Official Arsenal team to face Wolves – Auba down the middle

How many times have most of us said that this is a must-win game? Well, this one surely is because a loss will unleash so much negativity and vitriol from the fans that the pressure on Mikel Arteta could become unbearable.

Everything is about momentum these days, get a couple of wins under your belt and it could easily be the start of something good but another goalless game from the attackers and mistakes from the defence and things could easily go the other way.

This is the team that Arteta has gone with to build on the win over Molde midweek and finally kick start our season in the Premier League.

So, that is the team that Mikel Arteta has gone with. What do you think? Do you believe that Arteta has got it right and that is the team to pick up all three points this evening?

Leave us your comments below and maybe predict the score at the same time.

Also, if you go to the official Arsenal website here you will be able to get live commentary text and radio.

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  1. Time to start asking what Willian has on Arteta cause I’m not seeing one iota of why he seems to be an automatic starter. Hope he proves me wrong.

    1. I hope we turn it on here but that team looks light against a physical hungry Wolves team. Direct and fast delivery is required not this back and forth across the pitch.

    2. What Willock has on him as well. The lad is Europa league talent and should be loaned in January.
      Willock is like Ozil without the pedigree, talent, vision, passing, etc….
      How AMN loses out to willock is shocking. Does anyone believe willock offers more? Anyone?
      Arteta should consider reinstating Ozil to save his managerial career. Arteta has nothing in the cubbard and it’s getting desperate times.

      1. Willock – cannot change game even vs Wolves. I reconsider we take Wilshere back on pay per play because he is injury prone. Willock is just 1/2 of Wilshere in early days

    1. I also want to see Nelson start. But Arteta seems to prefer an experienced attacker who can hold the ball well, instead of a tricky youngster

    2. I saw more tactics from Kings Lynn Town and the lost 6-1
      What is going on . This will only change when we get relegated and playing like this we will. 1919 we have been in the top league but now we are so so bad. Artia talks well but so can I this Team must do better

  2. Willian! Unbelievable. There must be something in his contract. Nothing , but NOTHING, justifies his selection

    1. Willian has been equally poor as Laca, simply amazed how he starts. He’s been expensively underwhelming and has only contributed to holding back Nelson and others.
      When we wonder why Nelson isn’t developing quickly, look to moments like this. Last chance saloon for Willian I hope, like to see him demoted to Euro games until he gets his mind and form up to par.

  3. I don’t think Aubameyang and Willock can win aerial duels from Leno’s long goal kicks, but hopefully Saka can get past the opponents today. We’ll be screwed if our attackers keep losing the ball upfront and if we misplace the passes as what we did in the first half of the Leeds/ Molde game

    1. Honestly Gotanidea, We need creativity and goals. Aubameyang is not scoring goals. Others have to step up. If Arteta wont play Ozil, then he should play Smith rowe in the number 10 role. The players have to play with more freedom and ruthlessness. Lacazette has to step up. Our league position is not looking good at the moment. The is a must win game

      1. Had Arteta wanted to use a skillful no 10, he would’ve assign Ceballos for that role. I think he wants to make things simpler by starting a hardworking and strong CAM like Willock behind Aubameyang

        Leicester won EPL by using Okazaki’s work rate behind Vardy and the Invincibles had a strong CAM like Bergkamp who could hold the opponents off, so I hope Willock can also thrive in that position

  4. Would have preferred Nelson to willian tbh. Even though he’s not exactly at the top level just yet, I still trust him to do better than willian. Also I never thought I would say this but Good to have Luiz back. We’ve missed his occasional long balls. We need all the help we can get creatively. Hope for a win but won’t be holding my breath

    1. We need goals tonight Sue. And the 3 points is a must. Smith rowe has to be in that squad. Arteta needs to be bold. Play Smith rowe in the number 10 role consistently. He needs more game time

      1. We do indeed, Skills, goals and points!! I’d love nothing more than to see ESR – but will have to wait until Thursday – more minutes under his belt and it won’t be long before we see him in the PL…👍
        Now let’s hope this will be a decent team performance, Skills, boy we could do with it!!

    2. It’s time for Willian to take higher risk and race with the opposition’s fullback. Most old attackers don’t like to do that because of their lower stamina, slower pace and slower recovery rate, but he’s got to do it for the team

      1. We need something from him, gai, whether it’s a goal or an assist, I’m not fussed, just something!!
        Your man-mountain starts… I wouldn’t fancy coming up against him 🤣 What a unit..

  5. whoa i was replying to last post and this is the worst possible option we could wish for.

    Luiz as CB
    xhaka ceballos willock, no Niles best defending option

    Willian in front.instead of Nelson, or play Auba there and Laca in middle, 2 best options!

    Lets hope we okay and team manages, but no real DM minded player as Niles and Laca upfront nor Nelson, cant be excited but hopefull as all of us!

    Wolves on other end are starting Traore!

    1. Since Partey is not available this is a good selection. Nelson to come on as Sub
      Arsenal will win 2-1

    1. Our midfield somehow looks weak. That’s where the game will be won or lost. It would be safer to have played Xhaka next to Ceballos instead of Willock, he is more experienced. With Luiz as DM to cover. Bring Holding into defense. And we can do damage.

  6. Just look at that Wolves team, their attack especially, don’t you think they have a better team than us? We think we have a good team but we don’t tbh.
    For me, I think they have a better midfield and attack.

          1. gotanidea,

            Who can we really rely on to force things for us? Nobody!
            We need a massive luck to win.
            Of all the teams we have faced and not scored, Wolves is the best drilled side, we need to be 100% ruthless to stand a chance, best of luck to the boys, win,lose or draw, coyg!!!

  7. Sadly it’s probably the best team to fit artetas defensively minded style of football … he seems incapable of working out the elements of a dynamic midfield which is why we look pedestrian in comparison to most teams in the top half of table … even spurs … wolves have lost a bit of their edge but it will be a tough encounter and attack needs to step up tonight

  8. Boly and Coady will chew Auba out..
    Most of the starters on the bench…But as always I’m hoping for an Arsenal win…Though realism tells me Draw or loss..
    We not scoring goals and that is half the problem this season thus far

  9. It’s your job Arteta ruin it,one year in the job you still do not know your best players.AMN an Nelson should have started this game, Willian is a pensioner who is not supposed to here in the first place.The only big team with no tactical identity in europe.I don’t trust Arteta at all even if we win.

  10. The great saviour Willian again…this shows all the bull sh*t Arteta has been feeding to fans if the team selection is based on merit as indicated by MA leaving likes if others out even loaning them to other clubs then how does Willian make the grid everytime is beyond pethatic.

  11. This is the first time ever I am afraid of wolves.Just shows the current state of my beloved club.Just hope we can this game

  12. Since Arsene left our home record is forgotten,Our goal of the month in epl is a penalty against an utd,It was auba goals that carried this team last season and won us the cup literally.Goals from midfield and wingers needed,That clash was bad

  13. Is willock actually playing??? Take him off for Elneni before it’s too late, put Ceballos his place for God sake

    1. Yeah like I said above. I wouldn’t be holding my breath with this team. Every team dominates Arsenal now. We are playing typical championship level football. Maybe that’s where we belong at the moment. So frustrating

      1. Even Wolves had been poor – for their standards – up until tonight, Kstix.. we soon put an end to that!!!
        Absolutely dreading next week, we’ll be slaughtered!

            1. Nothing more true Sue. No team is afraid to play us now, how did we get here from being fa cup and community shield winners beating City, Chelsea and Liverpool to a team that gets battered week in, week out

    1. Absolutely awful again 2and a half games at home and we have conceded 6 goals anyone think I’m being negative now

    1. Ozil didn’t train well that willock is preferred to him, rubbish. Wolves are playing Arsenal as if they are Barcelona. Always pass the ball hack they can not even run for ball. What a pity for this team. I guess power is beginning to intoxicate Arteta

  14. So are we one offensive player away from being a good team or people will realise how pathetic we’ve been under Arteta.

  15. Have we got our Arsenal back yet? WTF is Willock doing in this game? Saka has also been poor. We are starting to look like a relegation team.

    1. willock and even Saka. why is no one helping out in the wing making Luiz come out too far from his position?
      Auba miss again

  16. I cannot believe what I am watching. Shapeless, spineless, no skill and being completely outplayed by Wolves. We are in deep trouble and if this goes on much longer, Arteta will be out by Christmas. I’ve not seen us as bad as this since the 70s.

  17. I honestly don’t think we have a coach. Seems we’re going to go 30 years before winning the league because what I see is Arteta taking 15 years according to him to build his dream team.

    I think I’ll just stop hurting myself by not watching any of our match.
    I’m just sick of all this whole rubbish.
    How can I be so patient with Arsene for years only to be given Arteta who doesn’t even know what he’s doing, acting like a pro by benching Saliba And using William in every game 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮. Anyone who believes in Arteta should be ready to wait for 5 years before he succeeds!

  18. Damn we look extremely ordinary in both attack and defence. The last three weeks we have made Villa, Leeds and now wolves look like world beaters. No urgency, not clinical in our passing and not engaging in defence. MA has plenty of work to do.

  19. I want us to lose until this arrogant clown is sacked,we should sign Allegri by January,it’s in the best interest of the club that I love.Results are not coming no style of play so how long should we close our eyes hoping against hope.

    1. His problem is that he’s a fourth rate footballer … it’s not a solvable problem other than letting him go

    2. I was shot down on Thursday because everyone said I was being negative but who wants to watch this shit every week.
      Take a good look at this team and tell me that they are playing to the best of there ability and that they are giving there all because if you say yes then you need a reality check. It would not surprise me if arsenal came from behind to win but you are only paper overing the massive cracks that have appeared in the last 15 years. We are so far behind the top 10 yes top 10 so sad really

  20. Arteta looks lost completely! Willock has hardly touched the problem. I think he has a balance problem. Keeps falling over…Please substitute him End his nightmare.

  21. 5th loss incoming, outplayed at home by Wolves.

    Arteta needs to be sacked.

    Allegri? Poch? Who else is available?

    1. Nobody.
      The top coaches all say “Show me the money”,
      We don’t have any because we spent all of it on hasbeens
      Get Kroenke Get Mediocrity. Only relegation will wake him up, no wait, he won’t fxking care.

  22. This midfield is so frustrating xhaka and cabalos are basically playing as fullbacks with no presence in central areas. Is it time for the Arteta out chants now? Clearly he doesn’t have a clue what he is doing.

  23. Defense has been poor, Leno not looking confident in goal. Probably help if defenders closed down opponents.
    We look like we’re regressing and erasing all the positives we made defensively. Arteta has his work cut out for him at halftime making adjustments.
    Willock has been poor again so far, he’s still Europa level player. Replace him with Elneny to reinforce the defense and move Ceballos further up like a 10.
    What does AMN need to do to play? How Willock gets yet another chance in midfield and not AMN is an honest question.
    Is now a fair time to question Arteta? Weeks now of offensive drought and he looks no closer to solving it.
    Think Arteta truly needs an assistant coach to help with strategy and tactics. We hammered Emery for the same garbage we’re seeing now, he should receive the same criticism.

    1. Arteta looking like Emery 2.0. What’s this genius talk about Arteta? Wiley E. Coyote type super genius maybe.
      Arteta a year in and no style of play, and his arrogance and stubbornness on full display. Ceballos & Xhaka sitting back, Bellerin positioned like a winger, no presence centrally in the pitch.
      Arteta needs a rocket, Josh Kronke should be giving him hairdryer treatment. Willock delivering nothing against PL opponent AGAIN, midfielders defending like fullbacks, shocking performance & tactics from Arteta.
      This type performance & tactics of Arteta explain why Auba’s been scoreless and why we struggle offensively.
      Look at players positioning; THAT’S BY DESIGN, scripted by Arteta. He’s lost and drowning at this point. Not seeing much changed in his year in charge.

      1. A year ago today UE was sacked….
        I’m so disappointed right now, Durand… How on earth has it come to this after such a promising end to last season/start to this season??

        1. I honestly think Arteta is out of ideas after a year. He doesn’t know his core players, imprinted no style of play on the club, struggles to adapt and evolve tactics during a match.
          Weeks later and clueless to solving offensive woes. We’re playing the same static way, midfielders defending, bellerin as a winger, etc…and Arteta expects things to turn around?
          Job looking too big for him currently; we are underperforming based on talent at the club. That’s on the manager; motivation, tactics, intensity, urgency, Arteta looks lost and drowning.
          If we are 7th, 8th, or lower at year’s end Arteta has to go in June. He hasn’t shown much after a year in charge, and should be held accountable just like Wenger and Emery were.

          1. We’ve had the same problems for such a long time, Durand, I’m honestly beginning to wonder if there is anyone out there capable of fixing us!!
            Back to just 2 shots on target ☹

  24. No need watching this shambles. I’m going to sleep.
    By the way, anyone kicking a long ball to Auba that has to be contested should just forget. This is an all time low…

  25. what pattern is MA trying to play really? am confused at the way we play, I hardly see players in possession of ball, everyone seems to be doing everything but nothing.
    This isn’t football pattern at all, no fluidity at all, the team looks exhaust. What is really happening

    1. The Gunners would likely show much better attitude at Spurs’ turf, because they’re always motivated when playing against big teams like Man United. This stinking attitude has been plaguing Arsenal after the Invincibles left

      I really hate it when those slackers play half-heartedly against small teams. Only the owner can destroy the complacency culture at the club, but he’s not giving a good example to his executives, directors and managers either

  26. So TMJW- you and your trumpet gob giving it large about how important the team needs graft over creativity. Got anything to say about that first half performance PAL?

  27. Xhaka

    Terrible week in and week out. Willock ordinary as usually against opposition thats even mildly decent…

  28. If we lose this then we are in the relegation zone I think.This has to be the worst start of arsenal’s season.Even Wenger’s worst season was not like this

  29. Why always Leno? Was the 2 goals his fault? Did he make a blunder? The 2nd goals was a deflected shot and what do u expect him to do?

    The team is not playing well and I expect elneny to come in for Xhaka who’s a waste of wages.
    Should we go back to the 343? Our defenders are being exposed too much and our midfield have been overridden.

    Poor first half. I expect a better second.

    1. You know fans here always wants to look for scapegoat. as far as am concern the tactic was awful. Luiz was too out of his position, ceballos, willock, saka auba, where are they all

  30. Wolves obviously wanted to win more than the Gunners. Arteta and his team still haven’t fixed their passing problem, so playing with the vulnerable 4-2-3-1 is very risky

    The Gunners’ motivation is very different than the spirit they showed at Old Trafford and I really hate it when they play half-heartedly against smaller teams. Kroenke needs to change the complacency culture at the club, otherwise Arteta could lose the dressing room soon

    1. Can I ask why it’s down to Kroenke? I’ve been very positive about Arteta but his responsibility is to motivate them

      1. Players/ managers came and left Arsenal, but only Kroenke remains at the club. Yet the same motivation issue is still the same

        Kroenke doesn’t set good examples to his executives, directors and managers with his neglecting attitude. I’ve had an ignorant boss like him, who thought his employees would work 100% professionally just because he gave them high salaries

        Employees look up to their managers, the managers look up to their bosses and so on and so forth. Nobody will put in extra efforts if there’s lack of control at an organization

    2. Shut up man!! @gotanidea. U have no idea whatsoever. U were the one craving for MA to use 4231 formation and here I are criticizing. U forgot we can’t pass and u were always bringing it up.

      No wonder u are not our manager.

      1. I support 4-2-3-1 only if Ceballos plays as the CAM and if it can dynamically change to 3-4-3. I’m more into 4-3-3

        Read my previous comments in other threads before commenting

  31. A loss next week to spurs .. and they are way better than us … and arteta will have to go … pochetino will need to be called on …

  32. MA worshipped by delusional supporters seeing him as the best thing happening to Arsenal even above an ageing AW . Now explain why if Elneny was brilliant before why he isn’t starting . Xhaka and Dani provide no screening to the defence. Willock is our answer to a banished to OZil. Willian is our best option at wing ….. Is MA really our saviour.

    1. By this time ozil would have had hundreds of touches. This guy willock has hardly 4 or 5 touches. Half of these he fell down. Ear balance problem!!

  33. I think we have rethink about our captaincy he has no influence inthe team and no passion we can see that no commitment he is not motivating players also his body language of a looser to me, and finally our manager it’s time to ask questions about his tactics and team selection and style of play, there ia no improvement as a team or by any individuals . Atleast these boring style of play should bring us some points . With this style of play we will be in relegation battle. What a pathetic situation. I’m sorry to say this because i love this club . With this current process all are saying we’re re going down by step by step, athl Wenger ‘s time we were in top four , end of his era we’re in top 6 previous season in top 8 and i cant imagine what will be our final position in this season . Oh god please help us

  34. this team is shit all around. everyone seems afraid to have the Ball. only sideways passes . miss you Rambo miss you Ozil miss you Arsene for the direct beautiful style

  35. We need a player who can carry the ball through the midfield and find a pass. Our attack is so one dimensial it either goes wide or long balls from the back. Opposing defences know what we do and eat it up. No wonder we have one of the lowest shots on target in the league.

  36. I see Ozil outstaying all those who deviously want him out.
    I didn’t want this for Arteta, he chose this himself and I’m not going to feel sorry for him just like Emery.

  37. It has now become torturing to watch Arsenal. This reminds me of nothing but the last days of Emery. This is more than Arteta to handle. We might never see Arsenal as we know it if nothing is done.

  38. Arsenal have looked and played like this for years. It’s nothing new. The one thing that has been a constant in that time is Xhaka. He is so below average it’s almost impossible to fathom any reason why the club/manager still have him in the squad?

    1. Arsenal have been like this for more than fifteen years. Only one person remains at the club, while the others came and left

  39. Our so called youth prospects are shit, some of them are are overhyped they are thinking that they are already world class player especially saka his off the ball movements are shit and lazy player he got that easy chance to score that volley and he is even don’t care about that miss, he is already thinking he is a world class player,

  40. I just cant understand why Saka did not head that ball. It was perfect for a diving header. It would have been a great goal. He chose to volley. Wrong decision!

  41. I work a really difficult job and so I watch football for pleasure and relaxation..But nothing about our performances of late are relaxing..So I’ll be staying off our games till we get a bit of consistency again..
    Thanks Y’all, I’m on sabbatical..

  42. Do Arsenal just make every team look better than they are or are we really this s**t!?

    Our quality, energy, movement and practically everything else appears to be so much lower than the opposition. Why did we buy Willian? Can someone tell me please? Oh, that’s right. He was cheap!

  43. Look its not all arteta’s fault. Half of our squad is shit. How?
    1. Leno= very good
    2. Bellerin= a defender who could be rated 75 in fifa.
    3. Luiz= need i to say more?
    4. Gabriel= good player but young.
    5. Tierney= a defender who would be rated 73.
    6. Xhaka= a slow loser who would be rated 72 in real life.
    7. Elneny= rated 74
    8. Ceballos= very avg. Midfielder
    9. Willock= may be rated 68 in real life
    10. Auba= world class
    11. Pepe= rated 74 in real life but has an attitude of t. Henry
    12.laca= avg striker with midget legs=fail
    13. Willian= a has been winger may be rated 70 at best.
    For comparison T. Henry prime should be rated 92.
    Now, tell me how any coach in the world would move forward with these bunch of losers?

    1. Arteta hair rating of 99
      Managerial rating of 62.
      Team plays like Arteta did as a player.
      Slow, static, risk averse, no flair, opting for predictable safe passes rather than creative through balls based off movement.
      Don’t see much difference from Emery honestly. We look a shadow of ourselves, and 2 1/2 years of Emery and Arteta killed everything Wenger built. Flair and style gone, beautiful football dead, they’ve turned a lively prince charming back into a morose and depressing frog.

      1. Our world wide fanbase will decrease in time beacuse no youngster will like to see our game even the hardcore fans can’t have the heart to see this bullsit

      2. Wenger killed the Invincibles’ athletic and pacey playing style. The Gunners have been high-paid princes in EPL for a while

  44. By the way the bellerin crowd need to b@@@@@ off and support Stockport county … hapless attacker even worse defender ..

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