Official teams and preview of Arsenal at Swansea City

With an international break on the horizon, Arsenal somehow find themselves in a great position to go into a two week break in a good position, just a point behind Man City and well above the likes of Liverpool, Man United and Tottenham. And we also need a win to put some poor results and performances behind us and set ourselves up for the rest of the season.

Arsene Wenger has the usual number of injury problems in the squad, with no Arteta, Koscielny, Debuchy, Giroud or Ozil available. So Arsene Wenger has decided to keep, as far as possible, the side that started against Anderlecht and got the Gunners three goals to the good on Tuesday.

The Frenchman clearly feels that letting in three late goals was an aberration and does not expect it to happen again, so the only change he has made is a forced one due to the knock picked up by Mikel Arteta, with Mathieu Flamini coming in for the captain.

Chambers, Mertesacker, Monreal, Gibbs
Chamberlain, Ramsey, Flamini, Cazorla
Alexis, Welbeck

subs: Martinez, Bellerin, Rosicky, Wilshere, Podolski, Walcott, Sanogo

There is plenty of attacking talent on the bench but not a lot in the way of shoring things up, so I expect the Gunners to start very solid and make sure we do not concede and that we dominate the ball and wear Swansea down. Of course we will be looking to score but with a makeshift back four and a poor defensive record this season, keeping a clean sheet is perhaps the key to winning this game.

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  1. gamer says:

    Rip campball

    1. Colin says:

      I genuinely feel very sorry for Campbell.. His confidence must be shot after having been praised so highly for his performances last season and at the World Cup. I hope the lad gets the chance he deserves and if that means he has to leave Arsenal to get it, then I will not begrudge him the move.

      As for Wenger, I seriously hope he knows what he is doing, because his team selection suggests that he is relying on Alexis to save the teams blushes once again.

      1. KickAssFan says:

        Wow! See how wonderfully well we are playing!!! This is pure class…

        1. Colin says:

          Noticed your # below so know where your loyalties lay. Remember Arsenal and Arsene are not the same.

    2. arsenal207 says:

      Campbell is set to leave on Jan.

  2. muffdiver says:

    monreal vs bony?
    cazorla on the wing?

    we got this- 4-0 to the arsenal


    1. KickAssFan says:

      @Muff, I see us lifting the EPL trophy. #COYG


      1. Mesut O-grillz says:

        what are you on sir.

        1. KickAssFan says:

          I’m smoking Sarcasm. Give it a try

  3. NY_Gunner says:

    4-4-2. Hmmmmm!

  4. HA559 says:

    Predictable lineup. Almost the same as it was against Anderlecht.

    1. Thando says:

      Wenger doen’t select he just copy

  5. rkw says:

    how the f*** has ramsey retained his place…shit all season diabolical against complaints from the droolers on this site though

    1. Charlie Nick says:

      Rambo to score today…due one

  6. Thando says:

    The only way to win this game is by outscoring swansea

  7. Demwan Jones says:

    monreal as centre back again, why can’t this french arsehole learn to play players in their most effective position, I just pity those that will renew their season ticket next season with wenger still in charge

    1. NY_Gunner says:

      @demwit jones
      Grow up dude.

    2. Demwan Jones says:

      Stfu spud

  8. jamesbrowney says:

    …Sanchez molest them in all holes….

  9. vijaygunner says:

    campbell not even on the bench wtf?!

    1. Thando says:

      Cant you see that yaya is there?dont you know that he is wenger fav?

  10. rkw says:

    and why the f*** is “so no goals” on the bench…wenger is an 8m dollar piss artist he really is

  11. juhislihis says:

    Spuds lost, Poopers lost, Everon and Shity drew. Great chance to get away from the midtable teams but whenever we have the chance to pounce we bobble it.

    Prove me wrong, save us Sanchez!

    1. NY_Gunner says:

      Check out where Stoke is on the table…

      1. juhislihis says:


        Yeah, they are right there with the other midtablers Liverpool, Tottenham etc.


        1. NY_Gunner says:

          My bad. I read the table wrong. I thought that they would have been on 18pts with this win…

    2. Adienl says:

      Today we go third.

      1. Adienl says:

        Never mind. I thought shitty was with 20.

  12. REiGN says:

    Wenger is clueless about how good Campbell is. Can’t beleive he prefers sanogo over him. Heck! I’d even start Campbell ahead of cazorla.

  13. Godswill says:

    I would have preferred Chambers at CB and Hector Bellerin at RB with Monreal on the bench. Well am not Wenger. Just want us to win. Alexis- 2, Welbeck- !. Remember their GK could still think of Arsenal like the other one that day.

  14. Adienl says:

    I’ve never spent a penny on Arsenal( neither any other club).
    Everything’s just inflated and not exactly value for money.

    Where is Campbell?
    Cazorla on the wings is useless so what’s the point.
    Let’s win though.

  15. rkw says:

    campbell is part of a financial strategy not a winning football team…board will sell him to some desperate italian team in the window at an inflated price helping to justify the frenchmans own inflated salary…if we dont win this we will be one or two points above newcastle…sad state of affairs but even sadder it would still have no bearing on wengers position!!!!

    1. Adienl says:

      Save the negativity for later. Match is about to start, so lets just hope until.
      Cheers, I agree with you.

  16. Twig says:

    Ramsey should learn how to play well without necessarily scoring goals. Just keep it simple, pass, tackle and start counter attacks. Simples!

    1. KickAssFan says:

      @Twig, that’s true.

  17. Charlie Nick says:

    Can’t stand watching a whole game of Flamini….lots of pointing, not doing much, guaranteed yellow at least.

  18. Charlie Nick says:

    This is exciting….

  19. Twig says:

    Flamini’s tackles 🙁 🙁 🙁

  20. Adienl says:

    Chambers not fast enough for RB.
    He’s meant to be a CB.

  21. CraigZWE says:

    Swansea look better so far.

    When we lose the ball we just stand around

  22. rkw says:

    No power no passion and now no precision …. This is a team that I can’t see making 4th place…. There is no link play from defence to attack …. It’s pathetic it really is … Wenger has proved u can run a top fall club on bs for some time but now he just needs to F off

    1. Charlie Nick says:

      You’re not keen on him, are you?

  23. Mallu_Gooner says:

    Horrible game. Playing scared like a bottom team.

  24. AussieGOONER says:

    fkking useless cu*ts no passion no nothing shat team rip arsenal

  25. CraigZWE says:


  26. ras911 says:

    Oh no…. come on Santi…

  27. AussieGOONER says:

    hope cazorla is out for the season useless cnt spanish dog

  28. Ronny331 says:

    Dreary like a bottom of the table team. Where’s bellerin? Where campbell? Wenger “you don’toknow what your doing”!

  29. HA559 says:

    Our midfielders just wait there looking at theplayer on the ball.

  30. Mallu_Gooner says:

    Wenger is like a deluded maniac trying to prove his stupid decisions are right. Playing the same team every game until someone is injured.

  31. CraigZWE says:

    Where the Fck is Welbeck for Sanchez cross.

    Does he not know he must be in the box

  32. AussieGOONER says:

    what happen to quick passing? counter attacks? this team keeps on getting shat instead of getting better wtf wenger out

  33. CraigZWE says:

    God help us.

    We have to click some time

  34. CraigZWE says:

    Chambers must move to CB and bring Bellerin at RB.

  35. john0711 says:

    Is anyone enjoying this, we look a poor team playing for a draw so wenger can come out with the usual crap

  36. Brada b says:

    We look sloppy

  37. GOONSTER says:

    Chambers is having a mare. He is too hesitant and getting ripped to pieces..

  38. Justsoccerfan says:

    Did we make any shot on goal?

  39. rkw says:

    Why do we need wilshere???? Bcse he has a bit of control vision and moves the ball forward … Mert Monreal flamini and Ramsey ( utterly useless again) are all lateral …. This is a nervous bottom half team I am watching

  40. CraigZWE says:

    Let Sanchez have a go at goal from there.

  41. ras911 says:

    I don’t even know this Arsenal team. The Anderlecht disaster really brought down they lads’ confidence

  42. CraigZWE says:

    Is Campbell on bench?

  43. fred cowardly says:

    Excellent first half
    full of passion
    full of hard working players
    great quality
    great Management
    Now let us continue this in second half

    1. ras911 says:

      LOL, love the sarcasm

    2. Adienl says:

      Really needed some laughter after that lacklustre half.

  44. juhislihis says:

    Oh Welbeck..

  45. CraigZWE says:

    Ox looks the best so far.

    Would like to see Jack, Campbell and Walcott in 2nd half.

    1. Justsoccerfan says:

      Campbell last was in the mist

  46. Victozil says:

    I’m very very disappointed with what I’ve seen so far!

  47. muffdiver says:

    thank god dyer routledge and shelvey arent playing..

    we can steal a win here. not a convincing win but steal one yes

    1. juhislihis says:

      Yeah, looks like a game where we can steal the win although being shite. Welbeck bobbled our one chance, hopefully the next one will go to Sanchez.

      Do you think it’s in Wengers tactics to exlploit a plank where there are opposition players on a yellow (that Korean guy and Taylor)? I somehow doubt it.. and I would bet it’s Ramsey who will get the red before anyone from Swansea.

  48. Victozil says:

    Flamini gets his trademark yellow… GUTTED!

    1. ras911 says:

      err no that was Ramsey lol

    2. juhislihis says:

      It was Ramsey..

  49. Brada b says:

    No he didn’t

  50. Adienl says:

    Oh! I really miss out quick passing.

  51. Ronny331 says:

    Jc is nitu on the bench no. I’m not even watching today just listening to radio. I expected a loss today when I heard the team sheet, wtf is belerin? Get him on we need his pace against montero, act wenger act!!

  52. GOONSTER says:

    You can bad mouth GIROUD all you like but I have said it all along and will keep saying it, Welbeck is so poor, he should be playing for mid table clubs, he is so untidy, poor first touch, can’t make create or assist, he just look so not on Arsenal’s level..

    1. rkw says:

      His first touch is actually pretty good it’s what he does next which is the problem … Will only win this on back of a bit of Sanchez magic

    2. juhislihis says:

      Nor is Giroud.. one of them should not be in the team and the other one should be 2nd choice.

      Sanchez for striker, if not then buy a proper striker.

    3. goonerretic says:

      If Welbeck was any good Man U wld not have sold him to anyone.Sell Welbeck to a rival says alot about the player

  53. rkw says:

    For all those imbeciles drooling over what the French moron has done for this club they should be locked up in a padded cell plastered with pictures of fabregas and rvp and made to watch that 45 mins of garbage until they recant…

  54. GOONSTER says:

    Since 2010, the Cesc and Nasri era, we have become a functional team, we play like a real EPL team with hard work and effort but poor technique..

  55. Ronny331 says:

    Yawn, come on welbeck you need a goal so much 🙂 will we see sanogoal and walcott 2nd half? 80 mins?

    1. juhislihis says:

      Make that 85th, at least for Podolski.

  56. Adienl says:

    Flaminis’ done well today

    1. Robin Vanpayslip says:

      I’m having trouble staying awake

  57. Ronny331 says:

    Playing like a mid table side, simples! Come back soon debuchy, giroud, kos and ozil!

  58. Justsoccerfan says:

    Commentator: wenger said they are still fighting for champion but the way they play, they are not here for the 3 pts.

  59. mr lean says:

    Going to keep my thoughts positive for the second half,Walcott winner !

  60. Justsoccerfan says:

    If that was Walcott that will be a goal, that the different.

  61. GOONSTER says:

    And no wonder our players get injured, the same team game in game out, no tactics, no variability, just the same players for 90 minutes, you can see them looking so tired but Wenger will run them to the ground..

    He is going to wait until the 75th or 80th minute to start making subs…

    So frustrating..

  62. fred cowardly says:

    I remember when we drew with Newcastle 4-4 after leading 4-0. It ruined our season

    The Anderlecht game was demoralizing but should not have the same effect. We need to put that behind us and play with passion and work our socks off and win.

    Some one needs to step up. We all know who that will be.

  63. Justsoccerfan says:

    Good sign as arsenal start to feel confident.

  64. CraigZWE says:

    Just get the ball to Sanchez.

    1. ymoola says:

      Ask and you shall receive

  65. CraigZWE says:

    Monreal did good!

  66. rkw says:

    Why is Ramsey on the pitch?? Nothing there

    1. reddb10 says:

      another idiot who is slates ramsey when he isn’t scoring goals for us.

  67. Charlie Nick says:

    Theo on, Santi off

  68. rkw says:

    I think we are the physically weakest team in EPL … Wenger is clueless about what a top team needs today

  69. GOONSTER says:

    Swansea are going to score, they look more organised than us..

  70. Ronny331 says:

    Montero v chambers only one winner. Did wenger not see the Swansea teamsheet? # belerin@rb

  71. CraigZWE says:

    Make a change already Wenger.

    Bring Jack for Ramsey
    Move Carzola into middle and bring Poldolski in for Flamini
    Bring Theo on for Welbeck

    Have a go Wenger, now is the time to win as others have dropped points.

    I’d rather lose having a go than any for a draw

  72. Mick The Gooner says:

    It’s fine guys, Alexis hasn’t scored yet

    1. Mick The Gooner says:

      See what I mean?

  73. luvdaguns says:

    only a matter of time that flamini pick up another yellow, he is my MOTM so far, for Swansea…

  74. luvdaguns says:

    brite spot for AFC, Monreal playing well, Ox looks much better form,

  75. luvdaguns says:

    hell yeh!!!!!!!!

  76. ras911 says:


  77. Brada b says:

    Goalllll #17

  78. Charlie Nick says:

    Well played Ox, Danny, Alexis

  79. Daedric_Lord says:


  80. CraigZWE says:

    Sanchez you called it @ mike the gooner

  81. Sacrificial_Pizza says:

    This Montero couldn’t be a worse diver. He is making Suarez look honest. Glad Sanchez just made that scumbags efforts all for nothing

  82. CraigZWE says:

    Can we hold the lead?

    1. Mick The Gooner says:

      Given the rain, I wouldn’t rule anything out. Probably be a penalty given in this game at some point

  83. Brada b says:

    Like I said #IN17WETRUST

  84. luvdaguns says:

    welbeck was brilliant, lets get another

  85. Justsoccerfan says:

    Yes game on.

    Is time for Walcott.

    1. Brada b says:

      We need theo to add some paste now

  86. CraigZWE says:

    Someone help Chambers.

    Bring on Bellerin Wenger

  87. rkw says:

    Now is time to bring on Walcott they will attack and leave gaps at back take of cazorla

  88. Justsoccerfan says:

    Bony don’t have good game. Thanks to him for our goal.

  89. REiGN says:

    Chambers has finally met his match in Montero.

  90. Mick The Gooner says:

    Wanna see Walcott come on and show this Montero guy some real pace.

  91. GOONSTER says:

    kill it off now..

  92. luvdaguns says:

    right now sitting 4th in table, 1 pt behind Shitty, if this holds, worried about a Zflamini second yellow…

  93. CraigZWE says:

    Bring Jack on for Flamini, let him play the England role

    1. Charlie Nick says:

      Would usually agree, but think this Flamini’s best game of the season (wouldn’t be hard mind you)

  94. Ronny331 says:

    And who else to score! 🙂 Walcott to get one now please.

  95. CraigZWE says:

    Take one for the team Gibbs. Great stuff

  96. Justsoccerfan says:

    Wenger will never do wrong, his stop watch will alarm him, it is 75 mins.

  97. rkw says:

    Get f****** Ramsey off he is useless and costly

  98. CraigZWE says:

    Oh well

  99. Justsoccerfan says:

    Well what can we do, it a WC free kick.

    1. juhislihis says:

      Well Gibbs did well to foul but the blame was on OX and Cazorla?, the ones who lost the ball way too easily.

  100. juhislihis says:

    That goal was class. It would’ve been saved by de Gea though..

    And as always, subs way too late.

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