Official teams and preview of Arsenal v QPR

There is a rare starter for Arsenal today in the shape of our Czech Republic international Tomas Rosicky. The move to bring the midfielder into the starting line-up is probably being forced on to the manager, but with Arsene Wenger still having to cope without almost every first choice central midfielder in the Gunners squad, the Frenchman is probably delighted that Rosicky has at least made himself available.

There is no Chamberlain, Ramsey, Arteta or Wilshere because Wenger seems to have spectacularly offended the god of football injuries somehow, so Cazorla and Rosicky will have to make sure that Mathieu Flamini is nit left too much on his own.

At least the Gunners are playing at home against a team we should easily beat in QPR. Hopefully that will mean that we are attacking almost constantly and the need to protect our back four will not be too much in evidence.

Debuchy, Mertesacker, Monreal, Gibbs
Flamini, Rosicky, Cazorla
Alexis, Giroud, Welbeck

subs: Ospina, Bellerin, Chambers, Coquelin, Walcott, Podolski, Campbell

The in-form and prolific QPR striker Charlie Austin is clearly the danger man but we have plenty of those ourselves and as long as we take on this game with the right frame of mind, it should end up with three points and a lot happier time for Arsenal fans.

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  1. goodbye prince poldi, wherever u go- all the best.

    mertesacker an flamini to be our rocks today…….cough

        1. Giroud red card. We have too many dumb players. Averagely, talentless and too big for their own shoes.

  2. Chamberlain supposedly injured now, more indication that our players are f*cking delicate nonces or Wenger’s training methods are shit

  3. Not comfortable with Monreal at CB but I am hoping he will prove me wrong and have a good game.

    Otherwise looks like a decent side, but still do not understand why Podolski is not given a chance to start

  4. Somebody will be hacked off
    they will not win the Huawei phone πŸ™‚
    Some one else will be happy.
    I have Cazorla thought he was the penalty taker now ?.
    Still time for another penalty πŸ™‚

    1. you’re spot on, really need Kos in back, Oz in middle and Theo up top, otherwise we seem to be a mid table squad… even arteta seems to spread the ball around better then flamini,

  5. feels like one of those dayz, better not draw these guy! think the announcer just said tackled by nacho flamini…

  6. I sat here saying Carzola must take penalty and then Alexis misses.

    Rosiky and Carzola look our best players.

    Play Rosiky more Wenger

  7. Hi guys,
    Not watching the match right now. Relying on your commentary guys.
    Good lick to the Gunners.

  8. QPR are playing rugby.

    You know why Chelsea get no injuries? The ref protects their players watched Westham game and it was evident

  9. When we put crosses in the box why do only ever have 1 player in there.

    Watching Chelsea they have 3 or 4.

    OG, Welbeck and someone else must make sure they move their asses

  10. I must say, OG looking much better than last yr, seems to get into open spaces deeper in the box, i think up top w theo, assuming theo gets healthy, could be productive…

  11. Just curious, why was Mertesacker on the right wing at times during that half? As our only real centre back I’d rather he stayed put.

    1. I was saying the same. He got skinned earlier own when he was in qpr RB position, he then was square all body positioning wrong and a one two later qpr were in the clear for a counter..

  12. Rosicky can turn out to be a deep lying playmaker, he doesn’t need to go forward to give throughball over the top.

  13. Respective team talks:

    Redknapp: you lot need to Adam and Eve in yourselves and stop walking around like you’ve got a pair of Alan Whicker’s on. All I care about is getting my battle and money and heading down the battlecrusier so get your act together.

    Wenger: *tear drops down eye* wtf is mulled wine? *bursts into tears* it was warm. *Steve Bould steps in* Nacho and Per, try not to **** this up. Welbeck, not sure what your game is but try to do something useful. *Wenger gets up* Why would it be warm?

  14. Well done Giroud for getting sent off.

    You can guarantee that one of those idiots will f**k it up.

    Last week it was Mertseacker

    This week its Giroud.

    Is there a competition at Arsenal to see who can be the biggest idiot ?

    Because if there is then Wenger is leading by a mile…

  15. thats what I get for finally praising Giroud, moron, now we have no OG for 3 games and of course Poldi gone…

  16. It’s not even that donkey Kong misses the next games, it’s that now everyone needs to exert more energy to get a result now with congested fixtures

  17. Might have to keep Podolski
    and Sanogo now.
    Campbell might get his chance.
    Theo Rambo Ozil Chamberlain coming back
    So plenty of options.

  18. Why wasn’t that ugly stupid lipped Ferdinand sent off for grabbing our stupid giroud around the neck???

  19. Sanchez is selfish sometimes, but I guess I wouldn’t want to pass to Welbeck either.

    Head scratch that

  20. I’m so tired of the premier league referees, every match there is at least one big decision that they get wrong

  21. Make a change Wenger, we creating chances why not bring on premier league best finisher “Poldolski”.

    And Le Coq

  22. tired of watching the worst arsenal team i remember in a decade or more….the rahman guy is about right 5 more players to get back to being a top team…plus a new manager of course…

  23. Well done.

    The weekly defensive collapse begins.

    Giroud obviously has competition for idiot of the week with Debuchy.

    And to think they get paid Β£40000+ a week for this when so many a far more deserving.

    Makes me wants to throw up…

  24. That’s the problem with Sanchez. He sometimes holds onto the ball too much.. Should know when to pass..

  25. All i can see an old clown with a lanky crooked nose managing a circus in Emirates and putting on a great show. LOL.

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