Official teams and preview for Crystal Palace v Arsenal

I guess the Arsenal manager really does believe all his talk about the cohesion and stability of a team being all important, because Arsene Wenger has, stubbornly some might say, stuck largely with the same starting line up that was so poor as we lost to West Ham last Sunday.

The Frenchman has made a couple of changes, but with our star of last season Alexis Sanchez being fit to play after his extended summer break, one of those changes was bound to happen. The other is to put the young Spanish right back Hector Bellerin back in the side in favour of Mathieu Debuchy and that is also because he is fit to play again after a thigh problem.

So there is no real tactical change, with Giroud keeping his place at centre forward, Theo Walcott on the bench and both Aaron Ramsey and Santi Cazorla in the starting XI. Whether that means our little Spanish midfield maestro is going to be stuck out wide again we will have to wait and see.

But let’s be honest, he has an abundance of talent in the midfield and I don’t think that if Yo had gone at that time, whether he would have got into that Arsenal team, he would have had to fight.

Bellerin, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Monreal
Coquelin, Cazorla
Ramsey, Ozil, Alexis

Subs: Ospina, Debuchy, Gibbs, Gabriel, Arteta, Walcott, Oxlade-Chamberlain

So the main man from last week, Oxlade-Chamberlain is rewarded by being dropped? You better win this one Arsene or the Arsenal fans and football media will have every reason to get on your back.

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  1. No single cross from the right. you know why? cos our great winger(Ramsey) is only defending and running all over the pitch.

  2. It looks like Crystal Palace were all falling over on Coquelin to get him carded…Thats pathetic. The 1st yellow card was too soft. Their left back clumsily took out Ozil but no card was issued!

  3. We are still relying on Sanchez….

    Sanchez cant play in every game….

    We need to sign someone to rotate with Sanchez

  4. We could be winning this game 10-1 but we don’t seem to have that cutting edge. Please Mr Wenger address this before the transfer window closes. Thank you

  5. Great Arteta is in, now we are safe!!

    Really, we have Arteta to help win a game? A 33 year old mediocre player, who is back from a 9 month hiatus.

    Great Wenger just great.

  6. Ozil has been class today, look at the chances he’s created
    Giroud has scored but our play always breakes up when he’s involved, and we need another DM or we can forget the title
    OZIL MOM for me

  7. We are not killers. We need to become killers. we need to score 2-3 more when a team is attacking us. Where is Theo our fastest player?

  8. We need at least 3 more quality players judging from what I saw today! We were either too lethargic still or just not in a game that was crying out for us to go and win once it started!

  9. See how poor nacho monreal was today yet people never criticize him.Gibbs should start over him next week.Yet people would say things like Gibbs is shit despite him being very consistent for arsenal.The only problem to me with Gibbs is that sometimes in some matches he gets caught out too much apart from that he is a better left back than Monreal and when both are at full pelt Gibbs is still better.I just dont get it i watch the two of them play and i dont know what makes Monreal better than him.

      1. yes he was poor in terms of being caught out a lot of times and i watched him a lot of times him and Giroud i try very hard to focus on them when they are involved and all i can say is that i am speechless.He was poor defensively and attacking too he is not very good.

  10. Thank fook for that the nervy 3 points are ours. Another reason for having a quality dm player in addition to coq was shown today. Not only an issue if he gets injured but what if he needs subbing? Also pers donehhe’s a passenger we need to start using gabriel or chambers in his place.

  11. Credit to Palace, no pushovers. Needless to say am absolutely delighted with the three points and now we look forward to next match with less of the crisis talk. It will be tough against liverpl but still something to look forward to. Good defending in the second half and good substitutions made, although that was risky leaving Coq blocker on.

  12. This should even tell us about the potential of Szczesny to win golden glove with this defence.What a keeper he is the one i feel sorry for in whole arsenal team thrown in at 19 years old behind an ever shaky defense then see where he is now being called is a real shame i feel so sorry for him because i wonder what if he was 19 years then started at Chelsea would he still be like this and lack confidence.I love you Szczesny wherever you are.

    1. Kev: jury is still out therefore NO COMMENT from me re: that position for now but thanks for your contribution.

  13. Coq is not the dm to carry us for the whole season and Arteta and Flamini are worse.

    Giroud scored a wonder goal, but did very little else.

    Per is not doing it. Week in week out he just is not performing.

    Its too late to bting in 3 players but bringing in at least a DM or a Striker would make this team better.

    I dont understand why Gabriel and Theo are not playing

    1. I think Gabriel deserve better but I cant say the same for Theo after his game with Chelsea and when he came on against Westham!

      1. Giroud went for absolutely everything in the air and won his fair share, likewise defending setpieces he was reliable. He scored a nice opening goal and played allot of one twos but were being read well. Giroud had a good solid game, a premier league exhibition.

    1. I think Cech is still getting over being dumped by his first true love. Many demons to work through. He has still to get accustomed to his new teammates & surroundings, when to leave responsibility to them and when to take it upon himself. He needs to gain some authority and that will take time with fine line between bossy/pushy.

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