Official Arsenal team to face Tottenham – Mikel Arteta going for it

Not long to go now in one of the most important North London derbies in many years. The Arsenal team to face Tottenham has been announced which means we have less than one hour until kick-off.

If Arsenal wins they will go four points ahead of Spurs and almost certainly crown themselves kings of North London and be one huge step closer to the Europa League and have the added benefit of seeing their fan base meltdown and turn on Daniel Levy and Jose Mourinho big time, though according to the Spurs blog The Boy Hotspur they have already started turning on Levy.

This is the official Arsenal team to face Tottenham.

Has Mikel Arteta picked the right team to get the better of Jose Mourinho today? Let us know in the comments below.

Links to streams will be put in the comments where to watch the game live and free so keep checking in.

Also, if you go to the official Arsenal website here you will be able to get live commentary text and radio.

JustArsenal predicted line up (for comparison) here

JustArsenal match preview here

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    1. So playing Torreira at the back is somehow a good idea? You don’t seem like you know what you are saying.

  1. Guendouzi is very talented, but he’s such a rebel. Should’ve admitted his mistakes and play again, if he wants to be a great footballer

    1. Guendouzi is not talented. He is raw. He does not have the pace to play in DM. He is not even strong on the ball. He takes too many touches before passing. He looks for the safest option of passing sideways or to the defence. And lastly, he thinks he is some Dybala or Messi. Sell him now and move on. Sign Thomas Partey

  2. I would have loved to see Auba down the middle, with Saka down the left side of our front line and Laca on the bench. i would have also preferred cedric soares in place of bellerin.

    1. Auba down the middle would mean we have to play on the counter. It would also mean , Auba would contribute less. I don’t know if people who ask for this really take that into consideration.

      1. Exactly. People dont understand what it means for a team having a striker that can hold up play by playing with his back against goal. Won France a world cup

  3. Saka Should have started instead of Lacazette and Aubameyang should be playing centrally which will add Creativity through wings also..

    1. Don’t know why Arteta don’t want Auba to play as main striker. Saka and Pepe are natural wingers. Lacazette sucks.

    2. Aubameyang’s hold-up play sucks and he scores more goals by cutting inside from the left wing, like Henry and Sanchez. Whereas Lacazette’s hold-up play is excellent

      1. @gotanidea But on FIFA you dont need hold up play, you just need speed so Auba is a better choice

  4. Our dominance of North London resumes today…Them Birdies should be put back in Thier place…Our Big black shadow…

  5. Good line up… Saka getting his rest, Good luck Lacazette, hope you get on the scoresheet or do better.
    Mourinho will look to hit on the counter, let’s not allow that

  6. Good lineup except Son Heun-Min is going to fing a lot of joy on the left because of Bellerin.

    Also creativity is zero but as expected because non of those two midis can run with the ball forward.

    1. And Son won’t have to defend at all ? he’ll have Bellerin and Pepe to contend with when we have the ball.

  7. Any lineup will always raise questions from some fans. What matters to me is a lineup that win matches

  8. I don’t about result but one thing is sure either Kane or Son will dive in box and with slightest of touch and they will be awarded Penalty by VAR
    VAR has been curse for Spuds lately but today they will get Penalty through VAR

  9. Pepe’s and Luiz’s minds don’t seem in the game. The others are so sluggish, which reminds me of Wenger’s tiki-taka

  10. No game is winnable. Especially against rivals. We are to mourinho what Sharapova was to Serena. That one win, never to beat her again.

  11. WTF Luiz and Pepe! Did they party last night?!

    The whole team just needs to travel to the other side of London, but they’re so lacklustre like zombies

  12. Only heaven knows why Kolasinac decided to pass tge ball back at that moment..FGS Tierney was calling for the ball..Hw decides to pass pack to Luiz and completely fumbles the pass..
    why we keep giving away cheap goals…that’s the reason we have drawn so many games this season!.. Aaarghhhh!

    1. I am amused that we play one of the most incapable of defending players in a back 3. Remember how a Kolasinac mistake cost us at old Trafford? He should be sold instantly.

    2. Kolasinac has to be the dullest person i have ever seen on the field of play..
      Doesn’t know what to do with the ball even on his strong foot. And wen he does, he just passes it backwards..

    1. Kolasinac obviously..
      He wasn’t even looking at his man to know his position, his eyes were just on the ball.. And wen he releases it, boom..error
      Very dull defender with a low IQ in football

    1. It was Luiz’s fault. He was sleeping the first twenty minutes

      He’s got his contract FFS, but he was still daydreaming in the game

      1. Luiz is moving away from Son to receive the ball . Kola not only plays it away from Luiz, he plays it opposite to the direciton Luiz was moving. I don’t know what sort of body you think footballers have , but changing direction takes a second. Even of FIFA

  13. Pepe’s first touches, passes and work rate are atrocious. His mind is definitely still at home

    He should be replaced in the second half

    1. woot?

      he got 2 shots off because of his excellent touches

      and he got 2 fouls from ben davies (one that led to a freekick taken by auba and a yellow card), both are all attributed to his good first touches

      1. He gave away the ball many times because of his awful first touches and passes. He’s so lazy as well

  14. We deserve to be ahead…
    We played really well…
    Bad defenders and bad defending cost us..

  15. Hard to say that was a satisfactory performance. Arsenal were asleep at the start of this game, and some of the players still look it too. Auba should have a goal, and has not been getting back or really been in this game at all. Pepe took ages to come alive, drew some decent fouls at the end but wondering when this man is going to actually show us what he’s capable of. Lacazette, great goal, great first half from him. Glad he is responding and more importantly scoring. What is there to say about our clown defense. All are clowns besides Tierney. Kolasinac with a clown pass, absolutely his fault. David Luiz lets Son take on his shot unopposed though and drifts towards the goal instead. Better to just go with pressuring him and hoping he messes up his shot I feel. I will say that Tierney, Bellerin and Dani have put on good performances. The rest of the squad needs to wake up.

  16. Pepe: Babysitted all thru the night. Kolasinac: Basic defending 101. Bad decision making
    David Luiz: No pace in his game
    Xhaka: Hardly used his right foot. Takes time to pass
    The defence as a whole:Lack of communication

    1. Did you see a good thing? For Example , Xhaka pressing high up got us a goal, Pepe eventualy started to come into the game? Bellerin has been solid so far? Kane hasn’t really gotten a look in? I mean there are positives.

      1. Pepe started to come into the game? You mean his own game? The only thing he does as soon as he gets the ball is face down and start dribbeling until he loses it

        1. he created the most chances, freekicks in dangerous areas, etc.

          as soon as he’s out, you don’t get any offence (our last 23+ minutes)

          1. Pepe created most chances for Spurs, I agree. Gave away so many balls in dangerous positions.

            I think the last 20 mins is more down to stamina than Pepe being subbed. Pepe needs to start learning how to play as a team, not on his own

  17. That goal was all Kolasinac…Luiz was like 10ft away but he still misplaced the pass…Could we do a clear out this transgeer Window pls..Carrying too much dead weight will really hamper our planned resurgence under Arteta…

  18. 3-4-3 is a really good choice by arteta because we have 5 good attackers, xhaka and ceballos making a good duo in midfield. Need to fix that damn defence we get that champions league spot.

    We won’t fix ALL our problems in 1 season so better to fix good objective. 1st get top 4
    2nd solidify top 4 spot
    3rd get involve in title fight.

    1. We need one good defender like and one good CM and one good winger…
      Specifically right winger…
      Left can be occupied by Saka…
      CF is Aubameyang if he stays or Martinelli
      We need good right winger..

    2. We need to continue the 343 formation next season. But not with Kolasinac In defence.
      Also, Thomas Partey should be in that midfield for that to work. It has been a comical season so far.

  19. An incredible goal from Lacazette but an equally incredible blunder from Kolasinac!

  20. In just can’t wait for the season to end. What on earth is someone like Kola is doing in an arsenal team sheet. Basic football sense he doesn’t have. Luis is another clown without legs. Let this story end please. How can you play Said and Luiz in a back 3 and be winning games. Arteta is a magician. Get him his players.

  21. Not winning this game effectively makes this season our worst in a 38 game League, and our third worst PL season overall

  22. Laca and Ceballos the only 2 that really want to have the ball. They have been really good. Pepe really, really awful. You can see Auba really needs a rest, hasnt been himself lately.

    Have to say, Xhaka didnt start that well this game but he’s been playing really well since start of 2nd half

  23. we need Saka or either Nelson, but Pepe needs to come off ASAP. Has been terrible and with our luck close to a sending off as well

    1. they did (saka and nelson came on), and we create zero chances and they stopped defending too.

      thanks a lot

  24. Oh ffs what a bloody surprise… didn’t even need Michael Oliver!!
    So much for oh the spuds are crap… we’ll win, we’re the better team!!
    Absolute pile of crap…

      1. I can’t believe it, QD… it’s groundhog day all over again…. and if I see another bleedin’ back pass I’m gonna scream!!
        We’re the sort of team that’ll end your drought, save your manager’s job…. no fight… no desire….just backward pass x100……I’m sick of it…. not even up for the derby… shameful

  25. Must be so nice for a striker to play against us. 3 central defenders playing against 1 striker, still has acres of space between our defenders. No one is marking. Absolute joke

  26. Why is it whenever we take the lead.. I’m never comfortable… there’s always a brain fart amongst us…. we can’t defend to save our lives…. this is so unacceptable.
    The chavs losing yesterday is looking good after all 🙄

  27. Our back three up against reasonable attackers just don’t cut the mastard. Errors, slow, lack concentration.

  28. no pepe , no win

    i dunno what you guys are watching but substituting him out, the dynamics and balance of the game has changed…

    basically spurs can just focus on attack coz bellerin + saka just won’t do anything

    same as the game as brighton

  29. We have never proved him wrong! NEVER PROVED HIM WRONG!
    Mou once again permitting professional digs on Banter FC.

  30. a simple lead we cant hold for 2 minutes….
    we are playing like crap aside holding possession….

  31. Not surprised. We are awful and people forgot that because we won four games in a row. Let’s be clear, very few playesr we have right now are even close to good enough. So no more talk about keeping Ceballos, extending Mustafi, Lacazette, and stuff. They don’t cut it. Let them go. Our midfield cannot even compete with a deflated Spurs side.

    1. Awful team Sue! They are an embarrassment! I think I’m done watching anymore of this rubbish this season I’ve had enough

      1. It was atrocious, Kev…the one fixture we all want to win and for them all to put a shift in and they can’t even do that!!!
        In their last 5 (?) fixtures they had something like 7 (?) shots on target and we’ve just lost to them!! I want the ground to swallow me, I’m so embarrassed right now….

        1. Oh no doubt about it Sue that Arsenal team are certainly banter FC I should have known when arsenal Twitter were bantering spurs about winning at Sheffield! They should just stop embarrassing themselves! Oh yay happy days we beat Sheffield United away in the cup and Tottenham lost yippee I’ll tell my future grandkids about that! Please end this disastrous season already.

  32. Auba again waste chances. Should have made changes in first half. Pepe, Kola n Auba should have subbed in first half. Shame.

  33. This team just cannot beat good opposition. Which is not to say that Spurs what that good. I watch Arsenal and I to often see a lack of urgency, and a lack of concentration.Arteta has some work to do.

      1. Just 1 loss and you are out on MA, good of you. We have been expecting you to come out immediately we lose one or 2 games. I guess you will prefer Mou instead

  34. 100% artetas fault//he picks the players kola come on,cebellos weak as water,mustafi played every game.willock non league player on and on,martinez fair play son,

  35. Bad game all round. Aubameyang looked tired and was unlucky not to have scored atleast once. Attack was fine for most parts of the game, it was the defence which shot us in the foot. Lots of possession lost in the middle, not good at all. Lacazette was good, shame we couldn’t win. It was a bad time for Saka to come on, he is not playing well in that right hand side at the moment. Tierny and Bellerin were good, except for that corner were Tierny maybe could have done better but it was clear that running all game had almost emptied his reserves. He and Auba are seriously in need of a rest! Attack was fine, Midfield and Defence let us down.
    Onwards to the next game. COYG!

    1. Oh and Martinez was 🔥! Both keepers did well. He was the best player on the pitch for me..

      1. I feel for Laca – that goal was worthy of winning any game… pity our defence had other ideas…

        1. Yeah, Sue. Laca was good today. He was everywhere! He made me forget Nketiah with his work-rate. If only Auba’s shot could have been a little down…

  36. Same crap yet again.. no pride, passion or brains! Useless in most respects and I just hope this is our lowest finish in years now. We need a hard lesson. We are a mid table team. Kolasinac should join the other 7 players who are not good enough!

    1. I could quite easily cry…. and I don’t think any of my Arsenal shirts will be seeing the light of day for the foreseeable…..🤡

      1. Feel so bad too, Sue. We had lots of control over a bad Spuds team. There for the taking but we just never seem to have the gumption or intelligence to do the job!

        1. That’s the story of our seasons, GunneRay….. and we can expect more
          woe on Wednesday (at least your Dad will be happy) 😭

          1. Yes Sue. My dad is chuffed to bits. He does actually pitty me (Gooners). He knows the pain of being a fan owned by Americans! Just hope we end the season with a real bad taste in the mouth now. We need the club to know the reality of how bad things are as a mid table team that is sinking by the year!!

          2. Have you ever wished you followed him, in becoming a scouser?! Just for a split second?! 😄

    2. Kola, supposed to be our 2nd choice LB, I guess MA decision to stick with same 3guys was because it worked so far, hopefully, he get dropped, back to the bench where he belongs, because he has been shaky since

  37. I guess our mf inability to press high gave spurs the opportunity to sit back, overall we were not good enough. Lots of shaky performances, I hope kola get dropped for someone else, and I thought Martinez probably should have done more for the 2nd goal. Bye bye to Europe football

  38. Always feel for Martinez the best goalkeeper we’ve had since Wenger days.

    WITH Luiz who is very casual on the ball, Mustafi who is short and very uncomfortable with the ball, you always have a chance!!!

    Bring back Mavropanos the only defender along Mari that deserve to be in a big team like Arsenal

  39. Why Winks wasn’t booked for holding back Ceballos is beyond me… Only for the Lacazette holding back was he booked.

    How I fail to understand what the difference of the two is.

    I guess the answer to that is “Michael Oliver”.

  40. I waited to see the outcome of this game to ascertain if we I would want us to play Europa next season, but I think it’s best for us to finish 9th and avoid qualification. While I would have loved for us to finish above Spurs and avoid a defeat, it’s still not all dooms as far as I’m concerned. My last wish for us this season is to avoid defeat against LiVARpool at home. This will make it impossible for them to break the 100 point record, equaling it at best.

    While I’m not a fan of Man City, I don’t want Liverpool to set a new record point. The positive thing about this season is that the team overall organization has greatly improved coupled with an improvement in the work ethic of the team as well as the general commitment from the players and Arteta’s commendable improvement and trust in our young stars. Not qualifying for Europe next season might be a blessing in disguise as it will give Arteta extra days in-between games to instill his tactics into the players and more time for tactical preparation for each game.

    Chelsea benefitted from not qualifying for Europe in 2017/18 season and won the league the following season under Conte after switching to 3-5-2 after the 3-0 defeat to Arsenal at the Emirates stadium. I see this team playing better next season provided the club utilize the transfer market smartly and clear out the dead woods.

    1. I detest Liverpool, but let’s face it, we couldn’t even beat a poor spuds side, we’ve got no chance against that lot! Kolasinac has had his fair share of brain farts lately, Mustafi or Luiz are due one, for sure!
      No Europe – we’ll struggle to get back in it I reckon!

  41. I know Kola made a big mistake which eventually cost us the game but we should have created more good chances against a poor Spuds side with all the possession we had. Sideways and backward passes don’t win football matches and someone should tell Ceballos that he is allowed to play the ball forward. Plenty of possession, looks good on the eye but little end product, I don’t think we should take up either the loan or buy option on him. Pepe was poor all game and if we had young Saka in from the start we would probably have won the match but I do understand MA’s reason to rest him.

    This season is more or less written off now but I can see the improvement under MA who deserves to be backed by the owner in the close season.

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