Official Highlights of Palace 0-2 Arsenal – Tough but 3 points in the bag

Well what a great start to the season for Arsenal. A win away at one of our bogey teams, Crystal Palace, three debuts and another clean sheet. Surely we can’t complain about that, can we?

Many readers put William Saliba as our man of the match, and the fact remains that even with all the pre-season games, Arsenal are yet to concede with the young Frenchman on the pitch. Wouldn’t it be nice if he can keep that record going for another month or two!

Surprisingly, Jesus didn’t score, but Saka and Martinelli gave us the points in a hard fought fixture that we fully deserved to win…


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  1. Am seing lots of raves on Saliba and that’s awesome, but we must remember he didn’t just come from the blue moon.

    Arsenal payed £27 mil for the kid and loan him back immediately, someone showed tremendous faith in his ability, it’s just an error or mistake why we hadn’t seen him earlier playing for us.

    1. Gunsmoke and you think if he was sent to the war front immediately without been protected he would have survived it?
      Credit to all those who sent him on loans for maturity and readiness.

    2. No one becomes a leader with lots of experience,
      The EPL is tough, can you name a top team that has a teenager as it’s main Defender, so you see why the loan was necessary.

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