Official Arsenal team to face Sevilla – It looks like our strongest line-up….

Today’s the day that the home Arsenal fans can finally get a glimpse of our new signings as the Gunners take on Sevilla for the Emirates Cup, and there should be an amazing atmosphere for the big day.

But it certaninly won’t be an easy game, as Sevilla are no pushovers. In fact the last time they lost a game was 3-2 to Real Madrid back in April. Since then they played 6 games in La Liga (4D + 2W), and in preseason they have drawn with Tottenham, beat Sporting Lisbon on penalties and beat Angers 6-0 in their last outing.

So I picked a very strong team earlier and predicted this would be the line-up…



And now we have the official Arsenal team that has just been announced, and by golly i got it totally correct!

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    1. We all know that you can watch on Arsenals website if you pay, but a little bird has told me that it is on YouTube: Sevilla FC TV….

      It’s working for me….

    2. Look for yosine app. If you can deal with the initial adds or if you can stop the adds altogether, then you’re good to go.

  1. Strong team by any standards. Another striker and midfield player and we can challenge for TOP spot.
    Sevilla are a good team so should be a good game. I’m getting excited.

  2. On paper, Our strongest starting lineup is as strong as Man City Team B, that is why they will challenge for title this season and we will challenge for Top 4.

    City are slightly more likely to win the title than we are likely to clinch 4th. Reason being our bench is not looking pretty

    On Pa

  3. Nice to see what our players can do with the shackles being removed! Let’s hope the same is applied in the EPL.

    I think if Tomi was starting this would be our strongest lineup

  4. The starting line-up may not have many surprises, but the subs bench has some interesting appearances?

    1. Let’s hope we actually use it, can’t think of a better situation to ring the changes. 4 up and pre season.

    2. Two more players and we could be right up there. I hope we play like this all season starting with palace on Friday

  5. Great job since Sevilla is a top La Liga team, but let’s see when Vieira and Palace decide to play like Stoke City

    1. @gotanidea,your big men will be soundly beaten.with all their size attribute you admire they don’t make european qualification challenge talk less of the tittle which to me totally makes it worthless.see them on friday.

  6. Ok a friendly but what was really encouraging was the interplay and movement between Jesus saka maritinelli and odegaard .. saliba I’d clearly quality but will need a few games to strike up a partnership with gabriel .. but thoroughly enjoyable watch

  7. We are two signings away from mounting a serious title challenge and winning major trophies again, on a consistent basis.

    A tidy, press-resistant CM in the mould of Gundogan/Bernando Silva (Milinkovic-Savic/Paqueta) and world-class versatile and scoring winger (Sane/Joao Felix). Slight upgrade if we can’t get these players, but at the right price will be Tielemans and Jared Bowen. Those will upgrade Xhaka and improve Martinelli and Saka and give us insane squad depth that can withstand injuries to first teamers.

    The final squad will look like this:

    Team A/Team B/Team C

    Xhaka/New CM ?
    Martinelli/New Winger/ESR
    Saka/New Winger/Nelson

    Subsequent transfer windows will focus on a securing a reliable 3rd striker – A target man. Hopeful Biereth/Moller turn out to good enough. Replacement for Elneny at the end of his contract and backup GK depending on how Turner turns out to be.

  8. Should’ve replaced most of them in the second half, because we’ll need them a few days later. This is just a friendly match

    1. Yeah it’s a long season and we all saw what happened last season when we needed to reply on squad players that weren’t match fit.

  9. He want his first team players to get 80 to 90 minutes ready for Friday nextweek. No need trying to experiment at this crucial time. The fringe players had enough practice in Germany and USA, time to focus on business.

    1. I understand that but you are forgetting that a team is not 11 players.

      Can you tell me the point of the literal 25 seconds of play that Lokonga and Nelson got?

  10. So he should give Nelson, lokonga, Elneny and Co 45 minutes and end up having 85% of the squad without fully tested for 90 minutes? This is dress rehearsal for palace. No time for 9 substitutes. There’s enough games coming up for them to proof themselves. They are not going to be involved at palace anyway so why start them or bring them on in the second 45? If they got zero minutes at palace and we win 6:0 I will not complain.

  11. Given this season allows up to 5 substitutes with a fully fit squad, our depth on the bench might just about be enough but it still looks a little light, even when veira and Tierney are fit again. Good pre season and hopefully will transfer into a good start to the season. If we move bellerin and Pepe on we will need some new faces in for sure

  12. Our first 11 should be 90 minutes ready, then those that will come in for 20 minutes are already good to go for 20 minutes from USA tour, some are ready for even 75 minutes, so if the manager decides not to put them in the 45th minutes, it has not impacted their readiness.

  13. Arsenal was only one character from spelling Sevilla with goals.

    I respect Aubameyang. But who needs Aubameyang when we have Jesus?
    Now we have strikers that know the location of the post and hardly miss.

    1. So it appears that Saka is our first choice penalty taker for the upcoming season. Would have preferred it to be Jesus though, that could make a difference for him in the race for the golden boot as i fully expect him to be involved if his pre season form is anything to go by

  14. What a great friendly match win result by Arsenal today’s afternoon at the Ems. As the visiting Savilla team succumbed to the superior firepower in high goals scoring of the Gunners’ team in the match to bow out of it 6 nil to Arsenal at the end of the game. I commend the Gunners who pay in the match for their show of patriotism for Arsenal in the match. More greasy to their elbows.
    And I hope they’ll will all make this massive win today the norm in all the matches that they’ll play for Arsenal this season that opens today.
    But what does this high goals scoring result which Arsenal got today at home against the perceived strong Savilla team indicates?
    I think it has indicated that Arsenal will be the team to beat at the Ems in the EPL and even in the Cup games this season by any visiting teams to the Ems which includes the likes of the big teams of Tottenham Hs, Liverpool, Man City. Chelsea and Man Utd. When they come to the Ems to take on Arsenal in all competitions this season.

  15. So we won the Florida cup and now the Emirates cup.

    Still struggling to know the overrated player one fan mention earlier.

    One noticeable difference with how we played in Florida and today, was how we press with confidence.
    It now appears our three center back gives a level of assurance .
    A midfield general

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