Official Arsenal team to face Southampton – Ozil and Lacazette on bench

This is a game that Arsenal really has to win and Mikel Arteta also needs a win desperately or the pressure on him will start to increase significantly.

There are injuries galore and of course, there was no chance of Gabriel Martinelli featuring which will lift one cloud hanging over Arteta.

Southampton will definitely be feeling confident and a win for them will see them go level on points with Arsenal and if Burnley beat Watford then a loss for the Gunners could see them drop to 12th in the standings.

This is the team that Arteta is going with to avoid that scenario unfolding.

Is this line up good enough to secure all three points today? Let us know in the comments below.

Links to streams will be put in the comments where to watch the game live and free so keep checking in.

Also, if you go to the official Arsenal website here you will be able to get live commentary text and radio.

JustArsenal predicted line up (for comparison) here

JustArsenal match preview here


  1. 4-3-3 again with Saka and Ceballos as half-wingers. Saka did great as a left mezzala, but I’m not sure whether Xhaka’s mind is still at Arsenal or not

    I expect more shots on goal from our attackers and midfielders. Three shots on goal or less against a poorer team is pathetic for a big team like Arsenal

    …………………….. Martinez
    Bellerin . Mustafi . Holding . Tierney
    ………………….. Xhaka
    ………… Ceballos …………. Saka
    Pepe ………………………………. Aubameyang
    …………………… Nketiah

    1. This selections look good on my phone screen. But I seriously doubt if they can produce good results tonight.

  2. The selection of Ceballos surprises me after his poor performance against Brighton.I had hoped to see AMN start in central midfield with Sak a deployed in the hole,which may yet happen.I applaud the decision not to start Guendousi for obvious reasons.He needs to grow up.

    1. Although I really like him, I’m with you regarding Guendouzi… was not impressed with his outburst about his wages and Brighton’s players. Didn’t think he’d play today and I hope he received a rollicking.

      1. My blood is boiling already! Which arsenal turns up? Rough 90 minutes might end up 12th

      2. It’s a shame to hear that he bragged about his wages. Funny enough, I read somewhere that Maupay earns more than him πŸ˜€. I believe he was just trying to wind Maupay up, get a reaction out of him…… probably in order to avenge Leno. Guendouzi does show passion though, I remember him looking so disturbed having witnessed Welbeck’s injury during one of our Europa games, and he tries a lot for the team, something most of his teammates doesn’t do. He doesn’t have a lot to learn though, and he does need to grow up.

        1. Yes he’s on 10k more 🀣🀣
          You’re right, he does show passion, a hell of a lot, makes up for the rest of the team!!
          I love his reaction when we score… you can tell he really does love the club… and that game against Villa, when AMN was sent off… he was bloody brilliant and that game resulted in my comments about him being our future captain…. not many show that fighting spirit!!

  3. No that these players can’t push the ball round well but character. Can they find character today?
    Nothing short of a win will be accepted.

  4. Can’t see anything other than a Southampton win they will expose our weak players show more desire and come out comfortable winners!!

  5. Oh no, Edie centrally and Auba LW, does not inspire confidence. FFS, why does he not play Auba centrally? One of the top strikers shunted to LW to shoehorn Edie in as striker.
    Does Arteta have a stubborn streak by refusing to play Auba as the striker? I won’t hold my breath, looks like we’ll be chasing Southampton most of the game.

    1. Maybe it’s not so bad Durand.
      It can be crowded in the middle and ghosting in late could give him more chance to get a shot off.
      At least I think that’s the plan.
      Of course for all we know Auba might prefer it – after all he’s the captain so could well have had some say in the lineup.

      1. Spot on! Saka will drift to left more than often leaving Auba space to play more centrally,

        I like the line up, seems like Laca has a foot outside of the club, maybe part of a Laca – Partey Swap,

        Come on Gunners don’t dissapoint us,

  6. I’m surprised we’re not being shown on Comedy Central… maybe next week when Luiz is back πŸ˜‚

    1. Nice and cheerful Sue – that’s the way!
      Hope the team give us all something to be cheerful about.

  7. Let me guess. We’ll have the ball in the net twice but lose 1-0. Just because our players can’t play onside or avoid fouling in the opposing penalty area.

    1. The players didn’t follow the line-up and dynamically changed the formation to confuse Soton. It’s similar to how Arteta used inverted RB before the long break

    2. Saka and auba told to use the left flank belerin helping in attack and looks like a 3 man cb

  8. Caught a quick glimpse of our players in the stands… Sokratis sniffing his armpit and it looked like Ozil was asleep πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

  9. One goal from a very possible three!
    Anyway, won’t matter as long as we have all three points at the ebd of the day.

    1. Missed first half 30 mins in to second half and I can’t recall us putting together a sequence of 4 passes … outclassed by a lower table outfit … don’t know what arteta is trying to do

  10. my goodness, need to learn to finish off a damn game. it’s ridiculous. better choices from Auba and Eddie are ruining what should be a 2-0 game by now against a poor Soton side.

    1. Why do we try to play it out from the back, we aren’t good enough and the players look like they dont want to do it. We are not man city

  11. 44 points behind Leaders, and our football’s a bore

    We’ve gone like this for too long I can not take it any more………..but 3 points I don’t complaint we won

  12. Yay!! We’re not going down!
    Well done to Rob – MOTM!
    I know it was scrappy and their GK was De Gea-esque, but a win’s a win and I’ll take that all day long….
    Now come on City πŸ‘Š

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