Official Highlights – Chelsea 2-2 Arsenal – Great comeback from the Gunners

Watch our great comeback from 2-0 down at Stamford Bridge

Arsenal, trailing by two goals, secured a draw against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge. Leandro Trossard, subbed in, scored the late equalizer.

Cole Palmer gave Chelsea the lead with a penalty at 15 minutes. Arsenal were fortunate to be down by only one goal at halftime.

Mudryk extended Chelsea’s lead shortly after the restart. However, a mistake by goalkeeper Robert Sanchez allowed Declan Rice to score, and Trossard’s volley equalized.

Arsenal remain undefeated in the Premier League this season, placing them second in the table, narrowly trailing Manchester City on goal difference. Chelsea now stand at ninth place.


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  1. Player A
    Good Wingspan
    Aura + Energy
    Proper shithouse, making attackers think twice
    Occasional brain fart
    More likely to concede from corners and freekicks
    Never saw a clean sheet he fancies
    Radiating confidence at the back and spreading it
    Countless world class saves
    Demonstrably shot stopping efficiency
    Zesty, Fearless and Clear Communication
    Part of a team averaging atleast 65% ball possession all season (rendering passing from the back argument mute)
    In tune with the fanbase and their mood
    Wants to be there
    Brave at all times, including in front of hostile opposition fans
    Has a die-hard attitude to facing down attacks and shots
    Earned no favors

    Player B
    Absolutely no wingspan
    Doomed Aura except when claiming crosses
    Radiate sense of doom when passing from the back
    Attackers always feel confident he is there for the taking and they act accordingly
    Less likely to concede from corners and freekicks
    Increasingly regular brain farts
    Never faced a shot he fancies
    Barely wants to be there at times
    Desperate communication (doom and desperation oozing from every pores when swarmed)
    Barely noticed the fans. Can’t channel fanbase energy and use it to the team’s advantage
    Has a visibly noticeable “helpless” aura to facing down attacks and shots. Lunges has “whelp! did my best” written all over it whenever a shot left the boot of “any” opponent player
    Favors in abundance (gaffer twisted himself in a knot and went out of his way to excuse his doomed back passing attempts”

    Pretty easy to guess who is who. Now pick your poison.

    1. With player B, I felt his passing out from the back had been pretty solid. Player A wasn’t quite as confident in this regard and had become complacent, possibly. However, recently, player B hasn’t inspired confidence with passing out from the back. Whether this proves to be terminal for him is up to Arteta. A GK must maintain an air of invincibility and although player B did make a very good grab on the edge of the box in a very tricky situation, the vibes overall on the day were what I would describe as pertaining to squeaky bum time. Not what you want from your last line of defence and that is what did for Leno.

      1. Valid assessment SueP.

        Only thing that could get Player B out jail now is to arrow all those “accurate” passes now to players beyond the center line. This way, if he misses the mark and we lose possession, we will have enough time to stay compact and defend progressively.

        I suspect Havertz is getting back into the starting 11 if Raya stays on as #1 against Sevilla due to this very reason above.

    2. Seems you agree with me then that RAMSDALE is – certainly in my opinion- a very great deal more reliable, more positive and altogether a much more effective all round keeper than RAYA.

      I fail completely to perceive anything ofREAL top quality in RAYA AT ALL .
      Yes, he did well at lowly Brentford in a far lower class of team. But to demote RAMSDALE, well words fail me….!!!

      By a distance and even more than HAVERTZ, MA s worst mistake of the last two seasons. I simply want RAYA gone!

  2. I sincerely believe Trossard should be given some start. Martinelli is in super form but in some games we need Trossard presence. He’s sense of positioning will balance martinelli incredible run-in from the flank

  3. Also

    It would appear that in the battle of 100million pounds midfielders, Chelsea’s pair of 100m pounds midfielders (Enzo + Caicedo) edged out the first half, while our singular 100m pounds midfielder took the battle to them admirably for a good part of the 2nd half.

    Money well spent

  4. No one can deny that it was an incredible fight back, but there are so many questions to be asked as to why we needed to fight back.

    First of all, let’s look at the instances beyond the control of our club.

    The decision not to send off Palmer – the same with the taking out of Gabriel by their keeper – the awarding of the penalty.
    All three favoured chelsea, yet only the latter can be seen as the correct decision, according to the letter of the law…. isn’t that what we all want to see, abiding by the rule book referees are issued with?
    We have seen keepers being overly protected when assaulting other players this season WHY?!?!
    Surely a tackle from behind that could be seen as career threatening, should be a red card offence? Read the rule book!!

    On to The Arsenal and how /why we had to fight back:
    First off all,, let’s recognise that chelsea were the better side for over 70 minutes.
    Up until then, we hadn’t had one shot on goal, they run the midfield and were winning nearly every 50/50 confrontation. WHY?
    We changed a winning team for, what seems, no apparent reason. I don’t buy into this excuse about being tired from the international week – these are athletes who have the very best back up money can buy and if they can’t play two or three games in eight days, they shouldn’t be at our club.

    Raya made an error of judgement with Mudryk’s cross and his confidence seemed to be shot after that – but does anyone remember David Seaman being found out with a similar type of error in our european cup final?

    It turns out that Ramsdale wasn’t available anyway, buy I believe that M must bring him back, not only for Raya’s sake, but to show that there is no one who is guaranteed a starting spot.

    The game also emphasised how important it is to get a top striker in January, no shots on target in over 70 minutes!!

    Yes, a great comeback, but so many worrying aspects.

    1. Great points ken1945

      I dare say, judging from this match and how past matches went, it might be in our own best interest to concede in the first 10mins of every match, so that we can THEN snap awake and have all of 80mins to score 3 goals back to win matches as usual.

      In the last 10matches or so, Arsenal looks hungrier when chasing matches. New Formula unearthed ;))

    2. Ken How good to be able, this time, to agree with every single word. How we were not awarded a penalty for SANCHEZS ASSAULT ON JESUS is alarming to note.

      Interestingly, were it not for the existence of uselessVAR, about which as you know, I detest its very existence, we would not have suffered the consequence of footballs and the football rules authorities, disastrous change from hand ball( which worked fine for most of football history) to the new but now regular ludicrous BALLHAND , instead of handball.

      Bring back handball and bin BALLHAND for ever I say!

  5. Congratulations to Declan Rice, Leandro Trossard and the club. It could’ve been easier, and we could’ve most likely come away with a win if Partey was not cancelled. It’s shocking that our fans, despite the struggles yesterday, haven’t enquired why Partey was not in the team. This is the guy who, going back two seasons, got us winning nearly all the games he featured in. By some inexplicable turn of events he has fallen behind Jorginho, the fourth Chelsea reject Arteta has acquired in his 3 years at Arsenal. Wow!!!

    1. Am tempted to say we should just abandoned
      VAR, but it’s the human element consistently leading the whole system into disrepute.

      It is obvious something needs to change, even Ray Charles would have realized Sanchez was in trouble having clobbered Jesus

      1. But I’d we abandon VAR due to human error, the logical next step would be to abandon referees and, then, players who make mistakes as well.

        Tgere is nothing wrong with VAR as its been used in cricket, regby etc by officials who gacw veeb trained to yse it properly and on a consistent basis.
        There are no grey areas and, can I suggest, that’s one of the reasons players in those sports respect the officials who use it to the letter of the kaw(book)?

    2. You need to get over your paranoia. Partey has only recently returned from injury and his fitness levels are likely to be suboptimal at this point. Even when he was playing well we often saw his levels drop off late in games last season.
      There is likely to be fairly prosaic reason he has had limited game time recently.

      1. Paranoia?
        No it’s a legitamet question every supporter should be asking!!
        When Partey came on against city, he helped change the game.
        If he is carrying a injury etc etc shouldn’t we, as fans, know?
        Otherwise MA will get stick for forever tinkering WITH a winning team.

        1. I disagree.
          I have followed what has happened with a number of our players over time. It is clear that Partey has been managed carefully by both the club and his national team. At the same time we have more competition for certain places than at this time last season and many games that the manager has to take into account.
          Whenever certain of their favourite players are left out of the team a number fans are always looking for some sinister or underhand reason. This fan has now decided that Partey has been “cancelled”, whatever that is supposed to mean.
          The idea that Arteta should simply field the same team as last year is not credible and there are various reasons for this which have previously been discussed.

          1. I didn’t say that MA should field the same team as last season did I?
            Otherwise Rice wouldn’t have been playing, along with Reyes would he?

            What I said was… why change a winning team?
            Partey was obviously fit, otherwise MA wouldn’t have risked him against city and he came back from international duty with a clean vbill of health.

            1. It is not clear what “winning team” are you referring to.
              We do not know if Partey is fit enough to play for 90 minutes and the way he has been used in a number of games recently suggest that there may be some concerns about this. So I disagree with the notion that he was “obviously fit”.
              Are we supposed to believe that Arteta does not want field his best team to win a game? Or that all of a sudden he doesn’t want Partey in his team?
              In my view, some of the questions raised about Partey are manufactured grievances.

              1. Why are you trying to conjure up my opinions as anti MA?
                IF, as SueP asks, Partey wasn’t fit, why select him for the bench?
                I’m referring to the side that ended up beating city at the Emirates, where, until Partey came on, city were level… remember?
                Of course MA selects the team that he believes will win a game, but, as the chelsea game proved, that team wasn’t good enough and, in fact, for over 70 minutes were made to look second best in every area of the field.
                Why was Partey named on the bench?
                Was MA taking a gamble with his “injury” or did he believe that Jorginho was a better selection?

                1. I’ve been in the slow lane since the international break and hadn’t factored in that we’d be playing in the CL on Tuesday- little time to prepare.

                  Perhaps it was a case of Arteta trying to ‘manage’ both matches hence the weaker midfield on Saturday. It’s a fine line between going strong against Chelsea or saving the best till Tuesday

                  I’m glad I’m not a manager

    3. I’d be happy for you to explain what you mean by cancelled. Seems a rather unnecessary term to use. Arteta is ruthless enough. I’d say Ozil was “cancelled” but definitely not Partey. Why bother to pick him for the bench?

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