Official Arsenal XI for Chelsea – Alexis Sanchez only makes bench

I am guessing that Arsene Wenger is still being ultra cautious with the Arsenal and Chile international forward, because if Alexis Sanchez is fit enough to make the Arsenal bench today for the visit of Chelsea, then I would assume that he is match fit and should have no problem playing 90 minutes.

But if the boss wants to make sure that this key player does not suffer another injury setback then we cannot complain or second guess him. The fact that the Gunners have the star of the season so far, Mesut Ozil, back in the starting line up makes it easier for the Frenchman to be careful with Alexis.

Hopefully the German will work his creative magic and with Ramsey, Walcott, Campbell and Giroud to fire the ammunition he provides the boss will be able to bring the dynamic Chilean on at his leisure. I am a little surprised to see that our new signing Elneny is not even on the bench and hope that he has not joined the injury list before kicking a ball in anger for Arsenal.

Bellerin, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Monreal
Flamini, Ramsey
Campbell, Ozil, Walcott

Subs: Ospina, Chambers, Gibbs, Gabriel, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Alexis.

Get stuck into them Arsenal, we really need this win to keep up the pace in the title race.

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  1. I don’t know where you get your line ups but according to, Elneny is on the bench.

    Giroud starting, what was this talk about his ankle?

  2. I don’t know where you get your line ups but according to, Elneny is on the bench.

    Giroud starting, what was this talk about his ankle?

      1. After dropping two points at Stoke this is a must win for us.I just hope the boys are up for it today. If giroud and ozil be their usual we should have no problem. Im a bit worried with flamini, just don’t think he’s got it anymore. He’s managing to do an OK job but what we need in that department is lecoq or a player like him.hope elneny gets some game time.can’t wait to see what 5 mil buys us..

    1. again i blame wenger for puting mertersacker ahead of gabriel. Cmon, costa is way faster then him and thats how they won. Another ridiculos thing getting off giroud omg. And joe campell is not mature its seen in defending too many mistakes, and very selfish player!!!

    1. again i blame wenger for puting mertersacker ahead of gabriel. Cmon, costa is way faster then him and thats how they won. Another ridiculos thing getting off giroud omg. And joe campell is not mature its seen in defending too many mistakes, and very selfish player!!!

  3. I was hoping to see Elneny on the bench. Why do we sign players and never allow them to make impact?

  4. I was hoping to see Elneny on the bench. Why do we sign players and never allow them to make instant impact?

  5. No adventure and no balls from boring Wenger! ?
    There will be plenty of space for Chelsea to attack through the hole left my Ramsey!

    I hope that Giroud isn’t carrying a knock, as rumours stated that he had a ankle injury ?

    The chavs have a pretty strong team lined up,
    I hope that Costa gets sent off along with Fabregas ?

    Oh well… Hopefully our boys are up for this, we can’t afford any slip ups today.


  6. we’ve got ozil..muset ozil..i just don’t think you understand…he’s arsen winger’s man…he’s better than zidane… we’ve got ozil……

  7. Elneny is on the bench. But why do we buy players and bench them? Since we bought Gab he’s not play much, now Elneny keeps making the bench and no debut. Get the 3pts guys. Let’s live up to expectation for once. Coyg. GOYG.

  8. However shitty elneny is he is better than flamini. Why not give the kids a chance? Flamini and arteta out in the summer. Quality holding midfielder purchased instead of both of those horrible players

  9. Arsenal starting XI : Cech; Bellerin,
    Mertesacker, Koscielny, Monreal; Flamini,
    Ramsey; Campbell, Özil, Walcott; Giroud.

    Subs : Ospina, Gibbs, Chambers, Gabriel,
    Elneny, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Alexis

  10. Wenger is a coward. why not throw in Elneny? Though we are going to win this one but when will he play him? When Le Coq is back? 2 – 0 arsenal. The Supper Lamppost will increase his tally.

  11. Wenger is a coward…..we have good players but always benched!!I COULD GO WITH SANCHEZ,GABRIEL AND ELNENY!!Whats the point of bringing in SANCHEZ when we are behind??the effects will be putting more pressure on him!!GABRIEL is good esp.for a pacey Chelsea…..Poor Wenger!!!NO WIN here bcoz of weird squad management!!!

  12. Arsenal Great To See Özil , Alexi slod Team Selection Good Luck To us..wA win for the Boys. Giroud to score his first Goal against Chelsea. #welcomealexis Coyg.

  13. big test for wengers unambitous management style …. with a bit of luck the old chelsea wont show up … time for giroud to score against this lot though

  14. Just a few mins and we are already making mistakes. We really need to be clinical today. I am beginning to think Leicester will be in the mix all the way.

  15. So what exactly are our midfield two doing?? Fabregas keeps getting soooo much room. Flamini needs to just sit in front of the back two and stop morourding forward!!

  16. Only 15 mins in but Mertesacker is a bloody liability. Three bad errors already, including passing straight to Willian in the 18. Thank Cechness.

    Plus he only passes sideways and backwards.

  17. I hope they don’t thrash us so bad. Y is Elneny on the bench and Flamini on the pitch? Why is Mert still playing for us and not Gabriel?

  18. Mertesacker is utter garbage.
    What was wenger doing with all the rubbish play mertesacker was doing.
    Does he have to wait for a red card to make substitutions.
    What about Ramsey who think of himself as a striker and always chasing glory.
    No tactical nous at all.

  19. Nervous, messy and now a very up hill battle.

    It’s like we have an inferiority complex even though Chelski are shit.

    Thanks Per!
    Giroud off. Omg!

  20. You thumbed me down before,but thats what we call poor tactical view….We needed pacey but Wenger ignored it

  21. Wait, he takes off Giroud? WTF Wenger?

    Team selection so conservative, now he’s trying to salvage a point?

    1. Because Giroud Has the speed and acceleration of a turtle
      Hecannot lose a marker.
      He cannot create space for others to attack.
      he lacks movement.
      And if we are going to score, it is going to be against the run of play

  22. Costa dived, no contact, but we all know he is a a cheat. What a disaster. Mertesacker extremely naive. Bring on Sanchez. We need two goals now.

      1. Even the sky pundits are saying no red…. I agree with you, if Gabriel had been on from the start, we wouldn’t have been in this position, however it wasn’t a red – Costa clearly went on, there was no contact, and he then dived.

  23. Joke of a manager and joke of a team! Always loose our arsehole when we need it! We wont win the league

  24. Flamini and ramsey is a dodgey pairing and bfg poor as usual. Got to feel for gabriel, wenger open your eyes!

  25. Costa dived, no contact, but we all know he is a a cheat. What a disaster. Mertesacker extremely naive. Bring on Sanchez. We need two goals now. Willian should never never be given space, that is something everyone knows.

      1. There was minimal contact, but contact nonetheless. Defend him all you want, he should know better than to give the ref any excuse to pull the red card out. This guy is supposed to be the experienced hand in our team, and he makes a rookie mistake.

  26. mertersaker getting caught out and costing us, i never say that coming then again I’m not on 8 mil

  27. subbing giroud off for gab was the right decision of wenger but getting a red in the 20th minute was obviously stupid of mert, but that doesnt mean that the stupid people on here are proven right that gab is a muuuuch better cb than mert… mert is a fantastic cb!

  28. Can people see now why Merteslacker should have been replaced ages ago? Not quick enough!!!!!! Kossie or Gabriel would have got to that…so frustrating and now a goal down to that diving c*** Costa. Cannot bare to watch anymore…

  29. Why didn’t Monreal run for the ball ? He was nearer to the ball, he could have prevented the cross that led to the goal !

  30. I obviously want us to win, but if we lose I hope it a thrashing to put pressure on Wenger.

    Maybe he will spend in remaining window

    1. nope it was a good move, giroud is great absolutely great for possession-football i love giroud but with 10 men you probably have to counterattack then the obvious choice shoud be walcott dont you think so too? :/

  31. However this match ends, the truth is Wenger needs to take along hard look at himself in the mirror and take some not so hard decisions.

    1. Cut the deadweight. Now.
    2. Play the young talent you’ve bought or have warming on the bench while old veterans (BFG, Arteta) screw up and lose us games.
    3. Strengthen in two key areas: ST, DM

    Said this yesterday but bears repeating:

    Clear out BFG, Arteta, Flamini, Sanogo, and Rosicky(hate to say it). No longer Arsenal quality.

    Play Campbell, Gabriel, Iwobi, El Neny. Maybe Adelaide too.

    Get in a WC striker in the summer and rotate in the young uns once games are killed off because Ozil’s sumptuous meals are no longer wasted.

    Bench Walcott and sell him if he doesn’t back his Prima donnaship and cost with GOALS, assists, or near assists (forcing teams out of shape).

    Loan or sell Ox, Gibbs, Debuchy.

    1. No Ramsey hasn’t played well but then again who has?

      So nervous from the start with Kos trying to give Chelski a helping hand.

      Striker Giroud off, leaving Flamini to get in the box to score????

      Per tackled whilst looking at the linesman hoping for a favour because he is soooooo f’ing slow!

  32. Thanks Per!

    We looked nervous to start with and now we have a huge up-hill battle. Gonna be a loooooooooong afternoon…

  33. Dive or not dive is the last man..lack of pace is evident but not for Wenger..neither to start slow game..deeper and two CM who are not disciplined at all..bring Sanchez now to put more pressure for him to perform..IDIOTIC and Tactically naive..Bring el neney for Flamini and Sanches for TRamsey..move ozil deep and play with pace..

    1. sorry but are you freaking stupid? even aston villa would be running it with 11 men in the premier league where everybody gives everything and every game is very physical..
      sorry but sometimes i ask myself if there are real arsenal fans on justarsenal

      1. @Krish
        I wonder also, since some people only come here to throw salt in the wound when we’re doin bad.

  34. This Chelsea team is sh@@ … But wenger is such a shallow manager he has no idea how to win big games …

  35. And some of you idiots think we can the league!! I have said from day 1 we WILL NOT win the league. We just don’t have what it takes, its so obvious and has been for about 10 years

    1. I agree,and have always stood by the fact that with Wenger at the helm we won’t win the PL, but there is no need to brand everyone idiots is there?

      Less of the Internet bravery eh….

  36. If we up our tempo in the second half then I reckon we can still win because Chelsea are playing good because we are doing nothing

  37. Wenger really need to get Gabriel and Mert playing at the same time. Mert should not be our 1st option. Every other team signed players and got them to start. Why do we have to wait many games to see a new player start?

  38. I think every man and his dog new that Costa was going to play that way and we aren’t getting paid 4 mil a year fcufing disgrace wenger, just go now ya imbecile!!!!

  39. Team set for draw as usual..Title contenders? Ya kidding me..for those supporting Wenger here and there..this team needs 2 more quality players and he’s reluctant to add them to the team keeping over rated players and average still there..I’m gonna start supporting Leicester instead..GUTS..MANAGER THAT GOES FOR IT NO MATTER THE OPPOSITION..NOT LIKE OUR CONSERVATIVE ONE..he will come at the end of the game to say THE RED CARD WAS THE REASON FOR THE LOST..I’m pissed

  40. Mertestatue is a complete liability, yet Wenger shows blind faith in him. I will never understand that.

  41. Everybody else can kill off Chelsea except us, Wenger screws it up again, wish he would just fk off!

  42. Wenger v Chelsea is awful seems like hes so scared of them. Per never shouldve started today hes cost us this match even though we were crap before the sending off hes a liability. Big 2nd half even for GD keep d score 1-0, this only the 1st real bump on the road of this title run calm down.

    Early goal for us here and its game on

  43. “Mertesacker is calm and reads the game”……that’s the nonsense people have been saying here whenever you say the truth about him.He just can’t run.Thousands of times I have said it here that he’s a ticking time bomb,, ohh and I have gotten thousands of thumbs down for that

  44. We can get Ighalo tomorrow.
    Sign IGHALO today and we will win the league.
    Any time we meet an half decent team, the individual flaws of our average or spent players are brutally exposed.
    As spent as flamini is, Ramsey lack of positional discipline allowed the player to pick the pass to Costa.
    And mertesacker?
    How many times have we seen a man who lacks pace or physicality get caught out of position.
    Hopefully the Brazilian will get a run in the team and keep mertesacker out forever like bellerin to Debuchy.
    Kolcieny is easily a 5 goals a season defender but he is too busy babysitting mertesacker and we defend too deep because of his lack of pace

  45. This is beyond a joke…. But deep down we shouldn’t be too surprised, should we? ?
    And to think that wenger is being offered another 2 years extension! ? wtf!

    It looks as if we could end up playing with 9 or 8 men,
    Our tackling and challenging for the ball is totally out of character.

    Hopefully the delusional Lemmings,
    Will see things for what they are,
    Same old ? … All talk with no Action!
    Don’t worry 4th spot Baby, daddies coming home!

  46. No other EPL team will have Duckersucker as their 1st choice CB, it’s suicidal to have such a slow defender in such a fast-paced league !

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