Official teams and preview of Arsenal v Liverpool – Injury crisis again?

You would say that losaing one of your first choice centre backs just before a huge and possibly key game in the Premier League, so for Arsenal to lose both Lautrent Koscielny and Per Mertesacker must be seen as a complete nightmare and brings back all those horrible momories of the ongoing injury problems that have ravaged Arsenal for years.

So Arsene Wenger has no choice but to bring in Calum Chambers and Gabriel and we can only hope that they are ready to deal with the power and threat of Benteke and that the full backs and Francis Coquelin can give them plenty of protection from the likes of Coutinho and Firmino.

At least Liverpool have lost their main midfield man Jordan Henderson to injury as well and so have gone for three combative central midfielders in Lucas, Milner and Emre Can. THat sounds tyo me like the recipe for a congest midfield and that makes the decision to stick with Ramsey on the right as a potentially bad one from the boss. Where is our width?

Bellerin, Chambers, Gabriel, Monreal
Coquelin, Cazorla
Ramsey, Ozil, Alexis

subs: Debuchy, Gibbs, Arteta, Ospina, Walcott, Oxlade-Chamberlain

I was feeling quite confident about this game but now I would be happy with a draw. How about you guys?

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  1. kenyanfan says: meet no kosielny..chambers partners Gabriel..I think its a game plan by Wenger so that he can have an excuse for defeat

    1. stubill says:

      Were you born a moron, or did it take lots of practise?

  2. kenyanfan says: mert no kosielny..chambers partners Gabriel..I think its a game plan by Wenger so that he can have an excuse for defeat

    1. kenyanfan says:

      another humiliation awaits..hope its not a repeat of 8-1 lose .

  3. emmnuel neci says:

    This team can beat Liverpool, so am expecting nothing less but a win.

  4. Dee@ease says:

    A couple of injuries and it now shows we lack depth for a whole season we need to buy

    1. Goonsquad8 says:

      Dude what are you talking about chambers and Gabriel are quality depth sometimes I wonder with you guys. We just need to make sure they’re match sharp and focused we know there quality

      1. Dee@ease says:

        I’m not talking about Gabriel and Chambers specifically,look at the bench there’s no CB if let’s say one of Chambers or Gabriel get injured during the game it means Debuchy will play that’s a lack of depth!

        1. Krish says:

          are you stupid? if the 2 first-choice cbs are injured and the back-up cbs are playing (2 of them). thats in total 4 cbs and all of them are quality.. so obviously the fullbacks have to do a shift at cb if one the backups gets injured -.-
          do u want 6 cbs 6 fullbacks 6 wingers 3 gks 3 strikers and only u21 midfielders? that would be a joke wouldnt it? ^^

          1. Segy Turner says:

            Well said Krish. some fans just confuse me

    2. mohawk says:

      Most teams losing their best/established CB pairing will fear a loss of steel at the back. This is NOT unique to Arsenal.

  5. Twig says:

    Ramsey on the wings. Just purrrrrrrfect.

  6. Vlad says:

    Can people please learn how to spellcheck before posting? Having said that, I’m slightly concerned now, but still have full faith in our boys, and hoping for all 3 points.

    1. mohawk says:

      It sometimes can be frustrating but……

      If you are asking for proofreading and spellcheck on a site like this – especially in our texting/twitter world where speed-typing, auto-correct and abbreviations have become the norm………

      I fear you are fighting a losing battle. Let it go.

  7. juhislihis says:

    This team should be more than enough to beat very average Liverpool side. I’m not concerned about Chambers/Gabriel partnership, however these injuries show lack of rotation by Wenger. Zero minutes for either of them since.. Emirates Cup? And all of a sudden, they are starting together.

    Adaptation would’ve been a lot easier if either one of them started ie. against West Ham/C Palace.

    Ramsey on the wings again.. Cringe.

  8. NY_Gunner says:

    We Got This…COYG!!!!

  9. gooner100 says:

    Wow. Where did Koz’s injury come from? Mert is ill, apparently.

    Could be ok, good commitment and pace with chambers and Gabriel, just whether there will be any experience/understanding issues.

    Hopefully still enough to get a good result.

  10. GunningSoulman says:

    Why are we not playing with real wingers? This is stupid

    1. Twig says:

      We haven’t been playing with real wingers all season mate. Are you new?

      1. GunningSoulman says:

        Haha no, but I still cant believe it….and i never will

      2. mohawk says:

        All season? Like ALL 2 little games? Wenger does not like traditional wing play and he never will – this has been going on for many years – not 2 games.

  11. Ks-Gunner says:

    Is Ramsey cooking Wenger pancakes in the morning or what is up with this stupid favorisem?

  12. joeboy says:

    No OX again!!!! Meant to be a big season for him but hes always on the bench

    1. mohawk says:

      This is the bigger issue. Backup CBs exist to play when the primary CBs cannot.

      But most of last season we had to put up with Ramsey, Cazorla or Ozil had to play out of position supposedly because Ox and Walcott were injured – no choice.

      Now we can see this is Wenger’s ridiculous plan all along. I am far less concerned about Wenger’s transfer decisions than these stupid player selections.

      1. joeboy says:

        The ox gives you something different and i cant see coutinho or firminho doing to much tracking back, and the ox gives us the width we need

  13. YingYang69 says:

    Why the heck? These guys don’t have an experienced partnership like our two seniors. Really cant figure this one. Why haven’t we seen it before today, if this goes wrong wouldn’t want to be in Arsenes shoes. Although, the wobs should be happier than if Per was playing even though no boss, but Gab is a similar player so I’d imagine them happy enough unless talking from a hindsight.

  14. Twig says:

    Walcott – best player end of last season, and during preseason
    Oxlade-Chamberlain – won us the community shield

    Yet neither player can displace Ramsey who has done nada? I’m incensed!

  15. Lethal Prince 9 says:

    What if Gabriel tackles Coutinho or Benteke just like he did it to Wilshere?? Just curious

  16. Ronny331 says:

    Bad feeling tonight!
    Mert ill and Kos bad back 🙁
    Ramsey on the wing and Giroud up front where’s the pace? no Ox or Walcott.
    Whats the plan Arsene? Possesion game and when Pool tire slightly bring on the speedsters?
    Firminho and Milner to star tonight?

    1. YingYang69 says:

      Ah there ill, thought it was tactical. Would have liked to see this partnership a few more times before today.

  17. McGUNNER says:

    Anyone watching mnf .. Interesting chat about the difference between afc today vs invincible afc

  18. moneytalks says:

    We will lose 6-1 wenger out wenger fans out go support real madrid

    1. Fatboy Gooney says:

      Well said ??

      1. moneytalks says:

        We will sign top players and win big trophies only of mr bean resigns.

  19. Uzi Ozil says:

    If its not bbcnews,skysports or arsenal website, then don’t believe those rumours. Well, let mi not dwell on Benzema issue.

    I hope we win this game…. Paulista and Chambers can do the work but hoping they understand themselves properly and wish Coquelin and Ramsey have a big game and the team defend together..I’ll miss Koscieny but injuries do happen. Imagine if Coquelin gets injured? We need a DM even more than a striker although I want them both…

    Hopefully, we’ll win and Chambers + Gabriel will impress us all.

  20. moneytalks says:

    I won’t watch this game. We will lose badly.

    1. stubill says:

      Then you’re not a proper fan, simple as that.

      1. moneytalks says:

        Proper fan like u are the reason we are 4th place team. Show some ambition buddy I’m sick of 4th place mentality.

    2. Charlie Nick says:

      Then you lose the right to comment mate

  21. Just_Trolling says:

    Ox for Ramsey and Walcott for OG.

    That would be best line up vs Pool.

    No Kos scares me, maybe he dropped for turning his back on last weeks goal.

  22. ArseOverTit says:

    Is kos injured or being sold to Barca?


    1. moneytalks says:

      Wenger had bust up with kos so he will be sold.

    2. luvdaguns says:

      true, could be… TV5 looked great at Barca this weekend though

  23. moneytalks says:

    Wenger spend some faking money

    1. Fatboy Gooney says:

      Fake money is no good mate … Its not monopoly ?

  24. Wonder says:

    I am not worried about our defence at all. We have young and energetic pairing who will cover each other. My worry is in the midfield. Liverpool will copy West ham’s game plan and wit will work because we are too narrow! and we all no what happens to Ozil in those games!

  25. NY_Gunner says:

    Have faith in our squad Gooners!!!
    Like I said earlier

    1. Twig says:

      We got this, said many fans before our 5-1 thrashing by Sterling and Skrtel a few years ago.

  26. Bolly from Bollywood says:

    Kos is not injured, he’s ill.
    Injury crisis! Pah!

  27. Just_Trolling says:

    Hoe Chambers and Paulista take this chance, give Wenger a real headache for future games.

    Really wish Ramsey was not on wing.

  28. moneytalks says:

    Me bean and donkey giroud are father son.

  29. luvdaguns says:

    just dont get it, every week so called fans on this site rip apart Mert, now he is out and its the downfall of the team? I remember just a few yrs ago we had no depth at CB, what a luxury to have chambers & gabriel step in, and get playing time, lets see what they got… if they are up for the challenge and deliver, we have a very deep solid defense…

    1. McGUNNER says:

      Was just thinking that.. Mert plays people complain.. Mert doesn’t please people complain… Very confusing

  30. fred cowardly says:

    Can’t wait to see Giroud score and prove some of you guys wrong. He scored a cracker last week

    Also, why doom and gloom. Did you expect Koscielny to play every single match. We will see if Chambers and Gabriel are up to the challenge

    We can win this
    Real Arsenal fans do not think ee are going to lode before a match. Real Arsenal fans root for the team and go in with a positive attitude.


    1. NY_Gunner says:

      @fred cowardly
      We said Gooner….

  31. We have decent players playing for us as
    CB today. If we wouldn’t have Chambers
    and Gabriel, you’d moan about the squad
    depth. Pipe down.

  32. Uzi Ozil says:

    When we lost to Liverpool 5:1, Mertsacker and Koscieny played in that game. #Just Saying. So let’s support Chambers & Gabriel in this game. Hopefully, Walcott or Ox will contribute in this game. COYG!

    1. Twig says:

      10 minutes and 15 minutes max for Walcott and the OX respectively.

    2. Charlie Nick says:

      Think Chambers/Gab will do well against Benteke

  33. moneytalks says:

    We want new players wenger we want new players.
    You are a Kant wenger you are a Kant.
    Wenger doesn’t give a damm about what fans want.

  34. Gigi2 says:

    u have to be kidding me..both??
    ok NOW I am worried…
    lets at least try not to lose

  35. sam-afc says:

    Come on Chambers and Gabriel don’t let me down.
    I’m worried to hear about Kosielny having a mild back injury?? These mild injuries usually turn out to be 2 months out. Let’s hope not.


  36. luvdaguns says:

    hmmm, I remember reading in June Madrid was interested in Kos to replace aging Ramos, could it be Kos is out and Benzema was out as a deal is on the table?

  37. moneytalks says:

    Wenger out and Klopp in.

  38. Fatboy Gooney says:

    God help us ?

  39. Just_Trolling says:

    Lucky to not be behind

    1. Tidan2 says:

      except for the fact we had a real goal disallowed and they hit the cross bar…

  40. Charlie Nick says:

    That wasn’t offside!

  41. ArseOverTit says:

    Mug linesman!

  42. Just_Trolling says:

    What no no that wad on side ****

  43. Bolly from Bollywood says:

    Unlucky we are not in front

  44. luvdaguns says:

    terrible linesman call, need replay, tired of this crap

  45. Ronny331 says:

    Great start to the game, not!!

  46. Just_Trolling says:

    Ramsey took that really well and what a great pass wasted.

    Absolutely shocking, these lines men are screwing up often

  47. Lethal Prince 9 says:

    Now I know how Liverpool are keeping clean sheets…

  48. Just_Trolling says:

    Ozil is having fun

  49. luvdaguns says:

    arsenal attacking mids look sharp, so does Kos’s wife

  50. Just_Trolling says:


  51. Just_Trolling says:

    Coq to the rescue

  52. ArseOverTit says:

    Schoolboy chambers!

    Detention for you.

  53. Just_Trolling says:

    Why do we pass out from back, just clear it. How many goals have we not conceded due to tjis.

  54. Charlie Nick says:

    Really need another DM…when Coq injured or suspended we’re in big trouble

    1. Tidan2 says:

      On a more positive note, Coquelin is a beast and continues to prove it.

  55. Gooner Craig says:

    Not good news regarding Boss & Per but if Gab & Calum wanna play for Arsenal then the gotta prove that they can do it for us in the big games. Again, not an ideal situation but atleast we get a chance to see what they are saying. This could be the moment that 1 of them takes a CB place from Per/Boss? (let’s hope?) COYG

  56. PaddyGooner says:

    Very shaky in defence. We need to score a few

  57. Gooner Craig says:

    Dangerous game so far as you can expect, but we should be 1.0 up Rambo was onside IMO. COYG

  58. Just_Trolling says:

    Had we got that goal pool will be thinking how many more, but now they in game.

  59. Just_Trolling says:

    Coq again

    1. Just_Trolling says:

      And again

  60. PaddyGooner says:

    Coq to the rescue. Defence messing again

  61. GunningSoulman says:

    LE COQ!

  62. Charlie Nick says:

    Sorry …Chambers off, Debuchy on…nightmare so far

  63. joeboy says:

    Chambers is having a mere! We look nervous

  64. Just_Trolling says:

    Wenger is a genius pool will be tired and then for 20 min ox and Theo gona tear them a new one.

  65. Just_Trolling says:

    Move chambers rb, Monreal cb and Bellerin lb they have all played there before.

    Or waste a sub

  66. NIKK says:

    Doing ok…considering playing with 10men.

    1. Justsoccerfan says:

      We only playing with 9 mens, Giroud can’t even hold the ball.

  67. Just_Trolling says:

    Chech mate

  68. luvdaguns says:


  69. joeboy says:

    Shitty defence fcuking around again!

    1. Just_Trolling says:

      Why not just clear it ffs.

      If you want to pass it out you need 3 or 4 players close just tapping it like Barca do

  70. ArseOverTit says:

    But Cech lifesaver

  71. Sam, need a striker says:

    No striker whatsoever

  72. Just_Trolling says:

    Boom amends made

  73. PaddyGooner says:

    TG for Cech.

  74. Justsoccerfan says:

    Just like WH match, we only played 15 mins.

  75. Charlie Nick says:

    Arsene just told Steve Bould to get changed…you’re on for the second half

  76. luvdaguns says:

    now this is the cech I used to hate !! wish giroud would become more selfish,

    1. Justsoccerfan says:

      He can’t even make his own chance how he is going to be selfish.

      1. luvdaguns says:

        benteke is begging for the ball in created space, on our key build ups giroud was left behind the mids in useless territory, so much skill, just tends to link w defensive players instead of in space, if he does not score this match, and i hope he does! that is one goal in 3 matches, thus matching his average of 13 gpm, its just not enough

  77. perf says:

    peter cech my lord!!!

  78. PaddyGooner says:

    I thought we we get a passing team?

  79. Lethal Prince 9 says:

    World class Save – CECH

  80. Geerude says:

    Callum Chambers has gone full retard

  81. joeboy says:

    Chambers has to come off at half time, hes a mistake waiting to happen

  82. PaddyGooner says:

    Chambers is awning me now

  83. Just_Trolling says:

    He would make a good maid when he retires, use to cleaning up others mess.

  84. PaddyGooner says:

    Cech again

  85. Just_Trolling says:

    Chech again what a f***ing save

  86. luvdaguns says:

    cech MOTM, lotsa beautiful attacking mid play, no target,

  87. Bereal says:

    This is embaressing, arsenal looks worse than a pub team.thank u plan b,clueles manager

  88. PaddyGooner says:

    We’ll be lucky to get to half time st 0-0

  89. Lethal Prince 9 says:

    Too many offsides – soooooooooo boring


  90. Seetsuma says:

    Jesus. This is exactly why we bought Petr Cech. We could have shot ourselves in the foot 3 or 4 times, but Cech continues to be the steel toe at the end of our boots. This performance alone makes him deserving of our POY.

    1. luvdaguns says:

      no doubt,

  91. Daedric_Lord says:

    omg chambers is having a nightmare….. we need a striker and a cb ffs

  92. Just_Trolling says:

    Thank god half time.

    Bring on Debuchy

  93. Geerude says:

    That’s why we bought Cech!

  94. medvet says:

    if arsenal will play the counter game then must put OX and walcott….
    BTW, Cech, COQ and gabriel are saving us from a ugly defeat

  95. GunningSoulman says:

    We look terrible without the ball

    1. ArseOverTit says:

      Not too good with it either!

      Oh well, 2Nd half can’t be as bad!?

      1. GunningSoulman says:

        It can if we concede…

  96. Big Gun says:

    Chambers I’m sorry to say has never impressed me. Please take him off before he gifts them a goal. Cecil has saved 3 sitters. No penetration with Giroud up front today, the ONLY way we will score is on the counter we need the Ox or Walcott up front please avenger. And ffs get Benzema signed up we need a proper RELIABLE CF up front.

  97. Aussie Jack says:

    It` half time (5.46am) and I`m off back to bed, I`ve seen enough of this crap.

  98. juhislihis says:

    Cech, Coquelin, Bellerin, Gabriel = CLASS.

    Sub Chambers off, he’s been teared a new, third one. Cazorla is losing possession in very dangerous places.

    Ramsey, how many crosses from the right wing? Bellerin is literally playing both RB and RW.

  99. Lethal Prince 9 says:

    Ohh! And by this rate Coquelin will become best DM in the league today only.

  100. clem says:

    I don’t about you guys but I very think giroud is useless.he is not an arsenal material.he should go play for Portsmouth

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