Official Arsenal XI for Everton away – Wenger keeps faith

It is all about keeping focus for Arsenal and continu8ing to build the momentum that the performances and results have got us after the three draws in a row during November that looked like they might derail our challenge for the Premier League title.

Since then Arsenal have played well and been ruthless enough to win by large margins against the likes of West Ham, Bournemouth, Stoke and Basel and I am sure that is exactly what Arsene Wenger is looking for in this evening´s trip to face Ronald Koeman’s struggling Everton side.

So it is no surprise to see the boss keep faith with the same starting line-up that bounced back from that Stoke penalty to win quite comfortably at the weekend, with the obvious exception of our injured German centre back Shkodran Mustafi who is replaced at the back by Gabriel.

Bellerin, Gabriel, Koscielny, Monreal
Xhaka, Coquelin
Walcott, Ozil, Oxlade-Chamberlain

Subs: Ospina, Gibbs, Holding, Elneny, Iwobi, Lucas, Giroud

That back four will need to stay strong with Lukaku and Valencia to contend with but having Coquelin to protect them is a big help and we hope to see most of the goalmouth action at the other end. Any win will do to see Arsenal regain top spot for the night, but can we expect another big scoreline from the Gunners?


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  1. how are we gooners.

    4 points from the next two games are we are still in the hunt!
    win tonight-just what the doctor ordered

    curious about ox’s turnaround- im gonna keep a close eye on the young buck .

    come on gabby be a rock – show that form u did when u first came – kos will lead the way just keep your cool – we believe in u

      1. usual biz brother , missus and work keeping me busy ,
        hows things?

        man i whatttt, yesssssssss come on alexisssssss

        yuuuhhhhh- few more please lads , wanna get perez on –

        1-0 to the arsenal!

  2. I’m OK with the line-up but Mr wenger should please introduce Lucas so as to keep his moral high as he scored a hatrick last week Tuesday.
    Bring it on!

    1. id happily win the league on nothing but rebounds and own goals

      im low maintenance..a cheap date if u will 🙂

    1. That’s because we’re weak on the wings defensively, Alexis was the only one that use to defend and attack flawlessly from the wing but now he’s in the middle. I think it’s time Perez comes in for one of Walcott or Chamberlain.

  3. That goal was coming. Game after game the opposition wingers or fullbacks are always wide open. Everyone is stacked up in the middle…

  4. Why after we 1 goal up we become scared. Cech keep kick long ball up to them. Ox is the most lazy player in our squad.

  5. we stopped the tempo instead of going for the killing second goal then ease it. the cross should have been dealt with from Theo preventing it and gabriel and kos not ducking.I also expected chech to go for it as it was not at pace. Anyway, we have to start the second as the first as toffees got confidence now and will bully us to every challenge..If we scored first then they will switch off again but If THEY DO then we are for a real match to chase. wingers need to push the back 2 deep otherwise they will carry on with long balls.

  6. I’m telling you guys, watch our games closely and you’ll see how much time and space the opposition always have on the wings. It’s as if we wait until they fully control the ball and say ok now let me get to him instead of killing that option from the beginning.

  7. we lost complete shape, control of the game and static now with OG in the pitch.
    Iwobi decision making AWFUL…we lost a game we should not have to.

    1. was never sleeping. Said this would happen, but everyone here bashed me and INSISTED we were a changed side and would beat Bayern. Oh boy…

  8. Jesus.. Chelsea will be 6 points away by tomorrow.. Possibly 7-9 points unless we perform a miracle at the Etihad

  9. NO miracles. OG will be rooted to the bench. he does not show any desire to chase a ball or hunger. here we go letting it slip again.

  10. Chelsea will win the league this season. Arsenal will beat Bayern to proceed to the next round and will exit after that.

  11. And here come the moaners.. i can tell you’ve been waiting for this moment forever lol. Good game of football, we weren’t threatening enough forward but there is still time to get a point at least.

  12. We give them the confidence to come to us so this result is fair. Lucas is more hungry then any our starter 11

  13. The loss will come sooner or later. Suck it up. Pick up ur selves boiz and let’s look to the next match. Onward and Upward gooners.

  14. No league this year again… We’ve gone from one tortoise in Mertesacker to another in Xhaka.. This guy is like watching Squillaci playing in midfield… A truly awful 35m pound signing…

  15. Why on earth did we sit back when we got the lead? That’s when we lost the game. WE need a killer instinct and finish teams off. We won’t win the league if we need to go behind to get aggression.

    1. Literally. The comments are filled with two different groups of people according to whether we have won or lost.

  16. Lucas should start next game . we would have sit top for 24 hours at least now we will be 6 points by sunday and If we lose then 9. Consistency and intensity will be AW words in his post interview. Why? WHY? games like this we can not put it to bed?

    1. Poor finishing. And when you start attacking with 5 minutes to go and still losing, it’s not hard to park the bus on the goal line.

  17. Can’t keep blaming Wenger for this, nothing wrong with the team he chose. Only issue was Koscielny and Alexis seemed like the only ones who came to play. It was embarrassing to see so many players play rubbish.

  18. haha, it’s funny to scroll through these comments, you can pin point the moment they score. suddenly Girouds shit again, the tactics are rubbish, and players are average, Just missing a Wenger comment and things will back to normal again, all this positivity rubbish was starting to do my head in anyway.

  19. Minute Alexis scored we stopped playing. Everton pressed us more, yes, but we had no response, no composure to get out of it. It’s like the minute the game became harder half the team gave up. Very average, forgettable game. And some of our shots on the goal were silly. Ozil just had to pass it into the net and he goes for a fancy finish… Wenger rightfully furious, it should’ve been a goal. I don’t blame Wenger for the loss, but many people here are convinced we’re a “changed side” and offer no evidence of this. It’s December still and way too many Arsenal fans are getting arrogant instead of being cautious after a decade of blowing title chances.

    1. Absolutely right, I can’t understand the mentality, when top of the league is in question, unless they were just tired from the usual abuse from the orcs, and also Mustafi does a lot of motivation in the squad – I think he has an effect on Ozil, who wasn’t good tonight.

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