Official Arsenal team to face Norwich City – No Nketiah, Pepe or Ozil

Arsenal will be looking to register their third win in a row this evening against Norwich City and their second consecutive Premier League win since the resumption of football.

There is always a lot of debate surrounding Mikel Artetaโ€™s starting XI and no doubt this line up will also provoke a lot of discussion among the Arsenal faithful.

It is certainly an attacking lineup, as it should be when you are facing the team rock bottom of the standings.

Anyway, this is the team that Arteta has gone with to face the Canaries.

Is this the team that will see Arsenal register their third win in a row? Let us know in the comments below.

Links to streams will be put in the comments where to watch the game live and free so keep checking in.

Also, if you go to the official Arsenal website here you will be able to get live commentary text and radio.

JustArsenal predicted line up (for comparison) here

JustArsenal match preview here

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  1. Strong line-up. Glad to see Nelson getting a start and hoping Cedric will get 20 mins. COYG

  2. It’s 3-4-3. I thought Arteta would use 4-2-3-1 at home, but he is apparently serious in ditching any no 10 formation:

    …………………….. Martinez
    ……… Mustafi . Luiz . Kolasinac
    Bellerin . Ceballos . Xhaka . Tierney
    …… Nelson … Lacazette … Aubameyang

      1. Tierney played as an LWB and Kolasinac as a CB previously, so I don’t think Arteta’d change that. Tierney’s and Nelson’s long crosses would be good if we have a tall target man like Wout Weghorst or Bas Dost

  3. Niles should be getting games at midfield,Pepe, Holding and saka on bench?,kolasinac and Luiz? Arteta you’re worse than Emery.You don’t know what you are doing even if we win. This is a joke.

    1. LD and Gunner23 – he’s got to play his weaker players sometime and I’d rather they played against Norwich at home today than against Wolves on Saturday, away from home.

  4. It’s got to the stage now where I Iook to see Sakas name first on the teamsheet, although I completely understand that he needs a rest and cannot play every three days, so no complaint. But I am still disappointed when he is only a sub.

    BECOMING THE SAME WITH HOLDING TOO, WHEN HE IS ONLY A SUB FOR TWO CLOWNS PLAYING IN HIS STEAD. But he needs a rest too, so I “forgive” Arteta for his non crime!

  5. Weak lineup but hopefully will get us the win.

    Looks to me like Arteta is saving his better players for the games against teams above us: Wolves (6th) on Saturday, Leicester (3rd) next Tuesday and of course Spurs (7th) the following Sunday.

    We are well behind them all and only have a game in hand on one of them, Wolves, so the game on Sat is crucial.

    However, as Arteta has said, we cannot afford to fail in any of them. Talk about walking on a tightrope! Lose on Sat and it’s definitely going to be a case of ‘wailing and gnashing of teeth!’

  6. Arteta has got a handful of games to prove to me he is worth keeping … so far no better than dying days a of wenger or the emery hiatus in terms of results and style … given that we arenโ€™t getting in to top 6 he is wasting time with mustafi Luiz xhaka kolasinac … who are not premiership let alone top 6 material … sad

    1. – Mustafi: Getting better, but he might be sold
      – Luiz: Unfortunately he has signed a new contract
      – Xhaka: Is an important piece to the squad, like what Henderson is to Liverpool. But he seems to be leaving too
      – Kolasinac: Is a very good left fullback and can play as CB too

  7. Very strong lineup close to my favorite with the kind of players we have.

    Only replace Bellerin with Soares and Xhaka with AM-Niles and it would counter the weak & NON-TECHNICALLY gifted midfielders we have.

  8. Encouraged to see our young coach not get stuck trying to fit personnel into a system that it just wonโ€™t fit. Few are thriving right now, so is definitely an indication that something needs to change.

    Iโ€™m still of the belief that our best shape given the squad is a 442, and would love to see it once:

    Auba. Laca

    Saka. Dani. Lucas. Pepe

    Tierney CB. CB. Hector (I guess)

    Need 3 points tonight!!

    1. In setting up with three centre backs, this cannot be construed as an “attacking line up” by any stretch of the imagination.Rotation is a necessary evil of the heavy resumption programme so I can understand why Arteta is shuffling the pack but personally I am disappointed he has not started AMN and Holding.

  9. Xhaka playing in front of Luiz is complete bad news. But I’m wondering why people always mention the name of Ozil. This guy should not be mentioned in Arsenal team

  10. I’m tired of the depressive comments fans make constantly after line up comes out.
    It’s depressing, are you guys aware the likes of Pepe,Saka all played 3 games under the past eleven days?
    And that we have tougher fixtures coming up?
    This negativity is very tiring and the reason why I sometimes stay away from comments about Arsenal.

      1. SueP I saw it, once I saw the first Twitter comment, I stopped reading it and closed the tab.
        I don’t need that negative energy

    1. Agree Eddie.
      Players need a rest and important games coming.
      Also he needs to have as much of a look as he can at several players before the transfer period starts.

    2. @Eddie
      Would they eat a humble pie now?
      After the match you’ll hear them saying Norwich were very very poor.
      If I say something now Admin will blog me.
      So sick and tired of some so call fans.
      The coach selected the team base of the team we are playing and the matches coming up some …… have the guts to abuse him.

  11. No geundozi again
    The one player that can stand up and fight isnโ€™t even making the bench.
    I hope we donโ€™t end up regretting it

    1. He is meant to play football and not fight. What is the hype about Guendouzi? Why do we rate an average player who offers nothing to the squad except taking too much touches and passing the ball back. He has not been on the bench, and we won the 3 games. He should be sold like tomorrow. He is overrated

  12. Now we’re two goals up and it’s nor 40 minutes yet… Where are the doomsayers and negative bellends who can’t just trust the coach and his selection??
    You guys should hang your heads in shame

      1. Sue all I had were cuss words, it’s annoying to see fans this way but I had to settle for Bellends

    1. Hopefully we will replicate this performance again Saturday against Wolves…
      It will be much much tougher opponents..

      1. Lol… For some getting laid won’t solve it, they’re just born to complain and moan, moan and moan no matter what.
        Fans give off negative vibes too much and think it doesn’t get to the players

  13. Great half! We all look on it!! ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Finally, a goal from midfield ๐Ÿ˜‚
    How hench does Martinez look?!!

    What’s happened to Leicester?!

    1. Apparently they wont make it i think,leicester citys out of form.

      And about our game,
      Congratulations Auba!!!
      And Xhaka boom!!
      Mustafi seems a bit sloppy but overall a good half

      And must say that tierney crosses are second to none,its at the levels of KDB and arnold

      1. I agree about Tierney, Shakir… what a gem ๐Ÿ‘Œ Been a little while since I’ve enjoyed a half so much… not on the edge of my seat, or behind my sofa… I’m bloody loving it!!!

    2. Sue I must admit, this is a completely different Arsenal from what I’ve seen since the restart. Or is it because they are at home?
      Bellerin seems like the weak link in the team – giving up chasing down a ball a ball so easily.
      Leisester losing will not hurt us, will it?

      1. What a team performance so far, Gily! What a feast!!
        No it won’t, I just expected them to beat Everton…..

  14. Norwich’s confidence is very low and our tridente force Krul to distribute with long balls. All Gunners did great job in the first half

    1. Arsenal pattern in the first half by not giving breathing space to regroup and plan is responsible. Hope they continue in the second half.

  15. Great half, Arsenal the more spirited team, and a healthy 2-0 scoreline. One more goal should secure 3 points. Keep it up boys.

  16. Wow, Mustafi has been spectacularly poor after a run of good performances. Maybe needs a break. Impressed with Ceballos today, seems to be demanding the ball and working hard without it.

    1. I think he’s been ok . He’s mad a few mistakes because he’s been attempting the longer riskier passes , so he’s been shown up. I think he’s been solid regardless. And he’s had some nice offensive contribution.

  17. What’s going on?
    Ceballos back to early season form, the normally immobile Xhaka getting forward and Tierney looking like he’s never had an injury.
    Great stuff!

    1. Xhaka has been playing like that since Arteta joined. You’ve only noticed today because he scored. Just for proof , check the highlights reel for Auba’s first shot and see where Xhaka is standing at that point.

      1. “Xhaka has been playing like that since Arteta joined” !!!???


        But very good to see him playing well today.

  18. It’s awkward how some arsenal fans seem to half hope that some players perform badly just so they can have something to say. Now that Bellerin, Luiz, Xhaka ,Kola and Mustafi are playing well, you see how few comments are on here. If one of them slips up tho, you’ll see the eruption. Great half though

    1. “you see how few comments . . .”

      Seems to be about the usual number of comments (79 at time of writing this).

      You certainly seem to have your knickers in a twist.

      Relax, we won and most players had a good game. We now need the same against Wolves on Saturday.

    2. On every Arsenal site including on Youtube when Arsenal win there is always fewer comments than when Arsenal lose, that is the nature of the game, fans vent when angry, when they are happy they do not feel the need to vent so much. This applies to every club and not just Arsenal. That said, there was still a healthy amount of comments (this one is 81) and damn good site traffic. It is always a myth to equate comment numbers with traffic, that you can take to the bank.

  19. Hector’s off… he’s got some trees to plant ๐Ÿ˜‚

    GoonerP… your 4-0 prediction is looking good!!

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