Official Arsenal team to face Olympiacos – Mikel Arteta makes multiple changes

Mikel Arteta names his team for the Europa League clash against Olympiacos tonight.

As was to be expected Mikel Arteta has made a number of changes to the team that humbled Newcastle United 4-0 on Sunday afternoon at the Emirates.

It was always going to be the case that changes would be made, especially with Mesut Ozil left behind for family reasons. Other changes include Martinelli, Willock and Lacazette starting and Ceballos, Nketiah and Pepe on the bench.

So, what do you think to the team that Arteta has gone with tonight? Let us know in the comments below

Links to streams will be put in the comments where to watch the game live and free so keep checking in.

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JustArsenal match preview here
JustArsenal predicted line up here (for comparison)


      1. Me three! If this was Emery’s line up he’d be getting roasted by now. Is Kolasinac bloody fit or not?!

          1. @CorporateMan,

            Don’t let anger blur your view. Your man AMN is on the bench.

            Re-check the line up.

    1. Defenetly strange looking stuff, but makes sense and pretty strong stuff in a 3

      Mustafi Sokratis Luiz
      Ghendouzi xhaka
      Willock. Saka
      Auba. Laca. Martineli

      Can switch xhaka Saka but I would prefer to see saka behind Martineli. Looks like Xhaka doesn’t want to play RB, pissing, but had to when Saka got injured in 2nd half after that same exact switch, almost ruining night.

      Saka should be played in that position of middle left if not wiinger, not as a LB. Xhaka is more of a defensive player than Saka, logic will be for him to play LB, he hates it, so does Saka but thinks about the team…

      He should have been rested and Niles at Gendouzi position who would be at Xhaka spot. Niles is great going forward,

  1. Is that a back 3 or is mustafi playing RB. The front 3 looks so good.Guendouzi is back.Saka keeps his place.And leno as the keeper.Very interesting line up from MA.Looks strong.


    1. Mustafi or Sokratis will play as RB

      The line-up is strong. But Martinez would likely not be happy on the bench though, since he is supposed to play in all cup competitions

      1. This is a confusing line up, why do we have kolasinac if we are not going to use him even in the Europa cup. I hope Arteta is not trying to make that Lb Saka permanent position.

        1. Either Kolasinac is still unfit or Arteta plans to sell him out in the summer and convert Saka into an attacking LB

          1. Saka talent will be wasted at that Lb, he has the ability to be a real world class winger, if this continues he will want out, it might end up being like Chamberlain who went to Liverpool to play in the midfield.

    1. Well it seems the coach thinks it’s not the right time for you to see him.
      Maybe after the match😂😂

      I support the coach though. He can reshuffle at halftime if not working.

  2. The line up is not confusing. MA is taking every competition serious. Let’s give MA the benefit of the doubt. A win is all we need. Those players on the line up are also arsenal players. Work hard in training and u are in the starting 11.

    1. Phenom, you really believe that excuse that if you work hard in training you will get picked, am not really kolasinac fan but if we are talking about the Arsenal players that work hard, then Kolasinac have to be one of them, so why is he not getting picked and are you telling me that ceballos doesn’t deserve to start this match.

  3. Musti is playing RB, that’s cool…

    The Guendozi and Xhaka pair makes our midfield slow, so there will be no quick recoveries when we lose the ball, unless the forwards drop back and help in defending…

    Martinelli plays better on the left where he forms a partnership with Saka, but like someone said before, it’s just my opinion too. Let’s see what happens. Come Gooners, we need away g0-4ls……

  4. Trust and support our coach, he knows the players more than you do. support should be our first reaction, criticising should come after the results

  5. I can already predict how this match will be, they will come at us in the first half and if we are lucky we won’t concede, and the second half arteta will substitute wilock for ceballos and anyone for Pepe. For goodness sake this is a must win match and the coach is starting wilock and guendouzi ahead of Ceballos and to make matter worse theirs no Pepe, he’s even playing Martinelli at the right side when we all know that he plays better at the left.

  6. Am less concern about how our coach select his team formation all i want is three point which i hope we can get it in Greece Tonight,this same coach select his formation in our last game And we won by 4 goals to nothing so if you think you can be a coach then try football manager

  7. Blame it on MA if arsenal screw this game.
    He has the resources to get good results from this game.
    If he fail to use the right players he may not get the right result.

  8. MA is anticipating a massive onslaught from the host team in the early stages of this game. The midfield is set up to absorb the pressure and put in a solid shift. Saka will be used as an attacking outlet. Laca, Martinelli and Auba will help defensively. I believe that is the rationale behind the team selection.

  9. This seems to me to be an experienced team. I don’t have a problem with who he has picked at all. I’ll no doubt regret sticking my head above the parapet though.

  10. Sokratis has never played for our opponents, would only be appropriate for the game to be settled by an own goal from him

  11. This team contains 5 or 6 defensive and midfield players That I don’t want to see in an arsenal shirt next season

  12. Willock is a hapless footballer no idea when fans and management are going to wake up to this fact … along with xhaka and guendhouzi it’s a midfield devoid of finess and quality …

  13. Lacazette missed two golden chances already

    The team desperately need a more adventurous deep-lying playmaker like Ceballos. But I guess Arteta wants to play safe with Xhaka and Guendouzi, since they are playing in Greece

    1. Lancaster should be playing from the bench not starting.

      Martinelli has no business on the right flank.

      Pepe should have been playing
      The midfield…no good transition.

      I trust Arteta knows what to do.

  14. Too slow in transition. Hey is Guendouse the most fouled player in this game just seen he’s been kicked 5,6 times in these 1st half.

  15. Don’t understand arteta … why keep a midfield in place that would struggle against a top first division outfit … it’s the worst kind of stAtic football … sometimes wonder what arteta learnt from pep

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