Official teams and preview of Arsenal v Hull

Unless there is a problem with the Arsenal and Germany international striker Lukas Podolski, it looks like his time at the club could be up because, not only does Arsene Wenger leave him out of the starting line up once again for the visit of Hull City, Podolski does not even make the bench.

After his recent complaints about lack of playing opportunity and the boss stating that he was part of the plans for Arsenal, this must be a real kick in the teeth to the German if he is fit. It is the dynamic Englanmd international Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain that gets the nog from Wenger.

So the Ox will probably start on the left with Alexis Sanchez on the right but the pair can happily change sides during the game. Cazorla and Wilshere will operatre behind Welbeck and Flamini keeps his place to offer the inexperienced and injury hit back four some protection.

Hector Bellerin comes in for the suspended Chambers and Monreal comes into the centre, with young Semi Ajayi on the bench. Another name on the bench will be a big boost to Arsenal fans, that of Aaron Ramsey.

Bellerin, Mertesacker, Monreal, Gibbs
Alexis, Cazorla, Wilshere, Chamberlain

subs: Martinez, Ajayi, Coquelin, Arteta, Rosicky, Campbell, Ramsey

Come On You Gunners, you’ve got this!!

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    1. And Walcott is starting to play after only 9 months. The recovery for those kinds of knee injuries often drag on for 12 – 13 months. This was a pleasant surprise for me.

  1. Damn the international break. Nothing to look forward during the weekend. Now I can finally watch my arsenal play. 2 nil to the arsenal Coyg.

    1. Being the optimist that I am,I predict a 2million-0 scoreline…in favour of arsenal ofcourse!

  2. I had expected to see Hayden starting or even on the bench i wonder if there is any problem with him

  3. Poldi is not well. Oh. Ajayi better than Hayden? Then we have two good Cb coming up. The first clean sheet not minding Monreal. Note that Wenger was using Monreal at CB in pre-season and charity cup. He never wanted to buy a CB. See where we are now.


  5. Let see if Podolski will continue being not well over the next couple months, it most occasions players seem to start getting ill when they are about to leave a team, i really do not see a future for him at arsenal anymore and if he can not lift his game i think it will also be the end of his germany time.

    A wonderful talent, but seems to have lost his appetite for the game, probably caused from a lack of enough game time, but one never knows.


    1. it wasn’t a dive, a light penalty but not a dive, it’s near impossible to stay on your feet when the defender sticks a leg in between your own legs when you are running.

  6. typical, not only was that a foul but it was a yellow card offence because he purposefully pulled on the other side. 75% of PL referees need to go back into training, their standard is pathetic.

    enjoying the gam though, and we will still win

    1. You can’t blame the ref cos this is EPL, ref don’t blew for foul easily. Our players are just easily being push aside. Instead defence better but there are waiting for the ref to blow, what a idiot.

      1. when it’s an obvious foul who else do you blame? You are acting like it was an even fight that he lost when in reality he already had the ball and diame used his hand to pull back Flamini’s shoulder and intercept the back pass.

        It’s no wonder the referees are so bad when no one holds them to any sort of standard.

        1. To the ref is just a tall player put a hand over a short player shoulder. I didn’t said was not a foul, but our players shouldn’t play for the whistle.

        1. I agree they should play on but he was the last man at that point, there was nothing anyone could do once diame had the ball in a 1v1.

  7. what is all this hate for flamini… he was FOULED, not pushed off with strength but pulled back on one side and then the ball taken away on the other

  8. clearly ref’s error,but arsenal need to dismiss couple of guys(mert,Monreal,bellerin,Jack,Podolski,arteta,ozil) and get 2-3 good one’s for each position.

    1. I wish we could get rid of fans like you and replace them with a couple of good ones. Dismiss 19 year old Bellerin during his first BPL start. Idiot

  9. Just noticed Martinez is on the bench instead of Ospina, any reason for this? He best not be injured seeing as Szczesny is suspended for our CL game this week.

      1. I guess that means Martinez will be playing in the Champions League. Not ideal, do we even have a fourth goalkeeper to back him up if needed?

  10. Soft team, as always our defence is so weak. We will probably win the game but that’s why we will never win anything significant

    1. So far this season, Jack has really been a second half player, keep an eye on him in the next 45.

    2. Wilshere has played well, distributed the ball well created a few chances.
      And hes actually playing like a CM for once.

  11. Sorry but Sanchez link up play is so poor, he just can’t pass.. Always under hitting, over hitting or loses the ball..

    Come on Sanchez..

    1. Yeah we should put a number 10 there so we can have no risk takers, no runs and no goals.
      But atleast we’ll have good link up play.

  12. Classic Arsenal. Total control of the game, 1-0 up, things looking good, 4 players just stand there and let a second class player through, rest of the half just moving the ball around.

    Yeah it was a foul but on your own defensive end you play until you hear the whistle. Hate Flamini so much.

  13. this one is on flamini, if you are going thru your career w the reputation as the tough guy, then dont get pushed aside like you are a bug, this match not even close except for that mistake, bellerin looks quite composed, aresenal 14 attempts to 2, 68% poccession, wtf?

    1. Arsenal have major defensive issues because of Wenger’s negligence. But I do not blame players for blatant referee incompetence.

      If the ref blows the whistle as normally would happen, none of us would have thought twice about it and the game would go on. The ref gets credit for this goal.

  14. Cazorla playing in the middle and doing Chamberlains job as well on the left.

    Scszesny must have the worst save ratio in the league. It doesn’t take many shots to beat him (when hes playing for Arsenal at least). Mertesacker just gave up even though it was a foul, but just because the referee doesn’t give it doesn’t mean you have to give up on defending it.

    1. I agree about scszney as I’ve always thought he’s over rated by us he’s far too slow getting down and I question his positioning at times eg costa’s goal and mert gave up again like he did for costa’s goal also. No doubt get slated but that’s just my opinion

  15. It was a foul but we need to get over it and score again and win the game instead of feeling sorry for ourselves

  16. Bellerin holding his own.
    Arsenal defensive issues are WENGER’s fault – not the players – they do their best.
    Hull is trying to just waste every minute and go home. Not a football game really.

  17. Flamini should have cleared the f*cking ball when he had the chance. He got possession and then tried to pass it back to the keeper in such a dangerous position. He might have been fouled but he brought it upon himself. Flamini is a liability

  18. Always play to the whistle.. I know it was a foul but our players are just too sensitive, man up..

    If you don’t hear the whistle get rid of the danger and then complain later, experienced players should know this..

    To be champions you have to man up and take responsibility then as questions later, if that was terry, Matic, Yaya, Fernandino etc they would clear the danger and then complain later..


  19. Points from the first 45:

    1. Alexis has a way of scoring beautiful goals.
    2. Welbeck is doing ok. He can do more.
    3. Am I watching Hull v Hull or Arsenal v Hull? Because apart from the possesion count there has not been much difference.

  20. We need to stop being the sweet team in the league, always moaning, all these excuses rub onto the players and they become moaners..

    Looks at Mertesacker.. He is the biggest player in our team but he can’t header the ball..

  21. I always had the hunch Hernandez was going to score against us. I was delighted when I did not see him in the starting lineup earlier. Damn

  22. 2-1 against fking hull what a disgrace fking micky mouse club we have becomee
    arsenal-= Hosptial

  23. mert only looks half decent when koncielny is next to him. both him and monreal are not PL material. get ready for no european football next season

  24. welbeck needs to demand the ball more instead of just uselessly floating around. No conviction in what he does sometimes.

  25. If we loose wenger will just bury his head in the sand and blame all the injuries….and i guarantee he wont buy anyone in jan

      1. I know wenger has lost the plot! We need about 4 players to compete for the league!
        2 CBs (one world class to replace per)
        A proper world class DM
        And a clinical finisher! Welbeck and giroud aint good enough just thw pair of them. City have 3, chelsea have 3, utd have 3! Liverpool are like us and look how shit there season has been

  26. Did you all watch the replay, when diame facing our goali, mert just beside them but he is still protesting.

  27. great cesc the muppet scored 🙂 yes weneger we didnt need him we have the biggest flop in world football the lazy snail mesut ozil man we are fkkeeeddddd bad

  28. FACK wenger….. now we are losing against hull city in Home….. shame on you wenger, how i miss you TV5…
    Fack wenger and all AKB too

  29. What arrogance. You are leading 1 goal up, instead of trying to score the second early enough, you just take you foot off the gas. The Hull players were invited to attack and so they did.

  30. I was trying to lie to myself that we have enough time but then again we are not known for scoring many goals.. And for a second week in a row Arsenal fu*ks my bets up.. Goodbye my 75 bucks

  31. Mert is not only slow in pace , he ‘s slow in movement as well, he was watching Hernandez ‘ s header without even jumping, he’s really a liability .

  32. It looks as though it will be one of those days. We can’t even link 4 passes together, laughable really

  33. Arsenal just don’t make me happy anymore.
    Who cares if we get top four or not…it’s not like we are gonna win the CL.

  34. It’s no wonder fans feel ripped off. Most expensive tickets and this is what you get. Absolute disgrace

  35. Hull are not even thinking of defending against us! I mean now they are bringing in G. Ramirez?! Let us see what Rambo can do to save this game.

  36. There is no team worse than arsenal when they dont have posession. cant mark, cant pressure, cant tackle, cant win the ball back.

  37. ramsey is being rushed again and will 100% pick up another injury genous wenger fking bravo mofo fk arsnela hahahahah

  38. We are desperate to get a draw against Hull at Home, wow….this is not a title challenging team. I won’t blame Wenger alone, surely he cannot go and head the ball clear.

    1. Why is wenger not to blame.
      its wenger who considers these players to be world class
      its wenger who picks the team
      its wenger who plays the same formation
      its wenger who sits on his arse and lets them take their foot off the gas when we are in front.
      Delusion has a whole new meaning when it comes to AKB’S
      Wake the F##k up

    1. Protest on what? If players are playing like sh*t what can Owner, CEO and manager can do? this result is totally on our players.

      PS “Why do we even bother with the corners”.

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