aubameyang should be sold to PSG.
      If he is stalling on a contract, sell him.
      Midfield is the problem. It is where the quality is needed. We once had Arshavin, Nasri, Fabregas, Rosicky playing behind RVP.
      very skillful midfielders then. Arshavin scored 4 against Liverpool.
      We have to be very vocal about this.
      Invest in the midfield.
      Out: Aubameyang, Ozil, Guendouzi, Luiz, AMN, Lacazette, Mustafi, Socratis
      In: Fekil, Partey, Asensio(Leroy Sane), Lewis Dunk, Ceballos

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