Official teams and preview of Arsenal v Newcastle

As usual the Arsenal squad is massively depleted due to injury problems and the suspension of Calum Chambers could hardly have come at a worse time for Arsene Wenger and the club, especially with todayโ€™s visitors to the Emirates stadium coming fresh off the back of a famous victory over Chelsea.

But Newcastle United have a shocking record against the Gunners, just like we have against last weekendโ€™s tormentors Stoke City, so hopefully that will not change. Wenger has been forced to field yet another different back four, this time with the fit again Mathieu Debuchy coming in to partner Per Mertesacker in central defence. Let us hope the Frenchman adapts quicker than Nacho Monreal did.

We also have Aaron Ramsey joining Jack Wilshere, Mikel Arteta and Abou Diaby on the sidelines, decimating our central midfield, so Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain gets a chance to shine in the position that Wenger reckons he will one day adopt.

Olivier Giroud strats through the middle but there is still plenty of pace in our front line with Alexis Sanchez and Danny Welbeck on either side of the big Frenchman. And if we need a goal late on there is always the trusty left foot of the prince Lukas Podolski.

Bellerin, Debuchy, Mertesacker, Gibbs
Flamini, Chamberlain, Cazorla
Alexis, Giroud, Welbeck

subs: Martinez, Ajayi, Coquelin, Maitland-Niles, Campbell, Sanogo, Podolski

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      1. I remember the talk when we signed him:

        “At United he’s been wasted at the left wing that’s why his goal tally is so bad.. he’s a striker”

        And Wenger is doing the same thing. Damn, hopefully he can contribute today.

  1. Podolski on the bench as usual.Whats the point.I have supported this club for almost 50 years and i really don’t care if we win or lose.It will be the same old story we have seen over the passed 10years we will we nothing and just stagger into 4th place.The club is at a stand still Wenger out out out

  2. I don’t like the fact that Podolski isn’t played. But hey, I will keep my mouth shut until the end of the game.

  3. All this talk about some fans not being classy bla bla bla, some people trying 2 make d fans look like d problem,make it look like we are over reacting, absolute BS, wot makes this situation most frustrating is the careless,disrespectful,clueless manner in which the board and wenger dismiss our concerns,complains,passion and desire to see our club at the top,I don’t noe. Ny club where d manager disrespects d fans,lies to them and underachievers year in year and still has his job,

    WENGER MUST GO! Den we figure. Out wot to do about d board,!!!

    1. @younggunner don’t know why anyone thumbed that down, but let’s leave Wenger and board alone till after the game.

      COYG 2-1 to the men in red
      We come back from 1 goal down thanks to Sanchez and Poldolski

      1. WHY? This is not a reaction to one bad game. it is a continued problem (even when arsenal had a brilliant attack) that Arsenal are weak defensively. a Arsenal corner is more apt to result in a opposition counter then a Arsenal goal.

        One long ball over the top and a player like Bent or Benteke Lukaku get on the end even with 2 center backs there It usually results in a goal against. And yet Wenger does nothing to solve it instead he sells a center experienced center back brings in a young player that is not even settled in weather he isa CB or a Right back. Sells one of the best right backs in the league Sagna brings in Debuchy and lets Jenkinson go also. so again we start with 2 experienced CB and one was on injury before we started the season. the left back position is also a problem with Gibbs injury probe and weak at stopping crosses. (and not too good delivering them ether)

        The only chance to win this game is going to score more then Newcastle as we are not in shape to stop them scoring should our attacking players be careless in possession and allow a counter we have little chance to stop them. the key is the midfield MUST play brilliant and not risk losing the ball even if it means NOT trying to go forward until your sure of success.

  4. Cazorla and the OX should have had their positions swapped. OX is not as disciplined in central midfield as Cazorla. Cazorla actually plays like Pirlo in central midfield. Okay, not quite, but very close ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. Don’t really like that team, but then again, what do I know? I would’ve thought Podolski would be in over Webeck on the left for sure..

    1. Podolski and Campbell will NEVER play for the 1st team under Wenger.I hope they leave in Jan for their own sakes

  6. Why not put Cazorla in the centre and Ox on the wing?
    Also, recently Podolski has scored 3 goals. So you could put Podolski with Welbeck or Podolski with Giroud or Podolski on the wing. He can always be replaced if doesn’t perform well

    My point is that if a player is on a role or proved that he is playing great, then play him. You should always play your IN FORM players. Right?

  7. I’m not saying we won’t win.
    I think the team is good enough to win
    I’m also happy with defense
    but, Cazorla is Better in centre, Ox on wing
    And put Podolski with a striker. The 3rd striker can be substituted later.

    Anyway, again I believe we will win and excited


    1. Ox cannot play on the wing since there is no one to partner with Flamini. who do you want to play in the middle?

  8. If Newcastle can hold us for 30 mins, you will see them come on us from there on. They beat Chelsea by doing that.

  9. This is what the article the other day was referring to, poor decisions against us.

    By the way there were 2 red cards today for challenges similar to Thiote on Sanchez

  10. Giroud haters will still hate

    Fact is that he scores goals. Maybe not as prolific as some, but he scores

  11. not trying to big up his hype too soon but I see a bit of gareth bale in bellerin, could be useful further down the pitch as the modern day winger

  12. I hope our players realize how much pressure their beloved boss is under, and will do all they can to give back to him for the trust he showed in them. Come on, fellas!

  13. Its bexoming a typical performance, we score, eef stitches us up, our 100 mph start slowly reduces, defence atarts to look shaky, opposition come bsck into it. Coyg get the second!!!

    1. In comparison: we were ROBBED of a clear goal. Also Welbeck handled the ball and it would’ve been a penalty in every other league but not Premier League. The hand balls don’t exist in Premier League (remember Fabregas hand against Chelsea?).

  14. Why’re we sitting back? It’s only 1-0. Fair enough we can counterattack, but have a bigger cushion first.

    1. this is how we have been playing this season. soon we’ll concede from a set piecen. panick and probably lose

    2. We are sitting back because we are not robots. Jesus how do people expect players to push for 45 min? It’s called getting tired and resting…

  15. I’m happy, hope we come out fighting, because we started to fade towards the end.
    I want some more passion.

  16. first time we scored a 1st half goal in the league in god knows how long. Decent 1st half, have no idea why we are not 2-0 ahead, stupid ref as usual. Newcastle hasn’t really tested our defense yet, so we’ll have to see how our flimsy back 4 holds out in the 2nd half. We really couldve used that 2 goal cushion for a game like this

  17. Danny Mills is commenting the game in my part of the world.
    He scuks in commentaries

    One more goal and we have a cushion. Bring on Poldi for Welbeck at 60 mins.

    And what double save by Szczesny. Great going boys. Keep up the tempo.

  18. Lee Mason couldn’t give a clear-cut penalty to us in the Emirates Cup, our very own tournament, in our very own backyard, where WE the Arsenal paid him our very own money… Good luck!

  19. I would give Welbeck 10-15 more minutes, then bring on Podolski

    Knowing Wenger, he will bring him on in the 80th minute.

  20. Hopefully, we won’t let the opposition grow into the game & then concede a draw… Please Arsenal, if we can’t play well at the Emirates, we’re as good as dead! Get going, boys!

  21. rest Alexis. These Newcastle players are just trying to injure him now, and its not worth it. Bring on Poldi.

  22. Giroud out
    Giroud is crap
    lol just kidding.

    It would be nice to see Giroud score a hat-trick
    And hope Cazorla is coming back to his best
    Sanchez doesn’t change. He is always brilliant

  23. girouds better ever since he got caught getting laid on the side, at airport, only way to follow is thru this site, thanks guys, 3-0 is huge lift, this squad needs confidence

  24. Oh %$&#%&

    In the back of my mind I still think about the time we were 4-0 to Newcastle and ended 4-4
    Or more recently 3-0 to Anderlecht then 3-3

    Pleaseeeee let our defense hold up
    Also another goal would be nice too.

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