Official teams and preview of Arsenal v Leicester

Arsene Wenger has made a few changes to the Arsenal starting line’up as he looks to bounce back with a bang after losing the derby away at Tottenham on Saturday and the visit of Leicester City, propping up the Premier

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  1. I said I thought it would be split by 1 goal, but because I thought Leicester would do well tonight, not because the ref and our players were poor.

  2. disappointing peformances….

    we are gonna get hammered by Chelsea, Fool and De Gea Utd if we play like this….

    1. Absolutely right. Chambers was overused and in too many positions early in the season because of Wenger’s failure to acquire enough defensive cover.

      Now Wenger does him wrong again by completely ignoring him. Not good use of Chambers at all.

  3. 4th place..whoopee.
    Champions league 2016 here we come.

    Hopefully we won’t get Real Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Porto, Inter Milanor Accrington Stanley.

  4. The biggest problem today…….

    Wenger is reverting to tactic of past seasons where he ONLY wants to attack up the middle and he neglects the wings. If it works – OK. But it so much limits the attack and fails to stretch the defense.

    Ox for example often plays wide and takes the ball deep to cut it back in front of goal – this is devastating but there was almost none of that today (some from Bellerin).

  5. Diabolical game again. Leicester were the better team for good periods of the game and probably had more opportunities to win the game..

    We are in 4th though so we can look forward to the possibility of a group exit in the UCL. Luckily Leicester won’t be in the draw!

  6. Arsenal have a very favorable schedule remaining. But it won’t matter if Arsenal perform like this.

    I think this game was a combination of 4 things:

    1. Weak/Limiting Arsenal tactics (little wide play).
    2. Weak performances from the players.
    3. Strong play at times from Leicester.
    4. Mike Jones.
    Lucky, lucky.

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