Official – (Image) Porto confirm that Arsenal have signed Vieira

It is amazing to think that despite hundreds of Arsenal transfer rumours every day, the Gunners have managed to get a player from Porto and get the deal done and dusted in the space of 24 hours after us hearing of it!

So Fabio Veira becomes Arsenal’s second signing of the summer, and we are just one week into the transfer window opening officially, so at least no fans can complain that we are not getting any business done quickly.

So here is a tweet from Fabrizio Romano confirming that Porto have announced the departure of their young midfielder…

I for one am very excited about seeing Vieira in an Arsenal shirt and I seriously hope that he has as much success as his famous namesake. To see where Fabio will fit into the team have a look at this earlier post from Sean M…


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Video – The Transfer Show: How will Raphinha fit into the Arsenal team?

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  1. Unexpected. But promising start. Just heard on some podcast that Jesus deal is done 60 million €. That was two hours ago. Haven’t heard anything officially. Back here in Australia, rumours are thick and flying

    1. If we pay 60mil for him i swear ill give up all hope on this club being run by decent people.
      Now if its 30 mil payment and th erest in wages then maybe thats not so bad but if thats the fee , well good luck is all ill say.

      1. As I said,, I saw that on an English podcast called, The Football Terrace. I just checked it out again. I’ve never heard of it. Not even sure if this is an Arsenal supporter doing it. And it’s also claiming Youri Tielemans is a done deal. I know negotiations with Jesus was happening today, but find it hard to believe any such deal could happen so quickly, especially when it’s Arsenal, and with the second (Tielemans). Not unless today is the first of April

      2. I swear man…… How can arsenal pay the same amount city paid for haaland for jesus? It doesn’t make sense

  2. Welcome to Arsenal Fabio. May your coming bring more success to Arsenal and also to you.

  3. We are only 7 days into the transfer window.
    Yet the club have already signed.
    Turner GK. (7m)
    Saliba Briliant young 20 year old CB. 27m
    Marquinos a 19 year old for just 7m as a replacement for 72 Mill Pepe .
    Vieira 22 year old for 30m.
    Niles (free) 25 to compete for RB
    Nelson (free) 22 to compete for Wing.
    Jesus is strongly tipped to join.
    The process of recruiting young value players continues on point.
    Yet fans are screaming about the club being too slow doing business !!!

    1. We are slow and if you check back other years you see why we say it.
      A good run club gets people in early to settle so they can be at there best at the start.

  4. While the naysayers were preaching their sermons of doom, Chef Mikel was busy up to something serving us something special. What a player, Fabio, 22 years, 14 assists, 6 goals in 27 matches. The real assist king. And that too so cheap. Kudos to Mikel and the team.

    1. I’ve been critical of how things have been ran etc and hopefully vieira hits the ground running. Hopefully things are looking up and things have been changed at the club. One will have to wait and see

  5. It goes to show Arteta and Edu know what they want and don’t waste time going for it once they identify a player who’s got it. Good one.

  6. Arsenal official website has not comfirmed any sighing yet. Let keep watching and see what happen

  7. please who will scored the goals that will make his passes to become assist? we dont have goal scorers.

  8. I don’t know him, won’t claim to know him, but still won’t judge him based on YouTube clips. Lokonga looked like a beast on YouTube, got to EPL and “for now” is not what we need. So I’ll just wish him well hoping he comes good.

    Why is Edu getting all the praise for a job Super Agent Jorge Mendes did?

  9. It will be a dream transfer if Arsenal can get Gabriel Jesus ,Tielemans and Hickey rapped up in time . any other business will be bonus. With that we have 2 good guys competing for a position for the coming season. Ramsdell/Turner/ – Tomi/Cedric/Hickey – Tierney/Hickey/Tavares – Gab/Saliba /White /Holding – Partey/Telemans – Xhaka /Eleny – Ordengaad/Viera – Martinelli //Smith row – Saka/Nelson/Pepe – Nketiah/Gabriel Jesus

  10. An out of the blue signing and one I didn’t expect.
    No idea about the player, so not going to pass any judgement, except to say that he is another Mikel signing.
    This means the boss is certainly building HIS team and, if he can get Jesus and Tiilisman and Hickey within the next few days, we will see a squad entirely down to him.
    Well done!!

    No more excuses though Mikel, let’s get behind him and see if we reach the promised land again!!

  11. Can’t wait to sing the Vieira song again – let’s hope the second coming is as good as the first 🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶

  12. I think it is right time to support rebuilding process been implement by Arteta&Edu with what is happening right now as wev’e welcome Turner,Maquio,Viera,hopefully Gabrel Jesus is 90% done.

  13. I just hope Vieira meets expectations, I also hope we sign more high pressers,
    I’m wondering how we will deal with bullies like crystal palace and Newcastle.

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