Official teams and preview of Anderlecht v Arsenal

Arsene Wenger has had a few key decisions to make over the last few days, but most of them are about how to ensure that Arsenal are stronger defensively than we have been of late. The attacking and creating side of the game has been pretty much okay, but we need to have that solid platform o build on to make sure that we beat Anderlecht tonight.

A win is a must if the Gunners are to keep the hopes of winning the group over Borussia Dortmund alive. So as expected the Frenchman has kept our most combative midfielder Mathieu Flamini in the starting line up. And having Aaron Ramsey back in the middle with the in form Jack Wilshere should also help to protect that back four.

The other big decision Wenger has made is to keep Monreal in the centre and use Chambers to replace Bellerin at right back. He has also resisted the pressure to play Lukas Podolski, with Santi Cazorla likely to start on the left. At least the German striker has made the bench this time.

Chambers, Mertesacker, Monreal, Gibbs
Alexis, Ramsey, Wilshere, Cazorla

subs: Huddart, Bellerin,Arteta, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Rosicky, Campbell, Podolski

We need a fast start and to make sure that it is the Anderlecht defence, not Arsenal’s, that is put under serious pressure. Come On You Gunners!!!!


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    1. Arsenal needs a massive clear out . If arsene is not ready to do it , I think he needs to leave the stage for someone else to do it.
      I have never been part of the wenger out brigade but right now, I have about had it.
      New owners will do just as good.


  2. We all watch the games and after each mistake we all think, wenger will learn, but he won’t, why does he have to be so stubborn if he played Campbell and he fails it’s not his fault, if coz/Ozil play no 10 and fail it’s not his fault, but his reputation is gone, I really hope Monaco want him , I don’t enjoy watching us anymore , it’s not only about winning its about the way we play the game

    Oh and they score, who will wenger blame now ????,
    Prediction he won’t come out or will say the usual tripe , we showed commitment and focus, oh and it’s the refs fault

  3. Well deserved !! We suck!! We dont deserve to take even a point from this. Kudos to Anderlecht.

  4. thats it for me..until wenger leaves this once serious club we are not worth watching…he is an insult to fans who have been supporting this club for decades.. JUST GO

  5. Wenger should use some of his 8m to refund the Gooners who have travelled to Belgium to watch this sh#t performance.

  6. lmao our defending is utter garbage.

    1 – Mert needs to go. he’s only good in the air… runs like a snail
    2 – Wilshere needs to go see a shrink and simply revamp his entire game
    3 – we need a commanding, physical DM
    4 – we need a commanding, physical DM
    5 – points 3 and 4

  7. Late substitution after conceded a goal, pathethic
    Happy birthday wenger? Isnt it your time to retire already?



  9. Basic semi pro football, both your centre half get caught in front of the near post, it’s so bad we deserve nothing
    And we take a centre forward off when we 1-0 down

  10. man city and bayern interested in ozil and monaco want wenger. thats a double get out of jail free card. time for change at AFC and that would be a good start.

  11. I really feel sorry for our supporters that have travelled to the game. Their money is worth more than this.

    1. so true. the fans fill the stadium and follow the team all over europe but some fools still consider us glory hunters for wanting success.

      1. Shameful..i wont shed a single smile on this..we deserved to lose and we should have..fu#k you gibbs..

  12. See that! Ball comes off of the crossbar and mert just watched it go to the other player instead of trying to clear it…..useless the lot of them! Including our two bob manager!

  13. Few observations so far:
    – Flamini doesn’t offer a whole lot of protection for the back 4, nor does he even really break up play much. Mostly see him chasing back after their midfield has got in behind us.

    – Monreal isn’t a centre back, feel a bit sorry for him playing there, he can’t do it.

    – Mertesacker isn’t as good as his supporters think he is. It’s becoming clearer every game that it is Koscielny who makes our back 4 look half decent, and Koscielny who covers Mertesacker’s weaknesses.

    – Wenger is very reactive with his substitutions. Waits until we have a problem or the damage is already done before he even thinks of making changes.

  14. Mert is MORTE-must be released.It is so obvious that he is useless-put him on transfer market and nobody will buy him.Where is our Italian goalie?Eisfeld?And several others?Money is spent and than you never see the guys?Bould looks completely withdrawn from the game.Just mess.Should of gotten Di Matteo or Mancini.

    1. You obviously don’t know our board members, they don’t sack Wenger when he loses, they give him a raise.

  15. Very sad to see that after going 1-0 down, we haven’t woken up at all, in fact it is Anderlect who look more likely to score next…

    1. goldfish… all your posts are about your hate for AW… correct me if I am wrong, but it seems that you do not like him too much?

  16. how fuc**ng sad is this.. Hull then Anderlecht. What happened to one of the biggest clubs in the world? We are now all worried and tense no matter who we play. how sad

  17. Of course Wenger was unlucky with all these injuries, and of course the players have some responsibility but it is my view that wenger not buying Fabregas and thus offering him to Chelsea is was a criminal act and Wenger will regret it in the end of the season. Actually it is as bad as when he sold RVP to Manu. Finally I would say that Wenger insisting that Wilshere is world class player because maybe seeing something in him (during training session) is honestly being ridiculous and making a joke of him self. The bad news is Wenger is not going to go and in fact the board has decided to sack the fans instead…

  18. the moment Wilshire left the pitch the team scored, please take a note the nutty professor so called manager

    1. The players were total shite (apart from Sanchez at times) until last two mins. I thought Cazorla much worse than Wilshire, Monreal, Flamini…really really crap

    1. Except we didn’t, in fact, we were pathetic. The second we put Podolski, Campbell, Ox on all I wanted was for Ox, Sanchez and Campbell to make some direct runs towards the penalty area and it to somehow land at Podolski’s feet so that he could shoot.

  19. Hahahahaha this is actually sad. I’m happy but there is no way anyone could condone that Wenger did the right thing with sub’s and we all of a sudden score twice.

  20. Again I’m thinking maybe wenger Will realise and play Campbell and Podolski with Ox in the next game, thumbs up yes thumbs down no

  21. Brace yourself for Wenger’s praise of team’s character and determination. When will this old crook get humiliated agian..waiting for it.

  22. So basically players that Wenger ignores made a difference for him when they come on as sub’s and his favorite’s let him down.

  23. I swear if Wenger uses the terms ‘togetherness’ or ‘united’ or ‘spirit’ then he deserves a wedgy

  24. Wenger is Arsenal’s problem..1)poor team selection….2) poor tactics…3)Poor transfer policies…..4)poor player management…..Wenger ooohh Wenger I wish and pray for u to leave our beloved Arsenal Fc

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