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OFFICIAL Arsenal XI and preview for CSKA Moscow clash

There has been an upturn in fortunes for Arsenal FC and us Gooners of late, with wins both home and away against Italian club AC Milan in the last round of the Europa League along with some much needed victories in the Premier League, so we are all hoping that carries on tonight when Arsenal take on CSKA Moscow at the Emirates stadium.

There is more good news for the Arsenal faithful after Arsene Wenger revealed that, apart from the cup-tied Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and the long term injury absentee Santi Cazorla, the boss has a fully fit squad to pick his team from.

The main questions ahead of the game were about whether David Ospina or Petr Cech would start and whether Danny Welbeck and Alexandre Lacazette would both be in from the beginning.

Bellerin, Mustafi, Koscielny, Monreal,
Xhaka, Wilshere, Ramsey
Ozil, Mkhitaryan, Lacazette

Subs: Macey, Holding, Chambers, Kolasinac, Elneny, Iwobi, Welbeck

So it looks like a 4-4-2 from the Frenchman, with Ozil and Mkhitaryan on either side of Lacazette. We have a lot of taken in midfield as well, so you would expect it to be Arsenal creating the chances, and hopefully pitting a few of them away. COYG!


82 thoughts on “OFFICIAL Arsenal XI and preview for CSKA Moscow clash

      1. GB

        No mate, it’s an old Harry Enfield joke from back in the day. Another of his sayings, “Loadsa money” suits Wenger though!

        1. Tristan

          I got it, dude. I remember vintage enfield. particularly liked modern prem team v 1920s arsenal- a classic (“Charles Charlie Charles” etc.) Yes, arsene is obscenely wedged-up, but is he really enjoying it like an 80s breadhead!? I think he funnelled it all into slightly-better-than-before zip-technology. let’s face it we may be a solid sixth in the league(solemn face) but zip-related embarrassment for the manager (also recurring widespread injury)is down. win the Europa league and we can thank spurs and Chelsea for making it interesting at points ,while snatching the final cl place from one of them. hopefully spurs. (st totteringham’s day loophole) Brothers, sisters, cats, dogs, foxes & dinosaurs of arsenal, let us unite in support of the team, (which is a pretty good one now the re shuffle has begun to settle in) I thank sanchez for his service but also feel he should respect what afc did for his carreer… look at borjan and other underwhelming careers from barca subs bench. Enjoy Manchester you talented weirdo, for the money they’re chucking about I’d think about playing for the scum myself. anyway just writing stuff i’m thinking now but may as well post it. better than debating the validity/absurdity of wenger’s tenure. IMHO. love to all gunners & gooners (with the exception of piers morgan – you don’t speak for me, you doughnut, pipe down)

  1. Dayzher

    Nice line up btw…wasn’t expecting cech at the post but who cares as far as he keeps a clean sheet. Am beginning to like this Christmas tree formation. Suits most of our big players.

    1. gotanidea

      Not nice! Welbeck and Elneny have been playing well lately, so they should start

      And the Christmas tree formation puts too many players in the center. That setup can only rely on the fullbacks for penetrations in the wings, in which we know that Bellerin rarely penetrates these days

  2. Slickrick the ruler

    It’s a 4 4 1 1 have a look on the website. Even your own formation don’t look right. Lacazette on the right and miki as a striker? Come on mate put some. Effort in

    1. Dayzher

      It doesn’t to me..Looks more like a 4-1-2-2-1.. Ramsey and jack ahead of xhaka and ozil and mhki behind laca

        1. Break-on-through

          It’s 433, or 4321 ..same as. We know that Mkhit and Ozil are both play-makers ..with some freedom. They are behind Laca ..obv. Then we have three CM players left, simple. It’s only our attacking philosophy that is confusing people, the players get caught up in it a little bit, Wilshere and Ramsey are both going forward, which is confusing people.

  3. Krish

    Jon fox let me be clear: i am not insulting you but just stating the facts:
    considering your comments on here its impossible to not conclude that you are arrogant disrespectful, not very intelligent and overall not such a good human being if you cant even discuss without insulting each and everybody while you always mention “how you have such a superb insight, grammatical prowess, that you would never abuse anybody and that you are very old..” well i dont know why you always mention that you are old :/ maybe you have some inferiority complex? but let me give you some advice.. dont be such a hateful person,be less arrogant, try to understand other opinions and if you cant do it, dont insult them and if they insult you back dont preach from your high horse..
    please just stop it with those embarrassing capital letters.. thats just childish


    1. gotanidea

      Relax man. People like @jon fox, @kev, @Resource, @John Ibrahim, @Hafiz Rahman, etc are needed to make this site alive

      We need people that reply to comments and show some emotions as true Arsenal fans, not zombies. The more the merrier!

      1. Krish

        People like Kev, Resource, John Ibrahim and Hafiz Rahman are indeed needed as they have personality but even the funny Hafiz Rahman was banned ’cause he winded up a lot on here.. but you have to see it from the other site because of Jon a lot of guys on here are winded up and probably are starting to hate this site.. “The more the merrier”? Absolutely! But Jon is exactly stopping that through his arrogant behaviour

        I am not demanding that he should be banned but he must show his emotions in other ways.. gotanidea I do respect your opinions but you cant just accept any behaviour.. His behaviour is killing this site!

        1. Tristan

          I agree. He’s sucking my enthusiasm for the site. He’s worse than my mate who’s a Liverpool fan. But tbf he probably lives alone in a Harry Brown-esque concrete jungle urban nightmare, afraid of his neighbours punching hate into his outdated keyboard… so give the guy a break… in the end all we have is our hatred.

      2. Nayr


        Everyone has their own opinion.

        there is no need to ban jon or anyone else for sharing their views.

        at the end of the day we are all gooners.

        1. Krish

          lol thats exactly what i’m saying.. maybe you guys should read Jon Fox’s comments and create an opinion on whether he lets other gooners share their views and if he treats them as gooners..

          sharing a view is not the same as insulting fellow gooners

      1. Krish

        If he cant change his behaviour he should be banned yes, but I dont like bans that much, hopefully he’s enough old to get the message ^^

  4. Innit

    No Iwobi and Lacazette instead of Welbeck.
    I’m very grateful 😀😆☺
    Personally I would prefer Eleny over Xhaka but overall I think this is the best team we could put out there.
    Wenger hasnt done anything stupid as far as the lineup is concerned. So that’s good

    Very positive about tonight.
    We really needed Lacazette I think


  5. Gelz

    Nice goal by Rambo, wish people would put there agendas aside and just support the team when we play

  6. Innit

    1 step forward (goal) and 2 steps back (goal and its an away goal)

    We seriously need to win tonight

  7. illiterate

    Too many back passes even if transitioned into an attack. Hate that mentality of theirs…
    Anyway, penalty!

  8. illiterate

    I forsee a similar Bayern 10-2 aggregate scoreline over two legs in favour of Arsenal. Lol

  9. Lexynal

    The Big game player is back. It’s called Rambo/. Thanls Ozil….another classic assist

  10. Innit

    The Cassette and Welshman both 1 goal from a hat trick

    Aubameyang graciously gave up a possible hattrick on the weekend by letting Lacazette score a penalty but maybe we will see one tonight.

    Main thing is (barring a calamity in 2nd half or leg 2) we have one leg in the semis

    COYG More goals please 😀😎

  11. ks-gunner

    I told you guys that our team is one to be scared off. We are not facing any other team who is stronger then us. Atletico might be equal to us, but they too are not better then us.

    So let as see and enjoy the show. This competition is ours to take.

  12. illiterate

    Now im getting ready to watch the lazy and boring 2nd half performance where they will come out and defend their 3 goal lead for the whole 45+ minutes. Less attacks and more and more back passes

  13. Dayzher

    Great first half football.. still not convinced by the defence. But still the attack has been superb. #8 #9

    1. ks-gunner

      Jesus Christ Iwobi. I am glad we are up to 3 goals otherwise the fansbase would ruin him for life

  14. Bur

    Wheelchair hasn’t made a pass all night. Our defence is dire, useless. Good goals though. Step it up Arsenal.

  15. ks-gunner

    You guys are so miserable. Lol. Would be nice to see one more goal but we missed on to many chances so the game is over. Man of the match to me is Ozil.

  16. Gelz

    Done well tonight, could of been more but happy with the result, ozil, Rambo, Laca and Myka before he had to go off the stand out player’s, hope his injury isn’t to bad

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