Official Arsenal team to face Real Madrid and live stream update

The final match on the mini USA tour is about one hour away and the team to face Spanish giants Real Madrid has been released.

This game will be competitive, they always are when the big teams face each other, even in friendlies and that is why Unai Emery and Zinedine Zidane have gone with a very strong line-ups.

Real Madrid will field the likes of Eden Hazard, Karim Benzema and Luka Modric so they are also fielding a very strong team.

As expected there is a place for the big three, Mesut Ozil, Alexandre Lacazette and Pierre-Emerick Aubamyenag.

There will be the usual mass substitutions throughout the game which means we will get to see some of the exciting youngsters in action.

A win for Arsenal and they will leave the States with a perfect 4-0 record after wins over MLS outfit the Colorado Rapids, Bundesliga champions Bayern Munich and Serie A side Fiorentina.

The game is live on pay-tv channel Premier Sports TV and kicks off at Midnight UK time.

Links will be put in the comments where to watch the game live and free so keep checking in.

Also, if you go to the official Arsenal website you will be able to get live commentary text


  1. Yes Sue, maybe a penalty or two if E.Hazard and Mustafi/Sokratis go one on one. At least with the latter we can expect professional wrestling moves 😉
    You have to, You’ll hate waking up only reading the score and missing them in action, especially the Young Gunners.

    1. I’ve just finished sitting on the edge of my seat all night watching the darts!! Well done Duzza!! ?
      After that I’m pumped, so will be alright for the match & yes I’m up for Sokratis and a little WWE ? COYG

      1. Glad you make it 😀
        Sokratis tho, run blindly into opponents and got red in no time. I’m worried lol

        1. The senior players in this Arsenal team are really trash material, how can one of the team leaders get two totally needless booking in 2minutes when we are two goals up in a pre season game. It makes no sense at all.
          Zhaka and Ozil just couldnt handle the demands of the game at 10vs10… againt a team that is playing only there second game of the preseason.
          I wished Emery had brought on the young lads early into the second half too, as we look much better with them.
          And Nelson just showed why we can not rely on him this season… not therre yet for with his decision making.

        2. Spot on Mide, if it’s in official matches we are doomed 🙁
          Yes I agree with your assessment of Ozil & Xhaka, they both can’t defend and looked weary. Especially Ozil in one-on-one situation against Marcelo, pathetic defending and he almost tripped too 🙁
          Nelson seem frustrated by his own decision making, hopefully a lot of game time could improve that aspect.

  2. Very nice to see mast majority of the crowd is Arsenal fans. Shows our global reach. And Madrid fans travel well so it’s very impressive.

    1. The size of Arsenal fan base around the world is huge. In Africa, you’ll find in the most remote villages or slums arsenal fans. Too bad the owners and management don’t care how many millions of fans they hurt every season with their greed.

    2. Slow it down boys otherwise the mad Kronkes will think we’re world beaters and we won’t sign any players!!

    1. I’m really surprised, although I think the referee is trying to balance things up between both sides.

      1. Yeah, the ref is probably trying to do that. All that is needed now is for Xhaka to get a red 🙂

  3. Dam I simultaneously learned 2 pieces of bad news:
    1. Real Madrid scored
    2. United are buying £75 million Savic and we will finish 6th place most probably

    1. they signed martial, world class Pogba and luakaku, has world class De Gea and they still finish behind us…

      you need to calm down

  4. By the time I finished washing a few dishes, Real Madrid have managed to score and then equalise. How can we capitulate within a matter of minutes when everything was going well???

    I feel like Zidane was toying with us the first half and even got a man sent off just to see how we’d play tactically. It seems like a different team have come out in the second half 🙁

    1. 10 mins left Emery. Whatchyu gonna do??? Send Eddie “The Eagle” Nketiah on to score the winner. He is the new Francis Jeffers aka The Fox in the Box.

      Glad to see Bale in action though as he has been treated very harshly by Real Madrid

      1. You should worry over Ozil pal, he is treated more harshly by our supporters. Rightly so judging by his performance today, always jog around and seem weary overall.

    1. Sue let’s hope we see the last of Jenkinson absolute rubbish, the whole defence is rubbish tbf ? can’t believe we haven’t signed one defender I dread the upcoming season with that backline

        1. Sue the ceballos deal could be cancelled too I read! This Arsenal backroom team are absolutely shocking at signing players even on loan.. it took all January to get Denis Suarez done it’s unbelievable

          1. It just get worse and worse it feels like the club are low balling other clubs for players so they don’t have to spend any money but say they tried ? pay the damn money window shuts in 2 weeks! Go big or go home right Sue? ? OT is it true your the bookies favourite to replace Tracey Neville in that netball team? ?

          2. Well, I think we know what to expect next season! I know it was only a friendly, still a bit of a bummer though… although not as much as our dithering, I mean negotiations.. maybe last night will make Unai see we need defenders, or not?
            Hahaha no comment ??

          3. Sue if Emery thinks we’re good to go in the defensive department then we’re knee deep in it! Koscielny is leaving, Sokratis is a liability along with Kolasinac and Mustafi well the less said about that underwater clown the better.. Jenkinson and Chambers should just stay in America and become composers! We desperately need a RB a CB and LB along with Winger and CM so thats 5 players with 2 weeks to go and that Arsenal board couldn’t organise a p*ss up in a brewery ? oh I see negotiations ongoing ?

          4. Basically Sue ? but we’re used to it and other Arsenal fans can’t really complain they see Chambers as the new van Dijk ? all those clubs queued up to buy him ?

        2. Chambers as the new VVD…you’re so comical ?
          So, our first game against Newcastle, how do you reckon it’s gonna go??

          1. So no CB we have chambers all sorted back there ? joelinho to score his first and last goal for the Geordies Emery to get into a confrontation with Steve Bruce and Mike Ashley to sell his shares to Kroenke all the while the 2 teams play out a 2-2 draw with Mike Dean pointing to the spot in the 98th minute for the home side ????

          2. ??? I couldn’t have said it better myself, Kevin!!
            That’ll make it more interesting ? be spooky if I check the ref/kit news & Mike Dean is actually officiating ?? be a final destination moment!!

          3. Well you’ll know Sue, your the go to gal for kit and ref info ? with our defence it’ll be more like flatliners ? so still no signings and Emery sounding like a broken record ?

          4. Flatliners for sure!!! ?
            Well you’d better get the tea leaves out, Kev & put me out of my misery & tell me when or if we’re ever going to buy anyone (Wilf in particular!) ?
            Gonna be an absolute scorcher tomorrow ?

          5. Tomorrow? It’s a scorcher everyday kinda getting on my nerves now can’t sleep ? tbh Sue I’m not even sure that Arsenal board are capable of signing anyone ? well at least you and I are in agreement that Chambers is no van Dijk like some on here think he is ?

          6. It’s gonna be 35 tomorrow ??? so tired today, after staying up watching the match last night ?
            Well right now we’re (well an Arsenal XI) beating Barnet! Yay! ?

          7. ? well we definitely don’t need new signings if we can beat the mighty Barnet ? ouch that is hot ?️? earth is becoming the new Venus ? well get to bed young lady ??

          8. I am indeed, Kev! Just hope it will cool down by then.. don’t fancy sitting through 2 games sizzling in the sun ?
            I meant up for it ? it’s against his old team ?

          9. Bring sunscreen Sue you don’t wanna go back home the same colour as the arsenal home kit ? I went to Tunisia years ago and was during a heatwave one day it was 42 degrees and I played a match in it, anyone would think I fell into the swimming pool ? haha I’m not even that bothered about these friendlies anymore, I don’t know how much more of that crappy defence I can tolerate and hear Everton front runners to sign Zaha even Aliadere said he has know idea where the money is going to ?

          10. Emery goes into the season with Mustafi and co he could be doing a Phil brown at the end of the season and his own version of sloop John B ? yeah me too Sue ?

  5. Same old, same old, same old story. Crap defence, no creative midfield. Back to the penalties.

  6. Looks like the same team as last year, because it is. Can score goals, but mainly through forwards playing off eachother. No midfield creator. Cannot defend. Error prone. Blow leads within a potty break. Watching our pre-season so far I would not be saying this team desperately needs Zaha to blow our budget on.

  7. Same players same problems.

    Until they bring in better players why would anything change?

    The defense and midfield struggle like last year.

    Josh talked his talk now we shall see.

  8. Sooo Emery said he is choosing a team with 1st game of the season in mind? Well then we’ll be seeing more of xhaka and mkhi we are just doomed

  9. Forget signings a lot of this deadwood are taking places meant for the academy players .
    Ozil ,Miki, Xhaka ,Mustafi and Sokratis are stealing a living at arsenal .This is just a glimpse of whats too come . As usual Aubameyang and Lacazette do the scoring the rest of the team fail .

  10. Sadly with the sale of Ospina and the money coming from Bennacer, we have made money this summer. Elneny’s departure will definitely mean we are making money. Saliba is loan back and pay later, Ceballos wages only. We have been duped. Sold down the river by Satan Kroenke and Son of Satan. How cleverly they played us. You have to admire how we took in all the lies. Our defence is shite and our creativity non existant. So we are about to challenge for a major trophy. The ‘how far down he league trophy’ which pays a big dividend into Satan Kroenk’s Portfolio pot. We have the same loser players as last year….and we are accepting it. Aren’t you angry? What now???? Do you sit and take it? Are you looking foreard to watching groundhog day AGAIN?

    1. True … I expressed my concerns about Emery back in March and this transfer window only confirms my doubts … The family of corporate predators is the bigger problem though

  11. Good day everyone, after reading what Emery just said that we should be realistic that we won’t catch up with Liverpool or Manchester City this season. Now what I want to ask this idiot we call a coach is this; Has he not seen Zidane, can he not learn?????? He told the president he does not want Bale anymore in his team and they are looking for ways to ship him out.

    Why can’t this incumbent Coach we have to tell the owners that he wants Mustafi out, Kolasinac out, and xhakha out? Miki out? No instead of the ambitious coach he claims to want to build his team round Xhakha. I am already resigned to us not even competing for any competition this year, I want this idiot that calls himself a coach out of the team next season along with those blood-sucking mercenaries we have in our club. Who on earth doesn’t know that we need a proper CB, LB and a winger, instead this pathetic nincompoop is chasing Zaha? Is it a crime if we chase Rúben Dias of Benfica? he will totally change our defense line, or what happened to Raphaël Guerreiro of Borrusia Dortmund? Why can’t we get the Everton deal over the line? these three players will automatically make us title contenders and in the nearest future, we will sell them double or even thripple the price we got them because they are young, ambitious and elite players! I don’t even have words to describe everything that is happening in our dear club right now, I advise you all just stop bothering yourself and simply accept one more season of mediocrity because that is what they have turned our beloved club to.

  12. Why Willock was substitued at half time instead of Mkhi/Ozil only Emery knows. Same decisions as towards the end of last season.

  13. Wow..we blew a 2 goal lead…just like the other gazillion times we did under Wenger. Same dreadful defending still with us. This coach is no better than the last.

  14. Ah the much Maligned and lesser spotted (on the pitch anyway) Mesut Özil. Even though he looks disinterested, his languid style is deceptive as he usually ranks near the top for distance covered during a match.

    He is world class even if he doesn’t show it at times.

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