Official Arsenal team to face Molde – Pepe and Lacazette start

This game for Mikel Arteta is no longer a must-win, in fact, he is in a lose lose situation regardless of the result.

If Arsenal wins this evening, which they really should and comfortably, then everyone will no doubt say it was no more than expected.

But a draw or loss and the pressure just increases on the Spaniard and even if Arsenal do win then it has to be done in style because if it is a scrappy win then his critics will be in full flow anyway.

This is the Arsenal team that Arteta has selected.

What do you think to the Arsenal team that Mikel Arteta has selected to face Molde in Norway this evening?

Leave us your comments below and maybe predict the score at the same time.

Also, if you go to the official Arsenal website here you will be able to get live commentary text and radio.

JustArsenal predicted Arsenal team (for comparison) here
JustArsenal match preview here

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        1. Arteta could also play Pepe behind Lacazette, because Pepe has been inconsistent on the wings:

          Nelson . Pepe . Nketiah
          ………….. Lacazette

      1. Arteta’s experiments are NOT exciting to see. 3-4-3 garbage where team can’t score in a brothel with a suitcase full of money.
        Actually at times is worse and more boring tham Emeryball.

  1. 4-4-2…

    Isn’t Arteta simply brilliant! Back to the basics while being adaptive! It’s clear he is looking for the solution… If it works today, then maybe the solution has simply being staring us in the face all this while!

      1. Indeed Sean, you can’t fault his dynamism! His flexibility is a testament to his leadership qualities. I laugh when I see people call him a control freak… I believe in Arteta!

        1. Indeed, I like that when we are not doing well, he’s trying a new something new.

          I respect Wenger, but he played the same formation for years and years, and so often the same, underperforming players played week in week out. That was one of his faults IMO.

          1. Yes McLovin, I have always believed that a good lead should be flexible in his methods, as often the solution may lie somewhere away from your thoughts… I really don’t mind Arteta experimenting in the first half of this season while all the time instilling his principles of discipline and dedication to the ethos… What do you think?

            1. Boring boring Arsenal is back. Omg I can’t believe that I’m saying : I miss Wenger! Yeah our defences sucked under him, but he gave us at least entertainment.

  2. A decent enough team. Wish they have a good early result so we can get a chance to see some of the youngsters in action

    1. Looks like a 4.3.3 with Willock Xhaka and ,Nelson behind Pepe Laca Nketiah.

      But also can be
      pepe nketiah Nelson or switch wings pepe Nelson

      i believe in our youngsters, as long as we respect opponent, not take rhis as an easy ride; we should be fine…

  3. I hope Pepe starts on the left and Nelson on the right.Looks like an “old fashioned” 4-4-2 , and sometimes the old ways can still be productive. Let’s hope so this evening.

      1. Dont do it as I can see this being another crap performance with no passion and idea how to pass to each other. I so hope I’m wrong

        1. Don’t be too negative Perry! There are better ways to deal with disappointments rather than beginning from a position of negativism, and hoping to get a positive result. You could be optimistic and if you get disappointed, then try to understand why it happened, and remain optimistic! It won’t be a crap performance!

    1. I didn’t say I would not watch it but I must say that everytime someone put on a slightly negative comment someone will always moan about it as gunner 23 has said. I have supported arsenal for 50 odd years so I think that gives me the right to be a tad negative after some of the crap we have had to watch lately, and even if we were to win tonight as I would expect us to do dont think I will be doing cartwheels like a lot of our fans

      1. 1 year or 50 doesnt matter in the slightest, there is absolutely NOTHING productive about moaning before we have even kicked a ball. Play bad = criticise, that’s fair, even dont like the line up pre match = criticise that’s fair but…

        “Dont do it as I can see this being another crap performance with no passion and idea how to pass to each other”

        โ˜๏ธ this is just moaning for the sake of it, being a fan is NOT conditional.

      2. Well Perry
        You might well be right. I thought you were negative but after 30 mins of failings in front of goal …….๐Ÿ™„

    2. Don’t know why my comment became a miniature warzone, lol. But I wish all Arsenal fans happiness tonight.

  4. COYG
    Happy to see luiz back and pepe starting…๐Ÿ™„


    So the club has announced that 2000 fans will be welcome for the next uel fixture at emirates….

  5. Looks good enough to me and anything but a win would be unacceptable in my opinion.

    Interesting to see that Auba has been given a free pass though – surely he needs to find his scoring boots from somewhere?
    A reported ยฃ300,000 a week to stay at home and play on his computer while bleeding the club dry!!!!
    Whatever next???

    Brilliant to see AMN back in the fold and can’t wait to see how Pepe reacts – hopefully on the left side of the pitch.

        1. Righteous or pompous, the choice is yours Perry and I still can’t see what you said is wrong – opinions are OK as long as everyone agrees with them.

          1. Opinions are ok as long as they have a reasoning or point to them…

            “Dont do it as I can see this being another crap performance with no passion and idea how to pass to each other”

            What he said has neither. Basically Were gonna play Terribly just… because. ๐Ÿคฆโ€โ™‚๏ธ

            1. You are totally correct Defund! And I am somehow disappointed in Ken… Used to rate him but aligning with such so called opinions was a little disappointing for me…. I would read Ken’s opinions to appreciate some point of good reasoning, but how do you begin to flow with the ongoing negativity simply because it seems the easier path to tow…

              1. Indeed, indeed!! To read baseless statements like that with zero reasoning completely takes any optimism out of the game before kick off, dont like the team sheet? Fair enough but dont just say negative things for the sake of it without a reason, how can we expect the team to get out of there perpetual slump when we as fans cannot do the same.

                1. An opinion is an opinion – positive or negative – one gives their personal opinion – just as defund and indeed have done – I see nothing wrong in any of them as its a personal statement.

                  Anyway, as we are now 3-0 up and Pepe has played a blinder (in my opinion!!) let’s just celebrate and look forward to seeing the younger players in the last two games.

                  1. An opinion with some level of good reasoning… I will call that a blip in your very good rounds of well thought out opinions… Please don’t align with mediocre opinions simply because they flood with the crowd mentality… I will continue to respect your comments…Yes,lets celebrate the young players, but playing them in the Premier league is always a different standard…

                2. Yes Defund! This team is definitely low on confidence and need every breathe of positive air and support they can get… I can imagine people like Perry in the stadium, they will suck the little air of optimism and totally crush the players’ spirits! Top up Defund! Good tonic for the positive minded people! โœŒ๏ธ

                  1. Yes buddy! Good win tonight let’s just hope we can nip this slump In the bud now! Really need to start racking up some league points!

    1. Lack of quality lack of philosophy on full display am sorry to say … 45 mins of football that would not look out of place in the first division … clock ticking on artetaโ€™s time in charge and itโ€™s not looking good

  6. Should’ve used Ceballos as CAM instead of Lacazette since we use 4-2-3-1, but I think Arteta wants to keep Ceballos for the Wolves game. They also haven’t fixed their sloppy pass issue and Wolves could punish us for those misplaced passes later

    1. I thought Pepe was the only lively Arsenal player out there. It’s a pity our strikers couldn’t finish some of the chances he created…it’s just bizarre to single him out when he’s the best of this lot

      1. Absolutely correct – he’s becoming the next “whipping boy” just as I predicted.
        Are we watching the same game Kedar?

            1. Are we talking about performance or cost regarding Pepe?
              The club played way over the odds, but his performance tonight has been excellent.

    1. See what I mean Defund and Indeed?
      Opinions – don’t agree with Wiggy tonight, but that’s how he/she saw it… and that’s after a 3-0 win!!!!

      1. No Ken! That was at 6:46pm and not after the match! I saw that comment and it was in the first half! But every matured fan should know football is 90mins….Perry came on before the game to spill such negativity! Com’on! I can understand with anyone not being sure of Arsenal’s performance before the game, but to come online and dampen the spirit of another who was looking for how to watch the game isn’t nice at all! I believe you have the power of reasoning… Please think that out…

        1. Didnt see the time of the post, but it was during the game wasn’t it?
          Defund, feel free my friend, as long as it’s via our sponsor.

          So, why not have a go at Wiggy then?
          By the way, if Perry’s personal view put you down before the game, I am afraid the word “snowflake” seems appropriate – he possibly enjoyed every minute!!!!

          1. Didnt put me down at all lol, I just felt compelled to point out how absolutely pointless it was, just “were gonna play terrible’ with zero reasoning as to why, he isnt mystic meg, it’s just negativity for the sake of it, people always saying the team play too negative, how are the fans any better, that is what i would call “snowflake” behaviour, giving up before we even play. As to why I didnt have a go at wiggy, time is precious bud, and I dont have a lot of it.

    1. Wasn’t the greatest half, Gily, but I thought Nelson and Pepe were lively… and apart from Runarsson’s miss-kick, I quite like the look of him…
      The wait for a goal goes on….. and how on earth did Molde miss?!!
      Get ESR on ๐Ÿ™

  7. Pepe and Nelson look lively but missing quality on final ball (familiar refrain). Would sacrifice Lacazette or Nketiah for an attacking midfielder as Willock and Xhaka are getting outnumbered. ESR or Cotteril?

  8. Frustrating half. It seems that making every opponent looking like Prime Barca is a must in our gameplan. I’ve seen more life in a pebble and more accuracy in a broken arrow.

  9. Very clear….if you play Pepe too wide he’s useless. If you play him slightly closer to the middle(but still wide) he findshis grove

  10. Good for Pepe. He needs that.
    I was about to say I wish we had Mkhitaryan and Iwobi still but he silenced me.

    1. Patience SueP, even you seemed to have been running out of patience! These guys have been low on confidence and these goals will surely do some good.. Never believed you were supporting the negativity of Perry…. Not totally outstanding, nevertheless a good tonic!

      1. Negativity before kick off is one thing but after 30 minutes my doubts set in

        Youโ€™re absolutely right that confidence is low and, yes, those goals are a tonic

      2. I dont understand why some of you feel the necessity to put a comment down it’s my opinion and mine alone if you think by beating molde is a great result then you are deluded. I want us to compete for the premier league and win games or even lose games but by putting in a performance and if you cant see that then you are different to me. Looking good against an average side is not what I want to see but us beating the likes of man city’ spurs and the liverpool’s of this world. Indeed has every right to have an opinion but no right to try and try and big himself up by putting down someone else’s opinion

        1. Perry
          In all fairness, your opinion is of course your own, but you chose to share it with all the contributors
          I thought being negative before kick off was .. well .. negative
          We all wish Arsenal were in a better place, but we won well in the end

        2. Perry, as I said, it’s your opinion and your entitled to it – before during or after a game!!!

          To many people on here love to preach and I just get on with it – Pepe’s performance tonight being a prime example!!
          Already the next whipping boy for some… let’s see if they can see anything positive from tonight.

          1. So Ken hes entitled to HIS opinion without any problem but your bashing people for having an opinion on pepe? Double standards much?

            1. Not “bashing” anyone Defund, again just giving my personal opinion – it was YOU who challenged Perry I believe?
              Kedar stated Pepe is useless and in my opinion and on tonight’s performance, he isn’t.
              No “double standards” just replying to the post and giving my opinion.

              1. “Already the next whipping boy for someโ€ฆ” “To many people on here love to preach” you are bashing your just not naming names lol , so again, I cant challenge HIS opinion yet you can say these statements which are a negative connotation to the opinion of certain individuals on here… aka double standards lol

                1. Defund, as you correctly said, I’m not bashing any single person with my general statement regarding the “whipping boy”.
                  I answered directly to Kedar’s post by name, because it was his direct naming of one of our players – unlike Perry who was stating a general and personal opinion on the game.
                  See the difference?

                  1. Now who’s spitting the dummy out? LOL

                    By the way, a good win tonight, so Perry must be delighted, while eating his words perhaps?

        3. So you just get to make baseless insults of a performance that hasn’t even happened with no retort? On a public forum with reply buttons? This is just arsenal… not just Perry ames, get over yourself.

            1. Typical, spit the dummy out as you have nothing of note to say anywhere on this thread lol. Was waiting for a wee tantrum.

        4. Hey Perry no one is bigging up himself or herself here! You came online and posted your personal opinion… If it was personal then keep it in your diary! I responded to you positively asking you to be positive and telling you the game won’t be a crap and you come here trying to use such words…. So long for your long years on earth! I don’t like to share words but I won’t be quiet and let you feel you can throw such words! You have no monopoly over words!

          1. Indeed, Indeed and that’s why we all give our personal opinions – your entitled to yours and Perry is entitled to his etc etc
            Now let’s celebrate a win and qualification, as everything else is now academic in my opinion.

            1. Sure Ken! I agree to celebrating and hoping to a positive turn in the curve! Opinions are opinions and they can be used negatively or positively, even if they affect the joy of another soul! Nice!

              But Ken, we could discuss a few observations before we close the curtain lol! What do you think of the 4-4-2?

              1. Well, Indeed (or is it Fire by chance, another good debater) I think MA got it just about right this evening.
                Great to see AMN back and Nelson /Balogun/Holding given playing time.
                I much prefer the back four set up, as we are then, it seems, playing to our players strengths.

                As for others opinions affecting my joy or otherwise, when The Arsenal win any game, no one can affect my feeling of joy, relief, excitement and euphoria – I am sure Perry and Defund are feeling the same!!

                Still wish Aubameyang had played some part in the game though, as he needs to get back into the form of last season and this game would /should have been perfect for him.

                1. Fire, that’s another fellow whose opinions I do enjoy reading. I enjoy your conversations with him too! Sure Ken, I do subscribe to the back four, and I think Arteta has converged too… What I see him doing now is looking for the combination down the midfield to the attack. Yes, it would have being great to see Auba, but I am also glad he was rested and would have watched how a possible prodigy (Balogun) may be around the corner to contest with him… I hope Auba should be refreshed for the weekend…

    1. If you’re referring to Smith Rowe & Balogun they have not been named in Arsenal’s Premier League 25 man squad.

  11. Balogun’s positioning is good. And the guy can finish. Nice match this to increase the confidence levels๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ

      1. Dont know Mr. Ken. But he has said that the team is going to surprise the world. Maybe he is undertaking training drills at the colney.

        1. Never thought of that Sid, love your reply.
          Balogun looks like a very good, gifted player for his age, as you say.
          Let’s hope we can get him to sign the contract.

          1. Yeah that would be nice. I have also heard that he is comfortable with either feet, so we sure do have a great prospect in our hands.

  12. Can someone enlighten me what Laca did all 75minutes. Perhaps theusual working hard going nowhere.
    Good win though Only the win took a little boredom out of the game

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