Official Arsenal team to face Newcastle United and live stream update

First game of the Premier League season and the much-anticipated team news has been released.

There is, of course, no place for Mesut Ozil or Saed Kolasinac due to security concerns and injuries to Kieran Tierney, Rob Holding and Hector Bellerin means they are also absent.

There is no starting place for Alexandre Lacazette but he is a sub and surprisingly David Luiz also starts on the bench.

Dani Ceballos and Pepe are not in the first eleven as expected and are also subs, but youngsters Willock and Nelson are starters.

The writing is on the wall for Mustafi as well who does not even get a spot on the subs bench.

Anyway, here is the official team news.

The game is live in the UK on pay-tv channel Sky Sports and kicks off at 14.00 UK time.

Links will be put in the comments where to watch the game live and free so keep checking in.

Also, if you go to the official Arsenal website you will be able to get live commentary text….


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  1. Wow. 4 English players in our starting eleven in a long time.
    I love it ?
    Come on you The Arsenal.

    1. If anyone is fed up with looking for streams every week look for SSNI-TV. about 50/60 quid for the year but it has everything. ive been using the service since the start of last season and ive had no issues.

  2. Abit disappointed tbh
    If they are fit to bough for the bench they are fit enough to start
    Looks like a carling cup team
    Never seen a stronger loooking bench though

  3. excited to see nelson and willock being given a chance, especially willock.
    not sure about mikki xhaka and niles though

  4. Come on Boyz! Go get the job done. No point trying to micromanage the team for the manager. I’ll just have to trust him that he’s made the correct decision based on the prevailing circumstances.

  5. hope i am wrong but foresee a difficult afternoon .. possibly the most inexperienced opening day team with the worst captain in a long long time

  6. No Mustafi, finally UE learned his lesson. For a player to make elementary mistakes week in week out and is still choosen is beyond me.

    1. ?
      Good news
      Chambers needs to make use of this opportunity. Give Mustafi, Luiz, Sokratis some competition

  7. This manager thinks this is a training session!!!

    Newcastle win or draw then…

    Utter stupid lineup.

    1. Haven’t we all beein going on about “We need to promote our youngsters from the academy and give them a try?”

      It seems like some of us are a bit bipolar. Ask for one thing and when they are afforded it they complain and whinge.

  8. The four English boys have been playing together with Arsenal system for years in the reserves

    Surely they would fight harder than the mercenaries

    1. What mercenaries do you keep going on about ?
      Like a broken record bro .
      You know Ozils been here 6years don’t you how on earth is he a mercenary

  9. Why put our strong star players on the bench in an away game?

    What exactly is wrong with UE?

    Too early to complain though. I just want ut to claim the maximum 3 points .

  10. Very strong bench not so sure about the starting eleven when it includes Socratis, zhaka and Mik.Could be a draw.

  11. Woah I know weve lots of players out but bit shocked by the line up.
    Anyone else think Emery may be using this game to see finally for sure who can sell and who he’ll keep?
    Theres a lot of players auditioning today….chambers, Monreal maybe, miki, whilock or Nelson could go out for loan. Got a feeling that bench will be needed soon today and only one defender on it!

  12. Xhaka and Mhiki still starting ?‍♂️
    No Mustafi though so that’s something positive and as for our bench…. been a bloody long time since we have had a bench look that strong.
    Just hope we start the game well rather than taking the usual 10-20 mins to get going. COYG ?

    1. Relax, there is a chance Martinelli introduced at 60/70 minute mark, depends on the circumstances of course.

  13. Guns blazing ??? let’s get the 3pts. I thought most of us wanted Emery to give the youngsters a chance why all the mumbling then! Let’s support the team it looks a good lineup to me?

  14. I’m really excited to see Wilock and Reiss-nelson (2 teenagers) in the starting lineup. That takes cajones by Emery

    I hope those two and Chambers prove themselves today

    So excited about Arsenal football starting ???

    Let’s start with 3 points

  15. Having had a second look at the lineup, I have to say the bench looks great ?
    Seriously I understand why they are on the bench for the first match

    We need to ease them into the team but was hoping for Torreira at least. Anyway, 15 minutes left

  16. But is Willock the number 10 Gunner playing behind Aubameyang who is leading the line with Mkhi’ playing to his right as right winger and Nelson playing to his left as left winger? Interestingly, us will see how effective in the game Nelson will be for Arsenal potentially as replacement to Iwobi. To me, our back-line of 4 looks okay. But let’s see what the Emery boy Guendouzi will bring to the match for Arsenal.

    1. ? have to say, I’m nervous QD… really nervous…
      Their team is strong… we do have game changers on the bench.. I just hope Unai doesn’t leave it till the last minute to bring them on!

  17. I AM MASSIVELY NERVOUS ABOUT THE STARTING ELEVEN. I THINK OUR BEST CHANCE IS TO STAY LEVEL AT HALFTIME AND THEN BRING ON OUR FAR BETTER BENCH. Better than the first eleven, I mean. I am only really relaxed about LENO and AUBA. ALL THE OTHER STARTERS WORRY ME, for various reasons. I predict a draw.

    1. I have just woken up to see the team selection. It looks like Emery doesn’t rate Newcastle much. I’m still confident we can do it.

  18. This starting 11 is the best we can start with the injuries, fatigue or lack of match practice. 5 player on that bench should be starting next week. This is mostly our backup options playing which shows we have decent squad depth.

    1. Stop saying trash. This is not our best starting 11 to start with. Luiz had preseason with Chelsea start him. Pepe went out of the African Nations cup in Quarter final, start him. Ceballos is fit start him. Toreira is fit start him. What exactly is our problem. Salah also went to the Nations cup and he started. Mahrez won the Nations cup and started for City yesterday. We are the only one who do this rubbish. Who the hell is willock? You think real EPL matches is same as the matches in USA or Gamper cup against Barcelona. Wake up!

  19. Unai Emery is just useless. He cost us the 4th place last season with his erractic selection. He has started again. Useless coach. He should be sacked already!

  20. Xhaka lovers, are you totally blind? Is Emery blind too? Just don’t believe whai I’m looking at. Must be the worst player ever to wear Arsenal shirt

    1. Xaka and mikhitayran very outstanding in terms of being inefficient…their the teams weakest link…

      Willock looks like the real deal..

      Nelson…hmmm lets wait and see

      Arsenal isnt bad considering this is a weaker team and last seasons away form

      Am stoked for this negative energies please

    1. Bro calm down
      We will very much laugh at the iwobi haters real soon..

      Its obvious theres no driver in the pitch, the the way he normally drives in from the wing..

    2. There is a saying you can never miss him until his gone .
      I said this all preseason Nelson wont cut it but he is from the academy so we have to give hi time but he wasnt making the hoffenheim first eleven .
      Miki is a useless player
      Xhaka is as average as Elneny
      and Willock should be moved to the midfeild as he cant create chances .
      I will rather Saka and Martenelli battle for the LW and NElson and Pepe go for the RW .
      The defense has been ok . I still think AMN will be a better midfeilder than Xhaka .Just my pinion though

  21. Bit of nervous start. Mikhi isn’t a starter for me anymore but brave of Unai to start with the teens. Maybe he should have waited given we are away and it’s the first game of the season. Pleased to see chambers play I’ve always liked him in the team but We really look vulnerable at the back again and our play is so slow most of the time.

  22. VAR won’t do shit when the ref is biased or too stupid to ref properly. Foul on willock is clear yellow so no card, mkhi yellow is undeserved because player dived with no contact.

    New season same old shit referees.

    1. I wanted to see martineli over Nelson I never rated him like many here do i keep saying only arsenal fans rate him so highly I followed the u21 and I didn’t see him do perform close to cabelos

  23. Isn’t anyone else getting redirected from this site to some dodgy win an iPhone site. It’s been happening from my phone internet past few days and it’s only this website that does it. ADMIN ARE YOU AWARE?

    1. Miki is not in midfield and his creative contribution was no worse than Willock’s or Nelson’s.

      We need Ceballos to replace Xhaka, Laca to come on, and Auba to move to Nelson’s position.

      That is, if Pepe can’t play yet, although why would they all be on the bench if they’re not fit???

  24. Not a bad first half, but the wide play has not been inspiring enough at all. Nelson doesn’t take players on, Miki makes wrong decision or missing passes. Midfield has done a good job of retrieving the ball, and not horrible giveaways like during preseason but can still be better. Time for a player to come off the bench

    1. Good job LOL xhaka has been hopeless negative and misplaced passing no forward momentum … guend positive at least but often no support and willock largely absent … torreira and camellia on immediately

      1. Miki actually gave the ball away more lol. But yes, Xhaka has been average in possession, as usual. I tried not to name him because he still had a few good passes.

  25. only one chance of goal in 45 minutes we need changes for the next half first of all the forwards shoes

  26. So far the only players holding this midfield and pushing forward are Guendouzi and Willock. Mhik, Xhaka, Nelson, all been average all through, especially Dhaka and Mhiki.

    I don’t know what games some of y’all are seeing before saying Guendouzi is struggling

  27. Guendouzi our best player so far, Nelson and Willock doing just fine, I’m sure with more playing time their confidence will increase. it’s better as they are keeping things simple and not trying to overdo. Nelson will most definitely become a better player than Iwobi will ever become. PS I’m Nigerian

    1. Willock has been good, Nelson has been nothing special so far. And the season has started, so this isn’t a game where “keeping things simple” is a positive. Nelson should be taking players on, creating space for the other attackers, putting in crosses. Doing none of that. Really, he’s just available for the pass and then does nothing with it.

  28. Xhaka is terrible. Get him off!
    Why is Mikhi out there? He is not a starter and barely even a bench player.

    We have no creativity in midfield!

    Also people having a go at Nelson! Its his first game back, give him a chance to adapt to the PL. Its a good introduction for him and he will get better.

    Pepe and Celabos need to come on!

  29. Well that was rather drab and boring…. Did someone forget to tell the team that pre season is over?
    Mhiki and Xhaka both proved my fears right and have given away so many balls this half and Nelson still seems out of his depth and refuses to take his man on ?‍♂️
    Hopefully Emery makes some early changes at half time coz this shite ain’t working.

    1. Nelson played badly on the left two seasons ago before the loan and he is still lousy there

      None of our right-footed attackers is skillful enough to play as an LW

    1. Maybe put Pepe on the left instead on the right, because I don’t think any of our right-footed attackers is skilled enough to play on the left

      Unfortunately we have sold the best right-footed LW in squad

  30. Nelson sucked as an LW as usual, because his left leg is almost dead. I highly doubt another right-footed attacker like Martinelli could ever replace Iwobi on the left side and there is no Saka on the bench

    Mkhitaryan should have been better because he played on the right side, but he simply doesn’t have the pace, the tricks and the guts to do it. I’d prefer to swap Nelson and Mkhitaryan, because Nelson is usually good as an RW

    If Arsenal cannot win against this Championship quality team, they had better forget about the title challenge. I know Arsenal usually play badly in a wet field, but it shouldn’t be a reason for a team as big as them

      1. If you paid attention to how Nelson played in the first half, you would see he almost didn’t use his left foot

        We need a left-footed attacker to get past Newcastle’s RB, unfortunately Saka is not even included in the squad

        That’s a female, dude

      1. Iwobi was an LW with the most adept left foot among the other right-footed attackers in the squad

        Nelson didn’t make any breakthrough

    1. “because his left leg is almost dead”
      Geez! I guess we should saddle in then because we’ll get this crap all season.
      Mane, doesn’t use his left leg the way he uses his right, yet he’s an outstanding left winger.
      I’ll keep my thoughts on Nelson for now it’s his first game

      1. Mane’s left leg is much better than our right-footed attackers’

        Of course Mane is an excellent LW, because he can use his weaker foot well

  31. Totally uninspired! Watched the intensity of Man City, Liverpool, and the pikey scum spurs and we are miles away from them.
    Mika and Xhaka are just awful!

  32. I think Guendouzi isn’t offering much in a way of ball progression. I think he should be replaced by Ceballos, then we can bring on Lacazette for willock and Pepe for Miki.

    From what I see Xhaka is doing a good job recycling possession

    1. You forget how often Guendouzi won the ball…
      He was the best player in midfield today, and arguably MOTM…
      Top 3 for sure.

  33. LOL Nelson is bang average stop hyping the boy, he may be better if he plays as a midfielder but in the wings he’s average, have been saying this since pre season how can you have a winger that can’t dribble, he keeps passing the ball backwards, I don’t know what else will make Emery bench myki.

  34. Someone said something about our youngsters.
    Niles is 10 times better than that pathetic excuse mikitarian

  35. Black panther to the rescue. Mkhi is finished why force nelson to the left and wreck his confidence while mkhi does nothing.

    Plus mkhi limited defense affects AMN.

  36. we won we did not convince is a team looking for identity with not football stars just to became an average team will be very hard to become the Arsenal that used to be

  37. I hope you all can see Guendouzi is far more talented than Willock. they are not on the same level

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