Official Arsenal videos from Man City match – Goals and extras

JustArsenal are being provided with official FA videos from this season, so we can happily pass these on to our readers without breaking any copyright laws! It will be great to have this post available to look back at our brilliant start to the season, especially Girouds stunning goal, not that Ramsey’s and Cazorla’s were any less satisfying!

And although most of us saw the game live or on TV, these videos show you previously unseen footage from the heart of Wembley. Wellworth a look!

So lets start off with the video in the tunnel before the game – see if you can name all the players as they arrive…..

All Goals and Highlights….

Unseen and Exclusive Snapshots from Wembley

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  1. AussieGOONER says:

    Ramsey’s goal is class. Cant wait for the next game, coyg

  2. lcebox says:

    3 class goals great teamwork and players stepping up against the champions.
    Sonogo wasn’t phased at all chambers the same those two have been the standout players this pre season last year it was Ramsey hope can do half what he did.
    Roll on palace can’t wait to see who starts.
    Anyone got the code to enter the just arsenal fantasy football?

  3. A Man city player almost entered the Arsenal dressing room lol

    1. Wazzzimbo says:

      Dzeko be like ‘woops, not right now, soon enough…’

  4. No Giroud, I'm happy says:

    OT, what do you think guys about Mascherano (30 yrs) as DM? (as a 2-year option if we didn’t manage to get a younger one)
    Even he is kind of short but he is a beast and a real anchor man. After Barca sign Verm, Mascherano might find difficulties to get into the starting 11 and he has to challenge Busquets.

    1. 007 says:

      He would be a good option for sure though his highly rated at Barca and his enjoying his football there I don’t think the club would sale him.

      Next option please.

      1. Cal says:

        Wonder if we are in for Daley Blind plays DM, CB, LB I know that United are heavily linked but just wondered if he would offer the versatility many think that AW is searching for

        1. No10 says:

          Blind would be a good choice but I think the urgency is to find a specialist DM. We have Chambers, Monreal and two academy players able to fill in at CB.

          1. Cal says:

            I agree, Carvalho for me but its been said. I don’t watch any Eredivisie and I know he played at the back in the WC but interestingly Blind’s primary position on Transfermarkt is DM

      2. Charliechaplin says:

        Don’t see why not ? How happy can he be playing out of position for the last two seasons .(as centre back) he’s never gonna be there dm . Would love to see him doing what he does best , in an arsenal shirt .

        1. Charliechaplin says:

          Oops .
          Was ment to be a reply to ‘007’ comment about mascherano lol

    2. NY_Gunner says:

      WHAT DA FUNK?????
      Dude is the poster boy for what a DM should be…

  5. Ted Drake says:

    All three goals showed were impressive and showed our versatility. Great pass from Sanchez and decent hold up play from Sanogo was nice to see for the second goal. The third was a sublime individual effort.

  6. alexhare says:

    Dzeko tried the old switchero at half time

  7. alexhare says:

    It’s quite telling that Wenger shook the hand of Gael Clichy and Yaya Toure ( had a trial at Arsenal) but didn’t even acknowledge Samir Nasri.

  8. Drew says:

    I honestly don’t blame Na$ri for leaving even if it was purely for the money. Would i quit my job right now for a higher paying job? Hell yeah! Look even “die hard” fans on this site were fed up with the club not spending. The club told us that they had the stadium repayments and stuff yet we mostly wanted Wenger, Ivan and Stan OUT! If anyone deserves a booooo til this day it’s Adebayor for that taunting celebration a few years back. I’m just saying gooners.

    1. Gunnersway says:

      I do blame him for being an idiot and being disrespectful to the fans

      You know that if you leave a club for a rival that sht is coming to you.. which makes sense. The way he reacted simply is childish and not professional, so yeah he’s still an idiot
      Obviously there is a reason why Deschamps did not take him to the World Cup

      1. 007 says:

        Lets forget about that clown please, repeatedly mentioning his name on our forums will just make him feel important. Non of our ex- players who have left us have responded in such un professional way. (Pellegrine is an experienced and well mannered guy, I bet he will have a word with him).

        We cant wait to host you at the emirates nasire!!! You’ll receive a wonderful reception.

    2. NY_Gunner says:

      Exactly. Nasri didn’t come up through AFC Academy or, like he said was not born in N London. It was strictly business, nothing personal.
      It’s highly laughable when guys on here talk about hating someone for wanting to advance themselves in their career.

  9. Tyno says:

    And Nasri calling you stupid.

    1. No10 says:

      Nasri burnt his bridges with Arsenal and got himself excluded from his national team.

      That tells a lot…

  10. Ted Drake says:

    City just paid £42m for Mangala which just shows how much money Porto make out of transfer sales especially if there are third parties involved. So buying Jackson Martinez would probably cost too much.

    1. RSH says:

      *£32mill. but wouldnt be surprised if theres a ton of add-ons and such. It basically took a month for City to sort out the entire deal.

      1. Ted Drake says:

        Actually it was around £42m

        Porto receives £24.4m from Mangala sale, third-party owner Doyen receives £14.2m, and Standard Liege gets £4.3m

        City are spending crazy money on players as usual.

  11. mike1977 says:

    Now Arteta is officially our captain and Wenger has said he’d like another CB does this mean that we are only in for a CB now and that DM will not be attended to for yet another season? I sincerely hope not.

    1. rock88 says:

      Yeah its looking like this. Don’t worry Chambers will bench Arteta.

      1. mike1977 says:

        I’d seriously love to believe this but Arteta is the captain now, surely Wenger ain’t gonna do another humdinger and bench our newly promoted captain lol.

  12. No10 says:

    Mangala makes the Ozil deal look like a bargain!

    Back to the topic, aren’t the Man City fans comments bitter on YouTube? They make me laugh…

  13. ChristopherHWinters says:

    The Germans are back! COYG

  14. MK3 says:

    We all must blame Na$ri, Van Persie, Fabregas, Clichy for leaving our club at the peak of their career…. Na$ri was 24 yrs old as was Fabregas. Van Persie would have been thrown in the dustbin if he was at ManU or other so called top 4 for almost 6 years without playing even 10 matches in a row, it was us who were so patient. We helped Clichy to move ahead in his career even with his frequent short term injuries. They left us for money or boyhood club….whatever the reason was …. when we needed them the most…… Now look at Fabregas… I have started hating him more than Van Persie….. He is a traitor….. hated Jose for years and now he is working for him….. can’t explain how it feels….
    And we must not compare these footballers with us (in leaving one job and joining a new one)…. because they play for clubs..for millions of fans…for their emotions… for tradition and for footballing culture of the club… but some of them finally end up learning nothing….. and does exactly opposite of what they had said while playing for us…… At least it feels a bit better to blame them for hurting our sentiments……

  15. Ozil_Sanchez says:

    Come on Wenger: Carvalho and Hummels would be the best £70 million you have ever spent.

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