Official confirmed Arsenal team to face in-form Newcastle – Trossard on bench

On paper today’s game against Newcastle is definitely going to be hardest fixture in our run in since the Man City game. Arsenal is aiming to achieve what only Liverpool has managed to do this season, which is to secure all three points when they visit Saint James Park.

While some may consider the title race over, Arteta and his team are not ready to give up just yet. They plan to win all their remaining games, hoping to take advantage of any slip-ups by Manchester City and potentially steal the title.

To achieve victory, Arteta must field his strongest available lineup to overcome the Magpies on their home turf.

Currently we are sweating on whether Gabriel will join Saliba in the treatment rom or if he has recovered for today, but if not then we must expect Holding and Kiwior as centre-backs unless Arteta has got a trick up his sleeve…..

The only other decision we are waiting for is which front three Arteta will pick, as there is a case to be made for all four striker options.

Well the wait is over and we now have the official starting line-up…..

Video – Mikel Arteta discusses the Newcastle threat and gives an update on Arsenal injury problems

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  1. Nothing new or radical. It will be interesting to see how Kiwior and Jorghino do against a “team”.

  2. Based on Newcastle’s lineup, they would likely look for set-pieces and punish us with their towering players or free-kicks in the first half

    If we can score first, we’d likely win the game

    Ornstein said Newcastle players were promised by the Saudis huge bonuses if they can get a UCL ticket. The previous regime didn’t do it, hence their low passion before the takeover

        1. Fellow Kenyan Partey has been abysmal over the past few weeks,making error after error. I think it’s the right call

  3. Newcastle will and is a physical team, we need partey in that mid. Will joghinho cop with their physicality? We need the points more I hope the boys turn up. COYG

  4. Trossard all the way, teams performing this season have studied both Matilleni and saka.

    Hopefully the defenders loose guard

  5. Very odd to me that there were numerous complaints about Arteta starting Partey who has been ‘off’, and as soon as he is on the bench I read that we are going to miss him. I can only hope then that Arteta doesn’t leave it too late to make substitutions if today’s changed 1st eleven today don’t cut the mustard.

    1. Not from me Sue, i didn’t go with the crap that was written, Partey is probably our best player. The problem with me was the system that isolated Partey, not Partey.

      1. Well all we can do Reggie is hope that Arteta has made the right call for today. It’s a big game and any more of the poor mentality on display recently, then we don’t deserve to be on City’s tail

    2. Suep Newcastle are physical bullies and partey often uses his body well in such challenges hence I hoped for his presence.

      1. Physical bullies sounds wrong. They are not dirty, they are physically stronger that is a fact and partly our downfall. We lack power up front, in midfield and out wide. Thats our manager that sets the team up with “technical players” its our problem to solve.

  6. The lack of pace and energy in midfield is a concern as is the continued absence of Tierney against a Newcastle team where Trippier dovetails with their right winger on a regular basis.I hope Zinchenko restricts his wanderings today, but without the presence of Partey I doubt if we can win this match.Hopefully I will be proved wrong.

    1. I don’t get this line up. No Tierney or Partey. Midfield is weak. Defence is weak. Let us hope that Newcastle have an off day.

      1. Big game. If we turn it on we will do it. Keep a good shape boys and Gabby Martinelli will destroy them.

  7. Electric atmosphere being created by the crowd. All the flags waving, Canny decision

  8. Newcastle are really up for this. A very difficult watch and now a penalty shout. Not a happy bunny even though it wasn’t given

  9. GOAL!!!!
    We had been under so much pressure but that was dynamite from Odegaard. What a beaut

  10. Commentary is embarrassing. On the penalty, they were calling it stonewall before replays and it wasn’t. Newcastle haven’t had a shot on target or a clear cut chance. We are 10 min in away from it’s ridiculous the commentary practically cheerleading Newcastle.

  11. I am surprised that Arteta didn’t much react on our goal..
    I can see tension on his face…

  12. Great goal but we’re going to need more because there’s no way we’re keeping a clean sheet. The gaps Newcastle are finding through the middle and back are a worry!

  13. We need another man in midfield…
    We are missing so many chances
    Should have been 3-0 up by now

  14. Just loved the goal and how we’re playing them just the way they did at The Emirates.
    Slow it down, waste time and frustrate the life out of them.

    IF they do equalise, we then change tactics. COYG

  15. In These kind of games you need big strong and powerful CF like Haaland, Dušan Vlahović, Youssef En-Nesyri or Victor Osimhen to give terrible time to opponent CBs
    Jesus is too small to play up top against such kind of CBs

  16. What a cracker of a game this match is turning into. Good for neutrals but unfortunately not for us

  17. So far Gabriel being dragged out to cover hole left by Zinchenko and Martinelli dropped completely back to cover as well.

    Sorry but Zinchenko’s minimal influence so far in midfield is not worth the massive drop off in defense.

    No surprise Bewcastle continue to target that soft spot in our backline.

  18. Could be out of sight if Saka, Martinelli and Odegaard could take those 1v1 chances. Xhaka needs to be subbed, starting to lose his head. Put Zinchenko in midfield and get Tierney on!

    1. Good point. Why not try Zinc in midfield in future games. Xhaka should also help in the hole left wheelbarrow zinc drifts into the midfield

  19. Should’ve been 5-0 up by now and game over. Think the ref has been remarkably lenient on them. How taking Saka’s boot of when he was in on goal wasn’t a yellow, I don’t know

  20. Arsenal got intimidated by Newcastle’s athleticisms/ physical aggression and supporters, but Ramsdale was excellent in the first half and Odegaard made another accurate long shot. We also got lucky in the first ten minutes of the game

    Jesus was tenacious and worked hard to help our midfielders, despite being unable to compete physically with Newcastle’s towering defenders

    We scored first and frustrated Newcastle, so I think we’ll win the game. The only way Newcastle could score is through set-pieces

    1. Don’t you think In These kind of games you need big strong and powerful CF like Haaland, Dušan Vlahović, Youssef En-Nesyri or Victor Osimhen to give terrible time to opponent CBs
      Jesus is too small to play up top against such kind of CBs

      1. Definitely. Maybe Arsenal won’t be able to sign Vlahovic or Osimhen, but they surely can sign En Nesyri

  21. We missed 4 clear chance and hope it doesn’t come back to haunt us as it usually does

  22. Zinchenko has been terrible. You have to bring Tierney on soon in the 2nd half.

    Also a bit worried about Xhaka picking up quarrels with the opposition.

    1. Zinchenko is an absolute nightmare, he can not stay on. If Atreta can’t see that, we might as well just accept it. He just doesn’t fancy Tierney does he.

  23. We should be more clinical and ruthless. How it’s only a single goal lead! We should control this game, zinchenko coming to midfield hasn’t helped. That should change in second half if we are to go ahead and win

  24. Saka has bedn fouled Whether its intentional,its up to the ref.
    The thing it t
    he⁰ law shd be changed to make it intentional,no grey areas Then the thugs will kn ow they could be hit with a rc

  25. Sorry boys we have missed to many good chances .We will pay for that in the second half.If Newcastle score the next goal we will loose

  26. Zinchenko has been a revelation for us this season but today he’s just out of sorts. Need to bring KT on!

  27. That goal was Karma – same guy who deliberately elbowed Jesus in the face, and got nothing

  28. We need to keep wasting time now the way we have done pretty good so far in the game

  29. We look pretty assured since arrival of Tierney..
    He is very good at defending and putting dangerous crosses..

    1. True,I wanted this substitution to happen big time, Zinchenko was having a hard time.

  30. This Kiwior guy has played pretty well so far..
    Managed his defensive line really well..

    1. Yeah, wasn’t impressed with him initially but he’s been better last few games.

    2. Kiwior pace alone kills most of the reasons why we were conceding goals with holding lack of pace. Good with the ball is just a bonus.

  31. Why does Jesus always fall for the give me a little touch in the back and I’ll fall down con.

  32. With 72 mins gone and us two up and playing bravely, I have seen no other teamk, except Newcastle, so closely resemble the thuggish LEEDS sides of yesteryear. What an ugly thuggish side of brutes Newcastle are and we are playing superbly and rightly beating them silly. Proud of you Arsenal, every man jack!!

  33. This ref is ridiculous every foul we make he gives, but gives none of theirs, which are a lot worse.

  34. We won the Game despite the best efforts of the referee protecting hooligan football from Newcastle. Not the 1st time this season and certainly not the last.

  35. Newcastle are not some random side they have a great home record (look it up.) They are top 4 and unlike the Emirates (the game with ball in play the least all season from any two teams) they tried to play. 2-0 comfortable. That was away at 3rd, worst 4th. Reminder we are fantastic this season. We just won 2-0 away against a top 4 side (Newcastle are not going anywhere other than up.)

  36. Arteta recognising and admitting he needed to bring on Tierney early shows he is learning fast. That sub won us this game in my opinion.

  37. Arsenal aren’t gonna surrender easily to Man city..we still have some tiny hope

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