Official Arsenal team to face West Ham – very strong line up

Arsenal will be looking to gain their second consecutive win this evening against West Ham and return to the top of the Premier League.

It has been a great week for the Gunners with Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang signing a new contract and three points against the Hammers will be the cherry on top of the cake.

This is the team that Arteta has gone with and it looks formidable, I cannot see anything than another comprehensive win for the lads this evening.

Do you like the team that Arteta has selected for the game against West Ham tonight?

Leave us your comments below and maybe predict the score at the same time.

Links to streams will be put in the comments where to watch the game live and free so keep checking in.

Also, if you go to the official Arsenal website here you will be able to get live commentary text and radio.

JustArsenal predicted line up (for comparison) here

JustArsenal match preview here

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  1. Sue says:

    Dani 🙂 COYG 👌👍 Who’s up for a front flip celebration?! I certainly am!
    Oh and Wilf just scored – you beauty!!

    1. gotanidea says:

      Roy Hodgson 2, PE teacher 0 😂

      1. Sue says:

        🤣🤣🤣 love it!!

        1. Dan kit says:

          Penalty wasn’t ment to go to place 😂
          Even more shocking that he let them take it again

          1. Dan kit says:


          2. Sue says:

            I nearly fainted, Dan!! It’s unheard of – the opposition getting a pen at OT!!!
            Ayew should never take one again!

    2. Tom says:

      God this so crap same old arsenal waste of time

    3. Thomas Kelly says:

      We or so RUBBISH it out now should av sold him he’s always injured now got the tank in the defence looks like 2-1 west ham because we lack players of the bench to change the game

    4. Thomas Kelly says:

      We or so bad loserpool or going to kill us next week we sold the wrong keeper and we need the 2 midfielders we or link with can’t be arsed to say the names because it won’t happen

  2. gotanidea says:

    It’s an attacking line-up. I just hope Moyes hasn’t figured out Arteta’s tricks yet

    1. Gunner 4 life says:

      Is Willian playing as a number 10!?

      1. Sid says:

        Nope. Same as last week. Saka replaces Ainsley.

      2. gotanidea says:

        I think he’ll play as RW again, in 3-4-3

  3. Glorious says:

    2-0 winning to US.
    Up Gunners

  4. Sid says:

    Attacking lineup, hopefully, 3 points in the bag and a clean sheet. COYG!

    1. Howard says:

      How I wish we bought Zaha instead of Pepe. Pepe at 72m Hmmmm Sanllehi.

      Seems MA is playing 4 3 3 today

      1. Kedar says:

        No… 3-4-3 with Saka replacing AMN
        That’s the change only…

      2. Sid says:

        He certainly had a good one against his old side. 👍👍

  5. FISH23 says:

    I love elneny in the midfield likewise ceballos 😒

  6. Sue says:

    Wilf has done it again!!! Hell yeah!!! 👌

    1. NWL Dan says:

      You beat me to it Lol.

      1. Sue says:

        😆 I’m loving it!! Any chance of that Zaha loan?! Please?! 🙂

        1. NWL Dan says:

          He needs to go to a bigger club.
          No disrespect to Palace but he’s wasted in a mid-table club.

          1. Sue says:

            He is indeed… if I’d had my way, he’d be in our colours!!

    2. Highbury Hero says:

      I am waiting eagerly for our dear pundits what they will say

  7. NWL Dan says:

    Strong attacking line up. Zaha just scored again.

  8. Angus says:

    Honestly expect us to rout them 4+ winning margin!

  9. Sue says:

    Van de Beek is wishing he’d stayed in Holland….. 😜

    1. Mohsan says:

      Hahaha…you cracked me up Sue….nice one

  10. Rory johnson says:

    All that abuse I got for saying we had as good a team as man u lol 🤣🤣 they will be exposed this year especially if they dont get a ludicrous amount of pens like last year!! Very imbalanced team.

    1. Sue says:

      Spot on, Rory!! I bet Fergie nearly choked on his whiskey when Zaha scored his 2nd!! Let’s hope we add to this crazy, but very entertaining day in the PL…COYG

      1. Rory johnson says:

        Hahaha aye fergie will be raging!! Aye great day for the football sue, hope we put in a solid shift today I’m very confident of it!! 4-1 Is my guess, Auba double, saka and willian to get one each 🤞🤞🤞

        1. Sue says:

          🙏🤞 COYG

    2. Sid says:

      Hope those realists will be real enough to apologise to you Rory😉😉

      1. Rory johnson says:

        Haha not holding my breath pal!!

  11. gotanidea says:

    Unlike last season, Zaha seems determined to showcase himself to the big clubs in this season

  12. oyama says:

    For me it’s a traditional 442, an ambitious, brave, attacking and a bit risky. COYG

  13. Jagr10 says:

    where can I stream this match?

  14. Shakir says:

    I know its all Zaha today but man this crystal palace side is super balanced even with a midfielder defending.

    And also their forward,i think his name is Ayew,has a superb first touch.

    1. Sue says:

      Just can’t take a penalty to save his life 😂

      1. Shakir says:

        Ouch 😂

    2. RW1 says:

      Like the line up with only the DM position a worry though it’s a big one … interested to see how ceballos and saka connect with the front three … as the mancunians showed though there is no room for complacency

    3. Stephen says:

      Ayew can hold up play like Zlatan… Love that guy.

      If only he can score goals as well.

  15. SueP says:

    Deep joy
    I had the game down as a 2-2 draw so
    1-3 was blooming marvellous
    Who will be first in the sack race?

  16. Sue says:

    Tierney injured 🤬

    1. Tameh says:

      Just saw the news. I’m gutted honestly. SK to replace him. Let’s pray there’s no blunder left in his secret pouch.


      1. Sue says:

        Just said in the warm up…

    2. Sid says:

      Hope not a long lay off Sue. Honestly feels awful listening to that.

      1. Sue says:

        That was the last thing we wanted, Sid 😩

        1. Sid says:

          True that.

  17. Hill says:

    Link to live streaming?

  18. Edu says:

    The LAW starts. I also think Luiz should be in there for Tierney.

  19. Howard says:

    Tierney replaced by Kasinac
    Let us pray
    AMN should’ve replaced him instead

  20. Dean says:

    I dont like this line up. It looks weak. Not good enough

    1. Eddie says:

      Capm down mate, it’s a strong lineup…How does it look weak?
      Who would’ve made it stronger?
      Pepe and Elneny?

  21. Chuxzzy1 says:

    How is Tierney injured..not again kola

  22. Eddie says:

    I’m hoping Tierney’s injury ain’t serious and he’ll be available next week. Can’t have Kolasinac against Liverpool.
    Hoping for a huge win today

  23. Eddie says:

    Taking out Tierney was a precaution.
    Not serious, he had a tight hip during warm up.
    Arteta avoiding risk.
    We need get into this game because we’re struggling to settle down

    1. Sid says:

      Good to hear that!

  24. Sid says:

    Is it just me or our play looks slightly rushed today? Ceballos and Saka maybe slightly rusty.

    1. Sid says:

      We really are shaky today.

  25. RW1 says:

    Until we sell xhaka we will have a weak midfield … it’s so obvious I just don’t know what arteta is thinking .. slow backward looking untalented

    1. Eddie says:

      Here we go again… Xhaka is the one making us sloppy and slow? Or your agenda just want to make deny the fact that the whole team have been sloppy so far

      1. RE1 says:

        The guy is not just sloppy but negative and talentless as well .. no one else demonstrates all three at same time … no one

  26. Sue says:

    Rather sloppy so far….

  27. RW1 says:

    It’s been 20 mins of embarrassing football…

  28. Sid says:

    Laca Boom!

    1. Sue says:

      His 50th goal, Sid 👏👏

      1. Sid says:

        Auba getting them FPL points💪💪
        Really needed Laca on this kind of form.

  29. SueP says:

    Listening on the radio is purgatory
    It sounds as though we are up against it

  30. SueP says:

    Spoke too soon!!!!

  31. Reddb10 says:

    Well we have been horrid up to the point we scored giving away possession over a dozen times. Hopefully they will wake up now.

  32. Ackshay says:

    Tierney injury is disturbing our left side since kolasinac doesn’t suit the role. Gabriel looking very dominant in the air will help fix our weakness in cross and set pieces.

    1. Mohsan says:

      Which game have been watching, Gabi has already made few mistakes in air. Went under the ball atleats 3 times. He looks shaky in air, hopefully as he settles more that will be irradiated.

      1. Ackshay says:

        I meant more his physical qualities. His mistakes are mostly due to the epl high pace and a normal hesitation and fear of mistakes by a new signing.

    2. Mohsan says:

      Make it 4 times he has misjudged the airial ball.

      1. Kedar says:

        That could have been penalty…
        Crystal Palace got one like that…

  33. Mohsan says:

    We need to sign Auaro at any cost, we have no creativity at all from mid. Ceballos back to his poor self again. A team spoiled with creativity in middle of park for ages, has one of the worst artistic and creative midfield.

    1. Sid says:

      I think he will grow into the game. Today the whole team looked sleepy in the first 20 mins. Although I agree with you that more creativity from the mid is necessary.

      1. Loki says:

        Leno has been so lucky.

        I’m already missing Martinez.

    2. Ackshay says:

      That’s the problem with having only 2 midfielders and only 1 of them being creative, we struggle when they are not having a good game. Not to mention ceballos is not consistent.

  34. Perry ames says:

    The inability to pass to a team mate is really starting to annoy me now and ffs stop passing back all the time

    1. Perry ames says:

      Very very poor the worse performance for a while and again we have conceded a goal because we cant pass to each other
      Celballos and xhaka have been absolutely piss poor. I still think we will win but this again shows of our short comings as a team

      1. Sue says:

        I agree, they have been. Mikel to get the hairdryer out, wait does he even have one?? 😜
        Didn’t expect this type of performance at home!! Wakey wakey Arsenal…..

    1. Sid says:

      Reminds me of Antonio’s goal against Chelsea last season.

      1. Howard says:

        Kolasinac is weak
        MA should replace Kolasinac with AMN

        He can’t defend and poor going forward

  35. Reddb10 says:

    its been coming. We have been from bad to average

  36. Hez says:

    Get cebalos out

  37. RW1 says:

    What the fcuk does xhaka do … he backs off when anyone runs at him He adds no control in middle and nothing going forward … when will arteta learn … hopeless half of football… wake up call after the euphoria of beating worst team in league

    1. mickmematethemasterfarter says:

      swiss xhaka good,arsenal xhaka crap

      1. Sue says:


  38. Sue says:

    Not the greatest half, especially how it ended…. all to play for in the 2nd.. COYG

  39. Dan kit says:

    Pretty poor first half ,that midfield is the weak point this week ,Ceballos and Xhaka look awful today .
    I can’t remember seeing so many misplaced passes .

  40. Ackshay says:

    Our left side Is open season for west ham. That West ham cross was a beauty though.

    1. sekman says:

      agreed.. both Saka and Kola not doing any defending

  41. Kev82 says:

    Awful first half, backwards and sideways passing, very lackluster performance! Definitely need both Partey and Aouar!

    1. gotanidea says:

      We need Wout Weghorst to break West Ham’s bus, in case we can’t score through open play in second half

      1. Kev82 says:

        Gotanidea Definitely I would take Weghorst right now!

  42. Mohsan says:

    Send Ceballos back to Madrid , complete useless. Giving the ball away and does not provide anything in attack. Now you see why MA is after auro then partey. This midfield needs creativity not more defensive minded players who play side to side or back passes most of the time. I fail to understand what some fans see in Ceballos the stats and when ever I see him show nothing. Madrid don’t want to keep him. Some ppl here wanted us to sign him on permanent basis. He is 2-3 games a season kind of player…for me not enough quality.

    1. gotanidea says:

      Ceballos was good as a deep-lying playmaker, but his best position is CAM

      Getting another CM like Aouar or Partey would likely not solve the penetration problem. We need an impact player like a towering target man for super sub

  43. gotanidea says:

    A lot of misunderstandings. I wonder if they underestimate West Ham and slacked off for a few days

    I think Magalhaes should’ve been able to cut the cross to Antonio. He made some nerve-wracking moments again today

  44. SueP says:

    My 4-0 prediction has gone horribly wrong!

  45. Diogenes says:

    So many bad passes in 45 minutes it’s embarrassing. Just sloppy, as if beating Fulham meant we were unbeatable. If we drop points here, it will hurt considering the poor poor opposition

  46. Angus says:

    Yes we were sloppy in the pass but west ham had plenty warnings at 0-0. auba should of been through but pass was overhit. Laca should of had a chance but poor 1st touch. Bellerin should of been through but made the wrong run. Saka should of been through but went too early. After all of that half time and its 1-1. Still plenty of goals in this for us, especially when the passing improves. 5-1 arsenal :p

  47. mickmematethemasterfarter says:

    15 million 4 holding wouldnt give 15 squid lol

  48. GunneRay says:

    Kolasinac is our biggest problem but you have to say we are giving the ball away too cheaply. Too much backward play again. Xhaka looks average again. West Ham deserve the goal. Typical Arsenal assuming they have the right to win without having to put in 100%!

  49. sekman says:

    it’s not xhaka or ceballos,

    the Wings and Wingbacks are not attacking wide enough… leave little to no room for the MF

    put Pepe or AMN on

    1. GunneRay says:

      Take Willian off for Pepe? I know Willian has not been that great but let’s not be hasty!

      1. sekman says:

        i think we need a change of pace in the course of the attack… our rhythm is too predictable.. too much wenger ball

  50. Declan says:

    We will pick up in the second half COYG

  51. Danny says:

    We been poor all over the pitch never had control of the game and West Ham got there rewards need to live up big time second half thinks this puts everything into perspective we are million miles away from challenging for premier league and even to 4!!

  52. ken1945 says:

    Perhaps this was the game to bring back Ozil?

    He would certainly cut down the back passes and would create more than Ceballos at the moment..

    Still, we agree that MA knows what he’s doing and I expect some changes at half time, including AMN for Kolasinac.

    Predict a 3-1 win and an outrage at my initial suggestion 😂

    1. Sid says:

      Tbh I also hoped Ozil would play. Glad Ceballos got his act together at the right time.

  53. Gily says:

    Arsenal could easily have been 2 goals down. There is too much misplaced passes, and Ceballos traveling a lot.
    Kola kept running back instead of stopping his man. What are we going to do with this panicky guy?

  54. Herbz says:

    What is Saka doing in that team exactly???

    3-4-3 formation is for cowards. Its only relevant when playing counter attacking football against the big guns.

    I just cannot fathom the reason for our coach to implement such tactics

  55. Kenya 001 says:

    We will win we have more dances in this game😁

  56. Ackshay says:

    So triple h theme song before now stone cold Steve Austin theme. Bet it’s sokratis who choose the song 😂😂😂

    1. Sue says:

      Without a doubt 🤘😝

  57. Kedar says:

    We need to play 4-4-2 with Saka and Willian as LW and RW and Lacazette m, Aubameyang as forwards ….

  58. Kedar says:

    Gabriel having nightmare time against Antonio

  59. Otoks says:

    At this point any kind of win will do. Just get the three points.

  60. RW1 says:

    Saka off Pepe on … xhaka off wlbeny on

  61. Declan says:

    Kolasinac looking to better his Record for the number of passbacks in a game. The sooner he goes the sooner we move FORWARD.

  62. RW1 says:

    We can’t get enough players in to the box … it’s a constant weakness .. yes arteta has improved cohesion defensively .. but if he can’t solve that it’s 6th place at best

  63. S says:

    Arteta Vs Moyes? Only one winner here 😉

  64. NWL Dan says:

    Languid, sloppy, lackadaisical and all to slow in build up play. It looks like a training game.

  65. Declan says:

    Don’t think anyone had this in the prediction thread🤔

    1. SueP says:

      My 4-0 has already gone down the river

  66. RW1 says:

    Wtf is arteta doing .., it’s not working .. make changes

  67. Kedar says:

    It’s 2 In the midnight on clock and watching this 1-1
    So frustrating..

    1. Sid says:

      I understand bro. Have some work tomorrow, hoped for inspiration, sigh. But still the game not over yet.

  68. Lenohappy says:

    I don’t care what anyone says, Lacazette is an average striker.

  69. Sid says:

    Willian and Ceballos seem to have some miscommunication.

  70. Reddb10 says:

    Mikel needs to change things in midfield before we concede. Its not easy watching this display.

  71. Eddie says:

    You see this is actually why we can’t stick to 3-4-3.
    Arteta knows this, it’s why he’s chasing Aouar first.
    This team lacks creativity, and you can’t be playing 3-4-3 against small teams, though I still see us winning this one.
    Just can’t stick with this formation long term

    1. Perry ames says:


    2. Kedar says:

      It’s not about formation… it’s about players…
      Antonio Conte won PL with this formation itself..
      We don’t have players to suit any formation..

  72. Splendid says:

    I think the 3 nil scoreline at Fulham overshadowed the problem in this team. Why are we playing negative football for God’s sake? Why back-side ways-passes all the time. Kolasinac is the worst player in Arsenal team atm, no talent, always jittery, can’t defend, can’t cross nor make correct forward pass.
    Saka has been infected with sane virus affecting Nelson – lacking confidence and stamina. Holding should just go to Newcastle, Saliba can’t be worse.
    Xhaka can’t make quick forward pass, can’t run with the ball, too slow in thinking. Bellerin can’t cross to save his life. Call me negative but I’m not enjoying this Arteta football. We need ball carrying midfielder asap!

  73. Sid says:

    Still time, hopefully we get a win.

    1. Kedar says:

      We say this in every game over the years…
      We haven’t been worry free for single game over the years

      1. Sid says:

        Yeah, but still think we can eke out a win.

  74. Sue says:

    I guess this is what you get for ripping it out of United….
    Not enjoying this at all….

    1. Kedar says:

      Now Utd fans must be enjoying it..

      1. Sue says:

        Absolutely, Kedar 👍

    2. Sid says:

      Pepe has come on. Still think we can eke out a win.

  75. RW1 says:

    If this isn’t an advert for buying quality ASAP I don’t know what is needed… arteta needs to be honest with management about his squad and stop making stupid positive noises about average players

  76. Kedar says:

    West Ham Deserve something from this game

  77. Pepe says:

    At this stage i will say we sold our better goolie.
    It’s hard to see Leno changing

    1. Sid says:

      Dont think Leno could have done anything for their goal. I think the defence was a little shaky today.

      1. Pepe says:

        It’s not about thr goal when ever the ball is in the air you will never have confident that Martinez gives and Leno still spills shots and i have come to live with that

  78. Perry ames says:

    I would fine every player a weeks wages for this crap. No team should be this bad

  79. Lenohappy says:

    Thank you Lacazette

  80. Sid says:

    I guess Ceballos is having a hard time in that midfield. Even with time on the ball, he cant seem to pick out runs. I think Saka and Ceballos are rusty.

  81. RW1 says:

    Haven’t changed my mind about laca aube dont need both that means sell laca to buy what we need .. if the greedy yank is u willing to invest

  82. Kedar says:

    West Ham is exactly doing same thing which we did against City in FA Cup…
    Sit back and hit them on counter…
    We play good against stronger side because Arteta has taught how to sit back and absorb the pressure and hit opponent on counter
    But when it’s come to lower side then roles gets reversed and we are not good enough to unlock the defence when they sit deep…

  83. Pepe says:

    I have to watch leno spilling shots all season this will be a really long season

    1. Sid says:

      That was a little difficult though. Maybe Emi would have caught it, but very difficult.

    1. Kedar says:

      Wait for final whistle..
      They scored late in 1st half

      1. Sid says:

        Time wasting tactics, anyone?

  84. Sid says:

    Finally! 🤪🤪

  85. Marc says:

    Kolasinac is not the quality needed. You can see the difference Tierny makes when he’s in the team. Also, Xhaka has been fairly poor this game, he doesn’t look confident at all today.

  86. Howard says:

    We let the better GK go
    Very unfortunate we let EMI leave

  87. Ackshay says:

    Youth to the rescue

  88. Sid says:

    Pennywise has entered the field🤡🤡

    1. Sue says:


  89. RW1 says:

    Nice goal … take the points …but if this isn’t a wake up cal I don’t know what is

  90. Kedar says:

    Anyone knows when crowd will be allowed to go to stadium??

  91. Lenohappy says:

    Good tackle Ceballos, And that idiot pundit said we should drop Ceballos for Ozil

    1. sekman says:

      agreed.. ozil would never got that that ball

      1. ken1945 says:

        What else has Ceballos done in this game?. Certainly hasn’t created anything that I noticed – let’s see what MA noticed shall we?

        1. Stephen says:

          See mumu! He saved us from conceding and almost immediately created the assist. What else do I need from my midfielder? He his far better than O…!

  92. Chuxzzy1 says:

    Ceballos just saved us there

  93. Welbeck says:

    Can we get a goal from this last corner?

    1. Welbeck says:

      It would appear not at all but we’ve managed to eke out a hard-fought win, off the back of some sustained pressure. The squad was slightly rotated too, so onwards and upwards. Let’s see if the rest of the league can keep pace with us!!**

      ** Over to you Spurs, Manchester, Chelsea et al

      1. Sid says:

        I hope spurs lose! Chelsea vs Liverpool gonna be a banger!

        1. Welbeck says:

          Given tonight’s display, unless they make astute tactical/transfer changes, I don’t think Chelsea will make the top 4. I reckon top 4 (in no particular order) will be Arsenal, Liverpool, City and Everton or possibly Leicester. A lot of pundits don’t fancy our chances but we’ve been steadily improving. Transfer window isn’t over yet, there’s still time to bring in some reinforcements

  94. Sue says:

    I’ve just wiped my brow….

  95. Sid says:

    We have to be ready for nervy wins like these. Even very succesful teams have these kind of wins once in a while.

    1. sekman says:

      just like pool last year.. this is our year !

      1. Sid says:


    2. Sid says:

      That said, improvements are a must. Hopefully Bayer wont change their mind regarding our Bosnian Hulk.

      1. Sue says:

        I’ll book a flight for him tonight 😂

    3. Sue says:

      Well done, Sid… 👍👍 Mr Positivity 😉

      1. Sid says:

        Better than realism I suppose😂😂

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