Official teams and Preview of Arsenal v Swansea

Well it seems that despite all the pre-match talk about Arsene Wenger making a few changes to his Arsenal line-up for tonight’s home game in the Premier League, it turns out that the Frenchman is to stick with the same starting XI. That makes it five games in a row with the same side, something that Arsenal fans have not seen is some considerable time.

I hope this means that Aaron Ramsey is completely recovered from the knock he picked up as the Gunners produced an excellent winning display away to Hul City last Monday night and I am sure that the boss would not take any unnecessary risks. Whether Wenger decides to stick with the same system and formation remains to be seen because he could easily change around the roles of Ramsey, Cazorla and Ozil.

The Arsenal bench is very strong as well, including the likes of Wilshere, Walcott and Gibbs al hoping to get on to the pitch so as long as the Gunners go into this game with the right attitude and barring any major disaster, Arsenal should be celebrating the extension of our great current run and getting closer to securing a top three finish and strengthening our chances of coming second.

Bellerin, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Monreal
Coquelin, Cazorla
Ramsey, Ozil, Alexis

subs: Szczesny, Gabriel, Gibbs, Flamini, Rosicky, Wilshere, Walcott

Swansea are starting with no recognised striker, a la Barcelona, and there is a lot of pace in their team so we need to adapt to this quickly. Or perhaps just start well and bang in lots of goals. COYG

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  1. when i criticized the coach earlier this week i got down-voted so badly….. what do you guys have to say now? Losing at home in such an important match to a lesser team smh

  2. And people still keep telling me we dont need cech! Thats the difference cech saves you games with those type of saves, like de gea has done for utd all season……we also struggle to breakdown a solid defensive display from a team

    1. We have a bunch of stupid and failure fans, ospina is best 2nd choice for us, sell sczny and buy Chech, but very unfortunate the fan don’t understand the game

  3. now i hate the germans for inventing that goal line tech…….. πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™


    midfield packed all game, so what do we do? bring on Jack Wilshere (another midfielder)

    Fcuk off!!!!!!

  5. Wasted first half and give a goal away so easy, a top class keeper would of saved that.

    Ospina just a back up

  6. oh and by the way this is exactly the team 99 per cent of people on this site wanted to see…ramsey on the wing…when will people learn football basics…wait for wengers excuses the broken record will be back..pathetic….buy a quality striker u idiotic frog

  7. Should have started gabriel instead of per then bellerin/monreal could have pushed forward more. Oh well here we go again losing to swansea at home, rubbish!!

  8. We lost on the 1st half. 2nd half than we decided want to play and is too late.

  9. Should have started gabriel instead of per then bellerin/monreal could have pushed forward more. Oh well here we go again losing to swansea at home, rubbish!! Fab> schez and ospina.

  10. Very similar to the Chelski game, but at least Chelski offered a bit more threat. Our shooting was simply not good enough, as it wasn’t in that game. Flappy is not that good, and if he hadn’t directed every shot and cross straight at him, we would’ve scored

    1. There goes second place. There is always fourth to fight for – oh and the F All cup as well. Another season of failure beckons. Still failure is rewarded with Β£8 million a year contracts at Arsenal

  11. Wenger has been (AGAIN) outsmart by a promising manager… Simple.
    As usual, we have a plan A and when it fails we have nothing else.
    Wenger only counts on the players talent… Fair enough but it is always the same tactics and same strategy.
    As usual it works for a moment, but when it comes to serious consistency and winning major trophies, we just don’t have it and never will…
    Same thing as usual… Pass, pass, pass and pass….
    We have been out of the league title for 10 years (not talking about the Champions leagues, that is just an utter impossibility… We don’t have the managers nor the players, so let’s forget it) and nowhere near to grab it.

    Well done Swansea, they have played using their strengths.
    Swansea needs a goal, they bring Gomis…
    We cannot bring Welbeck as he is injured and he is sh*t anyway (Β£16millions for that crap!!).
    Walcott is right now not in shape to do anything positive…

    Arsenal is the only club in the world where the manager is NEVER accountable, never… Wenger does what he wants and he is not under pressure and has not been for years anyway.

    Nothing is happening here, NOTHING…!

  12. This proves conclusively that no matter who Arsenal sign they will NEVER be good enough to win the league or the CL. The “winning streak” just papered the over the same old cracks. This game showed Arsenal fans truly where Arsenal are – nowhere…

  13. Good result,atleast Wenger can see how badly he needs to strengh this squad…evry one was shooting directly at Fabiansky,No Giroud like for like striker to Sub on….

  14. We need a world class striker no excuse ok and Walcott should leave because the dude is just a waste of space in our squad he has all the pace but cant beat a man one on one smfh now i see why Chelsea fans laugh at us eveb bloody man u fans because we are a joke

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