Official Arsenal team to face Standard Liege

The second game in the Europa League for Arsenal this season and they will be looking to make it two wins in a row.

Arsenal welcomes Belgium side Standard Liege to the Emirates this evening in a match that both sides will be hoping to make it two wins on the trot in this years Europa League competition.

Emery was expected to make wholesale changes to the team that drew 1-1 with Manchester United at Old Trafford Monday night and he has not disappointed.

Tierney, Bellerin and Holding all start and Maitland-Niles makes his first reappearance following his sending off against Aston Villa. Additionally, he will be playing in midfield, his favoured position.

Most notable is the absence of Mesut Ozil, he does not even make the bench, looks like his Arsenal career is over.

The game kicks off at 20.00 UK time and shown live on BT Sports.

Links will be put in the comments where to watch the game live and free so keep checking in.

Also, if you go to the official Arsenal website you will be able to get live commentary text.


    1. Unaiโ€™s treatment of Ramsey and ร–zil is disgusting. Hounding out our best players one by one. Wouldnโ€™t be surprised if he pisses off Auba next. Guys terrified of quality players.

    2. Emery is driving Arenal into a mid-table team. I don`t even wanna watch the UEFA trash, because Arsenal does not belong there.

      1. If you didnt watch it then you missed a good game
        It was a good game to blood the youngsters and see the future
        Driving us in to a mid table team.
        Last season we finished 5th ..disappointing but better then the season before
        We are sitting 4th at the mo.
        Judge the man at the end of the season
        Its going to be a bumpy ride but I am optimistic about the future after watching the kids on show

          1. They mean that over the last two or three seasons ozil hasn’t performed. This summer most fans i know wanted him to leave the club. I think he needs to prove himself again and we don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes- is he disruptive, not impressing in training, not following team instructions? I certainly hope not, and that he gets another chance and uses it to prove his undoubted quality.

      1. Well that’s it Dan, if he can’t even make the EL squad…never to be seen in the red & white of Arsenal again. Wth is Unai on???

        1. Think he might be off in January Sue ..
          Such a shame for emery tbh ,he as no one else in that team thatncan do what Ozil can ,but thatโ€™s on him
          I honestly feel if Ozil goes in jan. Emery wonโ€™t be far behind him.

          1. Dan kit if he leaves in Jan it will be at a very heavy cost to Arsenal Football Club. Freezing him out like this is disgraceful and it will make him strike a very hard deal with the club, he will have to be paid everything the club owes him.. Emery is not doing anyone a favour.

          2. No doubt about it, Dan..
            I just hope we hear the reasons why he’s been frozen out…. although I won’t hold my breath!
            Kind of reminds me of Rioch/Wright… couldn’t stand Rioch…

          3. If ozil leaving will mean Emery following,I will accept it all day we ain’t going anywhere with these guy.just a mid table coach Dan

          4. Dan not trying to sound facetious but no one has quite perfected the way ozil ambles back to help out
            Jumps for a header but never leaves the ground
            Doesnt show up for big games ect ect
            The list goes on
            Like many people here we feel frustrated with the guy because he has wasted his talent and I know you dont become a world cup winner with out talent but that was then and this now and unfortunately it seems he just is not in the managers plans

        2. Small mentality coach. Alienates one of the clubs best players, while the team struggles for creativity. Can’t put the team ahead of his own ego. A recipe for disaster. That tactic cost him his job at PSG. He needs to look at Jose to see how he’s ended up using such tactics.

    1. Sue I give up completely. This is the last time I will say anything about the issue. Have a lovely evening babe.

    2. @Suez what I suspected earlier was true and it’s a tragedy that Ozil’s career had to end this way. I’m still hoping I’m wrong. In any case, the club needs to put out an official statement.

        1. It’s buffling sue whatever happened to him and Emery we’ll never know maybe when ozil leaves he might one day open up.would have loved to see him even on the bench! How many minutes has he played so far?

          1. I doubt he leaves – Arsenal would have to pay the whole freight now, they have killed any value – nobody will pay anything for him.

            He will sit there, meet his requirements at training and get $350K per week. The way this has gone on I don’t blame him either. It really is too bad. Suspect it is a combination of mgmt and Emery being very ham-handed in all of this – got advice from Joe’s management and autobody school.

    3. As we suspected Sue. At least good from my point of view to see AMN further forward. Hope he makes the most of it, along with Reiss who’s yet to get his act together this season.

    4. Yep, no respect at all… Now of course he is playing the B team, ones who won’t play next week-end… Of course it looks good, but of course Ozil should be on not home.

      Hey, let’s watch the boys do it for him. He still managed to not play Chambers as DM.

      Yep, he is Emery’s black sheep, not in first team nor in B team! Niles will also be benched as all B team. He is in his position tonight, let’s see, but we know already!

  1. Interesting team – hope they will do well, and interesting to see AMN in midfield. He should be more suited to that.

      1. right winger or the right side of a diamond. Either way, that is where he should be best, so let’s see.

  2. Nice attacking lineup from Emery and one I think/hope will be similar to how we line up in the PL going forward.
    Excited to see how our new look backline performs together. COYG ๐Ÿ”ดโšช

  3. I’m excited to see Holding, Tierney and Bellerin. Also, AMN in the midfield that would be one to watch. Overall, a balanced team, much better than that at Old Trafford. Is that 4-3-3? or 4-2-3-1 with AMN and Nelson as wingers? Curious.

    1. Personally I think it will be a 4-2-3-1 but I can see it potentially working either way, just think it would work better as a 4-2-3-1

  4. It looks more positive then the United squad

    Happy with Ceballos, Wilock, Torreira midfield

    Niles playing in midfield should be a good change

    Interesting to see how Martinelli performs. Aubameyang is on the bench if needed


  5. AMN is playing in his preferred role, let’s see how he take this opportunity, am really happy with that midfield.

    1. Same here, really want him be given opportunities in the middle of the pack. Hopefully he adapts quick and impress just so his career can be defined. Good amd loyal lad he is.

  6. Unbelievably lightweight in attack.
    Great game for Bellerin and Teiney to get 90 minutes competitive action.

    1. Really? With Auba, our best striker benched along with all his favourites; Xhaka, Socratis, Luiz, Kolasinac, Guendouzi, Leno?

    2. Emry can be suicidal at times:playing a diamond tactic at Anfield and giving Liverpool a walk in the park on the wings was a sackable offence…

  7. People are talking about Ozil not being in the team. If he had been included we would say he has been belittled. Against Man U, we had forgotten that he is not a big game player for us.
    Would have still loved to watch Saka today.

  8. Just excited to see our young guns playing.curious to see how Niles playing in that position.come on goobers let’s make it 2

  9. We once had a manager who was deemed too nice and now we have a manager who takes no BS and cuts out and even sells players he does not want…and yet both managers get criticised! Cant win either way! Damed if you do, damed if you dont…

    Good looking team tonight

  10. I suspect AMN will start as a conventional right winger with Ceballos in the “number 10” role. This youthful team is full of energy with AMN and Nelson providing legs to dovetail with Bellerin and Tierney in attack and just as importantly in defence.Resting Saka is a sensible decision.Look forward to an open game and a home win.

  11. Lots of players have been frozen out of their club or national team set up. Sometimes fairly. Sometimes unfairly. Some of them put their head down, work hard and fight to get back in the team (think Beckham at Real and with England; Bale at Real). Others drift away. Sadly I can’t see Ozil anywhere but the latter camp. Hope I’m wrong but suspect I’m right.

    On to tonight’s team, excited to see Tierney and Bellerin on the flanks and AMN in a role more suited to his game.

  12. Not very nice how they are handling Ozil but Ozil isn’t so innocent either. Grabbed the board by the balls and squeezed out that fat contract which he really wasn’t worth. Live by the sword die by the sword.

  13. Why are you all complaining about Ozil weren’t you people fuming in the past about Ozil still playing for Arsenal. Why all the whining now?

  14. Ozil isn’t dropped because of any injury or illness, but Emery didn’t want him. That’s the official statement thus far, and Twitter is going crazy I’m told.

    Coming to the team, AMN is playing in that position for the second time at home, the last he played there was against Liverpool, if my memory serves me right.
    Hope Reiss will play himself into form starting with this match.
    Very happy for Martinelli to play as a striker and I’m sure he will excel.
    I’m sure there will be a good partnership developing in the midfield between Ceballos, Willock and Torreira
    Tierney & Bellerin will light up The Emirates and Holding should be happy to get game time. Our future captain.

    1. Viju Jacob – maybe you can explain.
      Emery did all the prematch interviews.
      Emery is named as coach on the official line-up.
      Emery the one standing in technical area barking orders.
      ร”zil was left out alltogether.
      What is the role of your Europa League coach Freddie Ljungberg in all this???

      1. No role for Eddie as Emery is the coach of the Under 23 team, innit?

        For crying out aloud, what is the system of play on the pitch? The one Emery adopted at OT or what we played against Forest.

        That should answer your doubts.

    1. Woooooow these young guns! I expected to be intertwined and we’ll they haven’t disappointed.Martinelli staking claim there ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ

  15. And this is the reason we don’t need Ozil. We are better off with Ceballos and Wilock

    I also think Martinelli should challenge Saka for left wing now

    1. But why must he dribble before passing a ball. If nobody is around to dribble he dribbles himself. The guy is good though.

    2. Is he playing from the left wing? Can’t you see he is a striker and has impressed with his goal tally? What would he do on the wings if he plays there? Run around like the headless chicken called Reis Nelson.

  16. That’s right, not about age, but coaching; B team is on to keep the first team rested for week end. But as I posted for days, our so called N team is way more exciting ! We would be leading Epl, beating reds with this team!

  17. Although Ozil is obviously a fine talent, I think Emery is looking to the future. Most clubs now are going away from paying massive amounts for one player, which is simply not sustainable and preferring to ply funds back into development. Forgive me if I don’t miss Ozil a single time this season.

  18. I thought we all agreed this Ozil treatment is not only the coach decision. I dont believe UE has that much power to freeze the highest paid player in our history and no one raises eyebrow

  19. This team would have scored at least 2 to 3 goals at Old Trafford. The energy, the will was just perfect. Tierney was superb down the left with Nelson. And Martinelli is showing great signs of a clinical striker. Nelson needs to be more clinical and pick his shots unhurriedly but he was doing great cutting in and letting Tierney overlap. And Willock has the perfect energy to be in the heat of midfield. Alongside Torreira he can be more offensive as Torreira really helps with the defending and pressing, allowing players like Ceballos and Willock to shine. Defense was secure enough. AMN looked very comfortable and sure footed imo. Overall, great zeal in the team.

    1. Please.AMN had a shocker of a nite AND in his preferred position. Isn’t a defender and from this game isn’t a midfielder either. Needs to go
      I finally agree Mustafi is shite. Even against such a poor opposition, you are just waiting for a mistake from him.

  20. We cn all see for ourselves that Xhaka weakens our midfield. Emery is definitely the problem of Arsenal. how he keeps on starting Xhaka in EPL games baffles me. He even went ahead to bring on Nelson instead of Martinelli against Man Utd. Shit of a coach.

    1. And he’s looking pretty peppy, i hope he’s not been drinking Pepsi (7 up is our official carbonated drink now)

  21. Ceballos, Wilock and Martinelli are awesome tonight

    Wish they had started against United. Especially Wilock and Ceb5

    I support Emery but starting Xhaka over Ceballos was a dumb move

    1. Ceballos, Martinelli, Tierney has been brilliant. Also Willock and Torreira has done really well. This is the strength of a good midfield, our defense has been at a lot ease.

  22. Ozil lovers, are you really Arsenal fans or Ozil fans?. Ozil is not fit to play for Arsenal first team again but B team or home game against a weak opposition. I like him personally but not in football terms. He has pass his prime.

    1. The old saying that form is temporary, class is permanent is definitely true in my eyes. I don’t believe he deserves to start at the moment, but i wouldn’t write him off just yet. If he performs well in training and remains patient and professional (as he has done until now, as far as we know) there’s no reason he shouldn’t get another opportunity to win us back over.

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