Official Arsenal team to face Sevilla – Raya stays in goal

Arsenal faces a crucial Champions League clash in Seville and Mikel Arteta has named the team that will take on this challenge.


The pressure is on after a recent loss to Lens, and the need for a positive result, preferably a win, is paramount. A loss would be detrimental to their qualification prospects, although not necessarily fatal.

Sevilla, with their European pedigree, pose a significant challenge, having achieved success primarily in the Europa League. It’s a reminder that underestimating opponents, regardless of their domestic form, can lead to undesirable outcomes, as seen in the Lens match.

Matches in Seville tend to be intense, often played in a hostile atmosphere for the visiting team. However, Arsenal has the quality to succeed, and playing to their ability should lead them to victory.

Let us know in the comments below what you think about the team Arteta has selected and what your predicted score is.

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    1. Agreed.
      He spends more time injured than he does on the pitch.
      Surely there is a better player out there.

    2. And I was almost murdered here a few months for suggesting he should be sold in the last transfer window! We’ve got the best out of him and it was time to cash in but now his value is plummeting.

      MA doesn’t care though, keeps getting endless budgets so there’s zero incentive for him to try and create a more sustainable model.

    3. Sad but true. The club needs to invest on another midfielder. The season is just underway and the team cannot rely on him and his game time has been very little.

    1. lol. Ralmsdale is on the bench. The Raya/Ralmsdale debate would be a recurring decimal all thru the season. I think Arteta would make that Raya deal a permanent one.

      1. And I think Ramsdale will be sold in January as the whole R/R experiment clearly isn’t working. It will be the wrong decision in my opinion but Arteta obviously doesn’t fancy him.

    1. Can anyone tell us what’s wrong with Pathey? He didn’t even make the bench. Jorginho didn’t do well against Chelsea. I guess if Sevilla decides to be physical Jorginho and Odegard won’t be able to cope. But we still have the bench though.

  1. Two goalkeepers on the bench and no Partey!
    Even good old Cedric is there!
    Partey must have picked another injury while drinking water 😭😭

    1. May be he got injured while sleeping. He reminds me of Abu diaby, very talented but injury magnet player.

  2. We may be forced to buy another midfielder if Partey has hit the dead end.I don’t trust in Jorginho at all.

  3. We need a convincing win, to do that a massive concentration from all players selected is needed. Sevilla are no pushovers and if you give En-nesrey a sniff he is clinical finisher. Glad to see Tomi Start but the partey injuries are worrying.

  4. During the summer window, I suggested that we should sell Partey off to the Saudi scavengers and invest the money on another DM. My reasons:
    – his injury history, and
    – his involvement in the AFCON
    Many JA readers were of the opinion that losing both Partey and Xhaka in one fell swoop would weaken the team.
    With the benefit of hindsight now, I can’t help feeling vindicated, painful as it is.

    1. Yeah I said the same thing. Fact was we had 4 midfielders, ALL of them 30 or over. We got Rice and sold Xhaka, so still 3/4 of our MFs are 32, 31 and 30. Should’ve sold Partey when we had the chance.

    2. You have a point but what makes partey’s absence even worse is the investment in Kai Havertz. if we had bought a better CM that can partner with Rice, then his absence will not be as big as it is now. We only have two good CM/CDM and one is injury prone and now we are back to where we are last season in terms of depth

    3. Corporateman,
      Please let’s show some respect in our comments. How would you feel if someone were to call you and your compatriots scavengers. The Saudis certainly aren’t scavengers. They only want to improve their league the best way they know how..

  5. I thought that Partey was being saved for this match rather than risk him against Chelsea. If as the reports from posters above suggest he is injured again, then however good he is when fit, the downside is the time spent on the side lines.

  6. Don’t understand Raya playing after having a stinker vs Chelsea. Arteta is a very obstinate man.

  7. I wonder why no body is talking about the biggest problem in this team now, which is attitude of some players not releasing ball to the available players to score goals. This problem is peculiar with Gabriel Jesus, Martinelli, Trossard and Nketiah. Jesus is even making simple things difficult for himself all the time by holding on to the ball for too long.

  8. I find your comment quite racist.

    Your saying a black man should be sent to “the cotton fields”

    Extremely poor choice of words if not racist

    1. @Stephanie. I would say you are very RACIST for thinking like that. I work with the Japanese women’s International team. It’s a saying they have when one of the girls starts lagging off. And it’s all in fun. So don’t call me RACIST. I’ve been on International duties since 1986. Been to hundreds of countries. And I’ve respected every country’s traditions and values. So @Stephanie, if you want to pick an argument with me, bring it on

  9. Their is one better than him and he plays for spu*ds! Tbh Jesus isn’t one to roll too much on the ground, though I’ll admit I only watched the highlights of our game.

  10. I request Ramsdale to start the game a head of Raya. Thank you. My prediction is we beat sevilla 3-1

  11. It’s a bit like watching paint dry
    Plenty of possession but not much else. Rather pedestrian and lacking oomph of any description- especially as Sevilla are nothing to write home about

  12. Another game another team overpowering our midfield. I see now why Man city sold Jesus . Personally i will start Elneny ahead of the ancestor in that midfield . Surely Patino would have been better for this team , hell even Azeez.
    Saka and Odegaard need competition .IT goes without saying we need a striker and Raya can sit back on the bench .

    1. I don’t even recall hearing his name being mentioned that he is doing anything positive on the pitch.

  13. Raya terrible again

    Jesus flopping around like normal

    Jorginho doing his famous 3 meter passes backwards or sidewards and sitting far too deep

    Saka looking tired like he has for the past 6 months

    This what we’ve seen the whole season but many on here are still defending our play this season, you’d think our fans would want us to actually play well

  14. I Wish Partey to have a quick recovery from his latest injury. And return in time for the next Arsenal game at home to Sheff utd in the Epl. But if it’s true he’s injured.
    And also my congratulation to Aaron Ramsdale on the delivery of a baby boy by his wife for him.

  15. Brilliant turn by Jesus to start the counter and a well made decision by martinelli to score the goal. All attention now to second half.

  16. Interesting half. I think our midfield takes way too many touches and too long to make a decision. One thing I miss is xhakas quick one touches to push the ball into the final third. It just needs to be faster and odegaard needs to start demanding the ball more even if he has to drop deeper to get it. There’s been an emphasis on left side of our attack but that’s not where our two most creative attackers are in Martin and saka. Hopefully we improve 2nd half. This game is a must win

  17. Did any body notice the work rate and defending of Tomiyasu down that left side?
    Wow! It has been terrific.
    We probably won’t have lost if he started against Chelsea.

    1. The Chelsea game really felt like a loss to me. At least we probably won’t have conceded the first goal against Chelsea because I don’t see him allowing that cross that led to the Saliba handball.

      1. Tomi is playing so far up the pitch almost in Xhaka position, he’s really inverting well, surely Sevilla will be returning after the break to neutralize Tomi, he’s having a field day high up left.

  18. Sevilla’s manager had obviously not followed Pochettino’s tactic against Arsenal

    I’d be surprised if we don’t win the game, because I don’t think Sevilla’s manager will change his approach in the second half

    Very creative turn by Jesus and Martinelli was very composed

  19. Marvellous turn by G.Jesus to create that chance! Excellent finish by Martinelli as well who calmnly dribbled past the goalkeeper like he wasn’t there. One of the strangest goals I’ve seen.

  20. Glad we got the goal because our build up play is so slow and labored I was beginning to think we might rely on a counter attack. That’s exactly what we got but I want to see us attacking with a little more tempo.

  21. Everyone slagging off Jesus and then he lays on the goal for Martinelli 😂. Keep having a terrible game please Gabs!

    1. Also a good moment of play in the 48th minute doesn’t mean his game before that wasn’t poor. Only someone with zero footballing knowledge would think along those lines 🤣

  22. Micheal Owen commentating said, “that turn Jesus did took 3 Sevilla players out of the game. Those 3 Sevilla players had to buy tickets to get back into the stadium…Ouch 😂😂😂😂

  23. Saka and Odegaard have not even contributed any meaningful pass in this match.
    Since coming back from the international match for Norway his form has really dipped and he needs to be benched and other players given a chance.

    1. Gunner Ray
      In my part of the world when a manager drops a player (Ramsdale) for no obvious reason, we are likely to accuse him of nepotism. The more l think of the Raya/Ramsdale conundrum, the more l am convinced that Raya is Arteta’s kinsman or they are in-laws.

  24. Job done but have to say, very very unconvincing. There are players on the bench for a reason and I think Mikel needs to freshen up the XI.

  25. Does our No.20 midfielder ever look when he makes those backward passes. Thanks to him that is how Spurs got there equaliser in that game.
    I think I have also seen enough of David Raya antics to cause me chest pains. I mean that punch of the ball would have ended up in the back of his own net.

    1. Seems like Raya has a blunder or a near blunder every single game. How long is Mikel going to keep ignoring this? Are our possession stats even that much better compared to last season I wonder. I’m not seeing the improvement of Raya over Ramsdsle.

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