Official – Arsenal team to face Southampton, Lacazette starts

Arsenal welcomes Southampton to the Emirates this afternoon and nothing less than three points will be acceptable.

The Gunners have hit a bit of a rough patch in recent weeks and while the losses to Liverpool and Man Utd can be excused, the awful loss to Everton cannot.

Mikel Arteta is once again under pressure, well, from the fans at least and that pressure will reach fever pitch if he does not guide the team to victory today.

Arteta has been criticised for his team selections and it is vitally important that he gets it right today against a Saints side that is very beatable.

It is not just the gaffer that is under pressure, a number of players are also under the microscope.

This is the team that the manager has gone with, let us know in the comments below what you think of it and if you feel that the Spaniard has got it right.

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        1. Apparently he was scoring goals in training 🤣

          Seriously, I’ve no idea what he’s done, but apparently MA was asked if it’s a long-term ban, his response “It starts today”… so can’t see him making West Ham.
          Disappointing to say the least…

          1. Scoring goals in training – can’t have that….

            A serious thing to have your captain disciplined like that. Can’t wait to hear more and see what this leads to.

            1. Some folks are saying it’s cus he skipped training.
              I don’t think that will be it though.
              The curious question is why wasn’t Auba at training yesterday?
              Even while facing disciplinary issues, players in the past always trained with the first team.
              Did Auba miss training on by his own volition or something with the club?

                1. It’s not looking good for him Sue.
                  Yeah pictures of him getting a tattoo yesterday were making the rounds.
                  Let’s just hope that was an old picture.
                  He’s the captain of the club, he should understand he’s meant to show leadership.

  1. The initial pressers should be Martinelli and Saka, followed by Lacazette or Odegaard. If Arteta instructs the slow Lacazette and Odegaard to be the initial pressers, Soton can bypass that easily

  2. Auba wasn’t in training yesterday, and it was already reported that he’d be sitting this one out.
    No one know the reason yet tho, but I have no complaints regarding him sitting this one at home.
    Hopefully ESR comes on early, and the Xhaka-Partey duo put up a better performance than the last crap they did at Everton

    1. Just read it’s due to disciplinary breech.
      What’s going on with him though?
      Make Tierney or Gabriel captain next season please

      1. That’s a good point – not sure who I’d want as captain, but it would have to be someone who deserves to play every week. Right now ramsdale is the first name that comes to mind but it’s too early.
        Last year I’d have said Tierney for sure but he put on some bad performances at the start of the season and rightly lost his place, so now I’m questioning off he’s reliable enough.
        I’m not convinced Gabriel is ready for that role just yet either, although at least he is a nailed on starter..

  3. Do you remember when MA said that Balogun and AMN were part of the plan for this season 🤣 If Partey and Xhaka stay fit, Lokonga and AMN might as well go on a long holiday

    Is Auba sick or he the latest to join the “ousted for challenging MAs ego” list?

    Sure we will win but highly doubt we’ll see a full, solid 90 min performance.

  4. Very predictable line up.
    We will play exactly the same as Everton and Man U the difference being we are playing at home v a team in 16th so that is why we should win nothing to do with performance, tactics or formation.

    1. It’s really frustrating – I think that team could be decent if martinelli and odegaard just swapped positions but the way we’re likely to line up, I’m expecting a dull performance

      1. Martinelli looks much better when in the center of the pitch in my opinion.

        Tomi White Gabs Tierney
        Partey Tavares
        Saka Marts Pepe

        Would be my team

  5. I definitely can’t read Arteta’s mind🙄

    Heaven knows what the disciplinary problem was but it’s the last thing that we need. Anyway, it gives Martinelli a chance to shine 🤞🤞

    1. The last thing that we need ? Auba brings bately anything since a year and half. Does not lead anything. Not a captain. Not anymore a big PL striker. 3years/55m one of the biggest in PL. I dont mind if he is upset and go, he laready had many many chances to play even after not impressing (opposite of AMN). we need focused and harwork players that love being here, not underperforming divas

  6. While I respect mikels choice to punish auba I can’t help but think it’s down to tactical disagreement and arteta felt challenged. I’m never taking sides on this cause both have failed our club bigly this season. I just hope this doesn’t turn into another buck passing circus for mikel and his disciplines. Every player has regressed this season, white is officially on fraud watch, he seems not to understand epl attackers and doesn’t want to watch such games in his free time to have a better understanding of this players.

  7. As I said before,as much I like Auba,MA missed a trick at the start of the season,he should have chosen a new captain and leave Auba to concentrate on his own game,then he waited too long to bench Auba and give him a rest,I think the last straw was MA using Eddie as a sub before Auba,bad decisions after bad decisions from the manager if you ask me!

  8. Hahahaha. I love Sue telling me that aubameyang is our player and that i should be supporting him and blah blah blah when i said about him not performing since he signed his contract. Point proven!! We should have got rid when we could have commanded a higher fee. But now, we’ll probably get max 20 mil for someone that used to be a world class striker!

    We offer too much money, too soon to players that havent earnt it. No disrespect to aubameyang for the goals he has scored, but giving him 350 a week just to keep him here is ridiculous.

    We should have benched him ages ago

    1. I’m pretty sure he’ll be a great striker again. As long as it’s a side that is a genuine title contender. Auba is a top player without a top trophy. Think about that for a bit. Plus, he ain’t getting any younger. I just hope Arsenal find him a right suitor in January.

  9. Quite right MJH. Nobody at Arsenal seems to realise that we need to sell players at their peak to get in the big money to strengthen weaknesses in the side. At the same time we have to be signing up top class youngsters. We seem to expect players to last forever when they sit on big fat contracts.

  10. 17 minutes gone and we have had … no shots on goal. The lack of creativity and character in this team is unacceptable.

  11. Great goal….very sad that it’s takes a disciplinary action to remove deadweight from the team instead of the manager having intellect.

    We’ll take that second goal🤣

    2 0 up you’d think we were playing well, we are looking shakey at the back.

    1. I agree,MA should have benched Subs earlier and give him a rest and take him out of the limelight,instead of waiting for things to get worse for both Auba and their relationship.

    1. Ah! It’s Mr Moany back on the Board!

      You’re right though, we should be 4-0 up at half time in every game of course..

    2. Even @ 2-0 It’s beyond ridiculous how woefully
      pedestrian Arsenal is in attack. Other than Saka’s
      predictable choke, Laca (2X) and Gaby both had one
      on one opportunities against Cabalero and inexplicably
      refused to pull the trigger. SOS regardless of who MA
      sends out.

      Meanwhile watching Torreria boss the midfield and
      Vlahovic scoring goals for fun @ Florentina. LoL.

  12. Horrible first ten minutes that could have made Soton score. Fortunately, our players’ technical skills allowed us to make the beautiful teamwork goal, despite the slippery surface

    The second goal showed that lady luck smiles on us today. We should’ve scored more goals in the first half due to Soton’s awful defense and some great chances created, but it was a good performance overall considering the dressing room problem

    4-4-1-1 remains a risky formation to use, because the CF/ CAM become the main high pressers and it invites the opposition to penetrate our wings. It enables us to play from the back and made us won 10+ games, but I’d prefer a more frontal formation

  13. Bet Arteta is warning about complacency and demanding the third goal as we have relinquished too many times while in front

  14. I just have to say this, and I honestly do no mean to wind anyone up, but once again I would reiterate that our team is not a top 4 team and that Saka’s miss are the small margins that will continue to hurt us, these are chances “our top 4 rivals” would convert. He missed the same against Palace and Watford, Smith decided to take a shot when Pepe was free I think it was against Palace also and we almost lost the game, remember that Martinelli miss when we were one up against United.

    Am I blaming these talented young players? HELL NO! But the point is I don’t have to be an Arteta-in or out before I can be objective and honest in my assessment of the team.

    Our front line is still not balanced tbh, we lack composure and ruthlessness, it is really so evident- I always wish Saka has Pepe’s finishing ability or Pepe has Saka’s intelligence on the ball, some of these things can’t really be coached. we have a long way to go! I am not saying this I wanna support Arteta it is the hones truth!

  15. rubbish first 20 minutes, but after we scored the first they collapsed. should have finished it already have we had better attackers.

  16. Listening on my Arsenal app audio with Jeremie Aliadiere as pundit. He described a sloppy start – agreed as the commentator described a bright Soton spell. Sounds like a great counter attacking goal for Lacca and from the Odegaard goal onwards it’s been going our way. Keep at it!!!

  17. Imagine being AMN or Lokonga, watching Xhaka, and know that you are for some reason, behind him, in the pecking order.

    1. no doubt, that would definitely be a kick in the junk for anyone with an ounce of pride

    1. Yea his passing is shite under pressure,if he’s got time he looks good but you could say that about any player (well maybe not Xhaka )

  18. Southampton are there to be had, and we’ve scored 2 goals like we should have.

    We have to get 3 points in games like these, no excuse.

    Come out in 2nd half and stay aggressive and get that 3rd goal to bury them rather than go defensive and absorb pressure.

    This will show if Arteta has learned anything from the Everton loss or if it’s the same defensive tactics and expecting a different result

  19. Now is the perfect time to make chanes and keep the squad as fresh and bench players match fit/on show to sell.

  20. Martinelli needs to play in the middle, everytime he come in he looks dangerous. Doesn’t seem to be a natural wing.

  21. Laca’s unlucky!I saw a post earlier saying that Laca would never give 100% for the team again,how wrong!

  22. What on earth has happened to Southampton? They used to be such a decent team that played well….I’d be pissed off if I was a Saints fan.

    1. That shoe has been on our foot a couple times this season; against City, Manu, and Liverpool.

      Just glad that today at least we’re doing it to someone rather than having it done to us.

      Look a different team compared to that limp and stale one that went to Everton.

  23. Arteta has to be something strong if Martinelli is relegated to the bench again. Barring injuries of course.

  24. To be better than Xhaka you need to be making 1 or 2 fewer mistakes and be average at passing. Why does he start man?

        1. Against Man United, we deserved a penalty in the first half.
          VAR decisions are favouring the top 3 teams.

  25. figure out this one, Laca goes off and gives the armband to someone who just came on, Holding, who has hardly seen the pitch this season…this reminds me of a time not so long ago when the armband meant functionally nothing and was more of an indication of a fragile manager and a glaring lack of leadership qualities within the squad…thank your lucky stars MA that the visitors offered up a result on a silver platter today

  26. 3-0 something to be happy about. Good to see Sue happy again. You become someone the JA family didn’t know after that Everton loss. Good to have you back. If only Arsenal gave half of your warmth.

  27. Congrats all Arsenal fans, so delighted for the “final win” that we were looking for for some time now.

    Xhaka shouldn’t start, give Lokonga more time!

    Tierney still got it! That’s my boy!

    Laca and Ode thanks guys for this performance, I really doubt their skills but today they were great

  28. Lacazette, a great finish from a wonderful length of the field movement (worth the price of admission), Odegaard excellent headed goal for 3 goals in 3 games and Gabriel a forceful headed goal for 3-0. Credit where it is due; however Southampton were poor.
    The selections next week will be interesting, given the performances of Lacazette and Martinelli. Odegaard still gets disparaged by some despite his goalscoring form.

  29. What is the wrong with Laca giving the armband to Holding? I think with all Abua, Xaka, and Laca himself being off the field, Holding was the most senior player in Arsena than all the other players in the field.

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