Official teams and preview of Arsenal v Southampton

As expected, it is a much changed Arsenal starting line-up that Arsene Wenger has picked for the third round visit of Southampton in the Capital One Cup. The big news, though, and something that should put a smile on all of our faces, is the return of Abou Diaby, as the most unlucky Frenchman in football makes his first senior start in 19 months.

It is a decent looking side as well, reflecting the fact that Wenger now has a much stronger looking Arsenal squad to choose from. Joel Campbell, Alexis Sanchez and Lukas Podolski is certainly not too shabby looking a front line, while Rosicky and Wilshere alongside Diaby is a fairly strong looking midfield as well. It is the defence that looks a bit inexperienced and could be a weak link tonight.

Bellerin, Chambers, Hayden, Coquelin
Diaby, Wilshere, Rosicky
Alexis, Campbell, Podolski

subs: Martinez, Ajayi, Gibbs, Mertesacker, Chamberlain, Cazorla, Akpom

The Saints have kept a pretty strong line-up, as I expected, with the likes of Clyne, Fonte, Schneiderlin and Wanyama all starting, but if we get at them then I think our attacking talent could carry the day, whereas if we come under serious pressure, that unfamiliar and inexperienced back five could struggle. Good luck to the Colombian keeper on his Arsenal debut and Come On You Gunners!!

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    1. I hope Alexis comes off too, we need him to be 100% for Spurs. Alexis and Campbell off at half time, Ajayi and Akpom in. COYG!!!!!!!!

      1. naa…i’d rather campbell play the 90 because this is his chance to stake a (legitimate)claim on his position in the team,and it couldnt have come at a better time and opposition

  1. My arsenal puma jacket is still in the laundry cant wear it now oh oh i feel incomplete watching the game now πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™

      1. I have only two arsenal jerseys the one is nike rvp 10 i dont wanna wear it nor burn it i just keep it in my closet πŸ™ πŸ™
        The other one is bendtner 23 πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™

          1. Its not for sale mate it was a present for my sixth birthday when i started watchin soccer and rvp the hero was still our captain and my mom often heard me yelling arsenal arsenal arsenal and she thought it would be a good idea to buy me an arsenal jersey but my mom didnt know soccer nor bendtner so when i get the gift i cried and she bought me a new one the rvp jersey the captain πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

            1. @haywill. Getting a Bendtner jersey when all other players are available is enough to make anyone cry πŸ™‚

  2. Klopp to replace van gaal, bad news for the gooners, i wanted him to take over from wenger in 3 years time. Hope it’s a romur and Klopp sees sence, that it’s a corrupt club, without the influence of fergie time and howard webb, and the rest.

    Anyway enough talking about them bottom half scumbags
    Team looks solid

    1. clipty klopp the horse is a wengerite(HE LOVES HIM MORE THAN WE DO) through and through he wants a “PROJECT” not just somewhere where he can throw money around for short term gain and be told who to get and have the board buy players over his head like at old mordor atm. when the time is right he will know where his new home is at the emirates. COYG

    2. Klopp is to Dortmund similar to what Wenger is to us. I doubt he’d leave any time soon especially for a team like United

  3. OT:You will be suprised to learn that Abou Diaby IS NOT the unluckiest frenchman ever…Jean Pierre Adams is OT(on topic):……COYG *whispering* “blow the saints* .That doesnt sound right lol

  4. Ok so we have a very young defense and a relatively old attack/midfield, I’m actually pretty excited how this works out!
    I am really looking forward to the Wilshere Diaby partnership, finally Diaby is back!!!! He honestly is one of my favourite players.. let’s hope he can get some games under his belt cause this is the season for him to show what he’s made of.
    I must say that I would have liked to see Akpom make a start although we can be pleased with a start for Campbell.
    That’s it for now


  5. wenger is been brave starting chambers and hayden together and coquelin on the left, well i want to see all of them play well and hope this adds confidence to them.. i am also desperate to see campbell, diaby, podolski, bellerin and rosicky get a run in the team. Hoping for a 3-0 win

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          theres enough of them.

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                2. Tony, my apologies if I judged you prematurely, and I am not offended as perceived. but found some references in his comments distaseful and filled with prejudice. Do we refer to English pundit’s as christian tw*t? No we don’t!

              1. You are a sick person. Arsenal have thousands of muslim supporters and you think you being funny with your sick comments.

                1. Sorry if that offended you, but i want to hear in EnglishN
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                  Freedom of speach mate.

                2. You insultt others and hide behind freedom of speech. So you won’t mind if I insult your loved ones and cry freedom of speech like you do. Grow up man, this is a football site which has no place for your freedom of speech, and if this is what you think it is, then we can all start swearing and mocking each others Gods then, Don’t you think?

                3. What’s sick about wanting to hear English commentary if your part of the English speaking world why would you want to listen to a language you can’t understand

                4. Also it doesn’t matter what faith you are there is only 1 god it doesn’t matter what you call him

                  And this is a football site not a place for free speech. No offence mate but that’s a stupid thing to say. So if this isn’t a place for free speech who on this site is going to tel us what we can write ? And you shouldn’t be replying because that is a form of free speech is it not?

                5. I may ght of missed it but he didn’t call you racest.

                  Bearing that in mind mate the really wasn’t a need TT o take the p out of somebody else’s language was there

                6. Tony, then find an English site yourself since nobody forces you to listen to a muslim pundit. The idiot WEESTAIN uses BOMB.MUSLIM, ALLAH in his posts. That is not free speech, but plain Stereotyping and the victim in this case just happened to be a muslim pundit that he stumbled upon. You have no understanding or respect for others and that’s why you jump on this free speech bandwagon also.

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  6. I seriously think that arsene should resign if we lose this game i its only a mickey mouse cup buts its a silverware anyway and everyone likes mickey mouse πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™

  7. Hy guys good late night here in pakistan its 11:40 pm now but i am still not sleeping yet but i will not be able to watch this match because there is no telecast of this match in pakistan so guys keep me update every single minute… Thanx my fellow and up gunners come on win this match … COYG!!!..

    1. Seriosly he is Mk dons main man (i know mk dons) but scoring against united, setting goals up he’s good man.
      Wenger will probably leyt him go for free

  8. Wasn’t there a post about us not having a free kick taker the other day? There’s your answer! That was fantastic!

  9. The rustiness of Mozart. Lacking a little match sharpness. But no worries. Still 70 min to play. We will come out victorious.

      1. You an idiot. Tell that to Ozil, Diaby, Sanogo and your arse will be kicked.You just A moron on this site insulting muslims and mocking Allah in an earlier post. This is a football site for fans of Arsenal from all religious back grounds, so show some respect WEE STAIN.

        1. Don’t bring cloud daddy into this, it’s a football match i wanted to hear in english, i did say sorry to offend, but you insisted playing the race card, yawn. lifes too short dude.

  10. At first sight looked like Ospina should’ve done better. Great shot but it ended up in the middle of the goal.

      1. Nonsense. The presence of the DM prevents the opposition from getting close to the goal and also gives your team more possession. When you have more possession the other team cannot score.

        You cannot just judge it from the 10 seconds prior to the goal – goals don’t just come from a few seconds but rather the buildup in the many minutes prior. That is the short-sighted thinking of little children.

      2. Are you really serious. This is the stuff you can read in any book of basic football tactics and strategy. It is not controversial. Have you ever coached before? Does not sound like it.

        1. Of course you are right! A goal from a penalty is the fault of diaby and the screamer scored by clyne is also diabys fault!
          You have no clue what you’re on about.

  11. Arsene has pretty much down rated the Capitol one cup and using cheap shit players including so ospina I think Arsene needs to readically see himself and ask what to do when they play Chelsea ……I thnk there is not interest if arsenal go to final then satisfied lose still satisfied and in the premier league just participate …..

    1. its u! your very intune with your feminine side.

      oh an my sis and missus are discussing whether pelle is sexy…wish i lived alone

  12. Arsene has pretty much down rated the Capitol one cup and using cheap shit players including so ospina I think Arsene needs to radically see himself and ask what to do when they play Chelsea ……I thnk there is not interest if arsenal go to final then satisfied lose still satisfied and in the premier league just participate …..

  13. We will Come back, Diaby looks good, he is definitely making a physical presence know on a few occasions.

    Campbell does well when he runs at players.

    Bellerin looking okay
    I expect Wenger to make a few early subs whether winning or losing, Jack and Alexis must be fresh come Spurs

  14. download app for android called streams, shows a lot of sport, quality decent that what I watching on, using last data.

    There like 10 links for Arsenal match

      1. Diaby having a good game, keeping ball, great passing, winning arial duels, I thought to myself on a few occasions had any other player had the ball we would have lost possession.

        How was that pass to Alexis in first few minutes that almost put him on goal.

  15. No not watching πŸ™‚ My pc and connection is playing up tonight. Not happy as wanted to see the young guns playing. Have to try and catch on Arsenal player tomorrow.

  16. Also feel Ospina could have done better for 2nd goal, but who was the player that attacked ball and then just backed off completely allowing the shot.

    You just don’t do that.

  17. We don’t have a squad that can compete on three fronts let alone four… So this is a learning exercise ….and what we have learnt is that wenger f***** up again defensively in the window but we knew that… But also that poldi rosicky and Campbell won’t do it for us at top level …. That said Diaby looked ok and bellerin and coquellin were not bad

  18. Oh Well, I didn’t like the Capital one cup anyway. At least we can focus on the other 3 tournaments

    Well done Southampton

  19. @rkw. Not watching but you are spot on. Depth of squad at DM and defense is just way too thin, Arsene to blame.

  20. Frankly, Arsenal look very poor just now – need a change to alter the game flow. But Wenger will never change things up before 70 minutes.

  21. @muffdiver. Lmao the women discussing if a players sexy, my wife doesn’t even engage with that, she just down right hates me watching footy. Something to do with me watching any and every game I can I guess πŸ™‚

  22. Are we going to bring on an attacking change then or what!? Ox wenger?
    At least Middlesborough have scored against Pool, something to smile about.
    Hope Diaby gets through this game and makes a start in a pl game soon. Be good for the team and him personally.

  23. it seems Wenger values carling cup more than epl.. see how early he makes tactical subs yet in epl games he doesn’t

  24. Arsenal have more talent on the pitch but no DM. Southampton have 2 talented DMs on the pitch – and they are winning. Coincidence? I think not so much.

  25. We really need to stop losing games at home regardless of the competition or opposition… Eats me up inside

  26. Come on guys, No goal from Open play is poor show!
    Shane Long on for the Saints now, should test our make shift defence.

  27. Shneiderlein is destroying our “sample” midfield…!!
    Wislhere should have closed down Clyne before the shoot, but hey!, you don’t pay me enough!!

    I don’t mind if we get kicked out… We don’t have the squad to win anything anyway, but surely not to compete in the BPL and 3 other cup trophies.

  28. I have to say it, but as of now, Arsenal deserve to lose – poor play all around. Ball retention is terrible.

  29. Right we all know passing it into the net doesn’t work, so why are we still doing it, no titi no iceman

  30. Wenger must go!!! enough is enough already AFC fans, grow some and let’s get this man out of our beloved club. He’s watching this and he doesn’t care, this is a complete and utter embarrassment for a club in pot 1 in the Champions league with all the money/commercial deals to be losing to Southampton.

      1. Have some ambition, what does that say about us a team that’s been in the Champions League for 17 years to lose at HOME to Southampton??? Seriously it may be the Capitol 1 Cup but that’s just unacceptable…

        1. you really need to read what you write. you have no idea how wenger works do you? he uses these matches for youth and to give mins to players who havent played much. the fact you had any expectations for this match just shows theres no way you have followed arsenal for too long…

          1. i just realized all the weirdos in life must support this club. Utd/city/chelsea would be throwing a fit if they lost a game aka the loss to leicester city. Van gaal’s job is on the line already!! wenger is been getting plummeted for 10 years and he’s still around.

            ffs i’m going to go support city.. at least they win titles

            1. k bye. Utd/city/chelsea usually drop out every year in this competition as well and they dont care because their focus are on the EPL trophy and UCL trophy, which is where arsenals focus should be. Not a trophy made for smaller teams. Obviously you werent even a real fan if my comment made you switch team, lol. Dont come back please.

  31. Ox playing rb? Wtf is going on? Difference today saints playing key first team players and our stand ins not stepping up.

  32. That was Crap.. Just got in about 10 minutes ago and watched the closing moments, we look crap like we have been all season..

  33. I just don’t get these substitutions… Rosicky should have been substituted off. How many times did he give the ball away?? Podolski has just lost it, totally useless in the box. Makes no runs. Shocking performance… defence was very shaky

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