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Official Confirmed Arsenal Team for Man City Clash

As expected Arsene Wenger has not made a lot of changes to the Arsenal team that lost at Everton on Tuesday, and he will be urging them to bounce back with a much improved performance.

This will be Wenger v Guardiola for the first time meeting in the Premier League, but Le Prof has faced the Spaniard many times in the Champions League, four times when he was at Barcelona and another four when he was in charge at Bayern Munich. (Guardiola Wins: 4, Wenger Wins: 2, Draws: 2). But the Premier League is a different kettle of fish and Wenger is looking forward to the increased competition, now that Conte and Pep have now arrived (and with Klopp at Liverpool of course). Wenger said: “I know it’s competitive and we’re surrounded by top-class managers but I want to win,”

“I think that the fight will be tighter and more difficult than ever and that we have an opportunity to prove that we can deal with the new competition.

“Of course, it stimulates everybody. We will see. It will be very open until the end I think.”

Well I know he said that on Friday but it’s not looking quite so open now with Chelsea a staggering 9 points clear this morning. But will it be Pep or Wenger that start clawing back the gap by the end of this afternoon?

Anyway over to todays confirmed Arsenal team…There is no room yet for Lucas Perez, who scored a hat-trick on his last start, or Olivier Giroud to start the game, And, in the only change from Tuesday, Alex Iwobi replaces the Ox after finally hitting form and scoring two goals in a week.

Bellerin, Gabriel, Koscielny, Monreal
Xhaka, Coquelin
Walcott, Ozil, Iwobi

Come on you Gunners, let’s bounce back in style!


118 thoughts on “Official Confirmed Arsenal Team for Man City Clash

  1. Godswill

    Boys, nothing but a win is needed.
    You can do it.
    By any margin or any how, ugly, og, splendid, or referee.

  2. HA559

    Clichy and Sterling face Bellerin, I think Bellerin can get the better of them defensively against Sterling and offensively against Clichy. For me Bellerin will be the key player in this match.

    Their key player would be Toure, he can drive through the midfield phsyicallly with the ball like no one else in either side.

  3. Fatboy Gooney

    I have been out of touch for a while, been busy touching myself ?
    I was pretty confident about us getting a result today but that was before I saw the line up.
    Anyways, I’ve gone for a halftime /full time bet:
    Half-time City, Full-time Arsenal @ 28/1
    God help us!

  4. Justsoccerfan

    Sanchez want our players to press but more of our players are not as fit as him. For my observations our players only can play 15min pressing game.

      1. gmv8

        The point is we can’t play that game, we never have been able to in all the years I have been watching, if we do pull it off it is by luck rather than judgement.

        1. gmv8

          About the only thing Michael Owen’s said that turns out true … I guess he decided to play it safe …..

      2. gmv8

        We are not a team that concentrates on being set up defensively like West Brom etc, Wenger doesn’t devote much time to that…

  5. gunnerman8701

    It’s an away game and will be tricky. We have to attack, however should also defend with our lives. I rather have us win 0:1.

    1. Bigvalbowski

      Typical freaking Arsenal, same script year after effing year.

      Amazing how a new coach(Conte) can completely transform a teams mentality in half a premier season.

      Meanwhile at the Emirates…..

  6. gmv8

    I said that we should’ve taken advantage in the first half – got thumbed down …. Gary Neville’s saying that now … hindsight is a wonderful thing.

  7. Justsoccerfan

    I said before how goal kick is so weak that very time fall for them and we like to keep doing it.

  8. ras911

    We are getting toyed with now.. i don’t know why it’s hard for us to clear our line quick. Losing the ball and Ozil has been invisible so far. Come on lads!

  9. luvdaguns

    we are being dominated, ozil no where to be found, coqs passes terrible, lets hope ox changes this up,

  10. Charlie Nick

    Need to get hold of the ball and get passing going. Lost count of the balls we’ve given away.Hopefully Ox coming on will stretch them a bit

  11. Ddog

    what is this? what in gods name is this? I’m furious right now. We’ve shown city way too much repsect and they’ve punished us. Useless

  12. gmv8

    How on earth is Sterling allowed to be on his own on the left wing???? They’ve been cutting out our space everywhere. IT IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH!!!!!!!

  13. Arsenal_Girl

    I’m depressed now

    We need to win this one. With a draw or a loss we will be too far away from Chelsea

  14. rkw

    Missed first half … In Strasbourg ironically birth place of the delusional one … No idea about first half but if this team finishes in top 4 will be shocked … Joke manager plus at least 4 players who should never be playing in a top flight team .., Walcott … The highest paid laziest least skillful player in world football … Iwobi … Monreal …. Gabriel … Can’t defend ozil anymore his lack of effort is appalling …

  15. JAmerican

    Told y’all in the Everton game that our wings are crap defensively. We have so many passengers on this team it’s sickening.

  16. gmv8

    They are continuing to attack us when they’ve just scored…. we switched off, that’s the difference

  17. pneyi

    This team is a joke.. Wing play is zero.. Creativity is zero.. Ozil is a fraud for the hype he gets… We need another creative player as we can no longer have carzola most of the times ND clearly ozil is better of a supporting striker nt a playmaker. We need a playmaker..

  18. rkw

    2 1 down … Ox injured so let’s bring elneny on … Another master stroke from the 8 million quid man …. Couldnt make this guy up if I tried

  19. arsenal_canada

    Where is the passion? Effort? Pride? First half was good IMO, but the second has been god awful!

    1. arsenal_canada

      That title race was awesome!!! Shame we won’t take part in it any further. The only person that deserves the money is Alexis. Ozil had done f all these last 2 matches, and he wants how much???

  20. Bob2

    Second team in a week that were for the taking early on in a game and we bottled it.
    Now what idiot thinks we still have a chance of the league?

  21. rkw

    Only way for arsenal to become a top team again is for wenger to leave … Ideally at Xmas … Even the 4th place junkies have gone quiet ..c’mon defend your delusional pusher

  22. gunnerman8701

    And people wonder why pundits never consider AFC a title winning team. Chelsea came from finishing mid table and about to win the trophy again. We keep living on champions league appearances like it’s a trophy

  23. Justsoccerfan

    Guys don’t take it too hard anyway I don’t expect arsenal to win premier league so chill.

    Marry Christmas!!!!

  24. BUR

    Foul after foul my goodness. What is going on. Poor poor poor. It’s wengers time to get out . He has bought this crap.

  25. Ddog

    stupid overpaid useless so and so’s, there’s bombs in Alepo, the pounds gone to hell, there’s a housing crisis, and then i have to sit down watch these overpaid fools walk around a pitch. How dare they!

  26. rkw

    Only way to Get rid of delusional one is to boycott this failed club ..12 years is enough …. The junkies have gone quiet …Lets hear it from krish n bud n admin … What’s the excuse this time ?????

  27. gmv8

    Couldn’t believe what I was seeing … a conference team would’ve played better than us after we scored the goal. It was pathetic, no closing down, poor marking, poor passing, allowing them plenty of space while they allowed us none. I don’t mind losing if we put the effort in, but we simply didn’t – were they at a Christmas party last night? It looked like no one on the Arsenal team wanted to win that game after we scored the goal, apart from possibly Alexis and Cech – but even Alexis’ passing wasn’t great in the game.

  28. BUR

    Why would Sanchez and Ozil stay with a team of no hopers and a manager who has not got a clue. 4th if lucky this year again. So sick of this dung.

  29. gmv8

    Bellerin was getting outpaced by de Bruyne? What is going on? I thought Bellerin was the fastest man on the pitch??????

  30. morfin443

    So you guys are still watching arsenal matches.. aww sorry ok.. spare yourself this headache and be checking LiveScore or something after the match… u will feel better.. Wenger isn’t going to win anything with this team.. the earlier you realize that the better …

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