Official Arsenal team to face Watford and live stream update

Both Watford and Arsenal will be looking to get back to winning ways today, especially Watford who have yet to register a win this season.

Arsenal drew last time out against bitter North London rivals Tottenham and Watford picked up their first point of the season away at Newcastle United.

Arsenal will go third today with a win over the Hornets and Unai Emery has gone with an attack-minded team as was expected.

Mesut Ozil has been brought in to replace Alexandre Lacazette who has been sidelined through injury.

Despite some speculation, David Luiz keeps his spot in the centre of defence.

The midfield trio of Guendouzi, Xhaka and Ceballos looks solid.

Overall, this looks like a team that can deliver goals.

The game is live in the UK on pay-tv channel Sky Sport and kicks off at 16.30 UK time.

Links will be put in the comments where to watch the game live and free so keep checking in.

Also, if you go to the official Arsenal website you will be able to get live commentary text.


  1. kev says:

    Going to be a tight match. I see it being a 2-1 Arsenal or Watford win

    1. Phil says:

      Kev-at least Emery has shown some attacking intent don’t you think? He was rightly criticised for being too cautious against Spuds so it’s interesting to see how he has changed his mind.Im more confident of a win than you it seems.

      1. kev says:

        Yeah I agree with you. I just think Watford’s team is also very combative and with our away form you never though it should be said that they are out of form right now.

      2. Lenohappy says:

        My dear Phil, I hope your ozil take his chance today because if he didn’t I dont think he will see another opportunity again except from the Europa league , am happy he did not play Nelson though.

        1. Phil says:

          Well we will soon see won’t we

      3. Rkw says:

        ? but with xhaka as anchor ( or more correctly albatross) we could win or loose 3 1 depending on way the wind is blowing!!

  2. Someone says:

    Is it 4 4 2 formation ?

    1. Kenyanfan says:

      Good lineup. Replace Xhaka with Torreira and I’ll call it perfect. At least for once and first time this season I see a good lineup

    2. kenyanfan says:

      In the meanwhile Eddie came from the bench to help Leeds win 2-0 .6 goals in his last 8 games. Impressive. Arsenal Fc has 6 EPL goals after 4 matches

  3. simon says:

    attack not bad
    .not convinced at the back..anyway..arsenal win 4-1

  4. John0711 says:

    im sorry but Xhaka again ?

    1. simon says:

      are you surprised?

  5. simon says:

    are you surprised?

  6. gotanidea says:

    Diamond again? It might be too narrow to contain Watford’s wide players such as Deulofeu and Welbeck:

    …………………….. Leno
    Maitland-Niles . Sokratis . Luiz . Kolasinac
    …………………….. Xhaka
    ………………Ceballos ………… Guendouzi
    ……………………… Ozil
    ………….. Pepe ……………. Aubameyang

    But I wouldn’t criticize Emery till I see the game

    1. 350oz says:

      No gotanidea, I believe it’s 4-2-2-2
      Guenduozi and Xhaka as the holding midfielders, Ozil and Ceballos as the attacking midfielders (similar to Man City, they are positioned inside left and inside right respectively)

  7. Ddog says:

    would have liked to have seen Nelson but understand going with Ozil. will be interesting to see how he links up with Pepe and Auba

    1. Eddie says:

      Ha!! Mesut, Kolasinac, and Pepe all at once.
      Dear Sue I don’t wanna read you missed your period?

      1. Sue says:

        Happy days, Eddie… ??? (?? no chance ?)

  8. Eddie says:

    It’s a diamond midfield with Ozil top of it.
    Welcome back boys.
    Sue, Phil, Ken, Lenohappy and Pat!!
    Grab your popcorns ladies…
    Grab your bottle of beer guys?

  9. Sean Williams says:

    Good team except Emery’s ongoing affair with Xhaka. Xhaka is a skillless thug. Hasn’t Emery learned? Xhaka..only Xhaka cost us Champions League football last season. Remember Brighton Emery?????

    1. Sean Williams says:

      Why not Torreira instead of mindless Xhaka?

  10. Francis says:

    Mesut Ozil is starting in an away match

    1. Kenyanfan says:

      Are there players who should play in away matches and others at home? Please let’s stop this kind of stuff

  11. 350oz says:

    Wow, Mesut and Ceballos in the same team.

  12. Chuxzzy1 says:

    Ceballos & ozil in the same match..wawo 3point ??

  13. Gunaboy says:

    Best line up so far this season

  14. RSH says:

    diamond again? Eh. Hoping for a GOOD away performance and most of all three points.

  15. Gunner4ever says:

    Mesut Ozil all the way????

  16. mayert says:

    Now this is what I call a proper lineup.

    Arsenal to score more than 4 goals.

    Except the “left-footed player” conundrum.

  17. paddy says:

    i think after todays game we will know for once and for all if ozil is past his best, or, if he can still contribute to the team. i hope, for the teams sake that he has an appetite to continue playing and playing well.this match is perfect to see if the ozil famclub is right or wrong.

  18. Joel says:

    He’s either playing a diamond formation again where the centre backs will be left exposed by the two players at the tip and bottom of that said diamond.This will leave yawning gaps particularly through the middle of the park.Otherwise he’ll play 4-3-3 with Ozil leaving the full back on his side exposed and Xhaka once again being as good as useless when defending and protecting his back four.
    It seems that Emery is doing all he can to handicap his side at the start of every game .Arsenal have managed to replace a Manager who didn’t see the need to worry about the opposition tactics to one who seems to go out of his way to select players and a formation best suited to help the opposition.

    BTW If Xhaka manages to get through the full 90 minutes without receiving a red card I’ll be surprised.Any Manager who feels that Xhaka should be captaining a Premier League side let alone playing in one surely doesn’t understand the nature of this league and how it differs from any of the other major European Leagues.

    1. Alexis Ozil says:

      The formation is 4132
      ÖZIL in the middle of the 3 midfielders. Xhaka as the only defensive midfielder.

  19. Declan says:

    Nice volley from Eddie today.

  20. Grandad says:

    With Sokratis,Luiz and XhKa in the side no chance of a clean sheet I’m afraid.

  21. ThirdManJW says:

    Ozil, Xhaka, and Luiz starting! This could be a train wreck! I will be genuinely surprised if we win this one…even if it is Watford.

  22. Viju Jacob says:

    Xhaka, Luiz & Sokratis again? Hope it doesn’t end up in an error prone display at the back. Fingers crossed!

    Attack seems perfect with the only negative bring Laca’s injury.

    1. 350oz says:

      Xhaka and Luiz are worrying. Emery doesn’t have the guts to drop players who made mistakes, I include Leno as well. We should encourage competition, bring in Chambers, Torreira, and Martinez.

      1. Viju Jacob says:

        You are speaking my thoughts too…I feel bad for Chambers.

  23. 9ja gunner says:

    Xhaka, as much as I do not prefer him in the starting lineup, is a uselessly advantageous dm that helps the team with aerial balls. That may be why he is preferred.

  24. counsel says:

    This team is good enough to beat Watford, I would only play torreira instead xhaka but I noticed long time ago emery doesn’t rate both laca and Torreira he’s a foolish manager no matter what people think

    1. Nonny says:

      U may be more foolish judging from your comment

    2. Frédéric slimane says:

      Torreira has a knock so can’t play!!

      1. What dyu mean Torreira is on the bench mate!

  25. RSH says:

    Saka on the bench is nice to see tbh. Hope we see him or Martinelli if the game is going alright. For me, lineup has strengths and weaknesses. No change to our CB’s means we are unlikely to keep a clean sheet. Xhaka, is always a worry, Ozil, we have to see who turns up as usual. This game can go several ways. And I hope we are good enough to put in a confident looking away performance and not just looking for our strikers to bail out our defenders and midfielders from sub-par displays. Time to start putting things together.

  26. Ackshay says:

    As much as I don’t like xhaka if we replace him with torreira our midfield is physically outmatched by Watford strong midfield. If we had another tall strong midfield player xhaka would be on the bench.

    1. Nonny says:

      I wonder why people doesn’t see what xhaka brings to the see they only see the mistakes to me xhaka is currently better than torriera at the moment

    2. Alee says:

      Tall and strong but can’t retain the ball =useless. He has given the ball away more than any player in the last two seasons.

  27. Viju Jacob says:

    Like last match, my problems will be in differentiating the two noodle-doodle hairstyles on the pitch?

  28. Lenohappy says:

    Niles is just so so useless

    1. Rkw says:

      He is worse than useless ….

      1. I agree. Niles is struggling but at least he has produced an assist.

    2. Thomaskelly says:

      Well done niles ahah

  29. avenger says:

    15′ minutes first half Arsenal no “cojones”

    1. Frédéric slimane says:

      2-0 what is it you were saying?

      1. avenger says:

        wait and see

  30. avenger says:

    well Abu does not forgive

  31. Danson says:

    Defence splitting pass by Ozil

  32. Viju Jacob says:

    Those who slate Ozil should know that we could have been 3-0 up if Pepe didn’t overrun a weighted pass. As the game goes on Ozil is settling in and that’s what creative players do.

    1. Ackshay says:

      Come on That pass was bad as pepe wanted it in space and the pass was in his feet. It’s ridiculous logic like that who make fan hate ozil fanboys.

      He is playing well and 1st match with pepe so he doesn’t have good chemistry with him.

      1. Viju Jacob says:

        No need to call anyone fanboys…we are all gooners. I was making the point that when they have enough time playing together, the telepathic understanding comes in. I wasn’t critical of Pepe, the lad will settle in fine as he needs time to bed in. Same with Ceballos, as I see him developing a good understanding with Ozil as they seemed to roam all over the pitch.
        Don’t slate Ozil is all that I said.

    2. RSH says:

      that wasn’t pepe’s fault. The ball was behind him, lmao. That said, Ozil has had a good first half in my opinion.

  33. Ackshay says:

    I hate when commentators praise teams who park the bus and get dangerous attack in counters then when we beat them at their own game nothing. We beat Watford by baiting them to press us and hit them.

    Liverpool when they have the ball get it wide and dump crosses almost every time. Many of their goal come by pressing opponents and counters yet they get ridiculous praise.

  34. Skills1000 says:

    Ozil is top quality. It is not rocket science to figure that out.

  35. RSH says:

    2-0 up at HT, not much to complain about. Nobody blowing me away but pretty solid all around. Auba looking lethal and making intelligent runs is why we are 2-0 up. Ozil with some good passing in final third, Xhaka hasn’t done anything bad yet. Let’s keep it going in 2nd half. Niles can step it up though…

  36. Pablomoney says:

    Nice play from the team, good to see Oxil tearing it up and I hope he’s consistent with it. BTW I think Pepe puts himself in positions that makes things quite difficult for him but with time I’m sure he’d gel in

    1. I agree about Pepe. Why he seems so depressed though? I don’t believe I’ve ever seen him smile and the way he angrily lashed out at Cholebas was alarming. Hope he settles in this country. Maybe he needs a pet dog or something.

      1. Pablomoney says:

        Yes I noticed the sudden depression too…. I hope everything is fine with him and he settles quickly, the quality is clearly there

  37. A good job from the boys though our fullbacks seem to be struggling. Pepe as well is struggling but you can tell the quality is in there…somewhere. Ozil is doing well and Aubameyang is having fun! Am calling it, 3 points in the bag!

  38. Malik says:

    Luiz been solid, in fact everyone except guendozi who looks nevervous and AMN who’s having an absolute stinker is doing great! Good on ya mesut for earning your fortune this week. More to come hopefully

    1. Pablomoney says:

      Guendouzi isn’t nervous, he’s a risk taker and sometimes you make mistakes when taking risks but it’s absolutely normal.

  39. Ackshay says:

    Sell aubameyang LMAO
    Best Striker since van persie and people wanted him gone. Remove his pace and he still gets you lots of goals

    1. Danson says:

      A Watford goal seems coming unless we wake up

  40. Rkw says:

    It’s ffing unbeleivable .., i I would fire emery on that goal alone

  41. RSH says:

    It’s like we hate comfortable leads. Required to let any team back into any game

    1. Alee says:

      Hope they don’t capitulate

  42. Ackshay says:

    How can you be so dumb? We were lucky not to concede before.

  43. avenger says:

    thank you Sokrates playing from the back is going to cost us many headaches

  44. Rkw says:

    That’s right xhaka Nikes guinduzhi are useless so let’s take of ceballos … emery is a clueless manager and has in 16 months failed to build a team .., time for him to go if we want a top 4 finish

    1. Odi says:

      What’s wrong with Emery, Ozil is useless. U take away the only fighter in the midfield? Instead of replacing Ozil with Torriera and push Ceballos forward!

  45. Wolf says:

    Emery is clueless. From a comfortable game to hanging on all because of his tactics

  46. Rkw says:

    No clue football … we are painfull to watch … sad

  47. Alee says:

    ? ? this is laughable

  48. Rkw says:

    Time to call for emery’s departure in my books … sick of his utter clueless football

  49. Palmer17 says:

    Top of the table for mistakes leading to goals. Seriously pathetic

  50. avenger says:

    winning comfortable and always suffering in the last minutes typical

  51. maboj says:

    wiilock and neslon cant even run

  52. kokos says:

    I have told you deluded fans on many platforms but I received abuse. I have watch arsenal play over year under him. Any serious minded supporter should know he is at best Europa league coach. Mark today date somewhere ARSENAL WILL NOT MAKE IT TO TOP 5 this year. He is clueless and the eatlier he sacked the better

  53. Skills1000 says:

    Emery deserves a sack. Horrible selection and substitution. He is clueless.

    1. Palmer17 says:

      I’m actually starting agree about him being clueless coz there is no improvement our defence is shocking we give far too much away

  54. Rkw says:

    Worse than under wenger

  55. Tunyzone says:

    Nelson is not okay.

    1. Nonny says:

      Nelson is English trash

      1. Pablomoney says:

        I give up hopes on Nelson

  56. Skills1000 says:

    This is the most disappointing performance I have seen. I’m done with Emery. Bring in Allegri.

  57. Gizzle says:

    After this i think Emery can resign .
    Xhaka should be away from this team .
    Luiz and Socratis patnership is not working .
    This game and the Tottenham game are losses in my eyes because they were winnable . This team has no spine and that comes from the manager . If he goes ahead and makes Xhaka the captain its safe to say its over .

  58. AyParjoule says:

    Arsenal going no where with this man in charge. He can’t even make use of the talents in his care… poor formation poor selection poor performance poor substitution.

    Mehn… shame on Emery @least not having players is not Arsenals problem like we had late under Wenger. I’m sure Wenger will achieve top four if not a title challenge with ease with this players at his disposal.

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