Official signings for top-six puts Arsenal business into perspective

OK, we have all the rumours and players certain to sign and all that but unless it is official then nothing else counts and looking at the transfer business done by the top six it does not make pretty reading for Arsenal fans.

Only Liverpool have spent less but they are hardly in need of an overhaul and are European Champions so they kind of set with what they got.

Even Chelsea have outspent Arsenal and they are on a transfer ban.

Anyway, in order of money spent this is the current official status of new signings at the time of writing.

Man City

Rodri £63.00m
Angeliño £10.80m
Zack Steffen £7.20m

Man Utd

Aaron Wan-Bissaka £49.50m
Daniel James £15.30m


Tanguy Ndombélé £54.00m
Jack Clarke £9.90m


Mateo Kovacic £40.50m


Gabriel Martinelli £6.30m


Sepp van den Berg £1.71m

Obviously, it could all change by the time the transfer window shuts and Arsenal could have ended up spending close to £100 Million but based on what has occurred to date is it any surprise that Arsenal fans are starting to get frustrated?

And remember, just as Arsenal are being linked with big-money signings so are all our rivals and if there is one club in the top six that needs to spend money, it is Arsenal.

It is hard to see how we can progress next season if all our direct rivals spend more than us and on quality players as well.

I have not even looked at the likes of Wolves, Everton, Watford and Leicester City, I suspect that would depress me even more.

All figures were taken from Transfermarkt


  1. It’s disgraceful that clubs like Leicester, Everton have more ambition than us.

    I really hope we give Bielik a chance next year, the rumours of him leaving have died down. Hopefully with Kos leaving and Mustafi being Mustafi we give him a chance.

    1. I think it’s gone quiet as he’s not back from holiday yet. I do hope someone is messaging him to stay with us though.

      1. Dont mean to dampen your spirits even further but Aston Villa just signed another player taking their spending to 120m

    2. A.Villa now up to over 100 mil and us well what the hell has happened to the money over the years its become a joke we hear how rich we are in the papers but in the transfer market we are league 2 standards atm.

  2. Nothing new from the Kronke’s, they have big talk and cheap walk. Been this way since Kronke came.

    1. It will be interesting to see what
      the response of Kroenke JR. will be
      if AFC refuse to splah the cash on
      the “EXCITING TRANSFERS” that Raul
      and Co. are supposedly working on.
      Such a transparent lie could FINALLY
      be the spark that ignites a UNIFIED
      fans and forces Stan to reevaluate
      his prized investment.

      One can dream my friend.

    2. Worst sports owner around. I don’t know a single fanbase from any of his teams that like him. Unless there are massive boycotts this will just continue. Get used to 45mill budgets.

  3. We should sell 3-4 1st team players and just promote then next year go full wack with our 2 year budget of maybe 80 mil if were lucky .
    Every year now im waiting for us to show were back but it gets worse and worse.
    What other club doesnt go into the summer now sure what there going after cause it looks like we dont as were after someone for every position it seems.

    1. Unfortately there are no buyers and the unwanted players are on too good a wage to want to leave.

  4. It’s not over yet so not panic yet..

    However, you shouldn’t bet your hopes up too much either! After all, this is Arsenal and it’s painful to follow a team that certainly puts its fans through the mill!!

    All I will say is, “I will always support the club and have done for over 40 years but, If the club do not show the fans the determination and drive with some much needed strengthening this summer, I will not be supporting its owners”. I hope all caring fans feel the same?

    Arsenal have a massive following all over the globe. The fans pay some of the highest prices too! When the fans travelled over 10,000 mile to see their beloved Arsenal in the Euro Final last year, only to see them crumble to Chelsea it sent out a resounding message! The team needed to take a good look at itself. To ignore the problems and more over, the fans, would certainly show a lack of professionalism and respect!


  5. If money spent is all that matters then currently we should be looking at 18th this season as only Norwich and Burnley have spent less than us this window but as we know it’s not money that counts but the quality it’s spent on.

    IF, as is widely reported, we have Saliba next season and Ceballos for this one, with first option to buy if sold next summer, that’s money wisely spent imo.
    Same goes for IF we get KT done…. a player whose game is more developed and rounded than that of Wan Bissaka, with European experience for half the price is definitely money well spent. Admittedly slightly riskier as not proven in EPL (same goes for everyone who isn’t in EPL though) but for half the price risk worth taking.
    We have never been big spenders, we were once masters at finding untapped talent though, here’s hoping the club is just taking its time getting the best deals for the right people.
    Right now it doesn’t look great but a lot can happen in two weeks.

  6. No worries. Based on Kroenke Jr’s and Emery’s statements, I predict Tierney and one winger would come

    If not, I’m afraid we’d go down to the 6th position or below that. Unless Emery dares to gamble with the kids, which could yield a different result

    Spurs also didn’t sign anyone last season, but their squad are more cohesive than ours. Therefore I expect more passion from our English players’ connection

  7. With Satan Kroenke as sole owner we have no chance. Unlike the Sheiks or Abramovich he won’t put his own money into Arsenal OR even borrow to improve us. Sadly the only thing that can intervene to stop the demise of Arsenal… is karma to Satan Kroenke. So sad it has come to us relying on divine intervention. It’s like having an evil abusive stepfather. We were let down by all those who sold their shares to Satan Kroenke.

  8. Tottenham almost have Lo Celso and Sessegnon twins in the bag.United are probably going to sign Maguire and Bruno Fernandes.Just saying

  9. Tottenham almost have Lo Celso and Sessegnon twins in the bag.United are probably going to sign Maguire and Bruno Fernandes.Just saying

  10. Cabellos officially announced. No 8. Shirt. Look forward to seeing him along with Torreira. They will both make play easy for the slow Xhaka in a midfield 3.

    I hope this will not be our last signing and Tierney, Winger and CB follows

      1. Does a loan deal mean he will go back or possibility he could stay? I defer to those who have more knowledge of the game.

        1. No option-to-buy clause so as it stands, he goes back to Madrid after the loan deal is up, and if we want him to stay permanently, we have to bid whatever fee Real Madrid wants at that time. The good news is that if RM don’t want him back, and he enjoyed his time here, we have the upper-hand.

          1. RSH, well explained?. Fans have to ensure he enjoys his season at Arsenal, as he already has a good relationship with Emery.

  11. So we had£45,000,000 to spend. We spent £6 mill on Martinelli. We have reiceived about that for Ospina and Bennacer. Net spend £000. If we get Ceballos for wage only loan, and Saliba for loan back, pay later transfer, that will mean a net spend of £000,000. In english…sweet FA….Nil. Why is anyone going to watch Satan Kroenke rape Arsenal

  12. So finally dani ceballos confirmed.. welcome to him.. i just want to ask one question that emery says we will sign four players before transfer window shuts so does it mean saliba will be counted as well as he will be signed and then goes straight back to st ettiene so which we will sign lb rw cm(already signed dani) so it lefts to rb or cb(not counting saliba as he will be back to st ettiene on loan so he not improve the team straight away as per emery) so who will we buy rb or cb which emery said that we will sign four players?

  13. Unai just said he does not think we have a chance of competing for the title with likes of City, Liverpool. And that it will be difficult to catch the likes of Chelsea and Spurs.

    Back to the wenger mentality and attitude.

    1. It’s ridiculous that this team couldn’t put together a win at Emirates to secure top 4. We wouldn’t have nearly as many problems as we do now if we didn’t bottle the end of the season. But that is the exact mentality that has to be gotten rid of so I don’t think it was smart of Emery to say this. This is why we have so many losers on our squad.

      1. No goonser is right as Emery, realistic but he forgot Man U and all clubs gearing up.

        I just dont get why Emery is not pin pointing why we be as laim and worst.

        Why do he focus on forward and every position beside one WE need the most; CD. WE have attack but non défense while teams and football basic is to have both to make a game…

        It is so elementary. This is insane!

  14. With two weeks to go until the transfer window closes: “expect the worst and hope for the best”.

  15. Good news for arsenal getting Cabellos when Asenso is injuries. Makes the odds more likely that he could be a long term perspective for arsenal. But for now, thinking 2019-2020 season, he is a good signing. 60-70m player on our books.

  16. It’s not a question of others spending more than us, it’s the fact that we have not unloaded the mediocre players who cost us a top four position.Until we do we could buy Neymar and still not progress.In essence the art of selling is equally as important as buying, and in our case, even more so.

  17. If only the football we play could match the jersey we’re to Don this year, then we’ll be champions.

  18. Leicester bought loaned player for 40. Newcastle. splashed as westham and everyone. Wolves just beat City for trophee, they also reinforcing.

    What you need to look at are our position & last EPL games.

    Then you realize, we are same team with no defense but also losing our Defender.

    If no one able to see we will not make 6th place, it is lying to yourself.

    Sign attacking players is a waist if no defense, game or football is played with attack & defense…

    Very basic we totally

  19. For info Wolves have confirm 2 loaners for 50M and bet 40M for a Lille player, on Lemina and kurtone from AC milan… Over 100M.

    Aston Villa is Indeed showing that they learned, showing ambition, New Castle and every EPL team spend over 100M for years now because owners have ambition, Stoke City. Can name all teams but arsenal.

    Championship teams spend more tells where we heading.

    But we deserve what we support, keep bying tickets and shirts for Kroenke. He is used to it, not Football, laughs at us ans cant believe how passion and love for this game can have people pay money for a club, no matter how he vampires us all…

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