Official confirmed Arsenal team to face Everton – Arteta sticks to same line-up

So at last Arsenal get to play the crucial game in hand that could give us a nice 5-point cushion ahead of Man City so we can begin the crucial month of March with a reasonable head start on our challengers.

This month is extra crucial as we also restart our Europa League campaign with two legs against Sporting Lisbon, so it was great to see Trossard and Jorginho seeming to fit seamlessly into the team last week, but with these important run of games ahead of us Arteta may need to start bringing in other peripheral squad members like Vieira, Tierney, or even Kiwior, Elneny and Holding.

But I have a feeling he will leave more big rotations for Bournemouth on Saturday as he will have one eye on the trip to Lisbon next Thursday, but tonight I think we could see the return of Eddie Nketiah, but not much else in the way of big changes.

Well we are going to find out any minute now when Arteta reveals his starting line up for our crucial must-win game against Everton tonight.

And here it is…….


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  1. Arteta needs to rotate the team more. What happens if one of our vital player gets injured? Then we will have players who are match rusty coming in to replace them. Arteta knows better but there are some games that he can rest one or 2 players.

  2. We conceded from a corner situation at the Goodison Park, so we should’ve fielded players with better aerial abilities, such as Partey, Tierney, Kiwior, Tomiyasu or Nketiah. But I’m sure Arteta wants to reward Trossard, because of his productivity in Leicester

    Hopefully Jorginho can produce more defense-splitting passes, to make us score more than one goal

  3. If Onana and Doucoure play like they did in our loss we could be in for a tough night ,would liked to have seen Trossard play Odegaard position and keep the same front 3 we have seen since Xmas ,lack of pace in the midfield was our undoing at Goodson park ,hopefully home Advantage makes a difference .

    1. They are in the relegation zone for a reason, if we play well it won’t matter how they play, we will win…hopefully 🤔

        1. Yes yes I know, but when you add the circumstances of that particular match and the fact we played poorly, it was against form guide and not because Everton are good….

    1. Tierney is gonna play all the Europa fixtures and likely to play as sub in alot of matches.

    2. I’m also not at all
      Arteta doesn’t trust players outside the 11, it’s bad
      Didn’t we see Nelson substitute Saka and give a magnificent display
      Didn’t we see Viera do very well against Wolves when Xhaka fell ill

      I hope Arteta is not beginning to see Jorginho as part of the first 11 ahead of Partey

      That will make me annoyed at his love for Jorginho

      Those unprotected spaces are very much there with Jorginho as DM but we haven’t played a team good enough to exploit it (Man City did though)

      We play well with Jorginho
      But those spaces are very much always there – I see them everytime but we haven’t played another team asides Man City that can punish us for it

      Aston Villa almost did but we could outscore them

  4. Every game these days is a worry because of their importance and just hoping our boys are still smarting from our defeat at their place.

  5. Very good line up
    Everton won’t be able to play tonight like they did at Goodison park.
    Arsenal will be very eager to get the three points and I think we will score several goals and get a convincing win.

  6. Partey is not ready. This is our STRONG line up. Everton will not get the chance to be on the front foot. Odegaard will hopefully tear them apart. We will get a lot of chances. It’s up to the lads to put them away.

  7. Everton will park the bus as usual. I hope we can find a way to best them this time around.

    I don’t know why xhaka is not rested. Dude is tired and out of form. He os the weak link in that midfield (my opinion).

    He is a good player but it needs a rest at this point in time.

    Arteta should try zinchecko in the middle at least for once and return Tierney.

    A combo of partey, Joginho and zinchecko will form an indomitable midfield.

  8. Big chance and a big statement to put points on the board. Got to be better than at Goodison, out fought and out played, that has to be buried along with Everton.

  9. Everton might likely thrive on Set-piece,
    They have their midfield to defence packed with heights, we would need to ware them out the way Aston villa did, we must win.

  10. Very strong bench but I suspect we will find it difficult to break down Everton despite having the bulk of possession.The fact is midfield control has not resulted in the creation of many clear cut chances recently primarily because Odegaard has shaded off and our full backs have been unable to overlap effectively.Another clean sheet please and I would gladly settle for a one goal win.

  11. This is shocking Everton overpowering arsenal and that Onana knows what he’s doing trying to get xhaka booked etc grrr a hate Onana ,anno it’s a strong word but I do like, even for 20 mins during the game get saka and martinelli to swap wings so when the cross it’s a out swinger and if it’s straight over the keeper will have to palm it out hopefully to a gunner. COYG

  12. According to AFTV (Youtube), Arsenal are really poor. Giving the ball away cheaply. Star players yet to turn up! ONLY 1 SHJOT ON GOAL so far 🙁

  13. See that Onana dived again after he said he was hit in the face with Gabriel and the ref waved it away that’s his 2nd now when’s he getting booked for this.

  14. Everytime a team sits deep and don’t try play the offside trap we look lost.

    Need midfield runners from deep running past the forwards to beat teams sitting deep otherwise they just sit goal side of the forwards. Haven’t seen much of that.

  15. Left side nonexistent. I can’t believe that MA doesn’t see it for a quite a while now…

    1. It happens every game, I don’t know if it’s by design or not. Ode sits far right close to Saka and Zinchenko pulls into the middle so we are left with one play that’s relatively isolated on the left whoever it is.

      Look at the goal now, look where Zinchenko was for his great assist. I’m not complaining 😂 but it’s a good example.

  16. Great goal ,exactly why Zinchenko is in the team ,build from the back ,not sure why fans want him out the team to be replaced by a a left back that offers nothing but endless crosses and gets caught out while up the pitch .

    1. Dan,
      I’m wondering too why most fans on JA want Zinny taken out of the team in place of Tierney. They say he is the reason Martenell was struggling.

      1. Strange one for me as well @soccer boy
        Our success this season as come from our excellent defensive shape which zinchenko as been part of and how he starts off our offensive play by moving into midfield and being that extra man ,Tierney offers nothing more than being a solid Old school left back and that’s it .
        Seen a lot better than him over the last 20-30 years .

  17. Dan, it’s easy. Xhaka out, Zivchenko’s energy in midfield and Tierney and Martinellii running riot on the flanks.

    1. Ok but then what happens when we change a winning formula ?
      Why try and fix something that isn’t broken ,we are top of the league by 5 points because of this new system ,Tierney cannot play in it that’s why he’s on the bench ,make no sense to me anyway

    2. 👍 Joe.Sv, Xhaka could do with a rest to refresh; Zinchenko in midfield and Tierney at LB is a very viable option to allow rotation.

  18. Onana’s physicality caused a lot of problems and Dyche’s tactic was still highly effective to shut our attack off, but Saka made a brilliant goal and assist

    I think our defenders will be less nervous in the second half, but Everton could still hit back from dead-ball situations

    1. what problems?He’s been a passenger in the first half. He’s had less than five important touches in our half.Hasnt won any duel against Gab or Xhaka. Iwobi has been Evertons most effective midfielder so far.

    2. He’s been clouted in the face by Xhaka & Gabriel. Don’t like to say it, but he has that type of face.

  19. Onana has fallen over at every opportunity. Glad we didn’t move for him. Credit to Bukayo…great goal, and credit to his assist. He is priceless.

  20. Nicely pick side, hopefully we squeeze in one or two more and give Tierney and others a bite at the cherry.

    Everton will be throwing everything in the box come second half Sean Dyche knows nothing more, warm up Partey

  21. For everyone thinking Martinelli isn’t playing well just take note how his run in the first goal gives Saka the space he needs by making Mykolenko have to keep an eye on him as well as Saka.

    1. Gabi runs movements off the ball quality never dropped, its his holding on the ball and running down a blind alleys that is the problem.

        1. Gabi has no assist though his run to make space for saka on the 1st goal is deserving of one. Also he is the most clinical of our forwards rarely misses chances.

          Love the guy but he has blown many counters by hogging the ball and heads down dribbling. He’s already good but room for improvement.

  22. I expect Everton to finally start playing football in the second half. I hope that gives Gabby Saka and Leo space to attack. The fist 35 mins must have been the worst football served by a visiting team. Really atrocious.

  23. It’s 4-0. We really need to destroy those low-blocking scums!!! We need 2 more goals to send a strong warning to title rivals and defensive teams visiting the Emirates this season.

  24. Amazing to see how much better our shape is when Partey is on the field, great to watch. Good to see ESR on the field…

  25. And now the shoreline represents where we want to be and what we are trying to do. Go go gunners🙌

    1. I checked in to see the comments that thus far avoiding such has been blissful. You’re a special case. Take credit on Gary crying when saying the absolute opposite most of the season and to a lesser degree throughout the game in the above comment section. What is your aim? Have an opinion on it, and if it changes with time well you are an adult no one is 100% right….change it. Not sure what you are doing but it is not genuine at all.

      1. Have very little time for the clever games Neville plays in the media which should make me agree with your statement but I do not.

      2. Angus, I couldn’t care less what you think….you simply don’t matter! My only concern is your very odd obsession with me, very sad.

        1. You fail to understand that there are still areas the team can improve, criticism may seem negative to someone that thinks the team is perfect which is just naive and arrogant.

          We are playing extremely well, we can still work on getting better. The end.

  26. I am glad United have progressed further in the FA Cup. Was hoping for a draw to force a replay. Nevertheless, progressing means more games for them, more fatigue and fixture congestion towards the end of the season.

    1. Great second half. We got lot’s of players on the pitch too, which is important. We do have good rotation now. Little Leo Trossard is a real baller. Good stuff.

      1. I agree with your comment. With Partey well rested since his return from his thigh injury, we can expect him to stay injury-free till the end of the season. ESR and Jesus return will give us more attacking options to finish off games and various tactical options. They’ll be like new signings and will have similar impacts to Trossard and Jorginho. We need them for those crunch games in April, which come in this sequence City (A), Che (H), Newcastle (A) and Brighton (H).

        Let’s not forget we would also have Europa Semifinals around that period. I am positive we will finish the season strongly while some of our rivals, likely United will run out of steam at that point.

        1. 👍 depth is improving with ESR, Partey and ultimately Jesus to return to full fitness.

    2. Exactly right and sensible thinking too. I wanted them to win but to have a tough game doing so and they did too. Best possible outcome for us.

      Now they have a home draw in next round and will make semis at least. Further to get fatigue, as applies to City too. All of it aids our Prem chances!

      1. I feel United is mathematically out of the title race with this our win even though they won’t admit it. They won’t play again until March 5, which is an away game to Liverpool, a day after we play Bournemouth at home.

        If we win the game, they will go into the game at Anfield 14 whooping points behind Arsenal and with two less games played.

        To even be in reckoning of a title race, they need to win their next 6 games, which comes in this sequence Liv (A), Sou (H), Bri (A), New (A), Eve (H) and Forest (A), not forgetting they have two Europa R16 games, FA QF and Europa QF first leg sandwiched in between those games.

        We’ve done ourselves a massive favor getting knocked out of the cup games early and returning to winning ways in the league. I don’t know Gary Neville smokes to claim United will finish ahead of Arsenal. He probably doesn’t have an idea of what the fixture list looks like for United and the timing of those games to even make such ridiculous statement. Even City won’t say such with their squad depth and being the current league champions.

        I hope United makes it to the final of the FA Cup to lose to City and Europa finals only to lose to Arsenal to cap off their season. At that point, those cup games would be a huge distraction to them. We need to just concentrate on the league and rotate efficiently for the Europa games.

  27. Stuff of champions!!! Hopefully, we take the maximum 12 points from our next four games, which are against Bou (H), Ful (A), Palace (H) and Leeds (H).

    The return of Partey and ESR, coupled with the impending return of Jesus is a huge lift to the entire squad. With United’s current resurgence, we need to finish off the season very strongly and hopefully beat them in Europa if we face off in the final, so they end their season in an anticlimax and to shut Neville up.

    Hopefully, we would have had the league in the bag by then. Ending the season with a silverware has become critical at this point. Hopefully, City ends United chance of winning the FA Cup.

    I’m really pissed off by Neville’s comments about United finishing ahead of Arsenal. Spurs and Liverpool need to hit form quickly to give them a fight for the Top4, which I feel should be their target for the season, not rubbing shoulders with Arsenal at the top of the table.

    1. That neville piss me so much.. The last podcast he say the champion will only need 85 pts. And city will finish 10 or 15 pts ahead of arsenal..

      1. Why would you be pissed off at a pundit who is also a Man U fan.
        Man U have one of the strongest squads in the PL. They strengthened significantly in the summer and have added further players since then. They have relatively underperformed in recent seasons but Ten Hag is now getting more out of some players. He also has the team playing well more consistently. They are clearly a threat in any competition.
        If Arsenal get back to early season form and consistency however, all that will be irrelevant.

  28. Of course it was going to be hard, but the second half was extraordinary. It was like a ballet. Total dance football, a bit arrogant but in the right way. How good to have Jorginho in the first half and Partey in the second. How good, Saka, Zinchenko, Trossard, and Martinelli????? Kinda dance football like Thierry Henry.

  29. Trossard is the master key to Arsenal resurgent after the last defeat. A far better buy than the much talked about MM that Chelsea helped us out. Just watch the smooth passes of Trossard both in Leicester match and this Everton demolition. He just eased in to Arsenal playing pattern….free flowing football. Joy to watch. Thanks Edu and our Coach.

  30. This is how champions win. Game by game don’t fantasize about the next five games we just need to win one Saturday

  31. Has anyone asked himself why martinelli started scoring again since the introduction of trosart, and all his goals came from the middle

    1. Because he was rested to refresh. Same for BW and the same will be for everyone that needs rest.
      Resting a player doesn’t just refresh him, but triggers is hunger and make him know he’s dispensable.
      You could see Nketiah wasn’t happy seating on the bench. He’ll be hungry to prove he deserves a starting birth

  32. Saw enough in the final ten minutes to see that Xhaka can slowly be phased out. A fit ESR would offer a lot more fluidity and attacking skills. Still, although I’ve never been a fan I think winning a Premier league title would be a deserving reward for Xhaka’s commitment to the Arsenal cause.

    1. I could be wrong, but i think xhaka brings a defensive balance that we would lose if playing ESR or someone similar in his position. In this type of game, that might be OK, but maybe not in other scenarios. Not sure – city seem to manage with more attackers in their side, so I guess it’s about how well the players fit the tactical setup. It’s clear xhaka’s not playing as well as he did earlier in the season. Agree, though, I’d be delighted to see him to win a title with us.

  33. This was a fantastic victory. Everton started the game with confidence, and looked like they’d be hard to break down, and were probably thinking they could nick it, but those goals at the end of the first half broke their spirit. We *earned* the dominant scoreline, it wasn’t a gimme.

    Thought Saka won us the game, but the two cbs and ramsdale were alert throughout – and they needed to be to keep the clean sheet. Martinelli looks back to his best (could well be that I was wrong, and those saying the approach play in the left was hindering him were correct!), as do zinchenko and white.
    Imo trossard did a lot of dirty work to bring others into the game, and was crucial to the way we played. I wouldn’t be surprised if he starts scoring soon.

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