Official BBC account says Alexis will decide where he is next season, not Wenger

This never-ending frustration for Arsenal fans over whether Alexis Sanchez will still be in the Arsenal team next season looks like it will come to a head next week, once Chile have played the Confederations Cup Final and Alexis and Arsenal reveal their decision.

Arsene Wenger seemed to imply yesterday that Alexis would be honouring his contract even if he didn’t sign an extension, but now the famous David Ornstein on his official BBC account has said that that is not the case, and if Alexis really wants to go then Arsenal will NOT let him run his contract down….

He tweeted an hour ago…..

That sounds very much like he has definitive insider information from the Arsenal camp, but to give Arsenal fans a bit of hope he tweeted half an hour ago…..

So what do we make of that? Surely Sanchez’s agent would have lined up a buyer if Alexis wants to go? And isn’t that likely to be Man City?

But here is a question. What if Alexis decides he wants to go, but Arsenal don’t receive a fair offer? What would Wenger do then?



  1. Okay guys my info was reliable. This is getting boring. Benzeme done deal.

    1. Oh no i meant lacazette and lemar I meant LACALEMAR
      Admin please delete the previous post immediately!

      1. Uv got one in two so far
        Lets see if lemar comes through

        Sanchez staying an those two signed would be excellent window

        1. He got fork all, in my book ?? one, the deal isn’t done yet because Wenger is still haggling the price of the player and two, All the main media reports were already stating that Arsenal were deep in negotiations for Lacazette, long before Beavers and Butthead Came along, blowing his own trumpet.

      2. Okay so I was the benzene guy as you can tell who trolled you guys.
        All guns blazing was my name I believe..
        My source for all this is Agentstrdtham_ on twitter. And everything that he has said has been true so far. Every story from bids made to rejected were all from his account. He claims his old account got deleted.
        As of today he had to delete some of his previous tweets. You can go check out his account he’s still active and has been blocked by the official arsenal page. I feel like he knows his stuff. Everything that he has said has been true in every possible way.

        1. You’re talking out of your ass. You said signed sealed and delivered. We knew we were interested, any knob could see that as the presidents over there were talking about not wanting to sell to us. Whether it’s you or it’s some mug on twitter, more fool anyone who buys it.

        2. Here’s one of your posts from last year…..

          all guns blazing (benzema done deal)
          August 21, 2015 at 6:25 pm

          Of course im enjoying the window these are the best 3 windows we have ever had! Benzema cech and krychowiak! #benzyfrenzy Arsenal for the league this year.

          Rate this comment: Thumb up 0 Thumb down 1

          So you were SOOOOO right last year, you thought you would annoy us all once again?

          1. ?? it was only a matter of time before he tripped over his own shoelaces.

            1. My Ears are burning ?? I bet he’s calling me all the Fat @@@@’s. Under the Sun? ???

      3. Now sonny,you don’t wana be messing with us or you,ll get a full house of angry gunners on your case

      4. More like… Oh no, Admin please delete his profile picture ? He looks like a proper Billy no mates, trying to look cool while posing with his sister! ?? as if any half decent looking chick would get that close to that poor Simpleton and it’s in black & white to diminish the ugliness?? I kinda feel sorry for him now. ?? ?? Oh Well, now that I got my one seconds worth of sympathy out the way… Back to the topic i go and I feel that Wenger is on a lose-lose situation here if City or even Chelsea don’t put in an offer for Sanchez. The player himself looks very relaxed about his situation because he knows either way he will come out the winner whether he is sold now or leaves for free in 12 months time.

        1. I dont know how admin let this comment slide it clearly is against their policy of no insulting others

    2. Have you been caught out?
      Are you pretending to be an insider for other clubs as well!
      Why should I delete it? Posted to the wrong forum did you? Hahahaha!

      1. I was thinking he was a spud trying to put the mockers on the Lemar bid. Honestly, was gonna type that yesterday.

    1. You know it makes sense

      Luvly jubbly

      By this time next year we will be billionaires

      What goes through Wenger’s mind

      1. Makes no sense if WENGER sold him, WENGER doesn’t get to loan off the AFC shares to put towards new stadiums or to buy a ranch…

        Nasri also confirmed it is the BOARD that sold him, Wenger wanted him to stay and would have been happy not to sell…
        Same thing with RvP, Wenger wanted him to stay and RvP wanted AFC to show ambition… The board sold RvP for UCL money.

        When I say the board, I mean Gazidis ad he is the CEO, we all know Gazidis wanted Wenger out yet no one thinks Gazidis could hurt Wenger by lowballing bids?

        Let us forget the TRUTH huh?
        Face facts, it is Gazidis that has undermined Wenger for years and you idiotic fans will jump on the media bandwagon because you are too stupid to think for yourself.


        1. So ivan is too money conscious to make proper bids, yet dumb enough to overpay players like Walcott?
          I respect your opinion, but not for single second do i believe Wenger has no say in players and getting things done. He has absolute power throughout club, but in most important aspect (players) ivan runs the show not Wenger? Nah not buying it, sorry.
          So ivan decided on chec and no other players? If Wenger wanted lacazette last year I’m sure he could have gotten the player despite ivan underbidding and being cheap.
          Wenger wasnt cool with director of football, be hes ok with ivan being director of transfers and bidding? Sorry bro not buying

  2. Hopefully lacazette and lemar deals get done. Offer monaco Walcott to lessen sting of lemar leaving. If those two are only transfer money spent fine by mine. Better two quality players than 30 million worth of young could be players.
    Throw Goretzka in there as icing on the cake please

  3. I know what I’ve decided but am not gonna tell you, not just yet anyway. That sounds eerily familiar.

    So when is resource gonna give us all the credit for the Lacazette news. We all knew since last summer that Lacazette peaked our interest. I think everyone on Just Arsenal knew this. He has to spend, that’s why we finally forked out on Lacazette …well almost!!!.

  4. If Wenger is serious he will run down his contract if no extension is agreed.
    As a fan I will prefer that than selling to PL club knowing our club that the fund will not be invested.
    Oh, if the PL club is not a threat, no problem.

    1. We are a top club and need to act like it.

      AFC could threaten Alexis with 12 months on the bench and not playing and I think that would scare Alexis into signing a 12 month extension.

      We can tell Alexis that he is free to leave in 12 months but remind him if he wants to pick the club he wants to go to then he has to perform this year to make that happen… AFC get a performing Alexis.

      Time to step up and act like a big club, not a selling club.

  5. I hope he doesn’t allow him to go on a free.If he doesn’t want to sign a new contract then we have to demand a huge fee before teams lose their interest.It would just be like the old times when we begged some of our players to today but they didn’t.It will be tough as usual but we will survive without him.

  6. IMO, Sanchez should be sold as fast possible. I don’t see any sense in holding on to him as that could be risky. Considering his attitudes last season, arsenal can do better without him. Having a player that scores more than the rest doesn’t usually success in EPL. What arsenal need is a group of players playing for each other, working together without one feeling he is better than the rest. He is a player i love but i love my arsenal more.

    1. Alexis want to play for Pep from what we have read, will Pep want an Alexis that has sat on the bench for 12 months? Heck not even getting on the bench? AFC can tell Alexis he has been dropped from the 1st team due to his attitude… Sign or get forgotten about and collect dust in the corner for 12 months.

      Or Alexis might want to perform the best he has ever performed to ensure Pep still wants him in 12 months, in this case AFC get a performing Alexis and 12 months to step up into a pos that we can buy a TOP talent to replace Alexis, like Griezmann 😛

      It is up to AFC to either act like a small selling club or act like a big club who calls the shots.

  7. At least it will be over after the final. We will know for definite if Alexis goes or stays and this long saga can stop so we can focus on signing players

    I’m also curious what will happen to debuchy, Jenkinson, Gibbs, Lucas, Ox if anything

  8. Think youll find that as hes under contract its the club an wenger who will decide where Sanchez does or doesnt go

  9. Alexis could be sold, if he is sold then I would hope the AFC supporters show their displeasure if sold to another EPL team, we really need to tell Gazidis that we do not want to consider City offers, we have lost too many players to them and they are a direct rival for the EPL (if we lucky and be a rival for the EPL!).

    If Wenger is adamant he wants to keep Alexis and for AFC to act like a top club who doesn’t give into its players then why not support that attitude??????

    Do RM let their players go for bargain price? Look how we paid a record fee for Ozil who… He wasn’t RM star player yet we had to pay for him, that is what a big club acts like!

    We all know Gazidis doesn’t like Wenger so how bad is it for Gazidis if Wenger is seen as the bad apple selling our star player to our rival? Gazidis is the CEO, the one who can say yes to a deal after Wenger has said no.

    Think about this people…
    If Gazidis wants Wenger gone then how does screwing up this transfer window hurt HIM?
    Fans will jump on Wengers back and after last season I bet the rage will be worse this year and the rage will be directed at who?????

    The board wasn’t united on Wenger having that new contract, Gazidis admitted as much in the Q&A, I have not ignored that.

    1. Right- its also pretty annoying that had we made more effort to tie up his contract, and other people like the Ox, we wouldn’t be going through the uncertainty we are, and annoyingly having teams like Liverpool and Citeh sniffing around and making us look weak. After the Suarez escapade, in which again our negotiating team hardly covered themselves in glory, I hope we would never consider selling anyone to them! The Spuds, meanwhile, are sitting pretty down the road, having tied up all their contracts, undoubtedly pushed by Pochettino, and giving them a relaxed summer in which they look in control. We would do well to bring in a more professional team to manage players’ contracts and the recruitment process, as this is a huge part of football nowadays.

  10. On no account should Sanchez be sold to a prem rival ala rvp.but then wenger is a nutter & kronke is a greedy b**** & gazidis a snake oil salesman.therefore expect a sale to citeh & a shafting for the fans once again.groundhog day.when will wengers disciples ever learn?

  11. If he wants to stay, great, but if he wants to go, let him go, I don’t care anymore, but, he must put in a transfer request first.

    I’m sick of the whole protracted saga, We’ve all seen his strops and throwing his toys out of the pram when he doesn’t get his own way, we don’t need that around the dressing room.

  12. So we’re getting excited about a player we haven’t yet signed and worried about a player with a low contract regardless of what happens with Sanchez the money will not be re invested properly so if it’s the case I say keep him for the year and enjoy watching him in red and white

  13. I really do not care where a player goes as long as he is not sitting on the bench, or faking injuries or causing a negative feeling in the camp, it is the club’s job to get in players that will adequately fill the gap.

    He has been good for us , but from I recalled arsenal won trophies it was a team that won the league not one individual, and when I say team it refers to a unique group of individuals who has one common goal within a particle time period that display attributes of , loyalty, discipline, hardworking and a togetherness not for one and one only.

    I wish him the best if he goes or if he stays, I wish he does so with a pure heart

  14. hi guys
    i always visit this site but never commented
    always here for beloved fans views
    but i was surprised how that guy came close to the truth.
    most of you should wait and see may be you will be surprised as well
    anyway guys good work

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