Official teams and preview of Arsenal v Leicester

Arsene Wenger has made a few changes to the Arsenal starting line’up as he looks to bounce back with a bang after losing the derby away at Tottenham on Saturday and the visit of Leicester City, propping up the Premier

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    1. WHATS WITH ALL THE F*CKING INJURIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Seriously wtf

  1. No Giroud or Welbeck. Özil, Walcott, Cazorla, Rosicky and Alexis are our attacking players. We have lightning quick pace, dribbling skills, creative passing and a great work rate in our attack.

    If Leiecester sit deep in their own box, which of course they will do, it looks as if we’ll have to walk it in (or hope for and Alexis/Rosicky screamer) which this attack is perfectly capable of doing. But if things don’t go our way, Giroud gives us a different option off the bench.

    An awfully short team though, let’s try not to concede any set pieces or we’ll struggle.

  2. Nice line-up! I’m very happy to see a Rosicky start. I’m an F’N idiot I forgot we had Sanchez back full fitness and didn’t include him in my prediction starting 11. COYG!!!

  3. Wenger trusting a small group of 12.
    Glad Ospina starts again.
    Kos’s archilles must be fine.
    Chambers has fallen back.
    Ramsey needed a rest so no surprise there.
    Thought he would rest Cazorla to play
    either Giroud or Wellbeck but apparently no
    room in the stables for Donkeys. Fair enough.
    No start for de abreu or Bielik I was wrong. 🙂
    Good side should win by +5.

  4. I really like this line up
    Rosicky, Cazorla, Walcott, Sanchez and Ozil playing together is cool.

    On paper, we should Win big. However, it’s all about How they play on the night. I’m hoping for a big win but will be happy with any Win

    4-0 Arsenal

  5. I’m surprised no one is slating wenger for this line-up. Usually AOB’s would complain about anything wenger does.

  6. again I read we should win by 4 or 5! I say again deluded!
    It was obvious Leicester would come to us and keep it tight, these are the games we should be happy to win 1-0 or 2-1 especially after the last shaky/poor performance.

  7. @arseovertit.
    Who can or should ever be confident when it comes to the Arsenal, consistent does not spring to mind.

  8. Personally, I’m sure we will get a great result tonight….but just out of interest any anti Wenger ‘fans’ got the balls to say what’s wrong with the team BEFORE we actually kick off?? Coygs!!

  9. Set piece goal is nice but I am not thrilled with something about today’s approach. I don’t think the lineup is the problem.

    This approach reminds me of last season when Wenger would use quick play to attack but only up the middle and when the opposition just jammed up the middle Wenger had no plan B.

    The obvious answer is to use much more wide play and switch the field often. Let us see if they try to make that adjustment.

  10. We are so fcking sluggish and lethargic.. Theo taking his time to track back.. Bellerin looks short of confidence..

    Sort it out..

  11. Worried about Sanchez need him for Monaco.
    Ideally we go 4 up and bring Sanchez off
    Wellbeck needs time and Koz off and
    give de breu a start maybe.
    3rd sub?

  12. @mickthegooner. 3rd place comment is funny, better take a photo of the table if that happens with Saints and MU still to play their game in hand 🙂

  13. How was that not intentional hand ball? This new interpretation of the rule is bullsh!t!!! And the commentator bias is driving me up the effing wall

  14. why is ozil playing on the wings?

    this is the reason why we cant beat the big 5….

    we keep playing players at the wrong position..

    1. he is playing on the wings because Wenger cannot find a better way to get Ozil and Cazorla on the pitch together. it is not ideal, but……

  15. Back to the shiit way we have played all season, no pressure on the ball, the defense going missing, everything looking so hard..


  16. Can’t even watch the game due to work but I’m already sensing the frustration, guess I spoke too soon about the clean sheet for Ospina… Damn I really like that goalie too

    1. Stop blaming the ref hes not making us play shti this second half! We have been poor and not once has wenger got up and rucked the players for sloppy play

  17. wtf are we fans holding our breath again and praying we can hold on to a narrow lead at home in the Emirates against Leicester? Joke we should up the tempo, turn it on and blow away this side!

    1. Walcott may not be up to 90 mins. Sanchez was likely hurting from the first half knock. We have to trust the coaches on these simply because we don’t know what they know.

  18. Game had to be recorded for me, WORK!!! Lol should I watch it guys even after knowing the final score? Serious question or will I just get p*ssed like what I’ve been reading here…

    1. Don’t watch, forgettable performance by all our players.
      Injuries to Alexis and a Rambo came on as a sub, kicked the ball and pulled a hammy.
      Playing ugly, very ugly.
      But a wins a win.

  19. About time Ospina started shouting at his defence, what the hell are we doing? not like we are chasing the game! So poor!

  20. And here we are thinking Liverpool would easily dispatch Spurs at home. Not going according to plan I see.

      1. Seems that way, Ramsey has been a shadow of the player he was last season. Probably been playing with an injury. Wouldn’t surprise me. After all we are the only club in history to sign a player with a broken back on loan :/

  21. @Mohawk.
    Re’ Theo and Sanchez and lack of pace left, begs the question where is Gnabry? Bellerin could play RW with Chambers coming on fresh at RB.

  22. Ours layers are absolute ponces, it’s ebarrassing, no other team has these injury problems, it’s getting rediculous, they’re all made of glass, they need to man up. Ramsey is one of the worst, bunch of faggots. Makes me so angry.

  23. Yes we are making heavy work of this .
    2-0 at the half looked all over but…
    Poor old Ramsey like Wilshere injury prone.
    Not the easy win I thought at all.

  24. @juhislihis
    You forgot the mystery of ‘where is Jack Wilshire’ 🙂
    Who else likes riding the rollercoaster of emotion that is being an Arsenal fan!?

  25. Usual embarrassing shit! Wenger can’t even zip up his sleeping bag that says it all,CLUELESS!! and CONFUSED!

  26. Fouling bast^ds, we need to get more psychical.
    We had a decent bench for 2 games, now injuries pile up.
    Angry arsenal fan

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