Official – Mikel Arteta’s confirmed Arsenal XI for Man United clash

Today’s Super Sunday clash at Old Trafford has been the vocal point for much of the weekend, and it is finally time to see which players have been selected to start for Arsenal against Manchester United today.

While we will be most keen to see which (if any) of Martin Odegaard, Aaron Ramsdale or Oleksandr Zinchenko have recovered in time to take on the Red Devils, the home team’s fans will be in a similar boat as they await to see if new signings Anthony or Casemiro will be in today’s line-up.

I opted to name both the Norwegian and Ramsdale in my predicted XI, although I’m not sure if that was pure positive thinking or possibly because of the potential mind games that Mikel Arteta may or may not have been playing, but as you can we didn’t move to predict a single change from the team that won at Aston Villa in midweek.

Our predicted line-up from earlier on today:

White Saliba Gabriel Tierney
Lokonga Odegaard Xhaka
Saka Jesus Martinelli

Thankfully, we have to wait no longer to see which players will be stepping up to take on Erik Ten Hag’s side today.

Would you have made any changes to Arteta’s selection? Does this XI fill you with confidence ahead of kick-off?


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  1. Poor decision making today. All about bouncing back next match now. Here come all the pundits that have been breathing down our necks for a whole month. 😭

    1. Lol. You are gonna see them come at us like a pack of wolves. This is the year we go for the CL qualification. No one (absolutely no one) could believe we will have started this good. Unto the next one.

    1. Been a long term issue with us. Just gotta shoot. Could get a generous deflection but you don’t know if you don’t shoot.

  2. Not sure how but here we are. Still top of the league and still 3 points up on last years fixtures. Fingers crossed for something special to finish. Lokonga haters, I don’t have words, frankly don’t have time say what you will.

    1. One dosen’t have to hate Lokonga to come to a conclusion that he lack the qualities to marshal our midfield. Too slow, too weak and easily dispossessed, plus a number of misplaced passes.
      In my opinion, he cost us the first two goals indirectly. Couldn’t tackle hard enough to win the ball which led to their first goal. For their second goal, he made a misplaced pass and didn’t make an attempt to fall back to position in order to win the ball.

      1. One doesn’t have to be a genius to work out many would hold that opinion regardless of how he played if we lost. He did misplace a pass for the 2nd, still not responsible for what happened after. Many others misplaced passes in the game.

      2. For the record he wasn’t involved in the 1st goal, think your referring to Gabriel’s missed tackle. Sambi was leading the press in the United half at the start of that move, player moved the ball before he got close.

  3. Oh well .. what’s the Ffing point in playing Ben white can anyone explain to me .. poor defender no attacking threat .. mystery .. and when their creative option was Erickson ours was xhaka .. counts in the end

  4. Just lacking bad in mental department. They are so unaware how better they are than utd, and that killed them. If they just knew how good they were, they got everything except belief.

      1. I sure as hell am watching, and that’s why I said that they are better than utd, but they don’t know it

  5. Regardless of the score line or who played how….Arsenal were the better team and we should have won this game

  6. We played better even stats show that. We played with wrong strategy though should have sit back like united and played on break. United don’t have quality to break down teams they just rely on sitting back and then long balls to utilise pace of their front three.

  7. We ignored the Defensive midfield signing. We just have to find a way to keep Partey fit this season. Some poor officiating though.
    We move to the next match. COYG

  8. You all Lokonga haters, bare in mind that he didn’t insist on playing, he was asked to. Go on, just kill his fragile confidence

  9. I once said “long term success” is a myth, when you have your rivals spending money to improve every window. Expect many team to improve as the season proceeds. The positive from this game is that we still played well in spite of what the score line might be. It should be enough to make top 4.

  10. Let them come to Emirates we will eat them alive. We will definitely loose 3 more games one at eithiad, one at anfield, one at lane. The difference will be what we do against these teams at Emirates including United. Bridge we don’t have that voduu.

  11. We lost, but I must say we haven’t done badly.

    Enough with the blames on Lokonga, except you didn’t watch the match, and even if you didn’t, the stats are there to see, dude played well.

    United we’re just the lucky team today. And we need to start converting our chances. They had 5 on target from 7, while we had 2 from 14. That says a lot.

  12. I don’t think Manure were better than us is any way except for defensive discipline. We were guilty of switching off at times that cost us dear today. MA made 3 subs which looked like a panic move to me. Games like this will not define our season but we are measured against the top teams now. We need to win against the big teams if we want top 4. Its a bad day for us but we have to bounce back quickly and improve.

  13. Have to say we were the better team, it was pure smash and grab from them, but we allowed it. Every time we were near their penalty area, they had everyone behind the ball and were kicking and fouling. Every time they were near our penalty area, we had hardly anyone there and we waved them through. If we are going to play a high line like this, the defensive midfield needs bolstering, which we didn’t do in the transfer window.

    1. Have to stop relying on Martinellii and Jesus for most of our forward thrust. Xhaka is not a proper forward so there is not in enough strike power in and around the box. Viera looks a lot better than Pepe both in his mobility and decision making. Hope his physique can stand up to the physical stuff.

  14. We need move Partey on and buy a quality reliable DM in January. What’s the point of having a quality player who does not play half the games. Bad decision by Edu and Arteta to ignore his injury record and not go for another DM early on in season.

  15. Odegarrd is just a weak midfielder give vieria chance to play lokonga can’t do it we need to let the guy go, his movement with the ball is scaring. Arteta should stop favoritism.

  16. Only Saka has a higher rating than Lokonga, yet some people here just won’t let the young man be.

    You win some and you lose some and we didn’t lose in an awful way. There’s nothing to be ashamed of or to be angry about.

  17. I will say my good bye to you lovely people as I hate losing but I hate hate even more and can not stand by and see hate delivered on here over a game off football.
    Love arsenal always have since the early 60s but I loath hate and as much as I thought the ref was a bottle job I would under no circumstances wish his family bad future

    1. Agreed. Although been plenty of hate for Wenger, Emery or Arteta and for most players to play for us in that time. Arteta was both hated for being captain (when we never missed top 4) and hated by some now when we are top of the league.

      Hopefully we are turning a corner that way, seen signs. Loss will bring out the worst in force but I believe the vast majority are not hateful and never have been.

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