Official Arsenal team to face Tottenham in the North London derby

Arsenal travel across North London to bitter local rivals Tottenham knowing a win will put them eight points clear at the top of the standings.

This is the starting eleven that Arteta has gone with.

This is a huge opportunity for the Gunners, they enter this game as favourites, not something that we have been able to say for quite a long time, in fact, our record at Spurs has not been great in recent years.

But confidence is high that we can finally inflict a defeat on our neighbours on their own patch for the first time in years.

Of course, Tottenham cannot be taken lightly, they have beaten better Arsenal sides on their own ground in the past, as they say, form goes out the window in derbies but there is a feeling that today is the day when form will matter.

Let us know in the comments below what you think of the Arsenal starting eleven and what your predicted score is.

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  1. Arsenal never won the game after Arteta won the Manager of the Month award and Spuds never won against us four times in a row at their turf, so I bet it’s going to be a draw

    1. @. GAI, we are winning this game. We have Thomas Partey and Saliba in the starting line up. Nketiah will score today

      1. But who is this Sarr in Spurs Line up..
        Never heard or seen him before.
        Somewhere read on Internet that Spurs fans delighted to see him in starting line up

        1. He is a 20 years old Senegalese international.he was signed from Metz(France Ligue 1) but was sent back on loan to must be his 1st season in the PL.

        1. @ GAI, Nketiah still has a goal to score today. Remember this. We are winning this match. 1:0 for now.

  2. Expected line up, probably our best without GJ up front. Hope Nketiah is up for it and bags a couple today. I’ve gone for a draw in the predictions league but I’ll gladly sacrifice my points for a win today.

  3. Arsenal has to make atleast one signing this week the bench left much to be desired.

    Forget about Mudryk, any two of these four will make for a great winter window, Savic, Raphinha, Vlohovic and Ruben neves.

  4. 4-1 to Arsenal. Score 3 goals in the first half. Score the 4th very early in 2nd half. Hopefully the Tottenham supporters turn on their beloved Spudlets and Conte. Get Saliba and Saka off the pitch as soon as possible when it’s safe to do so,,, as those two are on 4 yellow cards. Need them both for the clash at the Emirates against Manchester United. That will be the acid test coming up. If Arsenal take the same approach as they did away to Brentford, we are half way there. Plenty of weak links in Tottenham for Arsenal to exploit

  5. who is this Sarr in Spurs Line up..
    Never heard or seen him before.
    Somewhere read on Internet that Spurs fans delighted to see him in starting line up

  6. Our first 11 should be playing at its best and secure us the points. The subs does not give you much confidence. On top of that Kulsevski, Richarlison and Bissouma all are fit and available.

    Newcastle just snatched a win at the end of the game.
    Chelsea got away with a draw at Emirates earlier (eventhough Chelsea should have been going with all 3 points but were just robbed by the ref)
    The Mudryk saga.

    We need those 3 points most badly now than ever this season.

  7. It went it at the third time of trying. It’s clear our coaches have instructed Odegaard to shoot from a distance a low ball to Lloris left hand side.

    the goals seem to have drown the boos at Partey, lol.

  8. Superb performance..
    One of the best.
    The only thing is that Martinelli need to up his game in 2nd half..
    He was completely passive in the 1st half..
    Didn’t possess any threat to Spurs..
    He need to grow in the game

      1. I don’t think so…
        If you are comparing his performance with Spurs players then he is playing way better but if you compare his performance with other Arsenal players then he is poor…
        Didn’t even beat his marker once in entire half..
        Didn’t put any threatening balls in final 3rd..
        His dribbling is off bit today

  9. Arsenal played like a champion today!

    Kudos to Conte for not parking the bus. He’ll have no choice but to make his team more gung-ho in the second half

  10. Never count your chickens before they hatch but we look like champions today. Great performance if we kill of Spurs famed 2nd half push then we are full value for our 8 point lead and will be clear of 5th Spurs by 14 points. Wow!

  11. Spurs have been so poor and we have been so strong and purposeful. Flowing football at times, and at others, retaining possession – we have been able to dominate Spurs for almost all the first 45 minutes.
    It’s not a case of the 3 Musketeers, but the 11 Musketeers.

  12. Come on boys, keep the focus!!! Spuds are on thin ice, 2 defenders on yellows and getting frustrated.

    They’ll come hard but we just need to keep them frustrated. I smell a red coming their way..

    Come on lads!!!

  13. IF WE DONT WATCH OUT. IF WE GET CARRIED AWAY STUPIDLY, WE ARE GONNA GET A SERIOUS SHELLACKING IN THE SECOND HALF. Our players are starting to be too casual for my liking.Zinch just lost the ball so stupidly i nearly punched someone. We should stop playing like we’ve got this wrapped up. The scum only need a goal to turn this game on its head.

  14. I honestly prefer a deep low block. Bring on holding, let’s frustrate the hell out of them.The NLD is a very weird fixture.

  15. I don’t whats the deal with some of ex Arsenal players is? Specially Paul Merson, he is always chatting shxt. So he thinks anyone can play in party’s place at the moment in the game because spuds are poor but you need to play well to make other team look poor. Party has bossed the middle again. That’s the sign of world class players they seem to create space when there is none and it’s their quality which shows they have a lot of time.on their hand.

    1. Simple Logic…. like that!!
      Partey effort also would of been a goal of the season contender aswell. Bossing proceedings in there so far.

  16. The Gunners playing in this NLD big game match today’s evening MUST put the Mudryk failed transfer to AFC saga being them in their match encounter against Spurs. And not allow the unpleasant episode affect them negatively in the match. But use the displeased happening as a positive mental strength in the game and make Tottenham Hs pay for the sin of Chelsea highjacking the Mudryk transfer deal from Arsenal by inflicting a heavy defeat to them in the match.
    I predict a final scoreline of: Totts 0-3 Arsenal @full-time.

      1. He didn’t touch him ,what you on about ,stayed down holding his ankle for 1 min ,disgusting from any player be it our own or opposition.

        1. He jumped the challenge to avoid injury. Xhaka didn’t touch the city player when he got red last season and you didn’t defend him. Unlike this case the city player didn’t jump out the way just wasn’t touched at all. Suggesting Xhaka should have taken an injury to prove the point?

            1. Just curious why you didn’t take this issue other times. When Xhaka was on the receiving end and actually got sent off

              1. Stop trying to make out that I have an agenda against him ,he didn’t get touched he stayed down because he knew the spuds player was on a yellow ,it was embarrassing end of story ,I would have said the same if it was Martinelli,now move along and annoy someone else .

                1. If it was reversed you’d so be having a go at Xhaka right now for being reckless on yellow and how he’s lucky to be on the pitch. Agenda or not, you would and have repeatedly.

                2. Just ignore Angus, he can’t handle people having a different opinion. Really poor character trait, shame.

                  1. Don’t have time for those that will slate Xhaka for both sides of the same coin. Forgive me. It’s not a different opinion, the likes of you and Dan have no consistency and change with the wind when it suits particularly in regards to Xhaka.

                    Xhaka has proved you both wrong this year.

    1. The guy tried. Strikers also have an off day. Let us support our players. We are 8 points clear. That is all that matters for now. Let us celebrate

    1. Great first half, that’s when we did the damage.
      – 2nd half:I would call it controlled, mature,professional.we did what we had to do which was to see the game off.
      I like this team, once again we showed different sides/qualities.

    1. Disgusting and the commentary after somehow making out it could be an Arsenal problem after wasn’t great either.

  17. Odeegard is staking a claim as the PFA Player of the Season with his decisive contribution to every Arsenal passing game.

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